What are Cherry profile keycaps? And Where To Find it

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As many enthusiasts today expect to inspire their taste in their keyboards, Cherry profile keycaps are becoming a favorite for their full customization.

Feeling, ergonomics, and aesthetics can be fully customized by the Cherry profile keycap. Thus, Cherry profile keycaps can be a great alternative to the OEM keycaps that come standard on most keyboards.

However, depending on availability and design, high-quality Cherry keycaps may be difficult to find. Getting to know what Cherry profile keycaps are and where to get unique keycap sets will get you on the right track.

Now below is everything you need to know! Let’s get going with the question: “What are Cherry profile keycaps?”

What are Cherry profile keycaps?

The name “Cherry” originates from Cherry Corporation, a German company that was one of the pioneers in mechanical keyboard switches.

Cherry profile keycaps, first introduced in the 1980s, are a popular keycap profile type used in mechanical keyboards. They rose to prominence and eventually took over as the norm for mechanical keyboards.

Here are some noteworthy features of Cherry profile keycaps:

  • Medium profile height: Cherry profile keycaps are 2.5 mm shorter than OEM and SA profile keycaps, although they have comparable designs.
  • Sculpted rows: The Cherry profile keycaps are sculpted differently in each row, yet they all have the same height. This creates a feeling of variation throughout the whole keyboard layout.
  • Angled tops: Cherry profile keycaps feature slightly-curved tops (or spherical-shaped). This curve fits the shape of your fingertips naturally, improves key accuracy, and lessens finger strain during extensive typing sessions.
  • Keycap material: Cherry profile keycaps are typically found in both ABS and PBT plastic. PBT keycaps are well-known for their durability and wear resistance, while ABS keycaps are praised for their smooth and somewhat glossy surface.
  • Sound: Its small size leaves little room for sound to bounce back. As a result, Cherry keycaps produce a more stable and constant sound than others with minimal rattling or wobbling.
  • Variations: Cherry profile keycaps are available in a broad range of colors and designs. This way, you can customize your keyboard and make aesthetically interesting combos.
  • Compatibility: Cherry profile keycaps work with a wide range of mechanical keyboard switches. Besides being compatible with Cherry MX switches, Cherry profile keycaps can be also used with clone switches from other brands like Gateron, Kailh, and more.
Cherry profile keycaps with Cherry Yellow switches
Cherry profile keycaps with Cherry Yellow switches

Most mechanical keyboard lovers prioritize Cherry profile keycaps because they satisfy all tastes and preferences, whether they are used for gaming or typing.

It’s no surprise that people keep praising  Cherry profile keycaps for their aesthetics, reliably-stable typing experience, ergonomics support, broad compatibility, and customization options.

If you want to learn more about other types of keycap profiles, give this guide to different keycap profiles a read.

Pros and Cons of Cherry Keycaps

Pros Cons
  • Short and slight-spherical-shaped profile for ergonomics
  • Wide compatibility
  • Diverse designs
  • Solid sound with stability and little wobbling
  • Less produced noise
  • Not widely available compared to OEM profile keycaps
  • Limited customization possibilities compared to other profiles
  • Not ideal for those preferring a more pronounced and distinct sound

Are Cherry profile keycaps good for gaming?

Yes. Cherry profile keycaps are generally good for gaming for some reasons as follows:

  • Ergonomic design to relieve fatigue: Cherry keycaps featuring a lower profile are more comfortable to use than other keycaps since typing requires less finger extension. As a result, gamers can regain their balance and get some finger rest.
  • Guaranteed stability during gaming sessions: Cherry profile keycaps offer a wobble-free and consistent feel. Thus, they can help with boosting precision and confidence when pressing the keys.
  • Faster response and speed: The shorter keycap height of Cherry keycaps can give fast-paced gaming situations an edge thanks to their reduced key travel distance and then faster typing speeds without compromising accuracy.
Cherry profile keycaps strike a good balance between comfort and key stability
Cherry profile keycaps strike a good balance between comfort and key stability

Are Cherry profile keycaps good for typing?

