The Best Ortholinear Keyboards for 2024

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  • Nov 11, 2022

If you are just starting out in a specific typing job, ortholinear keyboards will be surely your best companion.

Ortholinear keyboards are recently popular thanks to their smooth typing experience. Since the keys are placed closely together, prevent your fingers from mistakenly pressing any extra keys while you type. Moreover, ortholinear keyboards are simple to operate, therefore anyone with a passion for keyboards should give them a try.

We've chosen the 10 best ortholinear keyboards we've yet to see from the market, which is currently flooded with many designs of this keyboard.

10 Best Ortholinear Keyboards

Take a look at what's special about the 10 best ortholinear keyboards we've picked.

Keyboards Best feature Price
Drop Preonic Keyboard MX Kit V3 Overall Best Ortholinear Keyboard $153.83
Planck EZ 47 keys Mechanical Ortholinear Keyboard Best Compact Ortholinear Keyboard $245
Contour Ortholinear Layout Keyboard Kit Best RGB Ortholinear Keyboard $112.94
NIU40 Mechanical Keyboard Best Build Quality Ortholinear Keyboard $115.00
ID75 75 Ortholinear Layout Keyboard Best Budget-Friendly Ortholinear Keyboard $105.00
Drop OLKB Planck 40% Ortholinear Mechanical Keyboard Best Stylish Ortholinear Keyboard Contact the vendor
ErgoDox EZ Best Ergonomic Ortholinear Keyboard $354.00
Moonlander Mark I Best Pricey Ortholinear Keyboard $365.00
QISAN Ortholinear Gaming Keyboard 49 Keys Best Lightweight Ortholinear Keyboard -
Vortexgear Core 40 Best 40% Ortholinear Keyboard $111.55

Drop Preonic Keyboard MX Kit V3: Overall Best Ortholinear Keyboard

Drop preonic keyboard mx kit v3
drop preonic keyboard mx kit v3 | github
  • Key count: 59
  • Switch: Cherry MX switches
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Software support: Yes

  • Great look
  • Simple to use
  • Decent typing experience

  • It can take some time for you to adapt
  • It is heavier than other keyboards

A chance to own such a stylish, compact keyboard? How could you say no?

Drop Preonic can be the first choice for any newbie using an ortholinear keyboard in this list due to its popularity and best performance overall.

The layout is unquestionably very compact, which is fantastic if you want to save space on your workspace or pack a keyboard in a backpack or carry-on.

It is like the plank but includes an additional row of numbers. It can take you a little while to get used to moving your fingers swiftly around this keyboard, but once you do, you won't want to operate on any other keyboard again.

In addition to having amazingly good looks, the OLKB people take great pride in something else. Customization! The Preonic V3 includes a hot-swappable PCB board that is MX compatible and can also accommodate Matias switches.

Ultimately, Drop Preonic Keyboard MX Kit V3 is one of the best ortholinear keyboards since it is not so pricey and is multifunctional.

The gorgeous design, and several functions, including additional color keys and a sturdy aluminum housing, make it one of the best ortholinear keyboards overall.

If you find this keyboard a good choice, then don’t miss this in-depth review video.:

Planck EZ 47 keys Mechanical Ortholinear Keyboard: Best Compact Ortholinear Keyboard

Planck ez 47 keys-best ortholinear keyboards
planck ez 47 keys | knowtechie
  • Key count: 47 Keys
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • Switch: Cherry MX/ Kailh Switches
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Software support: Yes/QMK Firmware

  • Very compact
  • Simple look
  • Fast, accurate, and efficient typing experience

  • The case is a bit thin

The Planck EZ keyboard is without a doubt the best bet for all newbies when it comes to Planck keyboards. Since it’s pre-built, no demanding efforts are needed.

All the keys you need are on this keyboard, which has a layout of just 47 keys. To prevent muscle strain and issues with the arms, just the right number of keys is available that you would use regularly.

When it comes to the build quality of the Planck EZ, one word: incredible.  It is very sturdy and long-lasting and won't break easily. Therefore,  you can type for years without having to worry about repair or wear and tear.

Furthermore, there are various different switch options available for the Planck EZ, including Cherry MX and Kailh switches.

