How long does a wireless keyboard last?

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  • Sep 5, 2022

Like any other electric device, ‘how long does a wireless keyboard last’ is a frequent question that people need to know before any buying decision is made.

To help you with that, we have here not only the wireless keyboard lifespan but also the tips to maintain a long-live wireless keyboard. Keep scrolling till the end because there will be our recommended good wireless keyboards for you.

Before that, apart from wireless keyboards, if you also consider wired keyboards, you could check out our comparison between wired vs wireless keyboards as well as the life expectancy of mechanical keyboards to find the best match.

Do wireless keyboards wear out?

Thermaltake w1 wireless gaming keyboard
Thermaltake w1 wireless gaming keyboard

Nowadays, more people look for a wireless keyboard as it’s portable and convenient without the attached strings. But, sadly, it’s very sensitive to dust, moisture, and rough physical contact. Hence, the longevity of a wireless keyboard can take up some years before meeting its end.

Not only that, you can easily witness the malfunction after two or three years using such as lack of responsiveness or frequent connection loss. And, those problems undoubtedly hinder your typing experience.

How long should an average wireless keyboard last?

Normally, a decent wireless keyboard can live over 10 years whereas the life of a cheap-bought one is probably three months or a few years.

To stay for a few months or a whole decade, several factors affect directly ‘how long do wireless keyboards last’. First, it is the materials and design quality. The more expensive a keyboard is, the more likely it can serve under you for a very long time.

Second, the way you handle it can talk a lot about wireless keyboard longevity. A wireless keyboard in good care surely wins over the one under rough use.

On top of that, the life expectancy of a wireless keyboard is decided by battery quality. That is why you should not forget to check the battery information before bringing it home.

How long does the battery of a wireless keyboard last?

Apple wireless keyboard battery
Apple wireless keyboard battery

You can expect 3 to 36 months of use before putting in a new battery. The number to answer ‘how long does a battery last’ will vary based on the battery type, so here are some tips to remember.

Regarding the battery that requires to be replaced once it dies, instead of an Alkaline battery, go looking for brands like Energizer, Duracell, or Rayovac. Those battery brands can add up a little bit to your pocket but in a long run, it surely saves you more money.

If you use a rechargeable keyboard, a good NiMH battery (nickel metal hydride) is worth a go. This type of chargeable battery is environmentally friendly and safe to use

How do you check battery life on a wireless keyboard?

First, you can look up the specs on the back of your keyboard or in the manual guide to check the battery lifespan.

If you want to see ‘how long does your wireless keyboard’s battery last’, follow this instruction.  For Windows 10, open Settings/ Bluetooth and other devices/ Devices/ Keyboards and see the percentage left.

How to check the battery life in windows 10 (source: pureinfotech)
How to check the battery life in windows 10 (source: pureinfotech)

For Mac, you need to open the Bluetooth settings to see the remained battery percentage.

Check the battery life in macos (source: macworld)
Check the battery life in macos (source: macworld)

Warning signs that you need a new wireless keyboard

If your keyboard encounters these problems, it means the wireless keyboard lifespan is over and it’s time to get yourself a brand new one.

Typing on a logitech wireless keyboard
Typing on a logitech wireless keyboard
  • Keycaps keep falling out and being too loose.
  • Your keyboard needs a long time to respond or frequently stops working.
  • The software can no longer be updated.
  • The case and cover are broken beyond fix.
  • Bluetooth is usually reported to be unconnected.

What do you do when your wireless keyboard stops working?

Portable wireless keyboard
Portable wireless keyboard

The very first step is to check the Bluetooth connection, USB syncing, and battery life. They are mostly the problems that cause you to fail to operate the keyboard smoothly.

If the problem is related to the connection, turn it off and turn it on again or restart your computer.

If your battery runs out of energy, go charge it or put in a new one.

In case none of the above works, the second step is to go see the driver updating. Turn on the automatic update or do it manually to make sure your wireless keyboard is always ready to work.

The last step, if updating cannot solve the problem, is to decide whether the problem is within your computer or your wireless keyboard. So, go connect the keyboard to another computer. In case it works perfectly, you should troubleshoot the syncing between your computer and the device. After that, follow the recommended instruction to fix it,

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How to make your wireless keyboard last longer?

As we have mentioned the way you handle your wireless keyboard is very important, you should use it gently and avoid dropping your keyboard or smashing it on a tough surface. In addition, think of investing in a shock-absorbent keyboard bag if you need to bring it around.

