10+ Best 65% Keyboards (Expert Picks in 2024)

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  • Sep 25, 2022

If you are considering getting a keyboard that will free up your space, the 65% mechanical keyboards are the best way to go. You may know that 65% of keyboards have recently gained much more popularity thanks to their durability and graceful size.

However, choosing the best 65% keyboards can be harder than expected since the market for 65% keyboards is becoming more and more saturated.

But don't worry; we did the research and found the 12 best 65% keyboards for all users.

We also cover some important factors when buying a 65% keyboard.

But first, let’s see what in our list!

The 12 Best 65% Mechanical Keyboards

Before diving into our reviews for each keyboard, let’s take a look at the following table for a brief introduction of the best 65 percent keyboards:


Special Features


Ducky MIYA Pro

Best 65% Keyboard overall $135.00

Durgod Hades 68

Sleek 65% Keyboard $139.99

Drop ALT

Best HotSwappable 65% Keyboard


MSI Vigor GK50 Elite Best 65% Keyboard for Gaming


Leopold FC660C

Best 65% Keyboard for Typists $248.00

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed

Best 65% Keyboard for Gaming


Keychron K6

Best Budget 65% Keyboard


Akko 3068 Best Wireless 65% Keyboard


MagicForce 68 Cheapest 65% Mechanical Keyboard


Vortexgear Cypher 65 Best No-Frills 65% Keyboard


Tada 68

Best Custom 65% Keyboard

Redragon K530 Most Popular 65% Keyboard


Ducky MIYA Pro: Best 65% Keyboard overall

Ducky one 2 sf | twitter
Ducky one 2 sf | twitter


Ducky x Varmilo




Cherry MX


White LED



Keycap Material

Thick Dye Sub PBT


4.13 x 13.27 x 2.09”


2.29 lbs

The Ducky MIYA Pro is a fantastic keyboard from Ducky, featuring a stylish, compact design and a variety of keyboard layouts.

In a sea of traditional-looking 65% keyboards, the Miya Pro stands out thanks to its variety of designs. There are roughly a dozen different style choices available, including various keycap colors, patterns, and case tones (for example, the panda theme like the above image).

As a result, you have a wide variety of themes and colors to choose from to enhance the design of your setup. Kinda amazing, right?

In terms of the overall build, the build quality is excellent, and the plastic case is strong and does not flex or creak. Through firmware, the keyboard can be programmed in a respectable number of ways.

Furthermore, the keycaps are of high quality and manufactured of dye sub-PBT plastic. The stabilizers and switches are also stable to provide an excellent typing experience.

In short, it can be seen that this is one of the best 65% keyboards which gives you the best customization in this list

Durgod Hades 68: Sleek 65% Keyboard

Durgod hades 68 | reddit
Durgod hades 68 | reddit










Keycap Material

Double-shot PBT


12.2 x 4.1 x 1.5”


1.98 lbs

This choice will give you an exciting night with amazing RGB effects.

The fascinating RGB backlight display of the Durgod Hades 68, which has a maximum color gamut of over 16.8 million, captures your attention right away.

Durgod Hades 68 can add a more bright RGB backlight effect to make it pop by using see-through PBT keycaps.

Not just having an aesthetical look, Durgod Hades 68 is among the best 65% keyboards available on the market now.

This 65% keyboard has a sturdy all-metal housing, premium stabilizers that are pre-lubricated, and a wide range of switch options. Despite the fact that this is not a hot-swap keyboard, you can choose from a variety of switches from Cherry, Gateron, and Kailh.

One thing special about this Durgod product is that it includes the top-notch Durgod Hera Engine program. It allows you to rebind keys and build, edit, and generate new RGB effects in addition to macros.

Now you can have wave, ripple, and breathing effects to your liking. Take a look at this video to know how excellent Durgod RGB is:

Overall, this is among the best 65% keyboards that have a sturdy aluminum case and the best RGB lighting on the market now.

Drop ALT high profile: Best HotSwappable 65% Keyboard

Best 65% keyboard - drop alt
Drop alt high profile
Manufacturer Drop
Keys 87
Switches Various
Backlighting RGB
Programming Yes
Keycap Material Doubleshot PBT
Dimensions 12.7 x 4.4 x 1.25”
Weight 1.53 lbs

Despite a steep price tag, the Drop ALT is still the top choice of many keyboard lovers.

Of course, you get what you pay for!

First, let's learn why this 65 percent keyboard has 87 keys!

