Custom Pokemon Keycap

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Level up your Pokémon collection with Custom Pokemon Artisan Keycap.

Pokemon artisan keycap
Pokemon artisan keycap

The tiny Pokemon is cast in resin detailedly with 3 – 5 layers of paint color. The result is a Pokemon that look so lively and you can feel its unique power. Altogether, it creates a more diverse and interactive effect.

In the generation that remote working becomes common, time spent at home increases. Having a unique, inspired piece added to your keyboard will help you be more relax and comfortable in computer working.

The question is: which of these Pokémon will you choose as the signature Pokémon for your keyboard? Just let us know and we will create your personalized design.

mew pokemon keycap
Mew pokemon keycap

The process of making an artisan keycap is complicated, but we enjoy it….

We always produce the keycap characters by casting them through shaped molds. We do not have them easily printed in 3D and just like that, the keycap details come straight out of a machine. Everything is done by the hands of our artisans, preparing the molds, pouring resin, and coloring the details.

Ultimately, this painting step is hands down one of the hardest things we faced during the production of Hirosart. Pokemon molds in the collection are very small, so it’s very challenging to paint the Pokemon and keep them spirited as much as possible. We had to apply 3 – 5 layers of paint for each keycap so the colors can have a certain thickness and be clearer to our eyes. We hope you can wait patiently to receive our keycaps!

Made from durable resin hand-painted in eye-popping colors by our artisans, each little toad is painted by hand to ensure it lives up to our high standards. This will obviously add some more inspiration to your work corner and keep you more creative to do what you love and love what you do.

We’re open to any request you want on your custom Pokemon keycap. Feel free to contact us.


  • Profile keycap from 1u to 2.75u is SA profile
  • Spacebar keycap: OEM or SA, please note the profile you want when placing an order.
  • There is only one pokemon inside keycap 1u, 1.25u, 1.5u, and 1.75u, and a maximum of 2 pokemon inside the keycap 2u, 2.25u, 2.75u.
  • The option FULL set will have 6 keycaps: 1u, 1.25u, 1.5u, 1.75u, 2.25u and Spacebar.
  • Material: Resin
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches
  • Designed and hand-painted by Hirosart


  • Handling time: 2-3 weeks
  • Shipping time: Estimated shipping date – 3 weeks from the shipping date
  • This product is handmade, every keycap that you receive will a little bit different such as the texture, the color…
  • For a long time use, please keep this product away from heat and water. Don’t soak it into the water. Wet tissue is acceptable
  • Refunds/Returns Policy: We do not accept returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective by the production process.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

1 custom non-pokemon, 1 Custom Pokemon, 1 Spacebar non-Pokemon, 1.25u (Alt/Ctrl), 1.5u (Tab), 1.75u (Capslock), 2 Custom Pokemon, 2.25u (Shift/Enter), 2.75u (Right shift), 2u (Backspace), 4 Custom Pokemon, 6.25u (Spacebar), COMBO ESC&Shift&Spacebar, SET FULL 6 KEYCAPS

26 reviews for Custom Pokemon Keycap

  1. Brittany

    The keycap is perfect, it’s exactly what I wanted, it is adorable and incredibly beautifully detailed!! I absolutely love it, they were able to make a not so common pokemon for me, I wanted Morelull and they made the forest area around Morelull purple and pink just like I wanted! Thank you so very much, I love it!!

  2. yungasseater

    Went above and beyond my expectations. I chose Zekrom which is mostly black so I was wondering how they would do this but it is fantastic. It’s so detailed despite being incredibly small. They finished and shipped it way before I expected it to come. The picture I attached looks good but still doesn’t do it justice, it’s so nice. Great job all around. Highly recommend.

  3. Hailey Shepard

    Absolutely incredible and worth the wait! The Pokémon are customizable but the backgrounds are not, so pick something that matches each environment. Otherwise it’s absolutely stunning!! Worth the wait!