Yes. As typing is the primary task for most keyboards, Cherry profile keycaps also aim to deliver a smooth and productive typing experience. So, why are Cherry profile keycaps a good choice for typists?

  • Enhanced typing efficiency: Cherry profile keycaps’ shorter height and spherical shape encourage faster typing rates and more accurate finger placement.
  • More relaxing typing experience: The reduced finger stretching can minimize finger fatigue and allow for more natural and comfortable typing motion.
  • Ideal option for quiet typing: Les-generated-noise feature of Cherry profile keycaps is perfect for typists who need silence for concentration or don’t want to annoy the person next to them.

However, as with any keycap profile, typing comfort and preference can vary from person to person. Some individuals may find other keycap profiles, such as OEM or SA profile, more suitable for their typing style. Ultimately, the choice of keycap profile for typing depends on individual preferences and typing habits.

Cherry profile keycaps are the top choice for effective typing
Cherry profile keycaps are the top choice for effective typing

Cherry vs Other keycap profiles

While Cherry profile keycaps stand out as a reliable choice for keyboard enthusiasts and gamers alike, many other profile keycaps out there also shine with their own merits. In particular, SA and OEM keycaps are one of the best options that are not inferior.

The following table will give you a quick breakdown of Cherry, SA and OEM keycaps.

Cherry keycaps SA keycaps OEM keycaps
Height Short Tall Medium
Shape Angled Angled and concave Angled
Row Shape Sculpted Sculpted Sculpted
Thickness Around 1.5 mm Around 1.8 mm Around 1.5 mm
Sound level Low Loud Medium

So, let’s dig deeper into the nuances of Cherry vs OEM vs SA profile keycaps!

OEM vs Cherry keycaps

As you can see, Cherry and OEM profile keycaps are fairly comparable. Yet, the two of them do differ in a few ways.

  • Height and shape: Cherry keycaps feature a little shorter profile (typically around 1 to 2 mm shorter) and more subtle sculpting compared to OEM keycaps.
  • Aesthetic: The Cherry profile whispers of ergonomic comfort, promising simple yet modern look, while the OEM profile stands tall with a classic appeal, invoking a sense of nostalgia.
  • Availability and Customization: While OEM keycaps are frequently seen in pre-built keyboards, Cherry counterparts, on the other hand,  can be found primarily by companies such as GMK and ePBT. These are difficult to find in stock because they run in exclusive group buys or can be bought in the aftermarket at inflated prices.
Comparison between OEM and Cherry profile keycaps
Comparison between OEM and Cherry profile keycaps

The choice ultimately comes down to your interests. Go for Cherry if you enjoy customizations or prefer an elegant and low-profile keyboard. Conversely, if you value  simplicity over customization, you can’t go wrong with OEM keycaps.

SA vs Cherry keycaps

The noticeable difference between SA and Cherry keycaps is the height. This leads to further distinctions between these two types of keycaps:

  • Height and Shape: Cherry keycaps are shorter than SA keycaps. They offer a flatter surface while SA keycaps have a cylindrical appearance with a more rounded top surface.
  • Aesthetic: Cherry keycaps are well-liked for minimalist and modern-look keyboard thanks to their compactness. SA keycaps take pride in their vintage and retro style, enticing those seeking a nostalgic ambience.
  • Availability and Customization: Cherry keycaps are widely available at competitive pricing options. In contrast, SA keycaps often offer limited unique designs and customizations such as specialty materials and artisan designs.
Comparison between SA and Cherry profile keycaps
Comparison between SA and Cherry profile keycaps

Both these profile keycaps are ideal for avid customizers. If you desire something one-of-a-kind, SA keycaps would perfectly show your personal style. Nonetheless, Cherry profile keycaps offer more suitable options for those on a tight budget.

Aside from these three popular keycaps, our guide on all profile keycaps will give you a comprehensive view of the land of keycaps and in-depth comparison.

Best Cherry Profile Keycaps Brands to Choose

CanyonCaps by Deskr

CanyonCaps by Deskr is the true winner when it comes to Cherry profile keycaps. This fantastic keycap set is available in two colors: black and white.

