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You must have been mesmerized when seeing pictures of wood epoxy lamps emitting a magical light. But do you know how those lights are made? How is the model? In what spaces are they used? Let's find out together!

What are Epoxy Lamps?

Epoxy lamps are the common name for art lamps made with epoxy pouring technology. The outstanding feature of this technology is that it is possible to create many unique 3D textures because of the transparent nature and the casting style of epoxy.

The epoxy lamp has a unique artistic design, each version of the handmade lamp released is a work with a different characteristic design. Because it is a handmade product, the epoxy lamp will have a slight difference in wood grain, and faint lines of epoxy glue, but in general, products of the same line, manufactured under the hands of an artisan will have similarities.

The uses of Epoxy Lamps?

This type of lamp has very diverse applications because of its high customizability. We can use the wood resin lamp as a decorative item on the desk, and the coffee table.

Epoxy decor lights can also be used to decorate bathrooms. This will create a soft light for us to relax after a long tiring day at work. Just Imagine, after coming home from work, you soak in the bathtub in the shimmering light from the lamp. Take a sip of wine and close your eyes listening to soft music blaring from the bathroom speaker. It feels great, isn't it?

Another very important application of epoxy lights is decoration and night light. Because the nature of the light emitted by the lamp is light reflected from the textures in the epoxy block, the light intensity is not strong. Suitable for bedside lamps because they are not too bright to blind you but also bright enough for us to see the road when we have to get up at night to go to the bathroom.

Where to buy Epoxy Lamps?

Hirosart is proud to be one of the leaders in selling poxy resin night lights. Here on the Hirosart website, you can find a variety of resin lamps in many unique designs.

Let’s find the best epoxy lamp at great prices on Hirosart!

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