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Since its introduction, Pokemon has gained in popularity to the point that it’s difficult to find somebody who hasn’t heard of it in some way. 

Hirosart artists dedicated passion and artistry to designing a collection of legendary Pokemon keycaps, inspired by their love for the adorable yet strong creatures.

The most impressive in the collection, it’s worth mentioning the release of the very first 4 legendary Pokemon, including the set of 3 starters Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and the mascot Pikachu. This spacebar Pokemon is undoubtedly Hirosart’s most remarkable item. The colors are tied with the four elements of fire, water, grass, and electricity.

Through the expression of colors and precision of this “art,” you can experience the vibrancy of each little Pokemon with the harmonizing habitat they live in.

This product, like other keys, is created to order, so you can email Hirosart a list of four different Pokemon to design your own spacebar precisely how you want it.

Besides, if you don’t see your desirable Pokemon resin keycaps, just find Hirosart and ask them to make them for you.

With such meticulousness and great workmanship, It’s no surprise that Hirosart’s keycaps aren’t really cheap at all. For Pokemon artisan keycaps, the price for this spacebar is $154. The price for this piece of art is considered to be reasonable when it comes to its premium quality as well as uniqueness.

In addition to this spacebar keycap, Hirosart also makes other designs for Pokemon, like this funny Pikachu Thor Artisan keycap that you may be interested in. Check out your dream artisan keycaps with Hirosart now!