11 Awesome Gifts For Keyboard Enthusiasts

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  • Posted by: carson-rutz
  • Sep 21, 2022

Perhaps many of us have a bestie or relatives who are utterly attached to their computer keyboards for gaming, typing, or coding. Or is that you?

Gifting your friends or yourself a keyboard-themed item on a birthday or any special occasion will be definitely the greatest idea ever.

But finding the best gifts for keyboard enthusiasts isn't always simple. Indeed, as the keyboard world is so complicated, you might have trouble finding anything that a keyboard lover will appreciate.

If you are out of ideas, then these 11 awesome gifts for keyboard enthusiasts will come into help.

Keyboard Wrist Rest

Black excalibur sword resin wrist rest
Excalibur sword wrist rest 2

One of the best gifts for keyboard enthusiasts that may spring to your mind first is a keyboard wrist rest.

A keyboard wrist rest might be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the best presents for keyboard fans.

Long-term keyboard use can be stressful on the hands, especially your wrists. Additionally, overtyping will cause your palms to become worn out. Absolutely not acceptable for a girl!

This is the time a wrist pad comes into play.

A gamer or someone who types for long periods of time would appreciate this present, especially with the large choice of wrist pads available that range from various designs to uses with numerous manufacturing materials.

You can go all out and get a fancy custom one to express how much you care, or you can select an inexpensive one that suits your budget.

Despite being a little expensive, customized keyboard wrist rests have excellent craftsmanship.

Hirosart is one of the top brands you can consider if you enjoy having a customized keyboard wrist rest.

Check out Hirosart keyboard wrist rest collection here!

Keyboard Vacuum Desk Cleaner

Keyboard vacuum desk cleaner | amazon
Keyboard vacuum desk cleaner | amazon

It's crucial to keep your keyboards in good condition. Your keyboards can become dirty, like any other item that you use every day.

Chances are if you haven't cleaned your keyboard in a while, the dust has accumulated under your keycaps and made your keyboard work improperly.

If your friend always eats while gaming or always whines about having dust under their keyboard, a keyboard vacuum desk cleaner is a perfect gift. It is the best tool for quickly cleaning any keyboard.

To take extra care, take a look at our guide on how to clean your keyboard

It could be a daunting task to disassemble and clean your keyboard, but we commit it will be worth doing.

Furthermore, this task will be simple to complete with a keyboard vacuum. Any dirt that is hidden under your keycaps will now no longer bother you.

iFixit Toolkit

Ifixit toolkit | amazon
Ifixit toolkit | amazon

If your buddy is a  computer nerd who loves mend devices, it should be the time to give him an upgrade for his screwdriver set that is a mess of broken and missing parts.

For that reason, iFixit Toolkit will be among the best gifts for keyboard enthusiasts ever.

Ifix is an industry leader in producing disassembly tool kits with a range of screw drives,  suction cups, cutting tools, and so on.

Its tools will make any mending task a breeze. We cannot deny that it's so convenient to have a kit to disassemble practically any electronic device for cleaning or repairing.

This set of tools will significantly enhance your keyboard-building experience. You'll have every tool you could possibly need in your toolbox since it comes with hundreds of useful items. This makes it a great gift for any PC builders and keyboard enthusiasts.

Moreover, when it comes to prices, getting an iFixit Toolkit on Amazon will help you to save money and time compared to visiting Home Depot and paying for it a steep price.

Desk Mats

Desk mats | esty
Desk mats | esty

If your special friend has already had the top-notch keyboard, what should you gift?

In this case, a unique desk mat will be of the best gifts for keyboard enthusiasts. It will certainly win the heart of any keyboard fan.

A desk mat with a pattern that matches their style could tie the look of their workspace together and add the perfect touch it has been missing.

While a standard mouse pad will do the trick for serious gamers, desk mats are a terrific way to snazz up your setup.

Besides, they also reduce the noise that the items on your desk produce and improve the sound quality of your keyboard.

You can a ton of different designs on Esty or Amazon available at various price points that fit practically every style, whether you're a gamer, an office worker, a writer, or almost anyone else.

May Pad

May pad - one of the best gifts for keyboard enthusiasts
May pad

When you image yourself soldering, the risk of inadvertently destroying a premium keyboard certainly jumps to your mind.

At this time, a may pad will give you the opportunity to practice soldering in a less stressful environment.

To perfect your technique, solder the switches, diodes, and lights onto the PCB. An ideal way of gaining self-assurance before soldering your expensive custom keyboard.

