Gateron Yellow vs Red Switches: Which one should you choose?

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  • Aug 4, 2023

Gateron is never short on diversity. If you keep an eye on Gateron's linear switches, you must be wondering which is better: Gateron Yellow vs Red.

No more worries! In this comprehensive comparison, we leave no stone unturned as we explore the nuances of these two popular switches, guiding you towards the perfect choice. Whether you seek lightning-fast keystrokes or a tactile typing experience, we've got you covered.

Gateron Red vs Yellow: What’re the Differences?

Gateron yellow vs red
gateron yellow vs red (source: keebmonkey)

Gateron Yellow vs Red: Quick Specs Comparison


Gateron Yellow

Gateron yellow

Gateron Red

Gateron red

Switch type Linear Linear
Pre-travel distance 2.0 0.6 mm 2.0 0.6 mm
Total travel distance 4.0 mm 4.0 mm
Actuation force 50 15 gf 45 15 gf
Sound level Low Low
Factory lubed Yes Yes
Feel Medium pressing force, slight tactile bump Light pressing force, no bump
Lifespan 50 million keystrokes 50 million keystrokes
Price ~ $0.40 per switch ~ $0.37 per switch

You see, the Gateron Yellows are closely similar to the Reds in most ways. That’s why people are always hesitant about Gateron Yellow vs Red options, even experienced keyboardists. Scroll down! We will clear up any confusion.

Gateron Yellow Review

Gateron Yellow features all of the rewards of a linear switch, making it an ideal choice for officers, long-term typing, and gamers. The switch has been praised for its responsiveness, smoothness, and vertical pressing sensation with no clicky feel.

With a 50gf actuation force, the Gateron Yellow switch gives a quicker rebounce and a more rigid feel when pressed. Each keypress produces a strong and clear response, but not too forceful, making it a top choice among many keyboard enthusiasts.

Gateron yellow inside operation
Gateron yellow inside operation

A really nice bonus is that Gateron yellow switch is lightly pre-lubed right out of the box. This way, users can further experience smoother and scratch-free clicks.

Nonetheless, some users may find the absence of tactile feedback unpleasant. Additionally, while Gateron Yellow has a low-noise sound level, that doesn't mean it is totally noise-free. You may still find the clicks quite loud.

Overall, if you are looking for a fast and snappy linear switch under budget price, the Gateron yellow switches are worth a try. Its all-encompassing features justify the price for the value they deliver.

Gateron yellow
gateron yellow

Gateron Yellow comes in 7 different variants. Our detailed Gateron Yellow switches review will walk you through each yellow switch model.

Pros Cons
  • The light spring requires less force to press
  • Offer consistent and smooth clicks without any scratchiness
  • Factory pre-lubed for more fluid typing
  • A bit heavier than the other 45gf standard linear switches
  • Still making a quite loud sound
  • Without tactile feedback

Watch the video below to better understand the benefits and downsides of Gateron Yellow switches.

Gateron Red Review

You can only see the different Gateron Red and Yellow at 5 gf of operating force. But, how does exactly Gateron Red switch perform?

Gateron Red is the very first linear switch, the perfect alternative to Cherry MX Red switches. Why? Give this post a read to know how Gateron is best change to Cherry.

Gateron Red switches seem to be the jack of all trades as they cost less than many other switch brands out there.

The switch has a light actuation force of 45 gf, providing users with highly responsive keystrokes and smooth travel, making them ideal for typing and gaming. When it comes to build quality, you can be confident that Gateron Red will endure even the most rigorous tasks or even hardcore battles.

Gateron red inside operation
gateron red inside operation

Talking about the sound, the Gateron Red switch generates a soft thock sound, which is less audible than other switches. It also has a very smooth bottom-out to further muffles sound.

Like Yellows, this switch is factory-pre-lubricated to provide a smooth and silky feel. Besides, it also lessens the friction between the stem and the housing, making typing more consistent and pleasant.

One drawback of Gateron Red is that it lacks a bump. As a result, you will experience a few bumps or resistance in each press.

In sum, Gateron Red switches are a go-to for a pocket-friendly switch for both typing and gaming purposes.

Gateron red
gateron red

Enjoy 'thock'? Go for the Reds!

Pros Cons
  • Affordable, making it a great Cherry MX alternative
  • Pre-lubrication and low wobble rate
  • Pleasant thock sound
  • Quieter than Yellow
  • No bump
  • Not as smooth as Yellow

Let’s see how reviews score the performance of Gateron Red switch!

Note that we are looking at Gateron Yellow vs Red regular switches. If they are new to you, this ultimate Gateron switches guide can help.

Gateron Yellow vs Red Switches - Detailed Comparison

Gateron yellow vs red switches detailed comparison
gateron yellow vs red switches detailed comparison


Gateron switches are all built with care. The ABS plastic housing has a sturdy feel to it.

