Mechanical keyboards, especially ones with clicky switches, can be extremely noisy. This is terribly inconvenient for in-office workers who need total silence to concentrate.

Now, we’ll go through the 10 quietest keyboards and 5 ways to make your keyboard silent so you can type comfortably without bothering your coworkers.

But firstly, let’s get going with the main factors that affect the keyboard sound!

What are the prime factors that affect keyboard sound?

The Switches

Different switches will produce entirely different sounds. In this post, we will talk about 3 main different types of keyboard switches that offer silent keycaps: Cherry MX Silent, Silenced Topre, and Matias Quiet Click. Each has its own unique sound qualities.

Furthermore, based on the keyboard on which you install the switches, they may also sound slightly different.

  • Cherry MX Silent: The overall sound output of a keyboard using a Cherry MX quiet switch is reduced by 13 decibels (dB) or 78%.
  • Silenced Topre: The sound of Topre switches is similar to that of Cherry MX Brown switches but has a greater “thonk” sound. The quality and typing feel are exceptional. Soft and smooth as silk, accompanied by a very unique tock tock sound.
  • Matias Quiet Click switches the first quiet mechanical key switches. They make it possible to create good mechanical keyboards with no noisier than the generic keyboards that come standard with most PCs.

Apart from these switches, you may discover other quiet keyboards through this article: Detailed Review of the Quietest Keyboard Switches for Your Keyboard.

The Stabilizers

A stabilizer is a pair of fake switches linked by a wire that is positioned beneath the bigger keys. This component balances the keys and protects the keycap from tilting to one side or the other.

Plate-mount stabilizers, which clip onto the same plate as the switches, are used in the majority of pre-built keyboards. Screw-in or clip-in stabilizers make a plasticky noise when they connect directly to the PCB.

The Desk surface

The desk surface where you place the keyboard can act as an amplifier or a muffler.

Normally, the pressure from the finger will be transmitted to the spring inside the slide switch below the key and continues to be transmitted to the surface below.

When placing the keyboard in an uneven place, the pressure will not fully escape and make the click sound louder. Or when using an old desk surface with lots of grooves, the mechanical keyboard will sound louder than usual.

Keycap material

Everyone knows that mechanical keyboard keycaps are usually made with two types of ABS or PBT plastic, or combined with high-grade metal, aluminum, etc. With different materials, the keyboard will give a slightly different sound.

For example, ABS keycaps produce a crispy sound. The same switch type with PBT plastic keycap gives a more opaque sound

Keycap Profile

Keycap profile refers to the inclination and height of the keycap rows on the same keyboard. It slightly affects the sound of the whole keyboard. 

For example, the higher the key, the more puffy part will give the opaque sound. And, the lower the key will be more similar to the original sound of the switch.


Here’s a breakdown of the quietest keyboards before we go through each one in detail.

Keyboard Recap

Switches Keycaps

Leopold FC980M PD

Cherry MX Silent


HHKB Pro 2 Type-S Silenced Topre


DURGOD K320 Nebula RGB Cherry MX Silent


Filco Majestouch 2 TKL

Cherry MX Silent Red ABS

Realforce R2

Unique Topre Switches PBT

Vortexgear Cypher 65%

Cherry MX Silent Red PBT
Matias Mini Quiet Pro Matias Quiet Click


Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Red


SteelSeries Apex 7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard OmniPoint switches


Matias FK302QPC Quiet Pro Keyboard Matias Quiet Click


Leopold FC980M PD

Leopold FC980M PD - The quietest keyboard
Leopold FC980M PD | Reddit

The first pick on this list of the quietest keyboards is Leopold FC980M PD.

The Leopold FC980M PD small “full size” mechanical keyboard is at the top of our list. When it comes to keyboard layouts, compact plus full size don’t generally go together, but this is not the case with the FC980M PD.

Leopold FC980M PD uses the 1800 layout which is common in Cherry’s G80-1800 series of mechanical keyboards. The size is just slightly broader (1 key column) than a regular TKL, and the total size is considerably smaller than a standard full-size keyboard.

