12 Best Cherry MX Red Keyboards in 2024

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  • Nov 5, 2022

For people who prefer linear typing feels, Cherry MX Red keyboards should be on their looking list. Since each Cherry MX Red switches are of top quality, so are the keyboards that are installed with them.

Let’s discover the new list of the 12 best Cherry MX Red keyboards where you will be introduced to the top-notch keyboards in the market, as well as why Cherry MX Red should be your first option.

Overview of Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Red switches is the standard for other Cherry-style linear mechanical key switches on the market. Even though new linear switches come out every year, the position of Cherry MX Red remains unchanged.

Inside cherry mx red switch-best cherry mx red keyboard
inside cherry mx red switch (source: cherry mx)
Cherry MX Red Switches
Actuation Type Linear
Actuation Force 45 gf
Travel Distance 2 mm - 4 mm
Sound No click sound, Low

In short, Cherry MX Red is a linear switch with a lightweight feeling when typing. The travel distance of 2 mm - 4 mm is the standard travel range for any other switches, as it ensures every key will be registered fast enough. Lastly, Cherry MX Red switches won’t have any loud or disturbing sounds as the Blue clicky type, making them suitable for public places.

Check out Cherry MX Red’s released sounds with this video.

Types of Cherry MX Red Switches

Right now, Cherry MX provides people with two choices for the linear lightweight mechanical switches in the red color, which are Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Silent Red switches.

Cherry MX Red

A cherry mx red switch-best cherry mx red keyboard
A cherry mx red switch

The original Cherry MX Red switch will produce a smooth and even typing feel. You can type comfortably for a whole day with a relatively low sound. 

The Cherry MX Red is surprisingly suitable for touch typing as it allows your fingers to move freely on the keyboard without the need to be looked at.

Cherry MX Silent Red

Cherry mx silent red switches-best cherry mx red keyboard
Cherry mx silent red switches
Cherry MX Silent Red Switches
Actuation Type Linear
Actuation Force 45 gf
Travel Distance 1.9 mm - 3.7 mm
Sound No click sound, Silent

Even though the Cherry MX Red’s sound is relatively low, there are people who prefer a keyboard that is muted. So, here we have Cherry MX Silent Red switches. To reduce the noise coming from the switches, Cherry MX places patented damping which absorbs the sound. That is why compared to the regular Cherry MX Red, typing on the Silent version has a much softer feel.

Find out how noise-free the Cherry MX Silent Red can be on your mechanical keyboard with this video.

Apart from Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Silent Red, Cherry MX Brown switches are also a good choice with nice tactile bump. If you do not know if a linear Red or a tactile Brown is more suitable for you, it’s our article’s honor to assist you with it.

Best Cherry MX Red Keyboards

The number of keys will tell you if the keyboard is standard, tenkeyless, or compact. We recommend you check out this article if you are not familiar with those definitions. On another notice, the prices here are for reference only, because they can vary based on the manufacturers and sellers at different times.

Number of keys Price
Varmilo VA87M 108/87/68 $159.71
Ducky One 2 Mini 61 $179.99
Durgod Taurus K320 87 $99.99
G. Skill Ripjaws KM780 MX 104 ‎$108.99
Cooler Master MK850 104 $199.99
HyperX Alloy FPS  87 $109.98
iKBC CD87 87 $76.99
Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 104 + 9 $159.99
Vortexgear Cypher 65% 68 $93
Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 104 $187
WASD Code V3 104/87 ‎$175
Durgod Fusion 87 $233 to $246

In general, most of the best Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboards in the list are above $150. This is expected as the Cherry MX Red switch is a high-end product that goes with an expensive price tag. However, we try to include some budget-friendly keyboards for you. In addition, there are different keyboard layouts, from standard, TKL, to compact size. Yup, no one will be opted out.

