Hirosart's Meaningful Collaboration with Operation Smile Vietnam

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  • Mar 2, 2024

In honor of International Women's Day, Hirosart is embarking on a compassionate journey with Operation Smile Vietnam to bring smiles to the faces of two Vietnamese girls facing cleft lip and palate challenges. Join us in our mission to raise funds for life-changing surgeries through two impactful programs.

Hirosart's meaningful collaboration with operation smile vietnam
Hirosart's meaningful collaboration with operation smile vietnam

Program 1: Illuminate Lives with CLEARANCE SALES UP TO 50% - ONLY FROM $29.50

Discover unique, handmade lamps with slight imperfections at irresistible prices. By purchasing from the CLEARANCE LAMPS collection, you're not just acquiring a stunning piece of art but also contributing to a noble cause. Together with Operation Smile Vietnam, we aim to raise $850 for surgeries that will transform the lives of two Vietnamese girls.

Let's make a difference together! Shop now and enjoy up to 50% off on these beautiful lamps. Your purchase goes beyond aesthetics; it helps fund life-changing surgeries for two girls. Join us in brightening lives.

Program 2: "Donate5" – Empower Change with a 5% Discount

Throughout March, enjoy a 5% discount on your order using the code "Donate5" at checkout (excluding Clearance items). We'll donate 5% of the order value (post-discount, excluding shipping fees) to Operation Smile Vietnam, supporting their mission to provide crucial cleft surgeries for Vietnamese children.

This International Women's Day, celebrate the remarkable women in your life while making a positive impact. Use the code 'Donate5' and enjoy a 5% discount on your order, with 5% of your purchase supporting Operation Smile Vietnam. Every order contributes to a brighter future.

Why Operation Smile Vietnam?

Since 1989, Operation Smile Vietnam has been an unwavering force, providing free surgeries for Vietnamese children born with cleft lip or palate. Your support will help continue their life-changing work.

Imperfect Lamps, Perfect Impact

Despite their slight imperfections, our lamps are brand new and fully functional. Your purchase not only brings a beautiful addition to your space but also creates a tangible difference in the lives of these courageous young women.

Important Note: All programs apply exclusively on Hirosart's website, not on Etsy.


Together, let's celebrate International Women's Day by illuminating lives and fostering positive change through art and compassion. Shop now and become a beacon of hope in someone's life!



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