We are a Vietnamese brand

We are Vietnamese artisans creating custom resin keycaps for mechanical keyboards. By running this small business, we also empower people with disabilities in Vietnam to bring all their expertise to the workplace and create their own products.

“ Founded in Hanoi, Vietnam since 2021, Hirosart is the actualization of pursuing the life-long dream of creating an emblem of fine craftsmanship, alluring design, and functionality. At Hirosart, every sculpt we create is a product of our imagination, creativity, and massive attention to detail. “

So how did our dream of creating an “emblem” come true? Let’s scroll down to find out.

Our Vision

To become the go-to resin art hub for artisan resin products enthusiasts globally.

Our Mission

Hirosart focuses on a mission of offering people opportunities to experience high-quality products meeting three criteria: craftsmanship, uniqueness, functionality.

About us

The world of resin art at your fingertips!

Securing the nine to five job for many years, we have had to sit glued to the computer screen on a daily basis. Working with monotonous traditional keyboards every single day not only causes some physical problems, particularly wrist pain, but it also deprives us of working inspiration, thus leading to tiredness and inefficacy.

And then, everything changed when the covid 19 pandemic broke out. This outrageous pandemic and its restrictions have forced businesses to adopt “working from home” as the new way of operating. Transitioning from open working space at offices to smaller corners at home even exacerbates our problems of losing morale. So we made up our minds to create something which would breathe a new life into our remote working space and share it with the community. And handmade products from resin were the very first idea springing up to our minds.

What does Hirosart offer?

Hirosart offers a massive number of artisan resin keycap collections so that you can pick up favorites to beautify your keyboard. We keep you in the picture on not only keycaps but also other product lines from resin and wood namely wrist rests and epoxy lamps. They are all made with our enthusiastic hearts and minds. To Hirosart, it’s not only about selling keycaps but it’s also about sharing our passion with the community. We want to create a helpful and positive environment where keycaps enthusiasts and keycaps makers can interact freely and share their creations with each other.


Our story is a long journey of unremitting efforts. Every day is filled with resin, colors, and failures but giving up has never been our option. When Hirosart made its first appearance on the market, nothing has ever felt so right. We can now proudly say that Hirosart is helping our dear customers turn tedious working corners into vibrant unique ones, simultaneously boosting their productivity and health.

Check out our website and don’t hesitate to connect with us!

Address: 30 Tran Huu Duc, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam, 10000
Email: info@hirosarts.com

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