Gateron Yellow Switches Review: Is it the Best Budget Linear Switch?

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  • Jul 19, 2022

A nice selection of keyboard switches from Gateron is less expensive than Cherry MX.

Among Gateron switches, Red switches seem to be more common for keyboard enthusiasts.

However, may you know that Gateron Yellow switches are steadily boosted their name in the keyboard switches playground.

With the increasing popularity, a question is raised if Gateron Yellow switches really so beneficial?

To answer this question, we will go over a comprehensive Gateron Yellow review, which will include everything from basic specifications to an in-depth analysis.

Let's get started with technical specifications!

Gateron Yellow Switches Specifications

Gateron yellow switches
Gateron yellow switches

First and foremost, check some technical features of Gateron Yellow switches shown in the table below:

Switch type


Mount type

PCB & Plate Mount

Actuation force

50g Operating | 60g Bottom-out



Travel distance


Sound level


Suitable for

Office/ Gaming

If you want to know more about the switch types from Gateron brand, you can check here: Master Guide to Gateron Switches.


Gateron Yellow comes with other switch lines such as the KS-3, KS-3-X1, KS-3-X47, KS-8, KS-9, and KS-15 with a different appearance.

Below, we will break down every line of the Gateron Yellow switch, along with their specific features.


Gateron yellow switches ks-1 | leowiki
Gateron yellow switches ks-1 | leowiki

Gateron KS1 switches, which were available in Milky and Clear variations, had a distinctive stem shape that was unknown of almost other switch types.

These switches looked to be in the typical MX with PCB mount design, a big, square stem, and a circular divet surrounding the mounting post in the center of the stem.


Gateron yellow switches ks-3 | ringer keys
Gateron yellow switches ks-3 | ringer keys

These are the least often encountered of the Gateron switch KS-3 types because of their totally black housings.

For several reasons, the KS-3-X1, as well as KS-3-X47, appear to be supported significantly more by the aftermarket for purchasing new switches than the standard KS-3 switches.


Gateron yellow switches ks-3-x1 | 42keebs
Gateron yellow switches ks-3-x1 | 42keebs

However, they are known as "Milky Gateron switches" in the community, where Gateron KS-3-X1s are really rather well known. These are quite well-liked by a lot of people in the keyboard community thanks to transparent whiteish-clear housing.


Gateron yellow switches ks-3-x47
Gateron yellow switches ks-3-x47

These switches' housings were essentially just a fusion of the classic KS-3 and KS-3-X1 switch lines, with the X47 series having milky top housings and black bottom housings.


Gateron yellow switches ks-8 | keybee
Gateron yellow switches ks-8 | keybee

The KS-8 line's main difference from the KS-3 line is that the switches have a black bottom housing with an entirely transparent top housing in place of the translucent, milky top housing.

Besides, while KS-3 features the two-pin option, the KS-8 switches can accommodate four-pin LEDs.


Gateron yellow switches ks-9 | divinikey
Gateron yellow switches ks-9 | divinikey

In terms of product design changes, the Gateron KS-9 series of switches differs the most from the other models.

These have an opaque white bottom housing in the RGB style, with a transparent top housing instead of merely altering the bottom or top housing's color or material.

Moreover, these were designed to be more suited to setups that used SMD LEDs as opposed to through-hole LEDs.


Gateron yellow switches ks-15 | amazon
Gateron yellow switches ks-15 | amazon

These switches, which have the same housing design as the KS-3-X47 line, are the last to have a yellow stem in this list.

After all, you may notice that most models repeat the appearance to describe KS-8s.

However, all-black KS-3s and the milky KS-3-X1s are preferable since their appearances are considered neutral in builds and have far better color matching in the case of stem-changing for switches.

Push Feel

The push-feel of Gateron Yellow switches is truly one factor in the long-standing unanimity of the keyboard community's admiration for them. You would be surprised at how smoothly these switches compare to more expensive linear switch choices from other well-known brands like Cherry.

Indeed, the Gateron Yellow switches don't modify jumps or force in the stroke during manufacturing lubrication. As a result, they create a very smooth linear feeling throughout the full stroke.

Gateron Yellow switches, with a spring weight bottoming out at about 50g of force, are regarded as a decent, lightweight stock choice that can be readily upgraded to greater spring weights without losing smoothness.

Moreover, these switches' bottom outs are also sturdy and durable, not plasticky or hollow like many of their flimsy counterparts seem to be.


In addition to the push feel, all switches made by Gateron are renowned for offering exceptional smoothness.

Of course, Gateron Yellow switches also provide users with that super-smooth typing experience.

In fact, any mechanical switch's smoothness isn't based on just one thing. Besides actuation force, spring force, switch profile, and building mechanism are major factors to create consistent and smooth switches.