Now talk about its noise reduction feature. This feature is already available with Cherry MX Silent Red switches, making it defining characteristic of this keyboard. Check how Leopold FC980M PD sounds in the below video:

To gain that reduction noise feature, Cherry MX Silent Red switch is internally dampened on both the down and upstroke using a rubber insert. Apart from a very slight change in the actuation point (1.9 mm vs 2 mm) and overall distance traveled of the switch (3.7 mm vs 4 mm), the metrics are nearly similar.

In terms of keycaps, the FC980M PD does not skimp. It comes with 1.5 mm thick PBT keycaps that will not shine with usage.

Furthermore,  these silent keycaps have height and thickness which can significantly impact the sound qualities of a mechanical keyboard. For reduced levels of noise, you should use thicker, normal-height quiet keycaps.

The FC980M PD features a dampened casing in addition to dampened switches and superior grade PBT keycaps. The inside of the casing is cushioned with a cloth pad to decrease noise and vibrations that may transfer to your desk during typing.

HHKB Pro 2 Type-S

HHKB Pro 2 Type-S | Reddit
HHKB Pro 2 Type-S | Reddit

The next option in our list of the quietest mechanical keyboards is Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 Type-S which will be a premium choice for you. The dampened Topre switches used in this keyboard are a hybrid switch type that utilizes a rubber dome with a slider over the PCB structure.

The concept of a rubber dome keyboard may make you surprise. In spite of this, Topre is special and it should not be compared to standard rubber dome keyboards. Most notably, it is not built on a membrane. Topre is a high-quality Japanese capacitive switch that registers keystrokes using a light-weighted coil spring.

This design feature enables partway activation without requiring the key to be bottomed down. Therefore, they offer greatly better performance and a more sophisticated operation than standard rubber dome-over membrane keyboards.

In terms of noise reduction, a rubber dome does reduce the sound on the downstroke. Its premium Type-S version is intended for quietness, with rubber rings that also aim at reducing upstroke noise.

There is also a fairly effective aftermarket anti-vibration pad which can be placed at the bottom of the case for more noise reduction features.

Without a doubt, they are amazing switches that provide a very quiet and comfortable typing experience that is unrivaled.

However, this HHKB Pro 2 Type-S will set you back at least twice as much as the other options on this list. You can see the video below to experience its quietness and get the reason why it’s such costly.

DURGOD K320 Nebula RGB

DURGOD K320 Nebula RGB | Reddit
DURGOD K320 Nebula RGB | Reddit

The quietest keyboards are useful not only in the workplace but also in the gaming environment. For example, gamers may lose their cool during battles, so teammates hearing your keyboard clicking away through voice chat may not get you the most attractive member.

That’s the reason why the next coolest option – the Durgod K320 Nebula is among the quietest mechanical keyboards that most gamers prefer. It features real per-key RGB illumination and Cherry MX Silent Red switches.

Before going into its details, here is the sound test you can hear in advance:

It uses a TKL (Tenkeyless) layout, which excludes the Numpad for a smaller footprint. This is often regarded as the best gaming layout since it frees up room for the mouse as well as enables more ergonomic hand placement.

Regarding Cherry MX Silent Red switches, they are mostly used for gaming because the light-weighted linear switches like these are a reasonably safe pick. Of course, it all depends on personal taste, but your choices for a silent mechanical gaming keyboard with quiet switches are relatively limited.

Furthermore, the transparent housings of the Cherry MX Silent Red switches assist in the homogenous distribution of the RGB lighting. The glass shell also makes it possible to view the rubber dampening patch connected to the slider, as shown in the image below.

DURGOD Cherry MX Silent Red | MechType
DURGOD Cherry MX Silent Red | MechType

Filco Majestouch 2 TKL

Filco Majestouch 2 TKL | Reddit
Filco Majestouch 2 TKL | Reddit

This one is for the user who seeks the super plain white text on a black keyboard design but still prefers one pick from the quietest mechanical keyboards.

Because it is tenkeyless, this keyboard lacks a separate number pad for number input. Nonetheless, there is still a full-sized version with extra O-rings to give it more workplace-appropriate since MX Reds still includes a loud bottom-out tone when opposed to the TKL version’s MX Silent Reds. Check its sound test below:

In terms of material, the Filco Majestouch 2 TKL uses pad-printed ABS keycaps. Although they may be noisier (than PBT) and get shinier over time, users can replace them with PBT keycaps at ease ( both versions have a common layout).

