18 best places to buy artisan keycaps

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  • May 14, 2022

Artisan keycaps are considered a neat way to personalize and fun up your mechanical keyboard. Pop on a few of these handmade keys to show off your favorite character, food item, or even something exhilarating just for laughs. There’s an artisan keycap for almost anything you can think of and it is no exaggeration to say that it brings the world to your fingertips.

On the grounds that the keycaps market currently offers a ton of options in terms of shapes, designs, and motifs, you may be confused about where to buy the best artisan keycap, you are in the right article because we would like to recommend some websites with an excellent reputation and can be trusted as go-to places you can buy artisan keycaps of your dreams.

Where to buy Artisan Keycaps

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces in the whole world and can be accessed from every corner of the earth. This platform provides a variety of products that humans need, mechanical keyboard components are no exceptions. 

Although Amazon may have the least inspired collection, this is one of the most trusted websites that you can use to find artisan keycaps. You are still able to find a variety of artisan keycaps products with cool designs and very affordable prices on Amazon. And we’re pretty sure that their catalog will continue to grow along with the development of the custom mechanical keyboards market.

Artisan keycap on amazon
Artisan keycap on amazon

2. Etsy

Etsy is another trusted website that provides most artisan keycaps products with price variants. On this website, you can find artisan keycaps with a wealth of unique and cool designs on the grounds that thousands of artisan keycaps manufacturers sell their products on Etsy. But it’s crucial to look at the ratings or reviews first to make sure you purchase artisan keycaps from shops that have a good reputation.

Acekeycaps on etsy
Artisan keycaps from acekeys on etsy

3. Hirosart - A rising star in the artisan keycaps market

Hirosart offers a massive number of artisan resin keycap collections so that you can pick up your favorites to spice up your mechanical keyboard. We keep you in the picture on not only artisan keycaps but also other product lines from resin and wood namely wrist rests and epoxy lamps. They are all made with tremendous resources, expertise, and artistry. If you are wondering where to buy artisan keycaps of your dream, Hirosart is the go-to place to start browsing.

Captain america keycap - best places to buy artisan kecaps
Captain america shield artisan keycap by hirosart

4. Drop - One of the most popular places to buy artisan keycaps

Drop caters to mechanical keyboard and audiophiles aficionados. The website is divided into two main sections: One for all things related to mechanical keyboards, and the other for audio equipment, such as amps and headphones. Hence, you can also browse for a wealth of artisan keycaps with multifarious designs made of various materials such as transparent plastic, glass, and many other artisan keycap materials.

While Drop’s catalog of artisan keycaps is not as extensive as websites like Etsy, the design and quality of the keycaps are highly impressive. If you want premium quality artisan keycaps, Drop is the site you should head to.

Drop - one of the most popular place to buy artisan keycaps
Drop - keycaps store

5. Mechanicalkeyboards

Avid keyboard enthusiasts may already be familiar with Mechanical Keyboards as this online shop is known for its wide range of keyboard-related products. 

When it comes to artisan keycaps, Mechanicalkeyboards also offers various artisan keycaps products from various well-known brands so that you can choose according to your taste. The price of artisan keycaps on Mechanicalkeyboards is also fairly affordable and the quality is very accountable. If you are in search of something cute at a low cost or something unique without a firm budget, MK is a beginner-friendly place you can think of. 

Mechanical keyboards

6. Keycapsets.com

Keycapsets.com is another trusted website to buy quality keycaps sets. You can also do a group buy through Keycapsets.com. You will also get fully updated about group purchases, such as when new group purchases will start or end, group purchases that are still ongoing, and those that have ended. This is so far one of the best places to buy artisan keycaps you desire.

Keycapsets. Com - one of the most popular place to buy artisan keycaps
Keycapsets. Com

7. KPRepublic

Kprepublic is a website that sells various kinds of mechanical keyboard components. This is one of the favorite websites for mechanical keyboard custom enthusiasts to find the mechanical keyboard components of their dreams.

Kprepublic offers many artisan keycaps products with super stunning and unique designs at a reasonable price. Moreover, the quality of the artisan keycaps available here is quite impressive.

Hammer bubble cat artisan keycap kprepublic
Hammer bubble cat artisan keycaps from kprepublic

8. AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the largest marketplaces in Asia and is one of the largest marketplaces in the world nowadays. AliExpress provides various artisan keycaps from thousands of stores on their platform. Being based in China also contributes to the pricing of products being noticeably lower. You can easily find an assortment of good quality and cool artisan keycaps at a fairly affordable price through this online marketplace.

