Which keycaps to customize 

Commonly found in online stores and marketplaces, customizing artisan keycaps is a fun way to make a keyboard distinctive. However, typing regularly on artisan keycaps can be difficult and confusing, so that not all designs are suitable for your keyboards if you are a frequent typers. It’s advisable to buy custom keycaps for the Fn row, Esc key, navigation keys, spacebar, Shift key, or Enter key.  

pokemon keycap
custom pokemon keycap

Aesthetics and Details

One thing you should note before you buy keycaps is that each artisan keycap is 100% handmade and crafted by one or a few artists with a complicated process. Every piece you receive will be slightly different in texture, color, and even shape, which is great for people who wish to buy individual keycaps. Moreover, the keycap you received may not look exactly like how they are shown in the picture online.

Build Quality

Casting resin and a mold is the most common way to make artisan keycaps. Before filling the mold, the artist can use decorating materials including glitters, woods, watch gears, and dyes to give the keycap its color. Once the resin has been solidified, they can ensure endless amounts of gameplay. However, the color may fade out if exposed to direct sunlight or soaked in strong chemicals for an extended period of time. Therefore, for one who wants to buy custom keycaps, keep away from direct UV sources and extreme temperatures.

pokemon keycap
4 season keycaps

Final Thoughts if you want to buy custom keycaps

If you want to buy custom keycaps for your mechanical keyboard, Hirosart could be an ideal choice for you. We offer a variety of artisan keycaps that are 100% handmade in Vietnam and available for shipping worldwide. We will bring you the one you love with just a few clicks.

Check out the website here: https://hirosarts.com/

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Look great! I would like to buy some