Unfortunately, there is no lighting if you operate in a dark area. The contrast between the white lettering on the black keycaps, on the other hand, should be adequate to see all keys.

The Filco Majestouch comes in the five Cherry MX Switch color schemes: blue, black, brown, red, and quiet red (costs extra).

Realforce R2

Realforce R2 | Carousell
Realforce R2 | Carousell

The Realforce R2 is defined by its exclusive Topre switches. These switches offer the feeling of a mechanical keyboard but with a rubber dome at the bottom. Topre switches are capacitive and operate through the hall effect.

One advantage of Topre switches is that they are incredibly lightweight to push, which lessens exhaustion during continuous typing periods. While being a rubber dome keyboard, the Realforce R2 has an N-key rollover to detect every single keypress. It is not at all like a membrane keyboard.

However, Topre can be noisy until you lube and mute the switches, which can be time-consuming. Despite that, some Topre keyboards are already equipped with quiet switches. Here is its sound test:

It does not come with a detachable cord. The R2 also features dye-sub PBT keycaps that, despite extended typing hours and use, persist for years.

Because they feel so different, Topre switches may not be suitable for everyone. Some users, however, believe in them and will not go back to mechanical switches after using Topre switches.

Vortexgear Cypher 65%

Vortexgear Cypher 65% | Youtube
Vortexgear Cypher 65% | Youtube

On the bigger keys of the Vortex Cypher, modified Cherry stabilizers were applied.  If fitted poorly, cherry stabs can be mushy and noisy, but not with Vortex’s superior pre-lubed implementation. The stabilized keys are incredibly sharp and do not rattle, which may be the main source of keyboard noise.

Besides, Cherry MX Silent linear switches are used (either Red or Black). The Black silent switch, like standard Cherry MX switches, has featured the same as the Red silenced switch.

In comparison to the Poker 3, the Cypher has a plastic casing, while some other Vortex boards have cast aluminum cases. In this case, the plastic casing may really be beneficial. Indeed, aluminum casings can occasionally resonate and magnify typing noise, although this is unlikely to be a concern with linear switches.

Moreover, the keycaps are made of a medium thickness of 1.3mm PBT which reduces noise effectively.

Overall, this keyboard will be the top pick of the quietest keyboards that give you a quiet and comfortable typing experience.

Now you can hear its comfortable sound below:

Matias Mini Quiet Pro

Matias Mini Quiet Pro
Matias Mini Quiet Pro

Matias’ unique Quiet Click switch, a dampened tactile switch following the original Alps design, is used in the Matias Mini Quiet Pro. In spite of the unusual name, this switch is basically tactile.

There is no clicky sound in this. So we discuss its tactility! The tactile bump on these Matias switches is really sharp and crisp, which may make Cherry MX Brown shame.

The Matias Mini Quiet Pro is just what the name suggests: small in size and almost silent in performance.

It features a 75% structure with a well-placed Fn button on the right-hand side. As a result, you can reach the second layer navigation buttons with one hand easier. It’s even more silent than most rubber dome-over membrane keyboards in terms of noise.

The build quality of the Mini Quiet Pro is excellent that is made of plastic with a high gloss finish. This is a premium polycarbonate material that is flexible, shatterproof, resistant to severe heat, and has a stronger impact resistance than cheap-made ABS plastic casings.

Additionally, the switches are plate-mounted to a sturdy steel backplate, resulting in a firm, flex-free typing experience.

Let’s experience typing on Matias Mini Quiet Pro in this video:

Corsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K68 RGB | Rtings
Corsair K68 RGB | Rtings

The Corsair K68 RGB mechanical keyboards have bright RGB lighting per key, IP32 water, dust proof, along with Cherry MX key switches which make these keyboards the best silent mechanical keyboards.

It makes use of Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) technology to provide stunning dynamic lighting effects and match macros that fit your personality and offer you an advantage in the game.

In terms of sound, this Corsair is totally comparable to other of the best silent mechanical keyboards. Its separate volume & multimedia controls allow you to alter your audio without interrupting your game.

In addition, the keycaps are also quite comfy. The blend of synthetic and soft-touch textiles is accountable for all of this.

