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We’re here to bring you the best collection of Landscape keycaps on the market. Our Landscape resin keycaps can depict breathtaking ocean to mountainous backgrounds at a whole new level while also allowing backlit to shine through.

If you are looking for something bright and shiny for your keyboard, then you will definitely love our Japanese Sunflower keycaps. Or, just take a look at our new Megalodon and diver keycaps, they can accommodate any background. These natural keycaps are made of 100% resin, offering a very nice touch to any backlit and non-backlit keyboard. Even better, these keycaps will fit your mechanical keyboard easily with just a push.

Besides that, our artisan keycaps come with a pleasing height that does not stick up any higher than your original keys. Plus, with the fairly thick resin, our Landscape artisan keycaps not only feel great when typing but are also very durable.

Shopping custom keycaps has never been easier with our range of artisan keycaps, featuring all types of colors, themes, and other cool-looking details. Check out our collection today if you are looking for a set of landscape keyboard layouts.

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