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Interstellar Astronaut entering into the Black hole Night Light

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Illuminate your space with the captivating Interstellar Astronaut Night Light. Crafted with meticulous detail, this unique night light brings the wonders of the cosmos into your room. The astronaut's ethereal glow creates a mesmerizing ambiance, making it an enchanting addition to any space-themed decor. Immerse yourself in a celestial experience as this exquisite night light takes you on a journey through the stars right from the comfort of your own home.

Tech specs:

  • Size S: 13cm x 15cm (4.3''x4.7'')
  • Size M: 17cm x 19cm (6.7''x7.5'')
  • Size XL: 19cm x 21cm (7.5''x8.2'')

Inside the package:

  • Handmade Night Light
  • USB cable for the light stand

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Yes. We are happy to accommodate custom orders whenever possible. However, limitations may apply for complex designs due to materials, production, and quality standards. Contact our team to discuss feasibility.
Our lamps are corded and operate via USB connection.
Our lamps are designed to detach from the base primarily to prevent any potential damage during delivery. If you encounter any issues with the light fitting into the base, rest assured that we can promptly replace the base for you, saving both time and money.

Reviews 2

  1. Bruce

    It's a nice product, there is no refuting that, but I was thrown off that the back scene is a generic sticker of some sort. Mine has a large air bubble or area it didn't adhere to also. I usually wouldn't complain about this because art has perfect imperfections but I loved this piece so much because of the swirly black hole which I wrongly assumed was resin also. Wouldn't have minded that either so much if it were super big and swirly like advertised and now that I know it's a reprinted photo I'm confused about mine. Maybe photo angles? I'm not sure.

    Interstellar Astronaut entering into the Black hole Night Light
  2. Kayla

    The lamp is absolutely stunning and the craftsmanship is amazing. My fiance LOVES Interstellar and I got this for his birthday. He audibly gasped when he first saw it and adores it. The only things that bugged me, personally, was that the back is a sticker, not created in the actual resin. I guess I should've known given that things THAT detailed would be extremely difficult to pull off with resin. For us, it's not that big of deal at all. It's still well crafted and beautiful, but it's something you should be aware of. The other thing was that the remote to control the LEDs didn't come with a battery. It takes a 3V button battery so make sure you have one when it comes in or the remote won't work. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this but would add the two disclaimers. Both are minor and we still LOVE the lamp!

    Interstellar Astronaut entering into the Black hole Night Light
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