Varmilo VA87M: Best All-Around Pick

Varmilo va87m sea melody version mechanical keyboard-best cherry mx red keyboard
Varmilo va87m sea melody version mechanical keyboard

  • Different case versions (lovebirds, sea melody, etc)
  • White backlighting
  • Custom cable

  • Sturdy build keyboard
  • Art-design double-shot PBT keycaps
  • 4 types of Cherry MX switches to choose

  • High latency
  • No programmable keys
  • Weak leg stands

Varmilo VA87M keyboard is the best Cherry Red keyboard with a beautiful appearance. You can choose a lot of different versions such as Beijing Opera, Sea Melody, Sakura, and so on. The keyboards have coordinated the theme pretty well from the keycaps to the keyboard’s case.

Talk about the quality. Varmilo VA87M is a good pick for everyone who is looking for a high-quality keyboard with a good build. The material is sturdy and the PBT keycaps can last very long without the worry of fading legends.

Even though it has only white backlit, we can forget to focus on the detachable USB type-C. This type of design should be a trend among mechanical keyboards because it gives people a choice to replace the cable once it wears out, not throw the whole keyboard.

However, the Varmilo VA87M won’t meet professional gamers' requirements with quite high latency as high latency means disrupting connection which can heavily affect the final score of the game. Moreover, the keyboard does not provide people with key programming options which is quite boring for those who love exploring keyboards. 

Another issue with this keyboard with Cherry MX Red will be the stands. They are weak and cannot withstand heavy strokes, so our advice is not to go too hard on the keyboard wherever you pull the stands out.

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Ducky One 2 Mini: Best For Gaming

Ducky one 2 mini mechanical keyboard-best cherry mx red keyboard
ducky one 2 mini mechanical keyboard (source: phong vu)

  • Customizable keycaps
  • Zodiac spacebar
  • Plastic build
  • USB type-C
  • 3-level angle adjustment stand

  • Powerful firmware
  • PBT double-shot keycaps with side legends
  • Detachable cable
  • N-key or 6-key rollover
  • Diversified RGB effects

  • No software
  • Not configurative

If you are looking for a good gaming keyboard with Cherry MX Red, we highly recommend you check out Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard. Even though the whole keyboard is made of plastic, the overall quality is great enough so the keyboard can be with you for a pretty long time.

Ducky One 2 Mini provides alternative keycaps such as a zodiac spacebar. Hence, you can replace them to have a refreshing look every time. Moreover, the combination of Red and Black is pretty cool while the general design is very neat and functional. It also comes with a detachable cable, which is a big plus.

About the firmware of Ducky One 2 Mini, one word is enough to describe it - excellent. You don’t need additional software to change the RGB effects or record macro. But, it can also be a downside since it takes too much time to grasp the firmware, compared to using the software.

Since this Cherry MX Red keyboard has a compact size. You will need to use a lot of combination keys to make up for the lack of keys. That’s when you can see how wonderful the side-printed legends are. With them, you can find the right keys with just a look. Therefore, you won’t have to memorize a lot of the combinations or look them up every time.

If you take interest in the Ducky One 2 Mini, why don’t you find out more in the below video?

Durgod Taurus K320 Mechanical Keyboard

Durgod taurus k320 mechanical keyboard
durgod taurus k320 mechanical keyboard (source: thegamingsetup youtube)

  • Detachable USB-C cable
  • Media control hotkeys

  • Programmable keys
  • Good build design
  • Doubleshot PBT keycaps
  • Buttery smooth typing

  • No backlighting
  • High latency
  • A few special features

Durgod Taurus K320 keyboard is the best simple Cherry MX Red switch keyboard. The design is aimed to be simple and neat so it’s highly recommended for people who enjoy a clean setup. Moreover, the overall quality of the keyboard is super awesome as the construction is very good and stable.

Furthermore, the double-shot PBT keycaps are exceptional when it comes to durability. It’s true that the buttery smooth typing comes mostly from the high-end Cherry MX Red switches. The smart design of the keycaps is also a part of it.