Moreover, it features a distinctive design of Grand Canyon geography, showcasing the range of height levels that enable users effortlessly complete the needed commands.

CanyonCaps keycaps work with approximately 75% of keyboards. Furthermore, these Cherry profile keycaps are comprised of a real PBT design that is heat and chemical resistant.

At the end of the day, it’s no doubt one of the most eye-catching keycap designs available, and it’s compatible with Cherry MX switches and MX-type switches.

CanyonCaps by Deskr
CanyonCaps by Deskr


  • Excellent sound
  • Pleasant texture
  • The printing on the keycaps is very firmly to avoid peeling off
  • Reusable packaging for storying keycaps


  • Only the thinner area of the keycap is illuminated by LED lights


Ducky is the second most common brand on this list, with one of the greatest collections of mechanical gaming keycaps. Its keycaps have superior functionality and bright designs, enhancing the visual appeal of any gaming or office workplace.

We’ve chosen the following outstanding Cherry keycaps from Ducky’s limited edition keycap designs:

  • Dual Color Pudding Keycaps
  • Ducky Yellow, keycaps Cherry MX profile compatible
  • Purple Pudding Shine Through Keycaps
Dual Color Pudding Keycaps | Carousell
Dual Color Pudding Keycaps | Carousell


  • Keycaps made of thick PBT
  • Control over a large number of functions


  • Only one-year guarantee


Cherry makes excellent keycaps for typists and gamers. This revolutionary brand offering the top keycap is known for its high-end tech, great accuracy, and fine-tuned touch.

Despite the fact that the Cherry profile has been taken by many other excellent manufacturers, Cherry remains a top keycap brand, offering unique designs to the gaming world.

Cherry’s MX switches are the most reliable and they are available in a variety of textures, colors, and bouncing tones.

Cherry's MX switches | The Gaming Setup
Cherry’s MX switches | The Gaming Setup


  • Low sound
  • Original design
  • High accuracy


  • High price compared to other brands

GK6 by Gizmo Engineering

GK6 is a unique keycap set by Gizmo Engineering that is compatible with most Cherry MX switches, demonstrating once again that a smooth typing experience is essential for the majority of their users.

This keycap set, which is both customizable and small, is just what any busy office staff who is usually stuck in the office for a long time needs to increase their job and typing speed.

GK6 by Gizmo Engineering | Reddit
GK6 by Gizmo Engineering | Reddit


  • MX switches are compatible
  • Typing with ease
  • Pleasant to the touch


  • It is more expensive than other brands


Thanks to its artisan and customizable design in many coloring choices, Capsmiths is a top brand on our Cherry profile keycaps list. You’ll find anything from flowers, fruits, and plants to creatures, funny, and haunting keycaps among its unique designs.

These keycap sets are the most bright on the market, suiting the interests of thousands of users. They may not be the ideal choice for gamers, but they are also top picks for novelty lovers who want to find new inspiration for keyboards.

Capsmiths | Twitter
Capsmiths | Twitter


  • Keycaps with excellent handmade designs
  • A colorful addition to your keyboard
  • Cherry MX profile keycaps are compatible


  • Unpleasant to type and play games

Recommended Cherry MX keycaps for you (Viết mới)

As you delve deeper into the world of Cherry profile keycaps, your ideal Cherry MX keycaps become a thrilling quest to discover the best match that will truly make your keyboard come to life.

If you feel overwhelmed with the mass market out there, here are the top 6 Cherry MX keycaps to give your keyboard the perfect outfit.