After all, we believe this pre-built Planck EZ is among the best ortholinear keyboards worth looking at if you are a minimalist. Or even if you're not a minimalist, the following review video should be watched for a bit:

Contour Ortholinear Layout Keyboard Kit: Best RGB Ortholinear Keyboard

Contour ortholinear layout keyboard kit
Contour ortholinear layout keyboard kit
  • Key count: 103
  • Switch: Cherry MX
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Lighting: RGB

  • Great RGB for aesthetic purposes
  • Slim excellent case quality

  • You must buy the aluminum plate separately because it is not included.
  • Lights may get dim over time

Our list's runner-up is the Contour Ortholinear Layout Keyboard Kit.

This keyboard is ideal for folks who enjoy colorful keyboards and is packed with features. The location where this device is put will be the most colorful area of your home since the Contour Keyboard includes an acrylic board with multicolored lights on it.

This keyboard boasts amazing features including MX cherry keys in addition to being stunning on the outside.

Last but not least, this keyboard is multipurpose, ergonomic, and useful for both simple tasks and games like normal keyboards.

You shouldn't pass up using one of the best ortholinear keyboards like the Contour Ortholinear Layout Keyboard Kit at an unbeatable price.

NIU40 Mechanical Keyboard: Best Build Quality Ortholinear Keyboard

Niu40-best ortholinear keyboards
niu40 - reddit
  • Key count: 48
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • Switch: Cherry MX, Kailh Switch, and Gateron
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Software support: Yes

  • Excellent build
  • Durable PBT keycaps

  • Not hot-swappable

The NIU40 is a 40% ortholinear mechanical keyboard that could only be bought separately in the past.

About the design, the NIU40 is very compact. Regrettably, this keyboard cannot be hot-swapped. Since you have to select the switch you want when you make your order, starting with Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh

The build quality of this keyboard is really quite robust and durable. There are several color options available for the entire body, which is composed of aluminum.

Additionally, this keyboard has double-shot PBT keycaps, which are quite hard and thick. These keycaps are both amazingly powerful and comfortable to type on.

The NIU40 is the ideal option if you're looking for the best ortholinear mechanical keyboards with the greatest build quality and PBT keycaps.

Now it’s show time for NIU40!

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ID75 75 Ortholinear Layout Keyboard: Best Budget-Friendly Ortholinear Keyboard

Id75-best ortholinear keyboards
  • Key count: 75
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Software support: Yes

  • Keys are customizable
  • Very affordable

  • It could change the way you type
  • When keys are pushed, make a noise

The ID75 allows you complete control over every key despite being a big ortholinear board; if you get skilled with it, it will undoubtedly improve both workworks and play.

Furthermore, the ID75 is a fantastic option if you're looking for a reasonably priced, high-quality, and an ergonomic keyboard for your PC.

There are 75 keys on this keyboard, and you can also change whatever keys you want to use. This keyboard is durable and comes with a variety of functions. It contains a hot-swapping feature that allows you to add LED lights and other switches.

In the end, if you're on a tight budget, look no further than ID75. We are sure that you won't ever suffer loss.

Drop OLKB Planck 40% Ortholinear Mechanical Keyboard: Best Stylish Ortholinear Keyboard

Drop olkb planck 40 ortholinear-best ortholinear keyboards
drop olkb planck 40 ortholinear | mechkeybs
  • Key count: 47 or 48
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • Switch: Kaihua hot-swap switch
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Software support: Yes

  • Compact design
  • Hot swappable switch

  • Lack proper feet to adjust the typing angle of the keyboard

The second baby from Drop family to be listed here!

Drop OLKB Planck 40% is one of the best ortholinear keyboards that is a hot-selling product in the market of ortholinear keyboards.

This keyboard was specifically created by Jack Humbert (OLKB) to generate a 40% mechanical keyboard layout that is extremely aesthetically pleasing. With a complete keyboard body made of durable metal, this keyboard has an exceptionally good build and design quality.

Besides, you can swap out the switch on the mechanical keyboard Drop OLKB Planck 40% whenever you choose. This keyboard is excellent for customizing versatility. The keyboard's QMK firmware is also ideal for reprogramming the keyboard's keys.