Artisan keycap on aliexpress
Artisan keycap on aliexpress

9. eBay

eBay is probably the most popular “formal” marketplace which offers buyer protections on our list. You can find both brand-new and second-hand artisan keycaps from vendors here. You’ll come across everything from unique gag jokes to scarce gems from a previous group buy. This is one of the websites we highly recommend if you want to purchase artisan keycaps. 

Artisan keycaps on ebay
Resin wood artisan keycaps | ebay

10. r/Mechmarket

Another answer to the ultimate question of where to buy artisan keycap r/Mechmarket. r/MechMarket is Reddit’s lively marketplace for everything related to mechanical keyboards. In this forum, users can freely sell and search for artisan keycaps products. Here you are also able to find very rare limited edition artisan keycaps. Unfortunately, the price of artisan keycaps on this forum is very unstable according to your bidder.

Rmech market
Artisan keycaps traded o | r/mechmarket

11. Dwarf factory 

The Dwarf Factory has been put on the map for perfecting the art of creating artisan keycaps. Each of their collection comes with its own lore, inspired by a multitude of world-building elements like fantasy tales, mythical creatures, popular video games, or even a tiny hamburger shop. It is no exaggeration to say that each keycap is a portal to a miniature world. One of the most outstanding products, also their best-seller, is their keycap line named Petite Meal Collection. So don’t hesitate to pay it a visit in case you are wondering where to buy artisan keycaps.

Dwaft factory - one of the most popular place to buy artisan keycaps
Dwarf factory petite meal fast food artisan keycap

12. Suitedupkeycaps 

Suitedupkeycaps is a trusted online store where you can browse for thousands of artisan keycaps. This is a personal website created specifically to sell their artisan keycaps. The artisan keycaps products at Suitedupkeycaps are distinct because the design of the artisan keycaps they make is not as common as the artisan keycaps on the market. Suitedupkeycaps is the perfect place to go if you want to find the most unique artisan keycaps you’ve ever seen before.

Suitedup keycaps
Suitedup keycaps

13. Tinymakesthings 

Tinymakesthings is originally a personal blog but it has now turned into a sales website that specifically sells artisan keycaps. The interesting thing is, that you can make an order of the artisan keycaps you want via email, as long as they are able to make them, they will definitely turn your desired keycaps into reality.

Tinymakethings artisan keycaps
Artisan keycaps | tinymakethings

14. Candykeys

Candykeys is another website that has an excellent reputation among custom keycaps enthusiasts. Candykeys is known as a website that provides limited-edition mechanical keyboards and keycaps and they only provide pre-order purchases for rare products like GMK keycaps for example. 

Candykeys also offers a wide selection of artisan keycaps with unique and gorgeous designs and guaranteed quality. For artisan keycaps, quite a lot are in-stock and ready to ship without having to make a pre-order.

Keylabs artisan keycaps on candykeys
Artisan keycaps | candykeys

15. Kbdfans

Kbdfans is a trusted website that is very popular among mechanical custom keyboard enthusiasts. This well-known manufacturer provides various products of mechanical keyboard components such as switches, casings, keycaps, stabilizers, PCBs, and others. At Kbdfans, you can also pick up artisan keycaps with excellent quality and unique designs at very affordable prices. their products such as Tofu65 and KBD67 are 2 custom keyboards that are very in demand in the market.

Artisan keycaps at kbdfans
Kbdfans artisan keycaps

16. Hot Keys Project 

Another artisan keycaps brand loved by the keycaps aficionados is the Hot Keys Project. This brand is well-known for incorporating pop culture and cartoon characters into its designs. You should not miss out on the brand if you are a pop culture lover. On the grounds that Hot Keys Project also offers membership to their community, you can easily avail of discounts depending on your grade. 

Hot keys project raven artisan keycap
Hot keys project artisan keycap

17. Jellykey 

Second to the last to be featured in this article is the brand named Jellykey. Jellykey is well known for its original and creative designs, which are not only focused on pop culture or world-building elements like other brands. The point which sets this brand apart from the others is that it gets inspiration from abstract artwork and other obscure references. 

Jellykey metropolis artisan keycap
Metropolis artisan keycap from jellykey

18. Capsmiths 

The very last answer to the question of where to buy artisan keycaps is Capsmiths. This is a trusted website among the keycaps community that you can pay a visit to pick up the artisan keycaps of your dream. Capsmiths provides a wealth of artisan keycaps with unique and cool designs. The quality of the artisan keycaps provided at Capsmiths is also quite high quality. The minus point is that there are not as many artisan keycaps on this website like others.

Artisan keycaps on capsmiths
Artisan keycaps | capsmiths

Factors to consider when buying artisan keycaps

Besides the ultimate question of where to buy artisan keycaps, there are still numerous other factors you have to take into account before making up your mind to purchase your favored artisan keycap. Let’s scroll down to find out!


