15 Best Akko Switches for Mechanical Keyboards [Updated]

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  • Aug 6, 2023

Akko Switch is an indispensable manufacturer when talking about mechanical Keyboards. If you are wondering which kind of Akko switches to purchase for your keyboard, please consider our list of best Akko switches in advance. 

Akko Switches Quick Comparison

Akko switches quick comparison
akko switches quick comparison | source: akko

If you are new to mechanical keyboards, you may be wondering what are the differences between linear, tactile, and clicky switches. These are the three main types of switches that affect the sound and feel of your keyboard. To learn more about them, you can check out this comprehensive guide which will explain the pros and cons of each switch type, as well as some examples and recommendations for each one.

Best Akko Switches for you

Akko Silver - Best Overall Akko Switch

Akko silver
akko silver | source: amazon

The Akko Silvers are a great choice for anyone who likes linear switches. They have a short and responsive actuation that makes them ideal for gaming and spamming keys.

Akko Silver is one of the best Akko Switches for mechanical keyboards that have a short pre-travel of 1mm and a total travel of 3mm. This product is designed to be fast and responsive, ideal for gaming or spamming keys. Furthermore, being equipped with a dustproof stem, Akko Silver offers great stability. 

Besides, the Akko CS Silvers are probably the best overall Akko switch from Akko. They are made of POM, PC, PA and copper alloy materials. They are part of the Akko CS series of switches that include various colors and feedback styles. You can buy them in packs of 45 pieces from the official Akko website or other online stores.

Pros Cons
  • Fastest Akko CS switches  
  • Ideal for gaming
  • Lightweight
  • Unsuitable to typist
  • Might be too “light” for some people

Akko Jelly Black - The Most Budget-Friendly Akko Switch

Akko jelly black
akko jelly black | source: amazon

The Akko CS Jelly Black switch is the heaviest Akko CS switch, as it has a 50g actuation force with an extension spring that makes it more forceful and rebounding than other Akko CS switches. 

Additionally, this linear switch has a smooth and consistent typing feel without any tactile bump or clicky noise. It also has a dustproof stem and a translucent polycarbonate bottom for enhanced stability and RGB effects.

Pros Cons
  • No-frills typing experience
  • Great performance in many gaming environments

A weak tactile bump sometimes

Akko Matcha Green - The Thockiest Akko Switch 

Akko matcha green
akko matcha green| source: amazon

Akko Matcha Green switches are excellent thanks to its smooth and consistent typing feel without any tactile bump or clicky noise. They are suitable for users who prefer a simple and quiet switch

Moreover, the heavy switches require 50g of actuation force, which is more than the average linear switch. This means they provide more feedback and resistance, which can prevent accidental keystrokes and improve accuracy, leading it to become the thockiest Akko switch.

Pros Cons
  • Tight switches 
  • Sound great, feel great
  • Medium-heavy feel
  • Easy to mod
  • More clack and less thock on PBT DSA keycaps
  • Non-dust proof-stem
  • A bit of spring ping

Akko Rose Red - Best Akko Switch For Gaming

Akko rose red
akko rose red | source: amazon

The Akko CS Rose Red switch is a linear switch that has a smooth and consistent typing feel without any tactile bump or clicky noise. This product is more responsive than Akko pink switches with a light actuation force of 43gf. The switches create a lighter sound when the stem is extended by 3.5mm.

It uses a progressive spring that is 22mm long, which is longer than the standard 14mm or 15mm springs that other Akko CS Switches use. This means that the spring compresses more and increases the force as you press down the key, creating a more dynamic and satisfying feel. As a result, this switch is considered the best Akko switch for gaming.

Pros Cons
  • Quiet responsive
  • Switches produce a lighter yet crisp sound when bottoming out
  • Excellent price for what you get

Too light for some users

Akko Lavender Purple - Best Akko Switch For Typing

Akko lavender purple
akko lavender purple | source: amazon

Depending on what you're searching for, the Akko Lavender Purples are a terrific low-cost alternative (they cost half as much as well-liked premium tactile switches). They press with little resistance but have a pleasant "tappy" sound and early tactile bump.

Moreover, Akko Lavender Purple is thought to be the best Akko Switch for typing because of the pleasant typing experience it brings about thanks to the snappy and responsive switches

Pros Cons
  • Very smooth yet some negliable inconsistencies
  • Pleasant typing experience
  • Pleasing sound

The “stiffness” can also be a con for some people

Akko Jelly Blue - Best Akko Tactile Switch

Akko jelly blue
akko jelly blue | source: amazon

Featuring the dual tactile bump, the Akko CS Jelly Blue is a unique switch and was designed as a worthy consideration for the custom keyboard community.

These switches have an actuation force of 40g at 2mm, a peak tactile force of 60g at 0.3mm and a total travel of 4mm. Therefore, it is described as “medium weighted”.

The Akko Jelly Blue switches offer a satisfying tactile bump and deliver a pleasant sound and feel. These switches are made with high-quality materials, ensuring exceptional durability and performance, making them one of the best Akko switches.