Even though it has a simple outer look, the Durgod Taurus K320's features are not simple at all. You are allowed to program the keys freely, which is quite necessary for gamers or designers as some designed shortcuts will certainly accelerate the efficiency.

The Durgod K320 also has some built-in media hotkeys for people to maximize the media experience. Besides, the type-C cable can be put in and out which is very convenient for bringing around or finding a replacement.

However, this simple Cherry MX Red keyboard is truly so simple. Compared to other gaming mechanical keyboards, this Cherry Red keyboard has fewer special features. One of the lacking features is the backlighting effects, therefore, it’s not a good option for people who loves the color party.

But, the biggest issue is related to the high latency. This means the transmission between your keyboard and the main processor can be slowed down sometimes. This’s worth putting in mind if you are a highly competitive gamer.

G. Skill Ripjaws KM780 MX Mechanical Keyboard

G. Skill ripjaws km780 mx gaming mechanical keyboard-best cherry mx red keyboard
G. Skill ripjaws km780 mx gaming mechanical keyboard

  • Additional gaming keycaps to change
  • On-board profile storage for macro, key, and lighting
  • Detachable soft wrist rest
  • Mouse cable holder
  • Audio jacks

  • Airplane-grade aluminum plate
  • Fully programmable keys
  • Per-key RGB backlighting
  • Detachable cable
  • 100% anti-ghosting and full N-key rollover

  • Very large
  • Expensive

If we have to pick out the most insane keyboard in this list of the best Cherry MX Red keyboards, it would be G. Skill Ripjaws KM780 MX gaming keyboard. This keyboard have received many ‘Yes’ from keyboard enthusiasts and pro gamers and things happen for a reason. With an aluminum plate at the core, the G. Skill Ripjaws KM780 keyboard is well-built to survive the test of time.

This gaming keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches has almost functions that are desirable for a mechanical keyboard. The USB cable is detachable and you can type up to 6 keys at once thanks to the anti-ghosting and N-key rollover.

Moreover, it equips with many extra functions such as media jacks, a mouse cable holder (to prevent the mouse cable get in your way), and a detachable wrist rest. This Cherry Red keyboard is also fully programmable with recording macro, 16.8 million RGB lighting effects, and key mapping. In addition, you can easily access the programming profile by the onboard button in the top row.

If you get bored with the all-black appearance, you can change the keycaps to the special gaming keycaps that come with the pack. Maybe this much added stuff is the reason for the very high price. Besides, the keyboard is so large that it will consume a lot of space.

Do you want to witness how awesome the G. Skill Ripjaws KM870 is? Let’s find out in the video below from G. Skill.

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Cooler Master MK850 Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler master mk850 mechanical gaming keyboard-best cherry mx red keyboard
cooler master mk850 mechanical gaming keyboard (source: extreme hq)

  • Two precision wheels to adjust volume, dial, and lighting
  • Dedicated multimedia keys
  • 3-way cable route
  • Removable magnetic wrist rest

  • Customization software
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • Aimpad technology

  • Hard-to-access media keys
  • Demanding setup
  • Expensive

Cooler Master MK850 mechanical keyboard is another Cherry MX Red keyboard with many cool functions. Since the keyboard is on a high-end scale, the overall design gives out a luxurious feeling. There are two precision wheels where you can turn up and down the volume and dial in the DPI in one go. You can also use the wheels to adjust the color effects easily.

Cooler Master MK850 does not stop at that. This keyboard includes dedicated multimedia keys to let users quickly control the media effects. However, despite the purpose, we think that the media keys are somewhat hard to use.

If you want to customize the lighting, the built-in software will allow you to do the job pretty simple. In addition, the Aimpad technology is truly a breakthrough. By combining IR sensors and mechanical switches, it successfully mimics the analog control on the gaming gear. Thanks to that, with just some buttons, you can turn the Cooler Master MK 850’s WASD block into an analog stick.

