As many enthusiasts today expect to inspire their taste in their keyboards, Cherry profile keycaps are becoming a favorite for their full customization.

Feeling, ergonomics, and aesthetics can be fully customized by the Cherry profile keycap. Thus, Cherry profile keycaps can be a great alternative to the OEM keycaps that come standard on most keyboards.

However, depending on availability and design, high-quality Cherry keycaps may be difficult to find. Getting to know what Cherry profile keycaps are and where to get unique keycap sets will get you on the right track.

Now below is everything you need to know! Let’s get going with the question: “What are Cherry profile keycaps?”

What does Cherry profile mean?

Keycaps with a Cherry profile are considered to be the most pleasant on the market. When comparing OEM and SA profile keycaps vs Cherry, the Cherry profile is shorter, but they’re designed similarly.

Keycap profile is important to the user’s feelings | Source: Keyboard University
Keycap profile is important to the user’s feelings | Source: Keyboard University

After all, Cherry keycaps appeal to a wide range of tastes, whether they’re used for typing or gaming thanks to their comfort. Besides, because of the small keycap size, there isn’t much area for the sound to bounce; hence, Cherry keycaps make a more robust sound than others.

Moreover, each row is sculpted differently from the next, giving users to feel out every row and producing a sense of variety throughout the whole keyboard layout. Although each row feels different, Cherry keycaps are more pleasant than standard, uniform keycaps.

It’s no doubt that the sculpted keycap set has become a priority among gamers. Indeed, they are an excellent addition to almost any keyboard layout, bringing to users maximum typing comfort.

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Pros of Cherry Profile Keycaps

  • Common used material

PBT plastic is now the most durable and easy-to-access material for keycap production. Cherry profile keycaps are produced of this robust plastic, allowing them to be more widely available.

  • Low noises

Typically, Cherry profile keycaps produce a bass sound, making them ideal for quiet gaming and workplaces that need high concentration. This kind of low sound of the Cherry profile keycaps will appeal to those who are bothered by noisy keyboards.

  • High-quality keyboard

Generally, all high-quality keyboard designs come with Cherry profile keycaps because of their excellent quality and durability. It can be said that Cherry profile keycaps are the standard of PC-keyboard keycap profiles.

Cons of Cherry Profile Keycaps

  • It’s shorter than other keycaps

This is not really a con for everyone!

Some people believe the reduced height of Cherry profile keycaps to be a bummer, while some others think it to be really appealing and simple to use. Whether or whether a user prefers short keys is a personal taste. However, it’s all up to personal taste whether choosing short keys or tall ones.

  • It’s not cheap

This could be the deal breaker for most folks who are considering purchasing Cherry keycaps.

Cherry profile keycaps are generally more expensive than other keycap types. Generally, this is due to the fact that the majority of these keycap sets are all customized. Whenever something bad happens, seeking out a new replacement is especially tough.

Is Cherry profile keycap good for gaming?

Yes. Cherry is more pleasant to use than other keycaps since you don’t have to extend your fingers as much during typing. To do so, manufacturers make the keycaps with a lower profile (as mentioned above), making them ideal for gamers. And of course, all users can benefit from these excellent keyboard additions.

Indeed, here are some characteristics of the Cherry profile that will prove why most users love it:

  • The keycap has a low profile and a flat top.
  • The last row has a significant inclination to help the user recover balance and relieve fatigue.
  • When compared to the similar weight and material, this reorganized texture makes the Cherry profile keys seem smoother and softer than OEM, and the sound is also crisper and sharper.

Can you put Cherry MX keycaps on any keyboard?

It’s not sure!

Since different types of switches feature different stems, not all keycaps will fit all switches.

While Cherry MX switches are the most widely used in the mechanical keyboard market, there are other switches that need different types of switches, such as low-profile Choc or Topre switches.

Differences between OEM and Cherry Profile?

As said above, the sculpt and design of Cherry and OEM profile keycaps are fairly similar. Nonetheless, there are a few differences between them. For a comparison, check the table below.

OEM profile
OEM profile keycaps


OEM Cherry


Very available Scarce


Higher Lower
Material ABS/PBT


Feel Comfortable (familiar)


Sound Low sound

Quite noisy

Are you unsure about which of the OEM and Cherry keycap profiles you should use? There’s really no quicker way to figure out the overall winner between them than to compare them across a set of metrics.

With that in mind, we cover all metrics in this post: Cherry vs OEM: Which is the Right keycap profile for you?

What does Cherry MX switch mean?

The travel path of the Cherry MX switches is linear, and there is no bump to offer tactile feedback. These switches feature lower sound than tactile and click switches since they move more smoothly.

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Now we’ll go through 4 types of Cherry MX switches.

