What is an Accent Lamp? Everything You Need for a Brighter Home

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  • Jun 28, 2024

If you are searching for a lamp that can upgrade, highlight and improve the aesthetic appeal of spaces, especially areas displaying works of art or treasured collections, then you should consider an Accent lamp. Accent lighting can draw the attention of visitors to specific features as you desire, and is an essential element in creating a well-designed and inviting living space. What is Accent Lighting? Is it worth the investment? Let’s find out.

An accent lamp is a type of lamp used to highlight specific features, create ambiance, and add style to a room. It's designed to draw attention to architectural elements, artwork, and other treasured items without overpowering the space.

Characteristics of An Accent Lamp

Accent lamps are diverse in many designs, styles, materials, shapes, and sizes to be suitable for various uses and spaces. They are famous for unique or ornate lampshades and incorporation with stained glass, mosaics, or hand-painted designs.

Design and Structure

The design and structure of the accent lamp has three main components: base, stem and shade, which can significantly influence the overall appearance and style of the lamp:

  • Base: The base is made from many materials such as metal, glass, ceramic, or wood, depending on the unique aesthetic and style of the lamp. Sometimes, some designs emphasize the base as the focal point.
  • Stem: The stem connects the base and shade, playing an important role in the unique appearance and style of the lamp, based on the design and material. 
  • Shade: The accent lamp shade offers different effects and ambiance to the light according to materials such as fabric, glass, metal, or paper. The shade design controls how the light is dispersed and filtered, and dominates the illumination effect. The unique or ornate lamp shades also add a touch of personality to the accent lamps.
What is accent lighting? (source: amazon)
What is accent lighting? (source: amazon)


Accent lamps play a crucial role in interior design, are beneficial for many purposes including defining and segmenting spaces, creating focal points, setting a cozy ambiance, and providing both decorative and practical lighting.

The most iconic and famous use is glowing specific features or areas in a room, making an artwork, collection, piece of furniture, or space stand out. Unlike ambient lighting that provides general illumination, accent lamps are used to highlight, drawing attention to the details and helping to set the desired mood.

The illumination from the accent lamp not only provides the necessary light in a room, but also creates a romantic, cozy, fun or exciting mood for the corner of the room. Imagine on a rainy day, you’re reading a book on the bed, using an accent light. How wonderful to be alive!

What is accent lighting? Is it suitable to place on the table? (source: wayside-furniture)
What is accent lighting? Is it suitable to place on the table? (source: wayside-furniture)

Size and Scale

Accent lamps are designed to be compact and portable, typically smaller in size compared to other types of lamps. They are easily moved and placed in various areas of a room. That’s why they are ideal choices for adding light and charm to specific areas in a room that table lamps can't fit such as shelves, cabinets, or tables. The size and scale of an accent lamp should complement the space it is intended for, providing a visually balanced look.


Depending on different styles, designs, and owner’s preferences, the materials of accent lamps are varied. But glass, ceramic, metal, or fabric are popular materials that we easily run into. Three components base, shade and stem can be made from different materials. For example: the base is made from wood while the shade is made from fabric. Flexibility combining the material of the lamp components can create unique designs.

Focused Lighting

To spotlight a focal point in a room, accent lamps are designed to provide focused, directional lighting. They are typically three times brighter than ambient lighting, allowing them to draw attention to artwork, architectural details, or decorative pieces. Accent lighting provokes visual interest in the important areas from the not-so-important ones.

Accent lighting draws attention to decorative pieces (source: pib-home. Co. Uk)
Accent lighting draws attention to decorative pieces (source: pib-home. Co. Uk)

Versatile Placement

Due to their structure and illumination effect, they are suitable for many places. Here are some Accent lighting examples of versatile placement:

  • Living room: Placed on tables, shelves or corners to create a soft, ambient and cozy atmosphere and enhance the overall decor.
  • Bedroom: Placed on bedside tables or dressers to create a relaxing or sleepy atmosphere.
  • Home office: Placed on office desks or bookshelves to provide task and decorative lighting to the workspaces.
  • Dining room: Placed on a buffet or sideboard to create a more intimate dining atmosphere during meals.
  • Entryways: Placed on footsteps, trees, entrances to create a warm welcome atmosphere for visitors or owners when they come home.

Accent lamps are not only used as an important interior, but also can be used outside the home, especially hallway, entrance or porch to create a warm welcome.

Ceiling accent lamps for living room (source: beautifulhomes. Asianpaints)
Ceiling accent lamps for living room (source: beautifulhomes. Asianpaints)

4 Benefits of Using Accent Lamps

To explain more deeply about the term “accent lighting”, let’s learn about 4 main benefits of using accent lamps to see their applicability in comparison with other types of lamps:

  • Improving the atmosphere and mood: Adding accent lighting and adjusting brightness to set the right tone in the room. Transforming a boring dark room to a romantic, cozy, relaxing or welcoming one. 
  • Enhancing the ambiance of a space: Accent lighting can add a lot of visual interest and depth to a space by highlighting focal points, making it feel more luxurious or sophisticated. Therefore, using appropriate accent lamps can also help to improve the overall aesthetic.
  • Providing focused lighting and highlighting specific areas: Accent lighting can draw attention to specific design elements in a room, such as artwork, furnishings, architectural details or wall decor. It can turn your guests’ heads as they enter the room.
  • Creating a layered lighting scheme: Accent lamps play a crucial role in creating these layers by providing localized illumination. By combining accent lamps with other lighting sources such as ambient and task lighting, a well-balanced and versatile lighting scheme can be achieved, catering to different needs and activities within the space.
Accent lighting makes spaces more luxurious and sophisticated (source: hotshopvips)
Accent lighting makes spaces more luxurious and sophisticated (source: hotshopvips)

Types of Accent Lamp

Types  Applications Price Range
Wall Scones

Wall scones

Decorate and feature something unique.on the wall in hallway, bedroom, bathroom, entryway, showroom,.. 20$ to 1500$


Use for outdoor areas to illuminate trees, doors, garden, ground,.. 50$ to 400$
Recessed lights

Recessed lights

Provide ample light coverage and create the perfect ambience 15$ to 700$
Torchiere lamps

Torchiere lamps

Illuminate spaces, and enhance the room's aesthetic, used as a decoration. 20$ to 30$
Track lighting

Track lighting

Create an angled and directed highlight, commonly hung on the ceiling. 50$ to 750$

*The prices are updated in 2024 and may be changed over time.

The accent lamp has something in common with torchiere lamp and Led lamp, you can also read more about them in some articles below if needed:

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