Artisan keycaps can range widely in price. Anywhere from $10-100 and sometimes more. There are at least three reasons contributing to the fact that artisan keycaps are so exorbitant.

One of them is that they are in short supply despite increasingly high demand. Almost every keyboard enthusiasts and gamers yearn for this kind of decoration and therefore looks forward to possessing their own set of artisan keycaps to their liking. Such high demand results in an inevitable increase in its price, given that there are only certain manufacturers of artisan keycaps on the market. 

Another reason for its steep price is the amount of time and effort that goes into crafting and designing each item on the grounds that Artisan keycaps usually are handcrafted and hand-painted by the artist. 

Last but not least, consider that artisan keycaps are extremely rare and highly sought after. There are many people out there who have no hesitance to pay a high price tag for a truly distinct design that few can get their hands on.

The combination of all of these reasons culminates in the steep price of artisan keycaps.


Custom keycaps are relatively durable, but several factors will determine the actual lifespan of any keycap. The material used to make the keycaps and the manufacturing process will have a significant impact on durability. In addition, the total number of keystrokes and the amount of wear and tear will determine how long keycaps last.

Resin is a material that has been long proven to withstand the test of time. As this is the case, it is guaranteed to say that artisan keycaps can stand heavy and long-term usage subject to inevitable wear and tear. This is also why artisan keycaps are usually put on modifiers unlike alphanumeric keycaps as these are not widely used. However, take into account that decorated or highly detailed artisan keycaps degrade quickly because of their nature. 

Sound and comfort

Before purchasing a keycap, take a look at typing tests and think about your preferences. The sound and feel of a keycap are determined by its shape. Cylindrical, shorter keycaps provide a louder and lower-pitched typing sound than spherical, taller keycaps. SA keycaps can have a steep learning curve.

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid thin, laser-engraved keycaps. These types of keycaps can be great for showing off the coloring lit but are often made from low-quality ABS material and uncomfortable to type on. Hence, the keycap should be thick. Thick-walled keycaps often give a sense of being more solid under the finger and are ideal when typing (up to about 1.5mm).


There is a wide range of design concepts you can choose from. On the current keycaps market, you may come across artisan keycaps with designs for almost anything you can think of namely widely popular anime series, pop culture references, animals, astronomy, etc. 

Keycap Profile 

One of the most important factors to consider when buying artisan keycaps is the keycap profile. Keycap profile refers to the overall size and shape of the keycap on a given row of a keyboard. This keyboard element help to enhance the ergonomics and the aesthetics of mechanical keyboards.

There are two main types of keycaps profiles: uniform profile and sculpted profile. Some keycap profiles namely the Cherry profile offer better experiences for gaming setup while some are more suitable for typing and other applications, particularly OEM profile, so you have to make up your mind which profile is best suited for your needs.

The Buying Process

In the keyboard world, there are typically two ways to buy something: group buys and raffle. 

If you want a product immediately, you can purchase a raffle design that is available and ready to ship. This is the most common type of sale among all and is generally the most affordable option.

But in case you want a product that goes through exclusive runs and the manufacturer only makes a limited amount, group buys are your best option.

Group buys are a way to buy a future custom-made product that hasn’t been made yet. You’ll typically have to make a payment in advance and wait a few months for the manufacturers to complete the product. If you want to opt for a group buy, take into account that it usually takes a long period before your order arrives.

Buying artisan keycaps through group buys or raffles is ultimately up to how soon you want the product, how customized it needs to be, and how much you’re willing to shell out.

How to affix an artisan keycap

After buying artisan keycaps, you need to know how to affix them to your keyboards. To do this, no matter the variation in shape or size, you’ll need a keycap puller. Otherwise, the process is pretty simple to carry out and oddly satisfying. 

  • Unplug your keyboard. Or switch the keyboard off in case you have a wireless keyboard.
  • Remove the original key from your keyboard by using the keycap puller. The switch which is right under the keycap and connected to the board will now appear. A cross-shaped stem also protrudes as well. 
  • Align the cross-shaped indent at the bottom of the keycap with the stem on your keyboard.
  • Gently press down with equal pressure to secure the keycap. 
  • Tap the key a few times to make sure that it is firmly attached to the keyboard.


Aesthetics is the cherry on top of building your mechanical keyboard. It may deprive you of money and effort, but the satisfaction you get in expressing your personality through your custom keyboard is, to some extent, priceless. Point in case, your satisfaction and happiness are ultimately questioned as to whether the product you bought is worth purchasing or not. 

Hopefully, through this in-depth article, you have given your own answer to the question of where to buy artisan keycaps.