What are DSA keycaps? Are they good for Typing or Gaming?

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  • May 3, 2022

You've come to the correct spot if you're wondering "What are DSA keycaps?". Each DSA keycap has a constant height and cylindrical shape, providing an even and reliable typing experience throughout the whole keyboard. For their adaptability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, DSA keycaps are becoming more and more popular among keyboard aficionados and gamers.

What does the DSA profile mean?

The words "DSA" stand for "Deep Sculpted Angled," emphasizing the product's distinctive design features. Every keycap on a DSA keyboard is the same height and contour and has a consistent spherical shape. It was introduced by Signature Plastics in the mid-2000s and has gained popularity among keyboard enthusiasts.

  • Shape: Uniform, Flat, and Spherical Top
  • Height: Short
  • Description: Every key has the same feel and reaction because of the uniformity of DSA keycaps, ensuring a smooth and satisfying typing experience all the way across the keyboard. Both keyboard aficionados and gamers use DSA keycaps because of their distinctive form and height when looking for a flexible and pleasant keycap profile.
What are dsa keycaps?
what are dsa keycaps?

Their uniform cylindrical shape and constant height across all keys offer a relaxing and ergonomic typing experience, decreasing finger fatigue during prolonged usage. Moreover, DSA keycaps' extensive selection of color and design possibilities provides a touch of aesthetic appeal and enables users to customize their keyboards to match their unique style.

Besides, DSA keycaps are especially popular with gamers looking for more control and responsiveness since their flat tops provide precise and accurate key presses.

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Should I buy DSA keycaps?

After learning more about "What are DSA profile keycaps?", here are some reasons why you should choose DSA keycaps.

DSA keycaps can be a perfect option for you if you value a consistent and pleasant typing experience, simple keycap modification, and an aesthetically pleasing design. 

Should i buy dsa keycaps?
should i buy dsa keycaps?


DSA keycap availability can change depending on the manufacturer, the demand for a particular design, and the timing of manufacturing. 

While certain DSA keycap sets may be a limited edition or bespoke sets with more limited availability, others may be made in greater quantities and are more easily accessible from various online merchants.


A regular DSA keycap set with basic styles and colors often costs between $30 and $60. Sets of premium DSA keycaps or those created with premium materials can range in price from $100 to several hundred dollars

DSA keycaps are reasonably priced, depending on the material, the complexity of the design, and the number of keycaps.


All keys on DSA keycaps have a flat, consistent surface, which contributes to their comfortable feel. For touch typists and users who value a constant keypress response, the flat-top form of DSA keycaps offers a smooth and even sensation beneath the fingertips. 

However, the DSA keycaps do not have sculpted or contoured surfaces within them that cause pronounced corners or edges that can interfere with finger movement.


DSA keycaps have different heights because of their consistent, cylindrical shape. DSA keycaps have consistent height, so they look pleasing, which is similar to laptop keyboards. Besides, they lack curvature and have a slight learning curve due to not being unsculpted. Therefore, you will initially find it difficult and need some extra time to get used to it.

Some users appreciate how the keycaps have a vintage vibe because of their spherical form. However, others might consider them dull or excessively basic in comparison to other keycap designs that have more curves or angles.

SA keycaps feature a sculpted and cylindrical design, providing a traditional feel and vintage charm. On the other hand, DSA keycaps are cylindrical and have a consistent shape, with each keycap having a lower height. Due to the absence of curvature, this kind of keycap set is referred to as "unsculpted". Since relatively few pre-built keyboards include these keycaps, both sets often entail a small learning curve.


When compared to other types of keycap profiles, DSA keycaps produce a quieter and more subdued sound. Users who prefer a quieter typing environment would appreciate this, particularly in communal environments or when working next to others.

Nevertheless, depending on the type of mechanical switch or the cap's space constraints, they can make low-pitched sounds. Additionally, there are no carved keycaps and no sharp edges or angles, which might accentuate key noise. 

Experience the mesmerizing sound of DSA keycaps with this immersive sound test video!

Pros Cons
  • The consistent and comfortable typing experience thanks to uniform profile
  • Fit different mechanical keyboard layouts and sizes: full-sized, tenkeyless, and compact keyboards.
  • Easy customization
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Limited availability
  • Non-backlighting
  • Slightly higher price

Your preferences for typing, playing video games, and aesthetics will all influence whether you should purchase DSA keycaps. DSA keycaps might be a great choice for your mechanical keyboard configuration if they match the typing sensation you want, have attractive designs, and are within your price range. 

What are DSA profile keycaps good for?

After discovering the answer to "What are DSA profile keycaps?" and unlocking a whole world of their benefits for your mechanical keyboard, let's find out if DSA keycaps are good for typing and gaming.

Is the DSA profile good for typing?

DSA keycaps can be good for typing, especially if you are used to low-profile keyboards or prefer a flat typing surface.

Is the dsa profile good for typing?
is the dsa profile good for typing?
  • The constant and uniform typing experience 
  • Fostering efficient and pleasant typing.
  • The flat-top surface of DSA keycaps is more relaxing and less fatigued 

DSA keycaps' uniform and flat design may be more pleasant and convenient for certain people to type on. The lack of sculpted keycaps allows for a seamless transition between various rows, and the same keycap height across all rows may result in a more uniform typing experience.