Drop chose to go more minimalist after feeling unsatisfied with their 87-key mechanical keyboards known as CTRL. As a result, ALT is ranked first among the best 65% keyboards made specifically for gamers.

To ensure the smoothest use, ALT doesn't waste any space and keeps everything as little as possible. It has a switch plate, and magnetic legs, and is made of solid aluminum.

There are several different models of this keyboard, and each one has switched with unique actuation. If selecting switches overwhelms you, don't worry! ALT's switches can be swapped out with ease. By doing this, you will quickly have an entirely distinct tactile profile.

Also, Drop ALT includes mostly unlimited customizable RGB backlighting and under-lighting.

Last but not least, the QMK firmware allows you to completely configure key mapping and macros. You now can move quickly between work and play.

What more could the best 65% keyboards possibly offer? You can benefit from the programmable RGB effect. Let's engage your visitor with a single hue or use a rainbow wave pattern to transition between several colors.

Here’s a short video for Drop ALT sound test.

After all, if you have the budget and desire a no-compromise keyboard without having to use a custom keyboard, then the Drop ALT is the best way to go!

Ducky One 2 SF: Best 65% Keyboard for Gaming

Ducky one 2 sf | twitter
Ducky one 2 sf | twitter
Manufacturer Ducky
Keys 68
Switches Cherry MX Switches
Backlighting RGB
Programming No
Keycap Material Double Shot PBT
Dimensions 12.8 x 4.25 x 1.57"
Weight 1.39 lbs

Ducky One 2 SF can be considered one of the best 65% keyboards for gaming since you can find 4 different switches that can change how specific keys operate. More significantly, one of those switches locks the Windows key, making it the only keyboard in the top-rated 65% that has this capability.

Yet, programmable keys are not the only factor making the Ducky One 2 SF the best option for gamers.

When it comes to build quality, it is nearly flawless despite the fact that the baseplate is made of plastic. Furthermore, typing with Ducky keycaps always feels super comfortable. Now, simply choose your preferred Cherry MX switch, and you're ready to go.

Plus, excellent RGB backlighting, a detachable cable, and 3 more keys (Page Up, Page Down, and Delete) are further benefits of this keyboard.

The only downside for the Ducky keyboards is the absence of software customization. To get close to your need, you need to employ onboard programming.

The Ducky One 2 SF is among the best 65% keyboards all around. Both typing and playing video games while using it will feel fantastic. Additionally, Ducky offers customized keycaps so you can completely personalize this keyboard.

Well, despite the lack of programming, gaming with Ducky One 2 SF is not a bad idea either, right? Still confused? So, watch this short video review!

Leopold FC660C - Best 65% Keyboard for Typists

Leopold fc660c
Leopold fc660c
Manufacturer Leopold
Keys 67
Switches Topre Switches
Backlighting No
Programming No
Keycap Material Sub Dye PBT Keycaps
Dimensions 12.91 x 4.37 x 1.57”
Weight 1.56 pounds

Get a Leopold FC660C today if you want the best 65 mechanical keyboard with Topre switches. This is a high-end 65% keyboard with the renowned Topre electrostatic capacitive switches and a basic yet incredibly appealing design.

This keyboard is pricey as Topre switches are the world’s most expensive custom switches available.

That's no surprise at all! Leopold FC660C  uses high-quality parts and has a small, universally-friendly design. Additionally, the outstanding build quality, PBT keycaps, superior switches, and stylish design make it worthwhile.

One more plus is that a detachable cord is included with the keyboard. The Leopold FC660C just has the Insert and Delete keys, in contrast to the majority of other 65% keyboards that have three or four more keys.

Although this keyboard lacks RGB functionality, you may still tweak it with third-party apps to add programmable keys and layer functionalities.

Unquestionably, the FC660C with Topre switches is one of the best 65% keyboards that can satisfy your need for a keyboard that's a touch different from your standard mechanical keyboard.

Remember that the keyboard is more expensive than average, but for good reason.

Let’s hear how pleasant FC660C with Topre switches sounds!

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Razer blackwidow v3 mini hyperspeed | razer
Razer blackwidow v3 mini hyperspeed | razer
Manufacturer Razer
Keys 68
Switches Razer Green/Yellow
Backlighting Per-key RGB (Razer Chroma)
Programming Razer Gaming Software
Keycap Material Doubleshot ABS Keycaps
Dimensions 12.5 x 5.1 x 1.6”
Weight 1.8 lbs

One of the best 65% keyboards made exclusively for gaming in our list is Razer's BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed. With the short-travel Razer Yellow switch as well as low-latency wireless connection, this keyboard appears really standout and unique.