What’s more? Corsair guarantees that this keyboard is 30% quieter than the models in the past. Because the Cherry MX keys are extremely quiet, you may type without disturbing others.

Without a doubt, this is the best Cherry MX Switch for gaming! Due to its sturdiness and ergonomic design, it may also be a good choice for your work corner. Check out the sound here.

SteelSeries Apex 7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex 7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | Adverts
SteelSeries Apex 7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | Adverts

The Apex M750 features show-stopping illumination and vital adjustments in-game, thanks to its sleek aluminium build and strong SteelSeries QX2 mechanical switches.

This full-size wired version is perfect for gamers thanks to a specific feature that lets you alter the pre-travel length of the linear OmniPoint switches.

The SteelSeries Apex isn’t too loud or clicky because of no bump in the keystroke. Therefore, you also can use this keyboard in the workplace without annoying your coworkers.

This video below will prove that.

This keyboard also has a volume dial and specialized media keys, as well as an OLED screen on which you can view nearly anything.

Overall, this is among the best quiet mechanical keyboards for gaming on the market.

Matias FK302QPC Quiet Pro Keyboard

Matias FK302QPC Quiet Pro | Youtube
Matias FK302QPC Quiet Pro | Youtube

This is the bigger version of the Matias Mini Quiet Pro that we discussed before. Except for the size, their features are all the same.

Overall, the Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard makes far less noise than most other switching keyboards. If you want the best quiet mechanical keyboards with low noise levels, the Matias Quiet Pro should meet your needs perfectly.

5 ways to reduce noise on mechanical keyboards

Do you want to make your keyboards the best quiet mechanical keyboards? Do not miss out on the 5 ways below:

Use a desk mat

Using a desk pad under keyboards is one of the simplest methods to make them the quietest mechanical keyboards.

When you press on your keyboard, the vibration of your desk amplifies the noise. Therefore, by placing a desk mat under the keyboard, the sounds are muffled and everything is quieted.

Install rubber-o rings

Rubber O-rings are another simple solution to lower the average sound levels of the keyboard. They are quite easy to install and have an instant impact on noise control.

The O-rings are placed all along the stems of the keys under the keycaps. You just need to cut the keycaps and put them onto the switches to install the O-rings.

Replace your switches

Obviously, switches have a major impact on a keyboard’s sound quality. So, why not swap from your loud switches to others, and achieve the best quiet mechanical keyboards.

Choose your switches carefully based on the sound profile you want the best silent mechanical keyboards. Wanna know quiet switches? Here is our list of the Best Quiet Switches for your Keyboard, don’t forget to check them out.

Lube your switches

Lubricating the keys is also a great way to minimize keyboard vibration. Besides, lubricating each switch improves the feel while reducing scratchiness and spring click. This solution is by far the most effective for boosting your keyboard’s feel and sound.

Add foam inside the keyboard

Simply put, the custom keyboard you choose will also have the most impact on the sound profile. Almost every feature of a keyboard may alter the sound characteristic.

One of the greatest factors to improve the sound and eliminate vibration and rattling is to place foam inside your mechanical keyboard.

Also, there are more ways to make mechanical keyboards quieter? Check out this post: 7 simple tips to make any mechanical keyboard quieter.

FAQs on Quietest Mechanical Keyboards

Are membrane keyboards quieter than mechanical?

Membrane keyboards are generally quieter than their mechanical counterparts.

What are the most silent switches?

The most silent switches are Cherry MX Silent, Silenced Topre, Matias Quiet Click, etc.

Are brown switches quieter than red?

Cherry MX Reds are quieter than Cherry MX Browns, which are somewhat noisier. The tactile bump on the Cherry MX Browns causes the switch to vibrate more, resulting in increased loudness.

Do keycaps affect noise?

Yes absolutely. ABS keycaps are considered to create more noise than PBT keycaps.


With something entertaining to type on, your daily workplace doesn’t have to be as bad.

Start picking up the best silent mechanical keyboards with the right switches, and presto! You will get the most stylish, professional, and quietest mechanical keyboard that you will love using daily.

Best of all, we’ve tested each keyboard on this top pick and can vouch for its quality (and quiet sound). Your investment in the best quiet mechanical keyboards is surely worthwhile that will improve how you perform and type in the workplace.

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