This keyboard has USB Type C connectivity and a PCB with an extremely powerful ARM STM32 CPU. This keyboard's compact size and accuracy-focused design make it ideal for quick and accurate typing.

For those of you looking for an ortholinear keyboard that is creative, compact, and excellent for typing, Drop OLKB Planck is one of the finest options.

Just talk about it here! Now watch this video for a more realistic look at Drop OLKB Planck

ErgoDox EZ: Best Ergonomic Ortholinear Keyboard

Ergodox ez-best ortholinear keyboards
ergodox ez | pcgamesn
  • Key count: 76
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • Switch: Cherry MX and Kailh switches
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Software support: Yes

  • Great ergonomic design
  • Excellent typing experience
  • Highly customization

  • Pricey
  • No backlighting

Let’s move to a special option in this list! ErgoDox EZ - An ortholinear split keyboard. This pre-assembled keyboard has a tonne of helpful features.

The ErgoDox EZ design split keyboard is a one-of-a-kind creation with the exceptional build quality.  Its completely split ergonomic design lets you place the two halves for optimum comfort. With its rotating feet, they can be adjusted to almost any incline, and the package comes with wrist rests for each.

In addition, the textured PBT keycaps are also sturdy and have a nice feel to them. The board is easily customizable so that inputs may be placed anywhere you feel most at ease typing.

Although this keyboard has a relatively high learning curve, it can be tailored to your own needs, making it comfortable and fun to use for extended periods of time.

For switches, it comes with a selection of Cherry MX and Kailh switches, and the keyboard allows you to replace the switches without having to solder, which is awesome.

With all things above, you eventually get an amazing typing quality. ErgoDox EZ deserves to be one of the best ortholinear keyboards in the market today.

Moonlander Mark I: Best Pricey Ortholinear Keyboard: Best Pricey Ortholinear Keyboard

Moonlander mark i-best ortholinear keyboards
moonlander mark i | reddit
  • Key count: 76
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Software support: Yes

  • Highly customizable
  • Split design for better ergonomics
  • UsefulUselfu thumb cluster keys

  • Expensive
  • High learning curve

You were mistaken if you believed that the ErgoDox EZ was the only ortholinear split keyboard. Moonlander Mark I is here to prove you wrong. And if you're hesitating between these two options, keep reading. There will be a video below for you to have a more intuitive view.

However, if you are used to standard keyboard layouts, it can take you some time to get familiar with the ZSA Moonlander's unique layout. Besides this, you might need to frequently go to the layout diagrams to track where the secondary functions are set because none of them are labeled.

Plus, because of the split keyboard's ergonomic design, it is simpler to press a key without having to extend your fingers as far.

With Moonlander's tenting technology, you can adjust the typing angle to what feels most pleasant and is ideal for your body. The wrist rest that comes with the Moonlander is also quite simple to remove, and its angle changes as the keyboard tiltstilt.

As a bonus, as most of the keys are the exact same size, just one stabilizer is necessary.

The Moonlander will ultimately develop into one of the best ortholinear keyboards created just for you if you're prepared to stick and modify it to meet your unique needs.

Have you already got a better understanding of ErgoDox EZ and Moonlander Mark I? If not, the video below might be what you need right now.

QISAN Ortholinear Gaming Keyboard 49 Keys: Best Lightweight Ortholinear Keyboard

Qisan 49 keys-best ortholinear keyboards
qisan 49 keys | drop
  • Key count: 49
  • Keycap material: ABS
  • Switch: Gateron
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Software support: Yes

  • Light-weight

  • Low-quality ABS keycaps

The keyboard QISAN has 49 keys and is 40% larger than average. With an aluminum frame and a body built of high-quality plastic, the QISAN 40% ortholinear keyboard is one of the most reliable in this list.

A keyboard with 49 keys and a 40% size is called QISAN. The QISAN 40% ortholinear keyboard is extremely well crafted, with an aluminum frame and high-quality plastic for the body. This keyboard weighs only 390 grams, which is the perfect amount for a 40%-sized keyboard.

For typing, these keycaps are still very precise and sensitive. The Gateron Clear switches on the QISAN 40% ortholinear keyboard provide a quiet character when typed. Yet, you can outfit it with your choice of switches to get a better typing experience.