This keyboard's body is built of sturdy plastic material, making it durable and reliable.

In addition to its ergonomic and compact design, Razer's BlackWidow is excellent for long-term use. The keyboard can operate for a maximum of 200 hours after being charged. You can still use the keyboard even if the power goes out.

What's more? The keyboard switches deliver a flawless typing experience with a tactile and clicky feel. As you touch the keys, you can both feel and hear the feedback.

To make it more exciting in fiery gaming battles, features like cool RGB with a variety of animation choices, programmable buttons, multimedia keys, and layer functions can be modified with the support of software from Razer.

Just with a very short sound test below, you may realize your “destiny” in the RGB choices.

If you are a serious gamer looking for a good 65 keyboard, the Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed ​​is of the best 65% keyboards that you can find right now.

Keychron K6: Best Budget 65% Keyboard

Keychron k6 | lazada
Keychron k6 | lazada
Manufacturer Keychron
Keys 68
  • Gateron switch
  • LK Blue/Brown/Red
  • MX Hot-swap
Backlighting White or RGB
Programming No
Keycap Material Double Shot ABS OEM Profile
  • 13.3 x 4.1 x 1.4”(plastic frame)
  • 12.5 x 4.2 x 1.4” (aluminum frame)
  • 1.17 lbs (plastic frame)
  • 1.5 lbs (aluminum frame)

The K6 - the best 65 keyboard by Keychron was a Kickstarter hit, making huge profits for the company. And it's easy to understand why: it's a wireless 65% mechanical keyboard that packs in a respectable number of functions without blowing your budget.

The K6 is unquestionably worth a look if you're on a tight budget yet don't want to forgo too many features in the best 65 mechanical keyboards.

The 4000 mAh battery, native support for Mac and Windows, and Bluetooth capability are among the K6's outstanding features. The K6 is one of the best 65% keyboards that promotes its ability to work with macOS devices.

Talk about how it appears, Keychron K6 provides a gray and black color scheme that will match any desktop environment. Besides, you also get 18 different backlight patterns.

Not to mention that the hot-swappable design makes it simple to replace your switches without the need for soldering. The K6 also allows you to replace your noisy switch with a quick linear switch without any trouble.

The inexpensive pricing does, however, have one drawback in particular. The K6 has zero programmability, in contrast to some of its competitors.

Additionally, the thick keyboard's design can be painful for the wrists when gaming or typing for long periods of time.

Last but not least, there is no possibility to modify key mapping, placing it much below the Alt in that regard.

In a nutshell, if you desire a wireless budget 65 keyboard, Keychron K6 is your best bet. As long as you don't require absolute key mapping adjustment, it's a terrific keyboard that works with any switch and three devices.

Akko 3068: Best Wireless 65% Keyboard

Akko 3068 | nguyencong computer
Akko 3068 | nguyencong computer
Manufacturer Akko
Keys 68
Switches Cherry MX
Backlighting No
Programming Yes
Keycap Material Dye-sublimated PBT
Dimensions 12.7 x 4.4 x 1.25”
Weight 1.53 lbs

The 65% keyboard market doesn't have many wireless variants, but the situation is slightly improved when compared to the amount of low-profile 65% keyboards that are readily available.

And the really appealing Akko 3068 is the best wireless 65% keyboard.

It's not too difficult to connect over Bluetooth. This keyboard can connect to up to 3 devices simultaneously, which is fairly impressive, and there is generally no lag.

About its design, the keyboard has a beautiful design and a lovely color scheme, and various designs. There are no visual details or large borders on the baseplate. The keyboard has a good build quality and feels rigid.

Moreover, Akko 3068 has a 2-level adjustment for maximum comfort and is water- and dust-resistant.

The typing experience is also really comfortable, and the keycaps feel great on the fingertips. 

Ultimately, this 65% wireless keyboard is superb and works well for both typing and gaming with a wide selection of switches

To keep your keyboard tidy, the keyboard also includes novelty keycaps, a keycap remover, and a dust cover.

The only shortcoming is that this keyboard will cost you a pretty big amount.

MagicForce 68: Cheapest 65% Mechanical Keyboard

Magicforce 68 | reddit
Magicforce 68 | reddit
Manufacturer Qisan
Keys 68
Switches Various
Backlighting No (Outemu switches)

White (Cherry MX and Gateron)

Programming No
Keycap Material Double-shot ABS
Dimensions 13.3 x 4 x 1.6”
Weight 1.4 lbs

If money is tight, the Qisan Magicforce is of the best 65% keyboards you can consider.