Name Number of keys Material Brand Price

DROP GMK Redsuns Blue Samurai

DROP GMK Redsuns Blue Samurai

153 keys Doubleshot ABS GMK $150.00

DROP GMK Redsuns Red Samurai


153 keys Doubleshot ABS GMK $150.00

GMK Laser Cyberdeck

GMK Laser Cyberdeck

129 keys Doubleshot ABS GMK $150.00

Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari

Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari

89 keys ABS Hi-Profile keycaps  Matt3o $130.00

DROP + MiTo GMK Pulse Mitolet

DROP + MiTo GMK Pulse Mitolet

125 keys Doubleshot ABS GMK $145.00

HK Gaming Dye Sublimation Keycaps

HK Gaming Dye Sublimation Keycaps

139 keys Dye Sublimation PBT HK GAMING $49.99

* Note that prices shown above have been updated as of July 2023

DROP GMK Redsuns Blue Samurai

  • Material: Doubleshot ABS 
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Number of keys: 153 keys
  • Color: Redsun Blue Samurai theme
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX switches and clones

DROP GMK Redsuns Blue Samurai keycap set (Source: Drop)

DROP GMK Redsuns Blue Samurai would be a must-have Cherry profile keycap set if you want to add a touch of cultural flair and warrior spirit to your keyboards.

This set is inspired by the traditional Japanese culture of samurai warriors, featuring a true-to-life deep blue colorway, contrast-crisp legends and sharp sound.

However, given its high price point, it may not be ideal for those on a tight budget.

Pros Cons
  • Unique inspirational design
  • Meticulously craftsmanship in every detail
  • Work with various keyboard layouts
  • Durable and resistant to wear
  • Expensive
  • Limited quantities since this set is a collab product

DROP GMK Redsuns Red Samurai

  • Material: Doubleshot ABS 
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Number of keys: 153 keys
  • Color: Redsun Red Samurai theme
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX switches and clones
DROP GMK Redsuns Red Samurai
DROP GMK Redsuns Red Samurai

Bearing the same spirit as Redsuns Blue Samurai, DROP GMK Redsuns Red Samurai also captures the rich history and alluring aesthetics of Japanese samurai warriors.

This set features white legends with a mixture of red, black, and gold colors for excellent visibility and contrast when typing.

Pros Cons
  • Built with durability in mind
  • Strong appearance with striking color mix
  • Compatible with most keyboards supporting Cherry MX-style switches
  • Pricey
  • Limited availability as this set is a collaboration

GMK Laser Cyberdeck

  • Material: Doubleshot ABS 
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Number of keys: 129 keys
  • Color: Laser Cyberdeck theme
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX switches and clones
GMK Laser Cyberdeck keycap set
GMK Laser Cyberdeck keycap set

Enjoy neon-lit cityscapes? Then look no further than the GMK Laser Cyberdeck keycap set to put your keyboard into a stunning work of art with a cyberpunk vibe.

The best thing? It showcases vibrant colorways of deep blues, purples, pinks, and touches of dazzling neon, making it the most sought-after Cherry profile keycap set on the market.

Pros Cons
  • Unique cyberpunk-inspired design
  • High-quality construction with durable ABS
  • Wide compatibility
  • Neon tone needs extra clean and care
  • Not ideal for tight budget

Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari

  • Material: ABS Hi-Profile keycaps 
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Number of keys: 89 keys
  • Color: Susuwatari
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX switches and clones

Drop Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari keycap set (Source: Reddit)

Evoked by the beloved film “My Neighbor Totoro”, Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari keycap set stands out for its whimsical and enchanting spirit.

The legends are designed with the Susuwatari pattern in mind. The mix of classic light and dark grays, together with novelties and accents, produce a visually cohesive appearance. This set perfectly reflects the essence of the movie’s dust sprites.

This is a go-to keycap set for Studio Ghibli fans or anybody cherishing a touch of little charm and nostalgia in their keyboard setup.

Pros Cons
  • Durable
  • Classic design with a pop of red color
  • Sculpted in the MT3 profile for ergonomics and finger fatigue relieve
  • Fairly high price
  • Its exclusivity make it quickly out of stock

DROP + MiTo GMK Pulse Mitolet

  • Material: Doubleshot ABS 
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Number of keys: 125 keys
  • Color: Violet
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX switches and clones
DROP + MiTo GMK Pulse Mitolet keycap set
DROP + MiTo GMK Pulse Mitolet keycap set

One more high-end keycap set from DROP! DROP + MiTo GMK Pulse Mitolet keycap set is shined for its violet base complemented with vibrant cyan legends, giving your keyboard an exceptionally high-contrast and eye-catching look.