Since the keyboard is quite large, to make things look better on your table, under the keyboard there is a 3-way cable route. This is for putting the cable in the exact direction you want, instead of having the cable run around the place. Moreover, this gaming keyboard with Cherry MX Red has a removable wrist rest. The material is soft enough to place your hands on comfortably.

The problem with this keyboard is it requires technical setup before use. This can be quite troublesome to people who are not familiar with the technology. So, make sure you read the keyboard manual carefully when first purchasing this keyboard.

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

Hyperx alloy fps pro gaming keyboard-best cherry mx red keyboard
Hyperx alloy fps pro gaming keyboard

  • Red backlit
  • Slim design

  • Detachable cable
  • Good build
  • Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover functions
  • Cheap

  • Thin keycaps
  • Large-sized keycap sometimes feels rattle
  • No customization software
  • No programmable key

The next best Cherry MX Red keyboard we want to honorably mention is HyperX Alloy FPS keyboard. The design is sleek and cool with an attached media key row. Moreover, the overall build from the outer case to the inside frame is amazing and solid with plastic materials, making the durability believable to be pretty high.

This keyboard only has red backlighting so in a way it’s quite suitable for a Cherry MX Red switch keyboard. The cable is attachable and there is an anti-ghosting feature that helps you be able to press as many keys as you want. At the same time, the N-key rollover allows each key to be scanned individually and displayed on the monitor.

Of course, the HyperX Alloy FPS Pro keyboard also has minor problems. Firstly, the keycaps are pretty thin so they could be worn out faster than other double-shot keycaps. But, you could tackle the problem by changing to other keycaps such as PBT keycaps or artisan resin keycaps. If you need a suggestion of where to buy the replacement keycaps, how about visiting our article here?

The second issue is the large keycaps such as ‘enter’ or ‘spacebar’ are somehow squeaky when being typed on. You can fix the issue by stabilizing the keycaps to reduce unwanted noise.

When it comes to the biggest downside of this good keyboard, we think it must be the lack of customization software for the backlit effects and the key programming. You can change the red backlit with the 6 built-in modes and that’s it. No further effect changes. You also cannot customize the shortcuts and hotkeys as you like. Thus, the only option is to ask for help from special key mapping software.

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Ikbc-cd87-tkl-mechanical-keyboard-best cherry mx red keyboard
Ikbc cd87 tkl mechanical keyboard (source: valora. Vn)

  • Special media keys
  • Multi-color keycaps to replace
  • 2-way cable routes

  • Double-shot PBT keycaps
  • 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover
  • Simple design
  • Excellent typing feel

  • Non-detachable cable

iKBC CD87 keyboard is preferable for those who need a Cherry MX Red keyboard. The keyboard has a simple design with an all-black appearance. However, you can bring more color to the keyboard by altering some colorful keycaps that come together. And, all the keycaps are double-shot PBT. This means there will be two PBT layers pressed together to make the keycap case, enhancing the durability of the plastic keycaps.

This keyboard also has a 100% anti-ghosting and N-key rollover function, which is helpful for increasing your typing speed. To be clearer, regarding the keyboard without this function, you cannot type 6 numbers at the same time and have them all appear on the monitor. It may appear only one or two numbers at much. However, the iKBC CD87 keyboard allows you to type 6 keys at once with each key registered successfully.

In addition, this keyboard is really great to type on comfortably. Besides the good-quality Cherry MX Red key switches, the keyboard design, for instance, the width between 2 keycaps or the width of a keycap, is well-thought to bring out the best experience.

Nonetheless, the iKBC CD87 has only attachable cable so you won’t have a choice to make a change. But, under the keyboard, there is a keyboard route that allows you to lead the cable direction to be on the left or right, which is convenient to tidy your working desk.

Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair k70 rgb mk. 2 mechanical keyboard
Corsair k70 rgb mk. 2 mechanical keyboard

  • Dedicated volume control and media keys
  • Corsair iCue software
  • Detachable soft wrist rest

  • Customizable RGB lighting effects
  • Per-key backlit
  • Detachable USB cable
  • Solid construction
  • Aluminum frame

  • Metallic-noise keycaps
  • Flimsy keyboard
  • ABS keycaps
  • Expensive

The next best keyboard with Cherry MX Red switch is Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 keyboard. At a first glance, we have to agree that the design of this keyboard is outstanding and luxurious. Since the frame is from expensive aluminum, the Corsair K70 keyboard is heavy and solid which will be strong enough to withstand rough use.

The USB pass-through gate allows people to plug in and out the cable. Moreover, there is a super soft wrist rest that comes with this keyboard, where we can place our hands for comfort.

The RGB effects on this Cherry MX Red keyboard are superb with 16.8 million colors. Furthermore, the Corsair iCue software allows you to customize the lighting effect even for each individual key. This maximizes the RGB experience as you can have the freedom to play with colors.

Corsair K70 also has dedicated media keys, which a good Cherry Red gaming keyboard should have. With this extra function, you can easily control the sound volume and media effects.

However, the ABS keycaps are a big letdown as ABS tends to be flimsy and wear out faster than other materials. Moreover, pressing the keys sometimes emits a high-pitched noise that is quite disturbing. But, besides that, Corsair K70 is still a good mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red at a good price.

How about taking a closer look at this elegant keyboard by watching this video?

Vortexgear Cypher 65%

Vortexgear cypher 65% mechanical keyboard with red switches-best cherry mx red keyboard
Vortexgear cypher 65% mechanical keyboard with red switches

  • USB-C cable
  • Double spacebar

  • Full key programming with built-in software
  • Laser engraved PBT keycaps
  • Detachable cable
  • Compatible to multiple operation system

  • No delete key
  • Backlit is not very bright in room light condition

We cannot forget Vortexgear Cypher 65% mechanical keyboard when talking about the best Cherry MX Red keyboards. The design is simple and old-school but this keyboard is very powerful to perform multi-tasks. It also has a detachable type-C cable and a special double spacebar. 

This split spacebar is extremely useful for a compact Cherry MX Red keyboard such as Vortexgear Cypher. The reason is you can combine the left or right spacebar with other keys to create multiple necessary key combinations. This makes up for the lack of a function row in a standard layout keyboard.

About the keycap, it’s nice to see this keyboard use high-quality PBT materials. Moreover, laser printing will prevent the fading process of the legends, which will happen naturally after thousand strokes from our hands.

Another good aspect of this budget Cherry MX Red keyboard is its compatibility with a lot of different operating systems such as Windows X, Mac OS, and Linux. Remember that you will need a Window system to upgrade the keyboard firmware.

In contrast, this keyboard does not have a ‘delete’ key, which is expectable as a 65% keyboard. However, this can be very inconvenient to people who are used to using the ‘delete’ button. Apart from that, Vortexgear Cypher 65% keyboard’s backlighting is not as vivid as other RGB keyboards. In the normal room lighting condition, the dull lighting is even more obvious.

Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 Wireless Keyboard

Filco majestouch convertible 2 mechanical keyboard-best cherry mx red keyboard
Filco majestouch convertible 2 mechanical keyboard

  • Wireless connection
  • Rubber stand

  • Choose between Bluetooth or USB connection
  • Solid construction
  • Media hotkeys
  • Can be used with multiple devices

  • Expensive
  • No RGB lighting
  • Thin ABS keycaps

Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red is a strong keyboard for anyone who looks for a wireless mechanical keyboard. You can switch between the Bluetooth connection or the USB port based on the connected devices. What makes this Cherry MX Red keyboard stand out is the stable Bluetooth connection. Compared to other wireless keyboards, the Bluetooth gate is reliable with minimum delay.