  1. Cherry MX Standard Switches. For mechanical desktop keyboards made completely in Germany, Cherry MX Standard switches are recognized as the gold standard.

MX Standard switches are offered as tactile, linear, and clicky switches, equipped with or without RGB lighting, depending on the coloring on the cross-shaped plunger.

  1. Cherry MX Low Profile Switches. The Cherry MX Low Profile RGB switches mix the greatest features of the MX standard switches inside a new style that is 35% lower without sacrificing quality or changing features. As a result, the MX Low Profile RGB is suitable for laptops and low-profile high-quality keyboards.
  2. Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile Profile Switches. The Cherry MX Ultra Low Profile is the first and flattest mechanical SMD switch in the MX series. It features a shallow profile at a height of only 3.5 mm.

Additionally, it offers the features of the well-known MX standard switches along with its own unique features to create a fresh standard for ultra-thin notebooks and desktop keyboards.

  1. Cherry MX Special Switches. The Cherry MX Special switches are one-of-a-kind versions with exceptional switching features as well as actuation pressures that are developed for specific applications.

The MX Special switches, like other MX switches, are made entirely in Germany – but only in limited amounts and as non-RGB versions, which is what makes them so valuable.

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What keycaps are compatible with Cherry switches?

If you buy new keycaps, you may catch the term “MX Style Stem Compatible” in the description.

You can see some photos of the underside of a keycap to see how this works. Then take a look at the switch on the top of a Cherry MX mechanical keyboard. The keycap has a “+” shaped slot, and the switch has a similar stem form. An MX-style stem is this signature shape.

For full compatibility with standard keycap sets, the majority of mechanical keyboard switches are made with this stem form.

Therefore, it’s quite hard to find new switches and keycaps that don’t have this shape, except for some special shapes such as Topre switches

Unlike regular Cherry MX stem keycaps, Topre boards require particular keycaps or the usage of a conversion kit. Furthermore, this global stem standard may not be supported by antique keyboards.

Finally, keycap profiles have no impact on stem compatibility, and most Cherry use MX-style stems to connect to your keyboard’s switches.

Clones of Cherry MX switches

The phrase “Cherry MX Clones” refers to different switch brands that are designed in the same way as the original Cherry MX. The Gateron and Kailh switch is the most well-known.

The Cherry MX Clones switches are significantly less expensive than the authentic version. 

Here are two highly-rated Cherry MX clones:

  • Kailh Switch partners with major brands such as Razer to build Razer switch lines for its gaming keyboards.
  • Gateron Switches: Known for their exceptionally smooth key movement, especially on the Linear switch line.
Cherry MX clones
Cherry MX clones

Choosing between the clone and the original version will be appear to confusing. Read out this post to make your smart decision: Lastest guide to mechanical switches you should definitely check out.

Best Cherry Profile Keycaps Brands to Choose

CanyonCaps by Deskr

CanyonCaps by Deskr is the true winner when it comes to Cherry profile keycaps. This fantastic keycap set is available in two colors: black and white.

Moreover, it features a distinctive design of Grand Canyon geography, showcasing the range of height levels that enable users effortlessly complete the needed commands.

CanyonCaps keycaps work with approximately 75% of keyboards. Furthermore, these Cherry profile keycaps are comprised of a real PBT design that is heat and chemical resistant.

At the end of the day, it’s no doubt one of the most eye-catching keycap designs available, and it’s compatible with Cherry MX switches and MX-type switches.

CanyonCaps by Deskr
CanyonCaps by Deskr


  • Excellent sound
  • Pleasant texture
  • The printing on the keycaps is very firmly to avoid peeling off
  • Reusable packaging for storying keycaps


  • Only the thinner area of the keycap is illuminated by LED lights


Ducky is the second most common brand on this list, with one of the greatest collections of mechanical gaming keycaps. Its keycaps have superior functionality and bright designs, enhancing the visual appeal of any gaming or office workplace.

We’ve chosen the following outstanding Cherry keycaps from Ducky’s limited edition keycap designs:

  • Dual Color Pudding Keycaps
  • Ducky Yellow, keycaps Cherry MX profile compatible
  • Purple Pudding Shine Through Keycaps
Dual Color Pudding Keycaps | Carousell
Dual Color Pudding Keycaps | Carousell


  • Keycaps made of thick PBT
  • Control over a large number of functions


  • Only one-year guarantee


Cherry makes excellent keycaps for typists and gamers. This revolutionary brand offering the top keycap is known for its high-end tech, great accuracy, and fine-tuned touch.

Despite the fact that the Cherry profile has been taken by many other excellent manufacturers, Cherry remains a top keycap brand, offering unique designs to the gaming world.

