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  • Apr 15, 2024

Light up your life and celebrate the love of family with the Hirosart Design Your Dream Lamp Contest! In honor of International Day of Families, we're inviting you to create a lamp design that embodies the spirit of your family.


Open worldwide with no restrictions on age or residency.

How to Participate

  • Step 1. Follow our Instagram @hirosart and @egoartbyvan
  • Step 2. Submit your design here (No entry fee, multiple entries are allowed)
  • Deadline: 06/05/2024, 23h59 GMT-5

Submission Requirements

Theme: There are no limitations on the design itself. Your lamp can be a gift for your family, or one that can capture your cherished family memory, or simply a design that embodies the love of your family. Let your creativity shine!  

Design must be in 2D or 3D with color

Format: Digital or hand-drawn

File formats: PNG, or JPG 

File size: Minimum - 500 KB and Maximum - 2MB (2048 KB) 

No limitations to the overall shape but it must be feasible with dimensions no bigger than 30x30x10cm (HxWxD) 

Important note, designs must: 

  • Be original and do not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. 
  • Be appropriate for public use and should not depict violence, discrimination, hate speech, or offensive content. 
  • Do not include personalized images and names of family, friends, or other organizations. (Remember that your design needs to relate to a broad user base)


Prize Quantity  Details Chosen by
1st place 1
  • 1 epoxy lamp based on your design (Size M) with shipping fee included
  • Voucher 50% off 
Hirosart team
2nd place 1
  • 1 epoxy lamp based on your design (Size M) with shipping fee included
  • Voucher 25% off  
Hirosart team
Special 1 1 epoxy lamp based on your design (Size M) with shipping fee included   The public on Instagram
Every accepted entry Voucher 20% off  

Note: Every 20% Off voucher is non-stackable and applied for 1-time use when shopping on our website https://hirosarts.com/ (Expiration date: 31 May 2024)

Judging Criteria

Prizes chosen by Hirosart team

Criteria Percentage(100 Point Scale) Details
Feasibility of production 35% How realistic is it, technically and economically, to bring this design to production and broad-scale use
Innovation 15% Does the design stand out, provide something new to the market, or improve an existing product
Meaning 25% How meaningful and clear the design name &  description are
Aesthetics 25%  Artistic value of the design’s visual component

Prize chosen by the public

Top 10 designs will be announced and then posted on our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hirosart/. The design with the highest point based on valid post-engagement on our Instagram will win the special prize. 

  • Likes: 2 points
  • Share: 1 point
  • Saves: 1 point
  • Comment/account: 1 point (Multiple comments from one account are only counted as one)


  • Voters must follow our Instagram @hirosart and @egoartbyvan
  • If any form of hack/spam is detected, your participation is canceled completely

Terms and Conditions

  1. You will take full responsibility for any issues related to infringing on any copyrights or trademarks according to the law. 
  2. Multiple entries are allowed but you will receive only 1 voucher for your accepted entry.
  3. By entering the contest, you authorize Hirosart the right to use it for commercial and profit purposes on their platforms.
  4. All entries not meeting the above submission requirements and terms & conditions will be automatically canceled without notice.
  5. Hirosart is not responsible for any network-related or technical problems that cause your entry to fail or you do not receive information from us.
  6. For winners, please note that the prize will be made based on your design. Necessary changes to make your design feasible will be discussed. Hirosart receives the final decision on the design of your lamp as well as the time you receive the lamp.
  7. Hirosart reserves the right:
  • Adjust the timeline and Terms & Conditions of the contest at any time without prior notice
  • Not to disclose the points of all entries 
  • Have final interpretation in any circumstances

Expected Timeline

  • Design submission time: 15/04 - 06/05/2024 
  • Top 10 announcement: 12/05/2024 
  • Top 10 open for vote date: 15/05/2024 - 22/05/2024 
  • Winner announcement: 29/05/2024

So, unleash your inner designer and share the light of family with Hirosart! Let's make this International Day of Families one to remember, filled with creativity and warm memories.



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