Moreover, thanks to that, the Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 keyboard can even be used for TV, tablet, or even smartphone, providing that the devices have Bluetooth. It’s also compatible with many operating systems so you don’t need to purchase many keyboards for different devices.

The overall build is sturdy and trustworthy. The look is simple and neat, suitable for minimalist keyboard users. But, you can still find the extra media hotkeys on this keyboard to access quickly the media function. There are also big rubber feet to ensure the stability of the keyboard.

On the downside, the Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 keyboard uses ABS keycaps. The price is quite high while there are no RGB effects. But, if you prefer a minimalist keyboard, this keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches is an excellent option.

This video from Biotfanime explores the Filco keyboard thoroughly, so we suggest you watch it if you consider purchasing the keyboard.

WASD Code V3

Wasd code v3 tkl cherry mx red mechanical keyboard
wasd code v3 tkl cherry mx red mechanical keyboard (source: haurjie)

  • White LED backlighting
  • USB type-C
  • 5-way cable route
  • Anti-sliding rubber pad

  • Programmable hotkeys
  • Aluminum cases or ABS cases
  • Detachable cable

  • ABS keycaps
  • Expensive

WASD Code V3 Cherry MX Silent Red keyboard has a simple design with the keys are put neatly on a bland case. Besides, the keyboard comes with a white backlit, which is quite nice for people who work under low-light conditions. Moreover, the USB type-C cable is detachable, hence, you can replace it with a new one if it stops working.

This keyboard is designed to be portable so the overall weight is quite light. Therefore, there is a rubber pad under the keyboard to prevent slipping due to heavy typing. In addition, this silent keyboard with Cherry MX Red is built with a 5-way route. This means you can alter the direction of the cable under the keyboard so your working desk can be neat and clean.

With the WASD Code V3 keyboard, you can choose between an aluminum case or a plastic case. More than the case, you are allowed to choose from the switches to the keycaps in order to customize an ideal keyboard. For this option, you need to visit the WASD website to place an order since other sellers like Amazon only have pre-built keyboards.

If you want to remap some keys on the keyboard layout, for instance, change the rarely-use ‘cap locks’ to the more frequently-use ‘ESC’, the WASD Code V3 keyboard allows you to do that easily. This is undeniably a good function as altering the layout to your use will boost the overall working efficiency.

However, the minor issue of WASD Code V3 is the use of ABS keycaps. To learn more about why we prefer PBT keycaps over ABS, you can visit this article here for a full explanation.

Well, it’s true that WASD Code V3 is quite expensive but a lot of people still enjoy it. You could find more about the reasons in the video here.

Durgod Fusion

Durgod fusion 65% cherry red keyboard in different color versions
Durgod fusion 65% cherry red keyboard in different color versions

  • Wired or wireless
  • USB-C connection
  • Multimedia function key

  • PBT keycaps
  • 1000 Hz polling rate
  • Buttery smooth typing
  • 40-day battery

  • No RGB lighting
  • No supporting software

In this list of the best Cherry MX Red switch keyboards, Durgod Fusion 65% keyboard has one of the most distinctive design. The color scheme and the highlighting features have a retro vibe just like a radio song in the 80s. So, it’s highly suitable for those who want a unique keyboard with a nostalgic feeling.

The Durgod Fusion 65% keyboard can be used in both wired and wireless connections, which increases flexibility. As a compact keyboard, you can bring this Cherry MX Red keyboard around comfortably, on a trip, or on your sofa. Moreover, the guaranteed 40-day battery is such a huge amount to use comfortably without thinking of recharging all the time.

Another great aspect of this funky Cherry MX Red keyboard is the high-quality PBT keycaps. Hence, you won’t have to think of replacing the keycaps soon except if you want to install some artisan ones. Moreover, typing on them feels awesomely great as it’s buttery smooth thanks to the Cherry MX Red switches and the meticulous design of this keyboard.