More than that, Gateron linear Yellow switches offer enhanced smoothness and gentle gripping so that they make typing seem incredibly light and smooth.

The finest part is that you can lubricate Gateron yellow to obtain additional softness, especially when rattling noise after continuous use appears.

Overall, Gateron Yellow is undoubtedly a fantastic switch that offers a remarkably seamless experience.


Regarding the weight, Yellow switches resemble the Gateron Red closer and activate at 50g. 

Theoretically, Haata's force curves reveal that they are actually quite similar, or even identical. Yet, the Gateron Yellow is considerably smoother.

Additionally, there are a few minor discrepancies between the switches, but they are not obvious while typing normally.


Regarding the sound that Gateron Yellow switches generate, it is quite similar to that of Gateron Red switches.

Due to internal components, Gateron Yellow switches with a very quiet sound during typing bringing to users a subtle impression of a deep and rich sound.

With this great calm and silent sound, these switches are most preferred by gamers and office workers. This sound improvement makes Gateron Yellow switches outperform the Red switches which produce annoying click sounds.

Moreover, as we mentioned above, you can lubricate the switches to improve their sound if necessary. This will truly boost your gaming experience as detecting the enemy’s footsteps is now getting much easier.

The following video gives you a sound comparison between lubed and unlubed Gateron Yellow switches.

Stem wobble

Perhaps this is a small downside for these switches.

There is very little spring and stem wobbling in all Gateron switches, although it may not be almost noticed without close monitoring.

In the N/S direction, there is a minimal bit of stem wobbling however it is not generally too annoying for most users. It won't be also seen on keycaps with larger profiles.

In that way, the E/W direction wobble is even improved, and it is said to be in the vicinity of the majority of normal Durock/JWK linears that aren't produced using specially modified molds.

Whereas, this switch also has nearly no top housing wobble, with about 30 to 40 percent of the switches in a batch showing a smaller indication of possible E-W direction wobble.

In spite of stem wobble, given their reasonable cost and remarkable performance, Gateron Yellow switches are generally acceptable.

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Typing Performance

With the smooth typing experience they offer, linear switches are extremely suitable for daily typing. For typists, Gateron Yellow switches will be one of the best choices with a fast and light typing experience.

Gaming Performance

When selecting a mechanical switch, it is critical to consider the gaming experience. The linear switches are often useful for gaming.

Whether you play games for contests or just for fun, Gateron Yellow switches with smooth typing feeling and silent sound will surely give you a great gaming environment.


Gateron Yellows are available on different platforms at varying prices based on availability and demand.

Some sellers are offering these switches for $0.20 each, while others are asking $0.30.

Therefore, we recommend that you get them from reliable sites like Amazon or so that you won't be duped.

Gateron Yellow Switches: Overall

If you prefer linear switches for your mechanical keyboards, Gateron Yellow switches are a great option. There is no clicky feeling, only a very quiet, vertical pushing feeling.

What's more? The Gateron yellow switch strikes an excellent balance between strength and smoothness. It has all the perks of a linear switch and works well for daily typing and gaming.

Therefore, it's the finest choice if you want to change your linear switch at a reasonable price.

Key Differences Between Gateron Red and Gateron Yellow switches

Gateron yellow vs gateron red
Gateron yellow vs gateron red

When looking for linear switches, people generally search for Red switches because they believe they are now the only option available.

This is due to the fact that many brands only offer red linear switches, although Gateron Yellow switches are also regarded as the greatest competitors for their red counterparts.

When comparing these two switches, the actuation, touch, and feedback are the primary differences between Gateron Yellow and Gateron Red switches.

The yellow switches are a little heavier with greater feedback, while the red ones are quite light and soft thanks to very weak feedback.

Sound test: Gateron Red Vs Gateron Yellow switches

As previously said, Gateron Yellow and Red switches generate fairly similar sounds. However, there are still some differences existing.

You can watch the video below to see how the sound differs from each other:


To end this review, we can conclude that Gateron Yellow switches are undoubtedly the perfect alternative for Red switches thanks to their exceptional performance on various benchmarks.

If you want a sturdy, reliable switch with a modest actuation force, this is a wonderful option that will bring to you a super-smooth typing experience.


Is the Gateron Yellow switch good?

Yes. For those who want to buy linear switches, Gateron Yellow switches cannot be missed. They are good for both working and gaming.

What type of switch is a Gateron Yellow?

Gateron Yellow Switches are linear switches that produce no vertical bump and are incredibly smooth, quick, consistent, and silent.

Is Gateron yellow switch loud?

No. Gateron Yellow switches offer no clicky feeling and quite silent typing.