Pros Cons
  • Offer long-lasting durability
  • Iconic bold and futuristic design
  • Go with multiple keyboard layouts
  • Limited availability. Especially sell out quickly during drops
  • Relatively costly

HK Gaming Dye Sublimation Keycaps

  • Material: Dye Sublimation PBT 
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Number of keys: 139 keys
  • Color: Various options
  • Compatibility: Cherry MX switches and clones

HK Gaming Dye Sublimation Keycaps (Source: Reddit)

What makes HK Gaming Dye Sublimation keycaps the winner is its budget-friendly price.

Moreover, this keycap set features stylish and eye-catching designs, including different color combinations, patterns, and custom legends. Users will gain from its slightly chalky surface texture, which provides the ideal grip.

Overall, this set is the best Cherry profile keycap set which provides a good value overall for your money.

Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Offers various options for color schemes
  • Fit multiple keyboard sizes including ANSI US Layout and the ISO UK Layout
  • Not as durable as others
  • Variation in quality control due to mass production
  • Not as unique or eye-catching as other keycaps

Final Words

If you can invest once, why not get the most premium keycap set that will be still durable after millions of keystrokes? It is truly worthwhile.

Indeed, wasting time and money on a cheap-made keycap set only makes you happy for a while, then will be annoyed and disappointed.

With that in mind, the Cherry profile keycap is an ideal solution for gamers and keyboard enthusiasts. Hirosart also offers a lot of Cherry MX Switches compatible keycaps for you to pick, check it out Hirosart – Customized Cherry MX keycaps so you don’t miss out many deals.


What does Cherry MX profile mean?

The Cherry MX profile refers to the keycap shape and design standardized by Cherry. It has the most popular cross-shaped switched stem.

Who manufactures Cherry MX profile keycaps?

While Cherry, best known for its proprietary Cherry MX switches, is a pioneer in the production of Cherry profile keycaps, there are many other manufacturers such as GMK, Signature Plastics, EnjoyPBT, and more.

Why are Cherry Profile keycaps so popular?

Cherry profile keycaps have gained popularity due to their combination of reliability, ergonomic design, aesthetics, and wide availability.

Are Cherry MX profile keycaps good for typing?

Yes. The Cherry profile keycaps have a sculpted shape that makes it easier for your fingertips to reach the keys at a more natural slope and angle. As a result, users can enhance typing accuracy and reduce the possibility of typos.

Are Cherry MX profile keycaps good for gaming?

Yes. Cherry profile keycaps ensure a wobble-free and consistent feel along with faster response and accurate inputs during gaming sessions.

Can you put Cherry MX keycaps on any keyboard?

No. Although Cherry MX switches are considered the norm in the mechanical keyboard market, they cannot fit several switches featuring special stems such as low-profile Choc or Topre switches.

Are Cherry MX profile keycaps expensive?

Cherry MX profile keycaps often fall into the mid- to high-price category compared to other keycaps. Yet, it mainly depends on the brand and design. For example. Cherry keycaps made by GMK are pricey and cost up to $150 while a set from HK costs less than $50.

Are Cherry MX profile keycaps loud?

In fact, the exact sound is determined by the type of switch used beneath the keycaps. Yet the Cherry profile keycaps also contribute a bassy sound because of the low keycap size, resulting in less space for the rebounce sound.

How do Cherry MX profile keycaps sound?

The sound of Cherry profile keycaps generally has more bass with less resonance. Thicker keycaps will produce a deeper sound.

Are Cherry MX profile keycaps sculpted?

Yes. The Cherry MX profile keycaps are sculpted, which means that the different rows on the keycaps feature different heights and shapes

Can I use Cherry keycaps on the OEM profile?

No. Cherry MX keycaps are not compatible with the OEM profile. These two profiles have different shapes and dimensions, so Cherry keycaps will not fit properly on OEM-profile switches. 

What Is the LifeSpan of Cherry profile keycaps?

Cherry profile keycaps have a life lifetime of about 50,000 keystrokes. However, with proper care and usage, Cherry profile keycaps are generally durable and can survive for several years.


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