Cherry’s MX switches are the most reliable and they are available in a variety of textures, colors, and bouncing tones.

Cherry's MX switches | The Gaming Setup
Cherry’s MX switches | The Gaming Setup


  • Low sound
  • Original design
  • High accuracy


  • High price compared to other brands

GK6 by Gizmo Engineering

GK6 is a unique keycap set by Gizmo Engineering that is compatible with most Cherry MX switches, demonstrating once again that a smooth typing experience is essential for the majority of their users.

This keycap set, which is both customizable and small, is just what any busy office staff who is usually stuck in the office for a long time needs to increase their job and typing speed.

GK6 by Gizmo Engineering | Reddit
GK6 by Gizmo Engineering | Reddit


  • MX switches are compatible
  • Typing with ease
  • Pleasant to the touch


  • It is more expensive than other brands


Thanks to its artisan and customizable design in many coloring choices, Capsmiths is a top brand on our Cherry profile keycaps list. You’ll find anything from flowers, fruits, and plants to creatures, funny, and haunting keycaps among its unique designs.

These keycap sets are the most bright on the market, suiting the interests of thousands of users. They may not be the ideal choice for gamers, but they are also top picks for novelty lovers who want to find new inspiration for keyboards.

Capsmiths | Twitter
Capsmiths | Twitter


  • Keycaps with excellent handmade designs
  • A colorful addition to your keyboard
  • Cherry MX profile keycaps are compatible


  • Unpleasant to type and play games

Top 5 Cherry MX keycaps to buy in 2022

All of these Cherry MX keycaps options below are keycaps that have a lot of people using them all around the world and have a lot of good reviews.

DROP GMK Redsuns Blue Samurai

The DROP GMK Redsuns Blue Samurai keycap set is our top pick of Cherry MX keycap sets among mechanical custom keyboard fans.

DROP GMK Redsuns Blue Samurai | Reddit
DROP GMK Redsuns Blue Samurai | Reddit

This is a high-quality Cherry profile keycap set made of thick, sturdy ABS plastic that will last a long time.

With a mix of blue, black, and gold keycaps, the DROP GMK Redsuns Blue Samurai has a real eye-catching design.

Furthermore, it has Japanese calligraphy on the surface of its keycaps, which is probably everyone’s favorite choice since it gives the keyboard a really unique Japanese-style look.

DROP GMK Redsuns Red Samurai

Unlike the “sibling” above, The DROP GMK Redsuns Red Samurai keycap set comes with a mix of red, black, and gold colorways. This is also a great choice for those who want to get inspiration from a strong appearance.

DROP GMK Redsuns Red Samurai | Reddit
DROP GMK Redsuns Red Samurai | Reddit

GMK Laser Cyberdeck

The GMK Laser Cyberdeck is a futuristic-looking Cherry MX keycap. It is  made of durable ABS plastic, and it’s part of a collection of keycaps with a unique design.

Indeed, the GMK Laser Cyberdeck features an appealing design with neon, black, and mixed red keycaps, which are the ideal colorway combination for offering your keyboard a cyberpunk appearance.

Moreover, its variation with kanji lettering on the surface of the keycaps is also available, providing a really nice and original Japanese look.

GMK Laser Cyberdeck | Reddit
GMK Laser Cyberdeck | Reddit

Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari

Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari is a high-quality Mt3 keycap built of strong ABS plastic that is extremely durable. This is one of the most famous Cherry MX keycap sets for mechanical custom keyboard lovers.

In terms of colorways, the Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari features a simple design with red and black keycaps. Mt3 profile is a sort of high-profile keycap producing funny sound when typing on or playing games.

Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari | Reddit
Drop + Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari | Reddit

DROP + MiTo GMK Pulse Mitolet

The DROP + MiTo GMK Pulse Mitolet keycap has a premium Cherry profile and is formed of strong, durable ABS plastic. Because of its unique design, this keycap set has also become one of the most desirable Cherry MX mount keycap sets.

Besides, this set is all purple with bright green text on the surface, giving your keyboard a really stylish and creative aesthetic.

DROP + MiTo GMK Pulse Mitolet | Reddit
DROP + MiTo GMK Pulse Mitolet | Reddit

Final Words

If you can invest once, why not get the most premium keycap set that will be still durable after millions of keystrokes? It is truly worthwhile.

Indeed, wasting time and money on a cheap-made keycap set only makes you happy for a while, then will be annoyed and disappointed.

With that in mind, the Cherry profile keycap is an ideal solution for gamers and keyboard enthusiasts. Hirosart also offers a lot of Cherry MX Switches compatible keycaps for you to pick, check it out Hirosart – Customized Cherry MX keycaps so you don’t miss out many deals.

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