Plus, this keyboard's keycaps are composed of ABS plastic, ideal for keyboards with blue LED backlights, which are excellent for use in dimly lit spaces. But some could be disappointed by this.

After all, it still ranks in our top 10 best ortholinear keyboards that are a must-try for anyone who lookslook for a compact and light ortholinear keyboard.

Here’s a short review video to give you a typing experience with QISAN before you decide to open your wallet.

Vortexgear Core 40: Best 40% Ortholinear Keyboard

Vortexgear core 40-best ortholinear keyboards
vortexgear core 40 | geekboards
  • Key count: 47
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • Switch: Cherry MX
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Software support: No

  • Premium build quality
  • Thick PBT keycaps

  • No software support
  • Without any accessories
  • Keys generate sound

We've got something very special from Vortexgear. Smaller form factor mechanical keyboards are their area of expertise. And Vortexgear has improved its position by developing Core 40, a 40% keyboard.

The Vortex Core 47-Key Mechanical Keyboard is small—less than 10 inches long and only 3 inches wide—but it doesn't skimp on design or functionality. It has 2 space bars, 2 shift keys, and 2 function keys, along with 47 Cherry MX switches of your choosing.

Regarding the build, the CORE keyboard is built with an anodized CNC aluminum casing and rubber feet, making it heavy enough to remain in place while still being portable. Core 40's casing is stunning, and happily, its thinness has no detrimental effects on structural stability.

For the 40% niche, the Vortex CORE has the potential to be a ground-breaking device. If it sells well, this might bring about a wave of less expensive solutions from manufacturers who stick to the latest fashions.

With the growing popularity of compact form factor gear, the 40% keyboard will soon become the ideal tool for traveling and working while on the move.

Factors to consider before buying an ortholinear keyboard for you?

An essential part of a computer is the keyboard. In order for your computer to run well, it would be preferable if you purchased a perfect keyboard. Since there are so many products on the market, you must never want to squander money on unnecessary items.

With that in mind, we're here to help you in gathering all the factors you should consider before finding the best ortholinear keyboards for you.

Ortholinear keyboard-best ortholinear keyboards
ortholinear keyboard | reddit

But before diving deep into those factors, check out this post if you still don't really understand the ortholinear keyboard.


Ortholinear keyboards will be available in a variety of shapes and styles, as was already noted. Some even provide underlighting and backlighting. Some people will assign unique colors to certain keys, such as the space bar, Shift, ENTER, and Alt keys.

Additionally, the appearance of your whole work corner will depend on the design of your keyboard.

Wireless or Wired Keyboard 

These days, wireless keyboards are getting more and more widespread. You can complete your job even if you aren't close to your computer thanks to the wireless keyboard.

But if you prefer an option with a stable connection, wired keyboards might be perfect for you.

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Soundproof Keys

In the past, typewriter keys were created in the letters ABCD order and produced a noise as you typed. Remember to check if the keyboard's keys are soundproof before making a purchase.

Software Support

An ortholinear keyboard's support for firmware and software is also vital. The greatest alternatives for customizing your keyboard's RGB are keyboards with built-in software or those supported by QMK firmware.

Keycaps and Switches

The choice of switch and keycap types is the next consideration. Because Cherry MX and Gateron switches are renowned for their great quality, we strongly advise you to select any of these two brands

For keycaps, PBT keycaps should be in the top 1.  However, double shot ABS also has also a decent quality that you should not take it lightly  

Hot-Swappable Support

Surely there's nothing better than changing the things you don't like. That's why hot-swappable support should be taken into account.

You will have the freedom to replace your keyboard's mechanical switches whenever you choose if your keyboard includes a Hot Swappable PCB.

Grid Layout vs MIT Layout: Which Ortholinear keyboard Layout should you choose?

There are 2 main layout options for 40% ortholinear keyboards: Grid and MIT.

The Grid key layout includes 48 keys with dimensions of 4 x12. The spacebar only occupies one key, instead of two.

The MIT layout has 47 keys that are 3 x 12 in size, and there are 11 buttons that follow the row. The spacebar is created by combining the middle two keys.