Pros Cons
  • Smooth, consistent and reliable gaming switch.
  • Smooth off-centre and on-centre keypresses 

Pointless second tactile bump 

Akko CS Haze Pink Silent - The Quietest Akko Switch

Akko haze pink silent
akko haze pink silent | source: amazon

When the Haze pink switches are opened, we can see that the stem and bottom are both made of POM, while the top and bottom are both made of PC. The spring is approximately 15mm long. 

Silent switches employ sound dampeners to lower the output of typing decibels. These switches can aid in producing silent work equipment, and it is thought to be the quietest Akko switch.

Besides, our article will display a great variety of quiet mechanical switches not only from the Akko branch but also from many famous manufacturers worldwide.

Pros Cons
  • Pleasant typing experience
  • Great sound, suitable for working environment
  • Lightweight

Spacebar can be a bit noisy for some users

AKKO CS Sponge - Best Akko Switch for General Use

Akko sponge
akko sponge | source: amazon 

Akko CS Sponge switch is very solid especially for that tactile bump. It feels very smooth and it has a nice tactile bump and is quite similar to Cherry MX brown. 

In short, this Akko Sponge is basically the better version of Cherry MX brown. The first noticeable reason is that Akko sponge switches have a more pronounced and satisfying tactile feedback, which can improve typing accuracy and enjoyment. 

Moreover, this Akko item requires only 40g of actuation force, compared to 45g for cherry MX brown switches, which means they are easier to press and less fatiguing for long typing sessions. 

Pros Cons
  • Exclusive dual tactile bump 
  • Dustproof Stem (minimizes vibration)

Do not make consistent contact leaf

Akko Vintage White - Best Akko Linear Switch

Akko vintage white
akko vintage white | source: amazon

Firstly, the stem of the Akko Vintage White switch is made of POM (Polyoxymethylene), which is a durable and smooth material commonly used in mechanical switches. The POM stem helps ensure consistent and reliable key actuation.

Moreover, the top cover of the switch is constructed from polycarbonate, a tough and transparent thermoplastic known for its high impact resistance while the bottom housing of the switch is made from nylon (PA66), specifically nylon 6,6 or polyamide 6,6, which help preserving the stability and integrity of the switch, turning it into the best Akko Linear Switch.

Pros Cons
  • Great price
  • Sounds pretty good lubed
  • Looks good with white keyboards
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Good for gaming
  • Not ideal for typing
  • They lose the good sound easily
  • Off-white kind of color

Akko Radiant Red 

Akko radiant red
akko radiant red | source: amazon

The Radiant Red switch is designed with a linear mechanism, which means it lacks tactile feedback or an audible click. This type of switches provide a smooth and consistent keystroke experience, facilitating the working period of typists and gamers.

A "snappy" typing experience is provided by the 18mm slow spring on the Radiant Red. Pushing down on the switch from the very top of the downstroke needs more power as well, which may be a typing feature some people would like in a switch in addition to the longer spring allowing for a more responsive, stronger upstroke.

Pros Cons
  • Fast, snappy, smooth and accurate
  • Dust Proof switches
  • Too heavy for some users
  • Too short for some users (3.5mm compared to 4mm)

Akko CS Sakura 

Akko cs sakura
akko cs sakura | source: amazon

White switches are heavier than Akko Sakura switches, which are lighter than pink switches. Customers who enjoy the actuation force in between have the choice of using it.

The Akko CS Sakura switch color is inspired by the sakura flower, which is a symbol of spring and beauty in Japanese culture. Its color is not just a recolor, but also a new option for users who love the actuation force in between the Akko CS pink and the Akko CS white switches. 

In addition, it helps improve the typing experience with little to no scratchiness when activated, though, and the sound profile with less pings.

Pros Cons
  • Dustproof Stem (minimizes vibration)
  • Bottom made of Polycarbonate (formerly POM)
  • Sakura is heavier than Jelly White and lighter than Jelly Pink
  • Limited availability
  • Too light for some users

Akko Ocean Blue

Akko ocean blue
akko ocean blue | source: amazon

The tactile force of Akko Ocean Blue is 50g, while the operational force is 36g. The switch, in the opinion of the majority of keyboard fans, uses a progressive spring and is less tactful than the Lavender Purple. 

Aside from its stronger tactile power and less tactility, Ocean Blue differs most from Lavender Purple in that its sound profile is deeper and thockier than the clacky acoustic from Lavender Purples.

Pros Cons
  • Dustproof stem for enhanced stability
  • Better quality compared to the cost

The noise is the rustling and ping of copper leaves

Akko Jelly Pink

Akko jelly pink
akko jelly pink | source: npcshop

The Jelly Pink switch is suitable for users who prefer a light and quiet switch, or who want to customize their sound with different lubes or mods.

This switch has a translucent polycarbonate bottom case that allows for better RGB backlit effects, as the light can shine through the switch more evenly and brightly.

In terms of their details, the Jelly Pink has a 45g actuation force compared to the Jelly Whites' 35g, helping users avoid accidental pressing while working or typing. 

Pros Cons
  • Suitable for gaming and working
  • Better compared to the regular Akko Pink switches

A bit scratch in one plate

Akko x TTC Demon

Akko demon
akko demon | source: datablitz

In comparison to other Akko CS linear switches, Demon Switch is a very heavy linear switch with an operating force of 50g.

