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Axolotl Night Lights

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Axolotl Epoxy lamp: One-of-a-kind gift for axolotl lovers

As legend has it, the axolotl is the Aztec god of fire and lightning, Axolotl, who disguised himself as a salamander to avoid being sacrificed. But these Mexican amphibians are impressive enough on their own, with the ability to regenerate lost limbs and stay “young” throughout their lives. And as if being forever-babies didn’t make them cute enough, their mouths are upturned in a permanent Mona Lisa smile.

It's illegal to own these cute buddies in some countries but you can save them forever as lovely home decor with this Axolotl Night Light.

Axolotl epoxy lamp
Axolotl night lights

The Axolotl Epoxy lamps look like a real aquarium where you can keep your axolotl. This is a one-of-a-kind gift for axolotl lovers!  Whether it's for you or for a friend, this unique set will surely bring a smile to their faces! Moreover, with the remote controller, you can freely change the light color to match any mood or occasion.

Axolotl epoxy lamp
Axolotl night lights in the dark

Each epoxy wood lamp is meticulously handcrafted and requires a significant amount of time and work to complete. Fortunately, No axolotl is harmed during the process of making the epoxy light.

Tech Spec:

  • Materials: Resin
  • Color-Changing Light Bulb
  • Size: 10x10 cm (4"x4")

Package includes:

  • Handmade Night Light
  • USB cable for the light stand
  • USB LED light stand

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Yes. We are happy to accommodate custom orders whenever possible. However, limitations may apply for complex designs due to materials, production, and quality standards. Contact our team to discuss feasibility.
Our lamps are corded and operate via USB connection.
Our lamps are designed to detach from the base primarily to prevent any potential damage during delivery. If you encounter any issues with the light fitting into the base, rest assured that we can promptly replace the base for you, saving both time and money.

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  1. Donald

    Item came as per advertised, was definitely not disappointed. recommended!

  2. Ashley

    I really love this! The craftsmenship on the lamp itself is fantastic and I really love watching it lit up. It's beautifully made, got here safe and sound and I am absolutely happy with my purchase. Thank you!!

  3. Romano

    Hi, it's arrived today, and it's beautiful and very cute I can't wait to use it in my room

    Axolotl Night Lights
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Axolotl Night Lights

Axolotl Night Lights

Original price was: $109.99.Current price is: $99.99.
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