It's time to start learning how to solder because it's a skill that is both very gratifying and a lot of fun to practice.

So, what could be better to get a may pad at keyhive.xyz for yourself or make it one of the best gifts for keyboard enthusiasts?

Keyboard Lube

Keyboard lube - one of the best gifts for keyboard enthusiasts
Keyboard lube - one of the best gifts for keyboard enthusiasts

Just like the idea of iFixit Toolkit, if you love fixing everything by yourself, keyboard lube is also a can't-miss item.

Make all of your setups look better than ever by disposing of any scratchy feeling you get when you press a key. As a bonus, the sound will be better too.

Just simply prepare some tools (and time, absolutely) and start a little DIY keyboard task.

This holiday season, don't be hesitant to give your keyboard a little affection. Or share this love with your special someone as a cool gift.

Finding out which lube works best with your keyboard may be a little tricky. Don’t fret about it! Check out our top picks for the best lube for your keyboard ever.

Artisan Keycaps

Interstellar keycap
Interstellar artisan keycap

No surprise that the flexibility to customize mechanical keyboards is one of its best features.

Almost any component of your mechanical keyboard can be modified to better match your style or tastes. Yet, changing the keycap is the simplest way to go.

You can spice up your keyboard with Artisan keycaps to show off your personality, hobby, or anything else.

You might amaze that just one little handmade keycap has the ability to change an entire design and make your keyboard stand out.

To better fit your overall idea, you can change your keycaps' color, typeface, and design. 

However, if you wish to level up your keyboard more, Artisan keycaps can help you to do that. There are an incredible variety of unique designs available for Artisan keycaps now such as characters from movies and video games.

What else? In comparison to normal keycaps, Artisan keycaps are typically handmade and manufactured of various materials. As a result, there are no limits on the design options for these keycaps.

A small downside is that Artisan keycaps might cost you a little more. But this is not only an excellent pursuit without any care for money but also one of the best gifts for keyboard enthusiasts.

If you're looking for the best places to buy Artisan keycaps, don't go further than Hirosart. Feel free to tell us what you like to spice up your mechanical keyboard.

Custom USB Cable

Custom usb cable
Custom usb cable

Custom USB cables may dress up your setup with a variety of interesting styles, including aviators, coiled cables, and much more. They make a good gift for keyboard fans.

There is a tonne of options at various prices available on Amazon now, so there is no shortage of things to pick from.

Simply choose an item that is both within your budget and properly suited to your setup. You can check one of our favorites here.

Keyboard Storage Bag

Keyboard storage bag
Keyboard storage bag

You might be wondering why a keyboard needs a suitcase. Of course, We're not meaning the type of keyboards used daily in offices.

For keyboard lovers, how can they have only one keyboard?

Your buddy might have a collection of keyboards that you find to be really unique and cool. Some possess several luxury keyboards that cannot be found anywhere.

However, if such expensive keyboards are used irregularly, a lot of dust will build up on the keyboard.

Then preserving keyboards is a must. At this point, keyboard storage bags will be the best gifts for keyboard enthusiasts. This simple gift can also move your friend with your flair.

Don’t miss out on this keyboard protection bag to impress your bestie.

Keyboard Stands

Keyboard stands
Keyboard stands

Keyboard enthusiasts have one thing in common: they enjoy flaunting their cool stuff.

As a keyboard lover, there is no way you have only one keyboard. You definitely have more than one, just hidden in the closet.

Don't be shy! It's time to let them show off to others.

You can display your keyboards to your friends simply with dish stands. We bet it really does work well.

But if you want something a little fancier, you can get keyboard stands. And this double keyboard display stands with switch storage will be a cool choice for you!

Keyboard-Shaped Waffle Iron

Keyboard-shaped waffle iron
Keyboard-shaped waffle iron

We guess that the last item on this list will be an incredibly cool present.

Although you may have seen this all over the internet, we can't help but put it on this list. It’s a keyboard-shaped waffle iron.

Any ideas mentioned above may not defeat this weird yet awesome waffle iron. It's a meaningful gift that can tell your special one that "I know what you like, and I wanna share them with you every morning when we wake up"

Many keyboard enthusiasts are lucky recipients of this incredible waffle maker, which originally began as a Kickstarter project and is now among the best gifts for keyboard enthusiasts that can be found everywhere.


So, that wraps up our list of the top 11 best gifts for keyboard enthusiasts.

We believe these cool stuff will ultimately win your heart and be the best present ever.