Furthermore, the Akko Demon switch uses TTC’s latest condenser technique, which is a brand new way for light guidance that collects, transmits and emits uniform and vibrant LED backlights on mechanical keyboards. It has a translucent top case and a black bottom case, which create a stunning contrast and RGB effect.

The majority of fans who have used the Demon Switch have said that it provides an overall smooth typing experience, especially if it is factory lubricated.

Pros Cons
  • Loud, clacky switch
  • Great stock smoothness

Pretty highly cost

Akko CS Wine White

Akko vintage white
akko wine white | source: amazon

The Akko Vintage Whites is a linear switch that has a smooth and consistent typing feel without any tactile bump or clicky noise. It also has a translucent polycarbonate top case, which allows for better RGB backlit effects, as the light can shine through the switch more evenly and brightly.

Although they typically feel lighter and faster due to their very low actuation force of 35g, this switch also has a LONG spring, giving users more dynamic and satisfying typing experience as it displays a more noticeable change in force from the initial to the final stage.

You can check the price and unboxing process together with the sound test of this pure tactile switch. 



  • Sharp tactile file
  • Fastest Akko CS switches and most suitable for gaming.

Spring ping sometimes

Best Akko Switches Type Rating Price
Akko Silver

Akko silver

Linear 4.7 $17.99
Akko Jelly Black

Akko jelly black

Linear 5.0 $16.99
Akko Matcha Green

Akko matcha green

Linear 4.9 $16.99
Akko Rose Red

Akko rose red

Linear 4.9 $9.99
Akko Lavender Purple

Akko lavender purple

Tactile 4.9 $16.99
Akko Jelly Blue

Akko jelly blue

Tactile 5.0 $11.99
Akko CS Haze Pink Silent

Akko cs haze pink silent

Linear 5.0 $13.99
Akko CS Sponge

Akko cs sponge

Tactile 4.8 $11.99
Akko Vintage White

Akko vintage white

Linear 4.9 $9.99
Akko Radiant Red

Akko radiant red

Linear 5.0 $9.99
Akko CS Sakura

Akko cs sakura

Linear 5.0 $11.99
Akko Ocean Blue

Akko ocean blue

Tactile 4.8 $9.99
Akko Jelly Pink

Akko jelly pink

Linear 4.8 $11.99
Akko x TTC Demon

Akko x ttc demon

Linear 4.6 $19.99
Akko CS Wine White

Akko cs wine white

Tactile 4.8 $16.99

Note: The mentioned price is current at the time of writing and is subject to change. Please make real-time pricing checks before making any purchase decisions.

Factors To Consider When Buying Akko Switches

Best akko switches
best akko switches| akko gear
  • Feel: The switch actually has a "push feel" to it. The type of Akko switches being used as well as the other measures all have an impact on push feel. When assessing a switch, it may feel differently than when typing or playing a game at typical speeds.
  • Sound: The sound of each switch and your "acceptance" can only be determined by directly testing the key.
  • Price: The industrial market will select a switch that is "good enough" for the application and is particularly cost-focused.
  • Switch Type: Akko offers a variety of switch types, including linear, tactile, and clicky switches. Consider your typing preferences and desired feel to select the most suitable switch type.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that the Akko switches you choose are compatible with your keyboard's layout and design. Check for compatibility with popular keyboard brands and models.
  • User Reviews: Read reviews and feedback from other users to get insights into the performance and reliability of Akko switches. This can help you make an informed decision based on real-world experiences.

Bottom Line

These aforementioned Best Akko Switches will give you specific info which will be helpful when considering which one to purchase in the future. Check each type with your preferred characteristics. Hope this article will facilitate you when working with Akko switches.


Which Akko switch is the quietest?

The Akko Haze Pink Silent Switch is the quietest Akko switch, as it is a silent linear switch that uses sound dampeners to reduce the typing decibel output.

What is the heaviest Akko switch?

Akko Jelly Black switches are considered as the heaviest with the weight of 8.9 ounces.

Which Akko CS switch is the best?

You can choose the Akko Silver switches (for a harmonious light, smooth, and fast) or the Akko Vintage White switches (for a lower-pitched and high-resistance linear switch).

What are the best Akko linear switches?

Certainly, Akko Vintage White which is considered as the lightest Akko CS switches with a 35g operating force.

What are the thockiest Akko switches?

Akko Matcha Green offers the users deeper sound and stronger feedback.

What are the best Akko tactile switches?

Akko Jelly Blue can give users the best experience among these above tactile switches. 

What are the best Akko switches for gaming?

Akko Rose Red will give gamers the best experience. With an operating force of only 43g, you can expect a fast gaming experience with these light linear switches.

What are the best Akko switches for typing?

Akko Lavender Purples top the list of suggested keyboards for typing. The Lavender Purple switch is a favorite for typing because of its pleasing tactility and clacking sound profile.

What is the cheapest Akko Switch?

Akko Rose Red, Vintage White, Radiant Red and Ocean Blue are among the cheapest Akko Switches.


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