For people who are game lovers, Durgod Fusion with Cherry MX Red is not a bad option. 1000Hz polling rate is a good number for competitive games such as FPS or intense rhythm games like OSU. Moreover, with the extra multifunctional media keys, you can control the media quickly with just a few steps.

On the other hand, this silent Cherry MX Red keyboard does not have supporting software. That is why you will need to download other programs to aid this keyboard if necessary. Aside from that, Durgod Fusion does not provide RGB lighting effects.

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What Are Red Switches?

Cherry MX is the very first mechanical switch brand so they indeed set the first stone for the whole market. By categorizing each switch's feature with each color, you can recognize the function of a switch right away just by looking at the color.

Red switches refer to lightweight linear switches. Therefore, most of the switches with the Red in the name won’t produce tactile feedback and will be around 45-50 gf.

Are Red Switches Good for Gaming?

Red switches on keyboard
Red switches on keyboard

When it comes to gaming, linear switches are way more suitable than tactile or clicky switches. Therefore, Red switches are one of the best options for your mechanical gaming keyboard.

it won’t slow down your typing speed and there won’t be any ‘click’ sound that disturb your focus. Furthermore, by practicing touch typing enough, typing accuracy won’t be a problem at all.

Are Red Switches Good for Typing?

They are pretty nice to type on since the feels are smooth and light. However, since there is no tactile bump, you won’t recognize immediately whether you have successfully registered the keys. 

But, this is not a big problem for pro typists so our final conclusion is that Red switches are pretty nice for typing experience.

Are Red Switches Good for Programming?

Yes, they are. Programming requires high accuracy and speed. Even though Red switches do not aid you pretty much in the accuracy category, no switch type can beat Red switches in terms of speed and smoothness.

Other Red Switches

Right now in the market, there are many brands that try to compete with Cherry MX Red. Here, we compile a list of brands that are also very famous for their good Red switches. Some switches in the list are clones of Cherry MX whereas the others have completely new designs.

Gateron Red

A gateron red switch
A gateron red switch

If one Red switch can compete on par with Cherry MX, it must be the Gateron Red switch. Gateron goes further than making an exact copy of Cherry MX by innovating the design to create the smoothest switches on the planet.

If we have to use one word to describe the smoothness of Gateron Red, it would be ‘buttery’. However, the lifespan of Gateron Red is merely half of Cherry MX Red switches. 

You can learn more about Gateron and its buttery smooth switches at this link.

Gateron Optical Red

Gateron is an adaptable company since they could quickly introduce the new optical switch lines as soon as this new technology first appeared.

The Gateron Optical Red uses optical principal to send signals to the keyboard, making it 1.5 x faster and even 1.5x smoother than other normal Red switches.

If you are curious about optical mechanical switches, find out if they are truly better than normal mechanical switches with our article here.

Kailh Box Red

A kailh box red switch
A kailh box red switch

Kailh is one of the most famous dupe brands of Cherry MX. Its phenomenal BOX switches are widely accepted and praised by many keyboard enthusiasts. Thanks to a square box that covers the stem, these Red switches are stable and sturdy to type on. Moreover, the box can prevent moisture and dust, prolonging the overall longevity of the switches.

Outemu Red

An outemu red switch
An outemu red switch

The most budget-friendly Red switches in the list comes from Outemu. This brand truly produces amazing products for a very low price. In general, Outemu Red switches can perform pretty well despite some scratchiness. Of course, we cannot expect it to be near Cherry MX Red switches’ quality at that price.

HyperX Red

A hyperx red switch
A hyperx red switch

The HyperX Red switch is also a good alternative for those in need of a linear lightweight switch keyboard. It has a shorter travel distance than Cherry MX Red but the lifespan is not even near Cherry. However, some people claimed that the HyperX Red switch is smoother and more comfortable with the 100% anti-ghosting feature.

