Want to play games in the dark? The backlit spacebar keycap will glow in the dark and make it easy for you to see even if you don’t have backlights. It also helps users identify specific keys while still allowing users to type in complete darkness if they prefer.

Enjoy a better typing experience with backlit spacebar keycaps

At Hirosart, we believe that every keycap has its own story. We take great pride in creating each keycap by hand to exacting standards. We use our patented backlit system to give them an extra pop. Our backlit custom keycaps make it easier to use your keyboard in the dark, and especially cool feature during night gaming or in a dark room. It’s insanely cool. We’ve spent untold hours designing our own special backlighting hardware for every single keycap.

custom spacebar keycap
custom artisan spacebar

Try our backlit resin keycaps today!

Hirosart’s artisan keycaps, unlike other backlit keycaps, are made from the highest quality raw materials and go through a long and complex creation process to provide you with the best mechanical keyboard experience possible.

Each key features specialized sculpting letting you feel the difference every time you press down. What does that mean for your keyboard? It means that every time your fingers press down on a Hiros backlit spacebar keycap they break through the surface giving you an extra tactile feel. As a result, you will type more comfortably and accurately.


interstellar spacebar keycap
interstellar spacebar

Hirosart offers a wide range of backlit keycaps including DCS, DSA, OEM, SA profile keycaps. You can easily customize your own backlit spacebar keycap by choosing from the large selection of top quality materials and color options. So take one home today and see for yourself.

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