However, the DSA profile might not be as comfortable for certain people to type with, especially when they type for long periods of time. The lack of a curve in the keycaps may cause less natural finger placement and more stress on the fingers and wrists.

Is the DSA profile good for gaming?

Is the dsa profile good for gaming?
is the dsa profile good for gaming?
  • Gamers can control during fast-paced gaming sessions because of the DSA keycaps' uniformity.
  • No noticeable shapes might obstruct finger mobility, providing a more streamlined and reliable gaming experience.

The DSA profile is a wonderful option for gaming, especially if you want a flat, consistent keycap design. Particularly for games that demand swift and accurate keystrokes, it can provide a comfortable and responsive gaming experience. 

However, the optimal keycap profile for gaming ultimately comes down to personal preference and playstyle.

XDA vs DSA keycaps: Is DSA better than XDA?

Here is a quick chart detailing detailed the most notable differences between these two families of key profiles: 


SA Keycap Profile DSA Keycap Profile




It is angled and spherical from the top

Flat and Spherical Top




Profile description Spherical and angled

Consistent height, spherical top

Price Comparison

XDA full 140 keyset is about $20 to $50. In contrast, you can spend less than $20 on a DSA one. This is because DSA is much more available in comparison to XDA. However, with custom keycaps, this will be a different story. 

Comfort and feel

This characteristic is entirely up to your preference. However, we can consult the general community vote on this one. Generally speaking, XDA has a full body that supports a much smoother typing experience.

DSA is much more friendly to those familiar with laptop or membrane keyboards. 


There are two legit manufacturers that provide keycap in DSA type, whereas only Geekark produces XDA. Hene, DSA is more common and available to XDA.

Height Difference

DSA keycaps are 7.39 millimeters tall, which is comparable to standard OEM keycaps. The 9.1 mm height of XDA, however, may make the transition easier than switching to a keycap with an even lower profile.

SA vs DSA keycaps


SA Keycap Profile 

DSA Keycap Profile 




It is angled and spherical from the top Flat and Spherical Top




Profile description 

Spherical and angled

Consistent height, spherical top

Price Comparison

Sa vs dsa keycaps
sa vs dsa keycaps

A budget SA keycap set will typically cost around $20 and $30. In contrast, an upper-end one will cost between $100 and $400. You can reduce the quantity for this price point to 1 keycap with an artisan-made keycap.

Comfort and Feel

SA is highly praised for its nostalgic feel. Moreover, this is an excellent key profile for gamers with great tracking and keystroke.


DSA is much more available in type, price, and manufacturers than SA

Height Difference

Difference between sa and dsa keycaps
difference between sa and dsa keycaps

SA (Spherical All) keycaps are among the tallest available, measuring 16.5 mm. They are over double in height when compared to DSA-made keycap. 

Where can I buy DSA profile keycaps?

Where to find dsa keycaps?
where to find dsa keycaps?

Here are a few great places to go for DSA profile keycap of many different shapes:

  • Amazon: A great place to get in-stock keycaps quickly, and they do sell some unique profiles like SA, DSA, XDA, and other profiles not mentioned previously like MT3, which is sold by Drop on Amazon. Amazon may not have the best prices or selection here, but it has fast shipping and rarely has stock shortages.
  • Banggood: Banggood is similar to Amazon in that they have a lot of cheaper options as well as a slightly better selection, but their shipping isn't quite as good.
  • KBDfans: KBDfans has a large selection of unique keycaps and is one of the best places to start because of its low prices and quick shipping.


Among keyboard enthusiasts, DSA is the go-to uniform profile. DSA keycaps have nicely textured surfaces and uniform, low-profile keycaps. Many users agree that DSA keycaps provide an unrivaled level of aesthetics, with many drawn to them solely.

Furthermore, many users prefer keycaps that resemble a laptop keyboard, which DSA keycaps do. If you choose the look and feel of uniform, low-profile keycaps, DSA keycaps are a must-try.


What size are DSA keycaps?

The size of DSA keycaps is normally the same as what is given for mechanical keyboard keycaps. The diameter of each keycap is appropriately 0.75 inches (19.05 mm). Most MX-style switches, including Cherry MX switches, are compatible with this size.

Are DSA profile keycaps loud?

Yes. DSA keycaps sometimes produce a soft and mellow sound when typing, sometimes producing a bass sound depending on the type of mechanical switch used in the keyboard. 

Are DSA profile keycaps expensive?

No. A standard DSA keycap set with basic styles and colors often costs between $30 and $60.  DSA keycap sets are manual or limited editions that can range in price from $100 to several hundred dollars. It's a reasonable price for each individual's taste.

What company manufactures DSA profile keycaps?

Signature Plastics, an American business that specializes in creating premium keycaps for mechanical keyboards, is the manufacturer of DSA keycaps. In the world of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts, Signature Plastics is a well-known brand for its several keycap profiles, including DSA.