For those who want the flexibility of cutting the cord, the keyboard provides several various product alternatives, including with or without a wireless connection. The connection is Mini USB that is not really common with mechanical keyboards currently. You can also use a unique USB cable since this one is detachable.

Thanks to a floating style design, you can see the switches while typing. Besides that, it includes two side-mounted kickstands and rubber feet on the bottom.

One more thing about design, This Qisan product has LED lights underneath, which are visible due to its floating form. It features a lighting effect with blue and orange colors.

On the right side of the aluminum plate, above the arrow keys, is where the word "Magicforce" is engraved. This 65% mechanical keyboard offers a little bit less layout area than the other 65% keyboards.

However, the Magicforce's overall feel of low build quality may not be to your taste. At last, you can't really complain about this keyboard's affordability.

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Vortexgear Cypher 65: Best No-Frills 65% Keyboard

Vortexgear cypher 65 | youtube
Vortexgear cypher 65 | youtube
Manufacturer Vortexgear
Keys 69
Switches Cherry MX
Backlighting No
Programming Yes
Keycap Material Thick PBT
Dimensions 12.45 x 4.18 x 1.65”
Weight 1.11 lbs

You have been consistently impressed by VortexGear's meticulously crafted mechanical keyboards. It is the same with this 65% mechanical keyboard. The keyboard has 69 keys and, in contrast to their Pok3r keyboard, features specialized arrow keys that are useful for gaming.

This keyboard included all the essential features you could ask for in a basic keyboard, including PBT keycaps, a comfortable typing experience, and a detachable USB-C cord.

The best feature of the VortexGear Cypher keyboard is that it goes with multilayer and pre-programmed capabilities that give you access to QWERTY, Dvorak, and Colemak.

Thanks to this feature, you can easily match the keyboard to any layout that you feel comfortable using.

As for its design, it’s as basic as they come. The only thing that distinguishes this keyboard from a standard office keyboard is its unique shape factor. It's interesting to note that each layer has a distinct LED under the left spacebar that can be used to select the current layout.

Yet, this keyboard doesn't provide many more features aside from great keycaps and a large range of switches.

Not too fancy but very modern. This is one of the best 65% keyboards for minimalists.

Tada 68: Best Custom 65% Keyboard

Tada 68 | carousell
Tada 68 | carousell
Keys 68
Switches Gateron and Cherry
Backlighting No
Programming Yes
Keycap Material Dye-sublimated PBT plastic
Dimensions 12.3 x 4 x 1.7”
Weight 1.4 lbs

The Tada68 mechanical keyboard, has a 65% layout and can be built from various parts or purchased pre-assembled. However, it might be sometimes difficult to find.

The dye-sublimated keycaps on the fully built keyboard have black legends and are made of high-quality PBT plastic.

Although these keyboards are plain and straightforward, they lack RGB lighting and see-through keycaps. You'll need to purchase your own switches and LEDs if you want RGB lighting for the keyboard to be fully completed.

Tada68 also has a plastic case and a potentially scratch-prone aluminum plate underneath.

Using TMK firmware, the keyboard may be fully programmed. But one drawback to this keyboard among many users is that the firmware may be tricky to configure.

It also features a non-standard bottom row, making it challenging to change all the keycaps if that's what you want, but as it's a 65% keyboard, we thought that had become the case.

But what could be better to get the most compact keyboard if you want to clean up the mess on your desk?

Redragon K530 – Most Popular 65% Keyboard

Best 65% keyboards | reddit
65% keyboards | reddit
Manufacturer Redragon
Keys 87
Switches Cherry MX
Backlighting RGB
Programming Yes
Keycap Material PBT
Dimensions 14 x 4.72 x 1.37”
Weight 2.16 lbs

K530 provides an outstanding 60% layout in an incredibly little size.

The keyboard has Redragon-branded switches, which you can anticipate using for a very long time. The brown switches you can get for your keyboard were significantly more tactile than Cherry MX.

Indeed, Redragon has really upped their game with this keyboard, despite normally being a company targeted towards budget gamers.

One plus point is that the red LED backlight on the K530 can be adjusted for brightness and modulation speed.

Since keys are plate-mounted, they won't be sunk in even during long sessions of hard gaming. They are splash-proof and enforced with anti-ghosting technology. With precision keycaps, writing is guaranteed not to scuff.

The K530 also has superior materials and an ergonomic design with slightly curved keys that match the natural alignment of your hands.

