Cherry MX Red vs Blue Switches: Choose The Right One For You

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  • Jul 9, 2022

Anyone who loves custom mechanical keyboards must have heard of the legend Cherry MX Red vs Blue switches. We assume that by reading this article, you are confused to choose between them. In this post, you will distinguish between the two signature switches of Cherry MX, and after that, be able to make the right choice.

Cherry MX Red vs Blue Switches - Quick Comparison 

There has been a lot of discussion in the tech community about which Cherry MX mechanical switches to use. And, the debate over the two lines of mechanical keys: Cherry MX Red vs Blue Switches has never cooled down for those who care about tech products. Here is a specs table to give you an overview of the two mechanical key switches.

Cherry MX Red Switches Cherry MX Blue Switches
Type Linear Clicky
Click Sound Silent Loud
Actuation Force 45 g 60 g
Actuation Distance 2 mm 2.2 mm
Key travel 4 mm 4 mm

At a quick glance, the two opponents, Cherry MX Red Vs Blue Switches, show some significant differences in types and actuation force.

While the Cherry MX Red Switches are known for their speed, Blue Switches are loved for their correct response. This is related to their differences in switch type.

The Cherry MX Red Switches are linear. This means that there will be no noise and bumpy feedback when typing, making it extremely easy to press the tab twice. Thus, it fits those who work in a quiet environment. Besides, this feature also makes the switches suitable for gamers who want to improve their typing speed.

If you are a fan of quiet switches, take a look at our quietest keyboard switches list to find the best switches for you!

Cherry's mx switches | the gaming setup
Cherry's mx switches | the gaming setup

In contrast, Cherry MX Blue Switches are clicky. The coil spring of the keyboard gives it bounce and tactile feedback. When typing, the keyboard will emit quite loud and noisy clicks. Due to that, you can know if you have fully pressed the key or not, therefore, avoid making mistakes.

Another significant difference to consider is the actuation force. The Cherry MX Blue switch is heavier in feel than The Cherry MX Red, 60g compared to 45 g, in turn. Hence, people who use Cherry MX Blue Switches for a long time are more likely to experience hand fatigue than those using Red Switches.

However, one similarity between the two is the actuation distance and key travel, from around 2 mm to 4 mm. This is a distance that allows the computer to receive the command from the keyboard fast.

Cherry MX Red Switches 

Cherry mx red vs cherry mx blue switches (soure: maxkeyboard)
Cherry mx red switches (soure: maxkeyboard)

Cherry MX Red Switches specs 

  • Type: Linear
  • Feel/Sound: Smooth and Quiet
  • Actuation Force: 45g
  • Bottom-Out Force: 75g
  • Actuation Distance: 2mm
  • Travel Distance: 4mm

Released in 2008, Cherry MX Red is very popular in the tech geek community, especially for those who like to play games. The Cherry MX Red is highly recommended to those who enjoy a super-smooth typing experience without annoying sound.


  • Compared to other Cherry MX Switches, Cherry MX Red is relatively quiet and almost silent. You can listen to the switch’s sound in this video:

  • Switch type is linear with an extremely fast response.
  • Cherry MX Red Switches have a small actuation force at 45g, so you will not have to spend much effort on typing. 
  •  With all those mentioned features, the Red Switches are very suitable for fast-paced games.
Key travel of cherry mx red switch (source: game k)
Key travel of cherry mx red switch (source: game k)


  • The keyboard easily creates double tabs, causing you to type the wrong key.
Outstanding feature of cherry mx red switches (source: nz caps)
Outstanding feature of cherry mx red switches (source: nz caps)

Cherry MX Blue Switches

Cherry MX Blue specs

  • Type: Clicky
  • Feel/Sound: Bumpy and Loud
  • Actuation Force: 60g
  • Bottom-Out Force: 60g
  • Actuation Distance: 2mm
  • Travel Distance: 4mm
Cherry mx blue switch (source: steelseries)
Cherry mx blue switch (source: steelseries)

Despite being released one year before Cherry MX Red, the Cherry MX Blue Switches are not overshadowed by their junior and keep being a strong candidate in the switch market. This is not a coincidence because its parameters say it all.


