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Mechanical keyboards have an ergonomic design that helps users avoid fatigue, and shoulder and hand pain\ when using the keyboard for long periods of time. And the mechanical keyboard wrist rest was born to take advantage of this design, which reduces pressure on your wrist so you don't experience shoulder pain or hand fatigue when using it.

What is Wrist Rest?

The keyboard palm rest is called “Wrist Rest” which means palm rest area. Wrists rest do not help you much while you are typing, but they will help you toave a more comfortable palm rest while using the computer.

Uses of Wrist Rest?

In addition to protecting your health, the keyboard wrist rest can be highly personalized. You can customize your keyboard wrist rest, for example by engraving your team logo, favorite quotes or even your name to make it a beautiful table decoration. It can also become a uniqueand  meaningful gift for your friends or family members.

The material of the Wrist Rest

The most used materials are plastic, leather, rubber, and wood. The common strength of these materials is to help fix the keyboard well, have high aesthetics, and long life. 

  • Leather wrist rests are very diverse in price and type. Currently, the most commonly designed mechanical leather keyboard wrist rest is imitation leather because it is cheap. Real leather is beautiful and durable, however, the price is too high and not everyone can afford it.
  • Wood is an extremely suitable material for making mechanical keyboard palm rests. Wooden wrist rests are loved for their customizability, you can easily engrave meaningful text or symbols on the surface to make it closer to you.
  • Wood and resin wrist rests are now one of the most favorite wrist rest. These handmade wrists rest are now not only a hand rest or decoration on the table, but also a luxury item, the highlight of the desk, and a very meaningful gift for loved ones with the same hobby of playing keys. Each resin wrist rest is a work of art and no two pieces are alike.

Where to buy wrist rest?

There are a lot of places you can find wrist rest like Amazon, Etsy, Drop, ... If you are looking for exclusive resin wrist rest, Hirosart is the best place for you. Hirosart is a team of artisans with meticulous ingenuity full of aesthetics who have crafted unique and highly artistic wrist rest. The Hirosart’s wrists rest are not only high quality but also diverse design: from the landscape, Koi fish, and custom characters,... Check out our collection now to get your favorite wrist rest home!

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