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With the fast development of computer technology, nowadays, there are tons of styles and keyboard models on the market for you to choose from. However, their appearance is pretty much homogenized and really can’t identify the user characteristics. That’s why the idea of custom keycaps appears!

So, whether you are looking for new custom keycaps that are inspired by your unique style, and personality, or simply want some cool artisan keycaps for decorating, every keycap deserves to have its own theme.

Our collection contains keycaps in a range of different colors and materials that not only look stunning but also complement your home decor or gaming setup. Plus, the profiles are just super comfortable to type on. We have custom pieces from the most famous movies or anime like Pokemon. On top of that, our custom artisan keycaps are also made of the best resin, offering great durability and a sleek look on each keycap. They are also very easy to clean and suitable for all keyboards.

Visit our online store today so we can customize your special keycaps in the way you like at the best price! Also, customer support is always available to help you with any questions about keycaps, ordering, or shipping.

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