But, the lifespan of the HyperX Red switch is still shorter than Cherry MX, with 80 million keystrokes as opposed to 100 million keystrokes.

Razer Optical Red

Razer optical red switches on keyboard
Razer optical red switches on keyboard

Razer is good at making stuff for the gaming community so the Razer Optical Red switches are no exception. The switches are insanely fast thanks to the new optical-mechanical design. By using the light speed theory, the key response time can be shortened to 0.2 ms

Moreover, a special stem design and key stabilizer bar boost the stability and balance of those switches. To sum up, Razer Optical Red switches are amazing linear switches for professional gamers.

Why should you use Cherry MX Red Switches?

It’s undeniable that Cherry MX Red switches are superb when we think of mechanical switches. But. what makes them stand out as the first choice for people when they are thinking of mechanical keyboards? Or, why you should go with the Red switches instead of other Cherry MX switches?

Better Gaming Experience

Compared to tactile or clicky switches, linear Red switches are superior when we talk about games. The reason is the bounce-back response, despite being nice for recognizing keystrokes, somehow reduces the typing speed.

Since there won’t be a tactile bump when you type, the overall typing experience is much faster and smoother, making it ideal for gamers, especially in combat or racing games, where speed is a vital factor.

Cherry MX Red is not only extremely smooth but the switches are also made precisely so there won’t be any wobbling issues or scratchiness. This makes it way better than other Red switches because no one wants to feel annoyed by the wobble when they are already on tension in a gaming battle.


Linear switches, with Cherry MX Red as a prime example, won’t cause as much noise as other types. Hence, you won’t feel like a sinister whenever you use your keyboard in a public environment.

Moreover, there is the Cherry MX Silent Red choice for people who needs a completely noise-free experience.

Are the Other Switch Brands As Good As Cherry?

Considering every aspect, we believe Cherry MX stands at the top. There must be a reason for that high price, right? 

However, other brands are still pretty good and they may offer some aspects that outweigh Cherry MX. For example, Gateron Red key switches are even smoother than Cherry MX Red. 

But, of course, one aspect cannot make a switch alone. Cherry MX Red is still outstanding with 100 million keystrokes and a stable build. This means for a long time, a Cherry MX Red keyboard will prove itself by standing high and mighty while other Red keyboards may gradually meet some technical issues. So, if money is not the main priority to you, Cherry MX Red switches are worth considering.


In the final words, we believe Cherry MX Red switches are excellent linear switches that are flexible for many uses. It’s the best for gaming and also a great key switch for typing in general. Furthermore, what makes Cherry MX Red truly outperform other Red switches may lie inside the German meticulous design that allows the switches to be both stable and extremely durable.

As you have come this far with us, we hope you are now able to decide if Cherry MX Red switches are the best choice for you. If so, we also hope that this list of the best Cherry MX Red keyboards can aid you to some degree.

Thanks for reading!

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the best Cherry MX Red keyboards for gaming?

The best gaming keyboards with Cherry MX Red switches are G. Skill Ripjaws KM780 MX, HyperX Alloy FPS Pro, and Ducky One 2 Mini.

Why do Cherry MX Red Keyboards usually have a high price?

The reasons why keyboards with Cherry MX red are normally high relate to different factors such as materials, technology, and marketing. However, we think the main factor is the price of Cherry MX Red. As the Cherry switches are of top quality, their prices are also at the top compared to other Red switches.

What are the best budget-friendly Cherry MX Red keyboards?

You can find some budget-friendly keyboards with Cherry MX Red switches among these keyboards, namely Durgod Taurus K320, iKBC CD87, and Vortexgear Cypher 65%.

Should I buy Cherry MX Red keyboards or not?

If you can afford a good keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches, we think you should go for it because the typing quality and durability of Cherry MX switches are truly phenomenal. A Cherry MX Red keyboard will be a good investment.


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