Do you want to customize your keyboard without a major financial investment? If so, we have got what you need. Our artisan keycaps are the ideal choice for you. 

One of a kind artisan keycaps 

For mechanical keyboards, keycaps are very important. The number of keys on the keyboard, the material of the keycap, and the design are all important in matching your requirements. Established in 2020, Hirosart is a rising star in the custom keycaps market. The main products are custom resin keycaps. Hirosart also provides a trustworthy keycap customization service with various designs from the American flag to Among us keycaps.

gengar pokemon keycap
gengar keycap

We make sure that each and every artisan keycap has been molded with the highest precision and quality. To clarify, we want to ensure they are lightweight and durable enough to last years of daily use. You can customize any keycap for your specific keyboard.

Quality artisan keycaps for your comfortable typing experience

Hirosart makes high-quality replacement keycaps that are durable enough to last you years, while also giving your keyboard a unique look. You can use these keycaps to upgrade any keyboard, whether you already have one or are buying one new. If your keyboard uses standard funky fonts for the lettering, you’re in luck, as these keycaps improve the look and feel of your typing experience as well. The best part is that they don’t change the feel of the keys at all — they’re still smooth and responsive like a normal keycap.

Interstellar keycap
Interstellar keycap

If you like our theme, but don’t want to buy any merchandise, we can make some personalized keycaps for you. For example, we can make keycaps with your name on them, or with the logo of your company.

Shop now or contact us for more information on customizing your keyboard further with HirosArt keycaps!

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