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What are artisan keycaps?

Artisan keycap, also known as art keycap. The name itself says it all: the unique keys are handcrafted by professionals and amateurs. Unlike mass-produced keycaps, each artisan keycap is designed and made in a unique way.

Artisan keycaps come in a broad range of forms, styles, colors, and textures, ranging from 3D-printed, solid-color caps to meticulously hand-sculpted and hand-painted resin caps. Pop culture, video game culture, plant terrariums, cuisine, anatomy, kitty cats, and other themes make artisan keycaps appealing to gamers wishing to personalize and distinguish their gaming setup.

What does artisan keycaps use for?

  • To express your personal style: Artisan keycaps are a good way to show your personality, interests, and tastes.
  • To attract the eye's attention: A keycap representing a special function button has a particularly prominent appearance that will help reduce eye strain when having to detect inertia.
  • For decorative purposes: A reasonable, tasteful handmade keycap will stand out from the crowd of the remaining keycaps and create a highlight on the keyboard.

How much are artisan keycaps?

Before buying artisan keycaps, the first thing you must consider is that they are not cheap. The reason lies partly in the fact that making an artisan is similar to making a miniature, complex work of art that takes a lot of effort and creativity of the artisan. When you buy an artisan keycap you're buying a work of art not just a mass-produced keycap commonly seen in factories.

The designs of artisan keycaps?

Artisan keycaps come in diverse convexity and shape: because of the imitation of the characters and different themes, the shape of the artisan keycap also changes a lot, the surface is sometimes flat, sometimes rough, sometimes smooth sometimes rough.

Some of the most popular designs of artisan keycaps that you can find everywhere are Koi Keycaps, Pokemon Keycaps, Anime Keycaps, Landscape Keycaps, Galaxy Keycaps, Samurai Keycap,... Some handmade keycaps makers also offer custom keycaps that are made according to your requests.

Where to buy artisan keycaps?

Hirosart’s keycaps make others admire by the high meticulousness in every detail and the eye-catching color scheme. They have a variety of choices of artisan keycaps with any designs, especially when the team also allows buyers to order custom designs according to their own idea. Check out our website to get your favorite artisan keycaps today!

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