Red koi artisan keycap

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The passion behind our red koi artisan keycap 

We provide both SA and OEM koi fish keycaps in this design to fit a wider range of keyboard enthusiasts. We keep coming back to this version of the red koi fish keycaps set as it’s our favorite and the demand for it has never slowed down. 

A keycap set of SA red koi artisan keycap
Red koi artisan keycap

These small koi fishes are placed in a harmonious manner in the custom keycap, thanks to many prototype versions to find the perfect combination. Our knowledge of how to use alcohol-based ink colors effectively has resulted in a gentle, harmonic color spread in the Red Koi Artisan Keycap that is neither stiff nor crude. 

The process of making these koi fish keycaps was never easy; our craftsman had to carefully select each little Koi fish and sketch them out on paper and in his thoughts to get the most exact results. However, we all know that color rendering has never been pre-determined or planned. Everything is random, and the artisan’s creative hand is the only thing that can determine whether this Red Koi Artisan Keycap will be a successful result or not.

SA artisan keycap
red koi artisan keycap

If you have tried to make DIY Handmade Resin Keycaps on your own, you know the struggle and patience they require. Here at Hirosart, we love creating these artworks to inspire you on a daily basis. We love what we do and we want to help you archive that as well! 

Tech Specs:

  • Material: Resin
  • Profile: SA (16mm), OEM (12mm)
  • Designed and hand-painted by Hirosart 
  • 1u (ESC)
  • 1.25u (Alt keycap/Ctrl keycap)
  • 1.5u (Tab)
  • 1.75u (Capslock)
  • 2u (Backspace)
  • 2.25u (Enter/Left Shift)
  • 2.75u (Right Shift)
  • 6.25u (Spacebar)
  • Backlit & UV light support (Weak)
  • Designed and hand-painted by Hirosart 

Inside the package:

  • 1 koi fish keycap by Hirosart
  • 1 card
  • 2 rubber finger gloves


  • Every product was 100% handmade. 
  • The final product may vary slightly from the original photos. We would love to ask you to tolerate any reasonable differences.
  • For a long time use, please keep this product away from heat and water. Simply use a damped tissue to clean the surface.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

OEM profile, SA profile


1.25u (Ctrl/Alt), 1.5u (Tab), 1.75u (Capslock), 1u (ESC), 2.25u (Enter/Shift), 2.75u (Right Shift), 2u (Backspace), 6.25u (Spacebar)

1 review for Red koi artisan keycap

  1. Megan Witherow

    I ordered this as a gift for my brother who has a backlit mechanical keyboard and he loves it! The key is well made and it is beautiful to see how the light shines through to illuminate the koi. It took awhile to receive but it was worth the wait! Also, the seller was very communicative when I reached out! Thank you, Hiros!

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