Hirosart is an experienced manufacturer and exporter of high-quality keycaps for mechanical keyboards. Our products display superior texture and appearance. The durability and strength of our products mean that you will enjoy them for a long time, whether it’s for gaming or just typing. 

1. Stylish custom keycaps for everyone

We are here to provide you with top-quality 6.25 u spacebar keycaps at reasonable prices. All of our products are durable, made from premium materials, and feature designs that are guaranteed to last. Whether you live in the United States, Europe, or Asia, we have got you covered with fast shipping.

The 6.25u spacebar is made from high-quality polycarbonate resin, which is a type of tough plastic that is highly resistant to very high and very low temperatures and UV radiation. This material is an ideal choice for people that use their keyboards all day or play video games frequently. 

Pokemon spacebar
Pokemon spacebar

We also make sure you can feel the difference and comfortability when you type with these handmade keycaps and be sure that they are worth every penny you spent. Our custom keycaps enable gamers to perform at their best by allowing them to react quickly and accurately to their opponents’ moves – giving them the upper hand. 

Furthermore, the design of our printed and resin keycap is inspired by natural images such as swimming koi fish or 4 seasons tree painting. The different shape of the keycap can bring a different experience to you. For designers, it shows your taste and personality. For gamers, it improves your gaming experience by providing a comfortable touch feeling for you.

2. How to find the spacebar that fits?

There are several size options for the spacebar such as 3u, 6.25u, 6.5u, and 7u. If you are new to the whole mechanical keyboard world, these terms can cause you great confusion. 6.25 units, which means the keycaps are the same length as six standard-sized keys plus a quarter of a key, is so far the most popular spacebar length of all. You should measure the spacebar dimension before deciding which one to buy, see more guide to measure here

After all, 6.25 spacebar keycaps are a good choice for those who want to decorate their mechanical keyboards. And Hirosart spacebar keycaps will definitely give you a new experience in playing games and daily use.

CTA: We offer a huge variety of resin keycaps for your favorite mechanical keyboard, whether it is custom printed or not. Check out our latest custom keycap collection here.

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