Besides, here are three key methods to help you prolong your wireless keyboard lifespan.

Charging fully before using

Full-charged battery
Full-charged battery

This is for rechargeable keyboards only.

It is a simple act but due to hastiness, people tend to install the keyboard before the battery reaches 100%.  However, this can affect the longevity of wireless keyboards negatively, so we suggest you wait for a full charge before reconnecting your keyboard to your wanted device.

Moreover, check the connection. Make sure the contact between the charger and energy source is not loose or dirty.

Keeping your keyboard clean

Clean your wireless keyboard (source: hp)
Clean your wireless keyboard (source: hp)

You should clean up your wireless keyboard regularly. Once a week is desirable but once a month is not bad at all. When you start to do the job, follow these steps below:

  • Get rid of the dirt and dust by vacuuming, using sticky slime, or a dustpan. Make sure no objects stay under your keycaps.
  • Use a microfiber or soft cloth to wipe the keyboard. Try to do that gently. A tissue is fine but don’t wipe it, just tap on the keyboard gently to absorb the moisture.

That’s all. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes but the extended wireless keyboard lifespan is guaranteed. We have a detailed guide on how to clean your keyboard thoroughly so go check it out if you need to.

Turning off your wireless keyboard when you’re not using it

The power switch under a wireless keyboard
The power switch under a wireless keyboard

A good and practical method to save your battery energy and also lengthen the wireless keyboard longevity is turning it off after use. It is very simple but easy to neglect so be sure to make it a habit. 

To turn off the wireless keyboard, find the on-off switch which can be placed under, on the keyboard, or on the edge.  If you do not find one, it could be that your keyboard will go to sleep automatically. Besides, we think reading the manual guide carefully to grasp how the battery works will be helpful.

How long do wireless keyboards last? More than you think if keeping practicing the above simple acts.

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Long-lasting wireless keyboards

Remember we have said that a high-quality keyboard will work for a very long time? That is why we will suggest some keyboards that are promised to be long-lasting. Check them out, won’t you?

Logitech MK335 Wireless Keyboard

Logitech g915 rgb wireless gaming keyboard
Logitech mk 335 wireless keyboard


  • Instant access with 10 hot keys and 4 programmable keys.
  • Comfortable typing with silent low-profile keyswitches.
  • 24-month battery and an on-off switch.
  • 24 GHz wireless connection that is encrypted.
  • Sleek design that is easy to keep clean.

Logitech G915 RGB Wireless Keyboard

Logitech g915 rgb wireless gaming keyboard
Logitech g915 rgb wireless gaming keyboard


  • Rechargeable 40-hour battery with full lights on.
  • Lightspeed ability.
  • Extra functional keys and a special volume button.
  • MacOS and Window compatibility.
  • Micro-USB cache.

Logitech MK700

Logitech mk700 wireless desktop keyboard
Logitech mk700 wireless desktop keyboard


  • Comfortable typing with Logitech Incurve keycaps and a cushioned hand rest.
  • Three-year battery life.
  • LCD keyboard to check the life energy.
  • 2.4 GHz wireless connection without delays or dropouts.
  • Spill-resistant ability.

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Final Thoughts

While a so-so-quality keyboard can last for a few years, a more-invest wireless one will be with you for about a whole 10 years or more.

Of course, It is true that wireless keyboards cannot last as long as other mechanical keyboards. Even so, if you keep it with tons of care, you could be surprised at how long wireless keyboards last. 

Some good practices you can apply are cleaning your keyboard regularly and turning it off when not working. Besides, pay attention to the battery as it is an important factor that decides ‘how long does a wireless keyboard lasts".


Can wireless keyboards wear out?

Yes, it can. After two or three years, the wearing-off signs will be so noticeable. The affecting factors could be poor quality, rough physical contacts, outdated drives, dust, or water.

How long do Logitech wireless keyboards last?

It depends on the price tags. A good Logitech wireless keyboard at a high price can last to 10 years while it’s just a couple of years for an affordable one. 

Can turning off a wireless keyboard when it’s not in use increase its battery life?

Yes, definitely. Even though you are not working, a battery in a working mode still consumes energy. Hence, it is wise to practice turning it off after every use.

Does RGB lighting affect the battery life?

Yes, it does. Turning on a lighting effect means more energy put to use. Moreover, the energy required for the vivid RGB lighting is so massive that it shortens the battery level even tenfolds.

How long do Razer keyboard batteries last?

Razer wireless keyboard can work for 5 - 200 hours before stopping completely.