  4. Emily

    This key is absolutely stunning and completely went beyond all expectations. I love it so much! I’m going to have to order an Ampharos one when I get a new keyboard! Mimikyu is so cute!!! Thank you! This picture does not do it justice, but I had to take one anyway! 😀

  5. Emond Chung

    Great quality and is exactly as described

  6. Meg

    gorgeous. feels great on the keyboard. came earlier than expected. cannot reccomend enough.

  7. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    What an amazing piece of art. I ordered Houndoom, and oh my gosh, the artwork did not disappoint. The key works really well on my Corsair keyboard with cherry switches, and I love the look of it. Beautiful and worth every penny.

  8. Fauna (verified owner)

    It’s just so good. I personally went for the Vaporeon for my first one and it’s so cute. It’s so tiny, yet it has so much detail and you can tell how much effort went into making it. It also feels nice to press, and fits perfectly onto my keyboard. It very much does not dissapoint.

  9. Stymie (verified owner)

    Looks way better in person than the images online, very surprised on the quality once it arrived. Very stunning piece of art!

  10. Daniel (verified owner)

    Here’s a pic of the key I got: https://imgur.com/a/R0l6qDWI
    Did not expect it to show up as quickly as it did! Lovely work, very happy with it. Tyvm.

  11. Daniel (verified owner)

    Hey, in my previous review, my link is bad. I dunno how your backend works for approving reviews but if you ‘can’ edit it, can you change the Imgur link to “https://imgur.com/a/R0l6qDW”. If not just delete it and I’ll repost with the proper stuff later. sorry for the trouble. You can delete this ‘review’, couldn’t find an edit button or something for the first review.

  12. Daniel (verified owner)

    Picture of the key cap: https://imgur.com/a/R0l6qDW
    Absolutely love it, looks fantastic and arrived much sooner than I thought.
    Mind you it is technically taller than my switch key caps, but that’s hardly a deal breaker.

  13. Lyal

    Arrived quickly for coming from outside the US. Very cute item. Well packaged and arrived safely. Very sturdy piece. Fits great. Thank you!

  14. Jake

    Absolutely LOVE my tiny keycap. The background and characters are so detailed. Will definitely buy from this shop again.

  15. Joel

    Love, love, love it! The quality is just as shown in the photo and the packaging kept the keyboard extra safe, shipping was quick too; I know my sister will adore this, definitely ordering from this shop again!

  16. John

    Absolutely amazing! I ordered 4 different key caps, one being a custom one. All came in perfectly! They are such high quality and the seller even reached out to give an update about the order. Will 1000% order again from them!

  17. Luna

    The product is very beautiful and quality as introduced. Will support long shop. Thanks shop

  18. Joshua

    Beautiful keycaps! So much detail, the colors are so vibrant and I’ll definitely be ordering from here again!

  19. Shannon Jayne

    Been needing a right shift for a while and this one looks amazing, absolutely love it

  20. Kaylan

    It’s well crafted, close to picture, stem fits well, not too tight, just right

  21. Chey Batten (verified owner)

    Adorable, the Pokémon is super detailed for the size of the figure. Over all worth the price.

  22. dave (verified owner)

    Ordered four custom ones, love them. Especially the mankey. Highly recommend.

  23. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I bought this keycap for Christmas and it arrived today. I asked for Tinkaton, but I was scared that the games weren’t out long enough for someone to make a keycap with it in it. But when I got it today, it didn’t just come with a Tinkaton keycap, it looked identical to Tinkaton in scarlet and violet. The keycap is very detailed, and you can see all the hard work put into it. I am very pleased with my purchase. I will definitely buy one of these again in the future!

  24. Aiden (verified owner)

    I ordered a spacebar with four Gen 9 Pokémon a couple of months ago and it just came in and looks AMAZING!!! I’ve already purchased key caps from Hirosarts in the past and I was still blown away with the quality of the spacebar that I got. Cannot recommend this company enough

  25. Sara (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning! I bought a custom Pokémon keycap for my boyfriend on our anniversary and it came out so good!

  26. Haley

    amazing keycap and a great addition to my keyboard!

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