Many folks prefer the grid layout while typing since, by default, only one finger has to be focused on tapping the space key, no matter if it's the left thumb or the right thumb as we typically do in speedy typing courses.

While the grid design on an ortholinear keyboard requires you to read the marks on the engraving to determine what each button does, the MIT layout includes huge buttons at the bottom.

Besides, the MIT layout has the advantage of requiring less than half a second to position your keyboard. The large key is located at the base.

Typically, most users choose to adopt a Grid Layout and re-program the space bar such that both thumbs can hit the left and right 2 space buttons.

The board's programming can be changed using the free QMK firmware. This will let you expand the keyboard's layers rather than having a restriction of only 48 keys.

It should be noted that prebuilt ortholinear keyboards are frequently restricted to the MIT layout; therefore, if you prefer Grid ơn, buying a kit is probably your best option.

There are still many types of keyboard layouts that you may be interested in. We’ve covered all of them in this post.

Reasons to buy an Ortholinear Keyboard

Have you considered all the factors to buy the best ortholinear keyboards? We bet you now need a compelling reason to pull money out of your wallet. They might be:

Typing Experience

We are talking about a completely new type of keyboard and we are sure that everyone will be curious and excited to experience it.

Yes, the ortholinear keyboard feels and looks so novel and unique (even weird), which could be a welcome change for anyone who loves trying new things.

Even if the conventional layout functions, after a time it might get boring and tedious, particularly if you are a keyboard fan.

After all, ortholinear keyboards demand learning and adaptation until you get a comfortable feel and typing speed.


Ortholinear keyboards provide a high level of customization that is unique in keyboards. You can reconfigure all of the many levels using the smart software to determine exactly what functions finest for you.

You have a lot of control at your fingertips when you can modify practically anything.

Space Efficient Layout

Greater flexibility comes with a smaller size.

Do you like to move? This is not a problem with compact keyboards that fit in your backpack and are ready to accompany you wherever you go.

Moreover, you don't need to reach so far to get the mouse anymore. Simply put it  next to your keyboard, where the number pad would ordinarily be. This makes grabbing the mouse and returning your hand to the keyboard faster. 

Disadvantages of Ortholinear Keyboards?

Whether the keyboard is high-end or meets all your standards, you still have to keep the following in mind when looking for the best ortholinear keyboards:

Smaller sizes are not for everyone

Ortholinear keyboards are available in very small sizes. Only a lower layer may be accessed, and even there, the numbers, function row, and other parts can be missing.

We must admit that s smaller layout has advantages, but it would take a lot of time to get used to having so few keys.

You could finally be able to type at your previous pace after a couple of months of use, but in the meanwhile, you'll be losing out on efficiency as you adapt.

Ortholinear Keyboards Are Not Actually Ergonomic

The major benefit of switching to an ortholinear board is enhanced ergonomics. However, in practice, this is still very vague and has not been clearly proven.

If improving ergonomics is your aim, moving to an ergonomic split keyboard will do both.

Although some folks might find the ortholinear design more ergonomic, you can't be sure unless you give it a try.

Availability (Fewer Options Available)

Ortholinear keyboards are a rare solution, thus there aren't many selections out there.

In fact, you would need to put together the majority of ortholinear keyboards yourself. As a result, you will first need to purchase the parts before purchasing the mechanical switch and keycaps individually.

After everything is done, you need to build the keyboard.

Final Words

We hope that this cherry-pick of the 10 best ortholinear keyboards will help you find out the best companion for your typing.

As you will see so many products out there, and they are all priced differently. Therefore, be careful to look for a keyboard that is compatible with your computer and offers the greatest value.

Now let’s shop around with Hirosart!

Is the Ortholinear keyboard good for gaming?

It comes down to your taste. The ideal keyboard layout for gaming may not be ortholinear. However, using an ortholinear keyboard can make gaming more ergonomic for you when gaming

Are Ortholinear keyboards more comfortable?

Yes. The best ortholinear keyboards have outstanding ergonomics, making them easy to use. The horizontal and vertical alignment of the keys has been tailored to the way our hands naturally move, making typing on an ortholinear keyboard more effective and scalable.


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