While Gateron Yellow and Red switches have the same lifespan of 50 million keystrokes, Gateron Reds are designed with more durability in mind. Unlike Yellows, Reds can withstand a lot of pressure and even abuse. Thus, if you’re looking for a long-lasting switch, Gateron Reds are a better choice than the Yellow ones.

Sound Test

Both Gateron Yellow and Red switches offer minimal noise and are suitable for those who prefer a quieter typing experience.

However, the Red switches provide a more pleasingly quiet sound than the Yellow switches. While still relatively quiet, the Yellow switches may produce a slightly more audible sound due to their higher actuation force.

Therefore, you can consider the Gateron Red switch if you need a quiet environment for better attention to work or play games in the dark.


The prices of Gateron Red and Yellow switches vary depending on the seller and the quantity you want to buy.

For example, you can find Gateron Red switches available on Amazon for $33.12 for 72 pieces. Gateron Yellow switches are also available for $17.00 for 36 pieces.

In short, these two switches have a cost-effective price given their great features.


Both the Gateron Yellow and Red switches are generally praised for a smooth-as-butter typing experience. You can enjoy typing without any worry of rattling or wobbling.

As previously mentioned, the Gateron Yellow switch has an actuation force of 50 gf, just 5 gf higher than the Red switch's (45g). That affects the way it feels.

The Red is fairly soft and light, but the feedback on the larger keys is not as good. On the other side, the Yellow produces stronger feedback, making it ideal for those who believe the Red is too light.

It isn't a big issue, though. The hard part is preference.

Gateron Red could be the way to go for some users preferring lighter springs and a slightly more sensitive switch. Whereas, some other users like the increased actuation force of Gateron Yellow which provides a more resistant and satisfying typing experience.

It eventually depends on your taste and typing style.

Typing Experience

The linear nature of both switches makes them suitable for fast typists
the linear nature of both switches makes them suitable for fast typists

Generally, a linear switch can offer a super smooth, fast, and consistent typing experience with a very quiet sound and no vertical bump. As a result, you can give your task your whole attention.

The Gateron Red switch is lighter to trigger than the Yellow one. Your finger can slide fluidly over the keys. However, there is a cost involved! A little click on the Red switches might result in typos.

The Gateron Yellow switch is much like the Red one in terms of typing experience, but still a touch stiffer. Moreover, the Yellow switch tends to produce more noise than the Red switch.

In all, Gateron Yellow and Red will wow you with its typing performance. But if you value quietness, Gateron Red is a better fit to ensure the colleagues next to you aren't bothered by the click-clack sound.

Gaming Experience

Linear switches are notable for gaming purposes. Both Gateron Red and Yellow give the optimum gameplay experience.

Game in the dark? Just shut the light as these switches will enable vibrant RGB colors to shine through their transparent housing. 

Gateron Yellow switches are great for gaming genres like racing games and first-person shooters. Gateron Yellow can give you an edge in games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Rocket League.

Gateron Red switches have a quick response time but are less stiff than the Gateron Yellow ones. You may pick Gateron Reds to advance your gaming at a much more affordable cost. Gateron Red switches are excellent for FPS-type games like Fortnite.

Gateron Yellow

Gateron yellow

Gateron Red

Gateron red

  • Light operating force
  • Factory pre-lubrication
  • Smooth and consistent clicks
  • Budget-friendly
  • Light operating force
  • Factory pre-lubrication
  • Smooth and consistent clicks
  • Quiet
  • Quite loud
  • No tactile feedback
  • Require more force to operate
  • Less stiff
Suitable for

Midway gaming/Office


Wrapping Up

Have got clear about the differences between Gateron Yellow vs Red? Both of them can give you the best typing and gaming ever. But never lose sight of your purposes. Study these two switches carefully to choose the right one that fits your typing preferences and needs.


Are Gateron Yellow Switches heavier than Red?

Yes. compared to the Red switches (45 gf), the Gateron Yellow switches feature a 50 gf spring. As a result, Yellow switches are heavier than Red switches.

Are Gateron Yellow Switches louder than Red?

Yes. Despite having the same sound level, Gateron Yellow switches produce more audible clicks than Red ones do.

Gateron Yellow vs Red Switches: Which one is cheaper?

It depends on the seller and the quantity of purchase. Prices may vary across e-commerce platforms. For example, Gateron Red is available for $12.00/35pcs on Gateron’s official website, yet it costs $17.00/36pcs on Amazon.

Gateron Yellow vs Red Switches: Which one is better for typing?

Typing is a basic thing to do with keyboards. Both Gateron Yellow and Red Switches switches are created with the mission of delivering a great typing experience in mind. You can be confident typing fast and smoothly on these switches.

Gateron Red vs Yellow Switches: Which one is better for gaming?

Most gamers prefer Gateron Red switches thanks to their lighter keystrokes than the Yellow ones. This will make gaming more responsive with faster responses.


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