  • Their tactile feedback is extremely good and sharp.
  • The Blue switches have a noticeable sound that helps you concentrate more on typing the right keys. You could listen to  the sound in this video below:


  • With a bottom-out force of 60g, the coil spring feedback force of Cherry MX Blue Switches is relatively strong, which makes typing for a long time tiresome. 
  • Cherry MX Blue doesn't fit those who love silence.
Key travel of cherry mx blue switch (source: tnc)
Key travel of cherry mx blue switch (source: tnc)

Cherry MX Blue Vs Red: Which Is Best?

Let's go into more detail about the two switches. This will be a race between Cherry MX Red vs Blue Switches, which finally, helps you decide which is a better choice for you to buy.


Cherry MX Red Switches are an excellent choice if you're looking for a line of mechanical keys with high sensitivity. Their actuation force and weight are both lower than the Blue Switches, resulting in being more sensitive. So, fast-paced typists and gamers will definitely enjoy the Red Switches.


This will depend on your preferences. If you work in an office environment, that requires quiet, you should choose the Cherry MX Red.

On the contrary, Cherry MX Blue is suitable for those who are new to typing. The Blue Switches have a loud and clear sound that helps users confirm keystrokes and avoid incorrect keystrokes. If you don't mind the noise, you may love the clicking sound of the Blue Switches.

Cherry mx blue switches
Cherry mx blue switches


Cherry MX Red has slightly higher durability than Cherry MX Blue, with 100 million clicks versus 50 million. Even if you have been using the keyboard for 5 - 10 years, it will still work well.

50 million clicks are equivalent to approximately 90 years of use, and 100 million clicks are equivalent to 200 years of use. Those numbers are both really impressive, right? Therefore, no matter which type of the two switches you use, you can comfortably work and play games without worrying about their durability.


The Cherry MX Red price is 73 USD on the market, quite expensive compared to the prices of other mechanical switches. But, this is also understandable because Cherry MX Red Switches have fast speed and great durability. 

Compared to Red Switches, the Cherry MX Blue Switches’ price is cheaper, about 59 USD. Despite being cheaper, the Cherry MX Blue doesn't lack durability. 

Thus to choose, you should consider your finances and your needs.


When using Cherry MX Red, you will notice how smooth and responsive it is thanks to the very light spring force. Moreover, you will not feel hand fatigue even if you have to work with the keyboard all day.

In contrast with their counterpart, even though Cherry MX Blue has haptic feedback for its awesome responsiveness, it may make your hands feel weary after a long period of typing.

Gaming experience

For gamers, finding a suitable keyboard for gaming is their number one priority. And, a lot of them have chosen Cherry MX Red because the switches increase their keyboard response speed. Moreover, they do not emit loud distracting sounds during the games. 

In contrast, the Cherry MX Blues aren't appreciated due to the loud sound, as users will be distracted easily. Hence, if you love playing games, we recommend that you should choose the Red Switches.

Typing experience

Tactile feedback is the best feature of Cherry MX Blue. This type of mechanical switch is suitable for those who do jobs that require high accuracy such as programmers or writers. In addition, their feedback is sharper than Red Switches’ due to its heavier actuation force.

So, when you switch from a regular keyboard to a mechanical keyboard, you should try Cherry MX Blue first before moving on to other key switches.


Cherry MX Red Switch Cherry MX Blue Switch


Yes No


Quiet Loud
Durability 100 million clicks

50 million clicks

Price 73 USD

59 USD

Feeling Smooth


Better for gaming Yes


Better for typing No


Each line of mechanical keys has its own advantages and disadvantages as they are made to meet the requirements of different types of users. We have outlined the basic differences between Cherry MX Red vs Blue Switches. For now, the choice is yours.


What are the differences between Cherry MX Blue and Red Switches?

Cherry MX Blue Switches are loud, heavy clicky while the Cherry MX Red Switches are silent, light linear.

Which is better for gaming: Cherry MX Blue or Red Switches?

Cherry MX Red Switch is a great choice for gaming.

Which is better for typing: Cherry MX Blue or Red Switches?

Cherry MX Blue Switch is the better choice for typing.

Are Cherry Blue Switches tactile?

Not really. They are in the clicky category as the sound is louder and the bumpy feedback is more noticeable and sharper than the tactile switches.

Are Cherry MX Reds linear?

Yes, Cherry MX Reds are linear.

Are Cherry Blue Switches the loudest?

Yes, they are. Cherry Blue Switches are the loudest among the Cherry MX series.

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