What Are 65% Keyboards?

A 65% keyboard is a keyboard layout that falls somewhere between a 60% layout and a TKL layout (generally resembles a 60% layout). It includes dedicated arrow keys with several keys which still feature full functioning.

This is quite an ideal keyboard layout since essential function keys are still available on 65% of the keyboard.

For those who get familiar with tenkeyless keyboards, and don't frequently use the number pad or function row, switching to a 65% layout will save some much-needed space to work.

Here are some further specifics regarding the 65% keyboard:

  • The number of switches: 67 or 68 switches
  • The number of keys: 67 or 68 keys
  • Stabilizer Size: 1.75u or 2.0u on the right shift, 6.25u on the spacebar. The remainder is 2.0u or 3.0u (This may vary between different keyboards)

That’s some specifications of 65% keyboards. If you want to know how other keyboard layouts look, check out this post: Intro to types of keyboard sizes and layouts.

Benefits of 65% Keyboard

If you're a typist or a gamer, you may do without the num-pad by purchasing a 65% keyboard, or even a 40% or 75% keyboard.

One of the most evident benefits is that 65% keyboard can help you save on desk space.

65% keyboard has a neat and compact form factor. This keyboard can be ideal for you if you need to use it both at home and at the office.

With its compactness, there is more room for other clutter, such as extra space for the mouse to move. Or it will appear clean if you're exceptionally neat. Furthermore, it is lightweight and conveniently stows away in a compact bag.

Moreover, the best 65% keyboards offer a more accurate and consistent feel since they take up less space. That's why they’re getting more preferable with hard-core gamers and committed minimalists.

As a bonus, it's an enjoyable experience to make some modifications to the 65% keyboard. The 65% keyboard not only has the perfect size for customization but also uses fewer keycaps and switches than the 75% or TKL Keyboard.

Differences Between 65% Keyboard Layouts

There are typically 2 different 65% layouts. We'll go through some of the key differences so you can easily decide which one suits best to you.

65% Layout #1: All Keys Smushed Together

All keys smushed together | reddit
All keys smushed together | reddit

Basically, this layout is just like what it is called.

The keyboard is quite compact since all of the keys are close to one another. The arrow keys are merged into the remainder of the keyboard, and the home cluster is arranged vertically rather than in the typical box shape.

If you want to reduce the size and are willing to gradually adjust to the keys closely located together.

65% Layout #2: Separate Home Cluster and Arrow Keys

Separate home cluster and arrow keys | geekhack
Separate home cluster and arrow keys | geekhack

This layout 2 is a little wider than layout 1. In this layout, the home cluster is likewise separated from the other keys, and the arrow keys are typically placed a little further apart from the other keys.

With the exception of the function row and a few keys from the home cluster, this layout is comparable to a TKL.

Since the bottom row is consistent, buying keycaps and changing them out is a breeze.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a 65% Keyboard

Before purchasing a 65% keyboard, there are a few things you should consider.

Non-Standard Layout

Using a 65% keyboard has the drawback that some of the keys may not be standard, making keycap replacement hard. If you intend to purchase a 65% keyboard and replace the keycaps, you should absolutely conduct some quick research in advance.

No Function Row

If you frequently utilize the function row, it could be tough to get used to the 65% layout. You must activate the layer under the number row in order to use these keys, so this may require some getting used to and may seem cumbersome at first.

65% vs 60%: Which is better for you?

60% and 65% are two popular options for compact keyboards.

Which one is ideal for you, despite the fact that each has advantages and downsides of its own?

If you need the most functional keyboard that takes up the least amount of space, 60% keyboards are better. The 65% keyboard is equally good and is slightly larger yet still compact.

The 65% keyboard would be simpler to use than the 60% keyboard if you are used to a standard keyboard layout. You would have to become used to a new set of shortcut keys for the arrow keys, home buttons, and other things in the 60% keyboard.

Honestly, they both work well for typing and gaming. Which one you choose now is entirely up to you.

Closing thoughts

Our review wraps up here!

Without a doubt, although they are less common than tenkeyless keyboards, the best 65% keyboards can save a tonne of room and give your gaming setup a significantly more basic minimalistic appearance.

If you are thinking about the best 65% keyboards, don't forget to read our review first. 

In order for you to choose the keyboard that's perfect for you, our best list strives to include not just well-known brands but also keyboards with a variety of unique features and designs.

We hope this list of 12 best 65% keyboards will help you make a wise decision and get the keyboard that is worth your investment.