Logitech vs Razer: The Clash of the Gaming Giants

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  • Aug 30, 2022

If you’re into tech, PC, and gaming gear, there is a high chance you’ve heard of Logitech vs Razer somewhere. Since both brands are giants in the PC field, their products are truly top-notch.

However, deciding on which products from whom is not an easy task at all. That is why we are here. By comparing keyboards, mouses, headphones, and software, at the end of this article, you may have an answer for which is better, Logitech or Razer.

Logitech vs Razer: A Comprehensive Comparison

Through a quick skim, Razer is only focusing on gaming devices, whereas Logitech is more accessible to other users apart from gamers.

Take their mouse and keyboard as examples. Since the design of Razer is made with gamers in mind, the mouses and keyboards mainly function for people who are into games. Therefore, it could be too excessive for normal users. On the other hand, Logitech has a wider range of options, so officers or students can get something that suits their needs best.

Before getting down to Logitech vs Razer – who is the best pick, we should get to know each of them first.

What is Logitech?

Logitech Official Website
Logitech Official Website

Establishes in 1981 in Switzerland, Logitech has gradually moved to Silicone Valley as a part of its huge expansion. For over 40 years, the company’s non-stop pushes beyond their boundary by introducing many breakthrough products into the computer world.

You can find almost any PC gear from Logitech, ranging from mouse and keyboard to conference camera to speakers.

Moreover, they have more than 250 products that have won the design award, making Logitech one of the most trustworthy PC brands in the market.

What is Razer?

Razer Official Website
Razer Official Website

Everything about Razer is related to games and the world of gaming. They appeared later than Logitech in 1995 and witnessed a dire situation before reviving to be the top dog of gaming peripherals.

By coming up with sleek designs for Razer products that become a standard for gaming gear, Razer is the innovator that has pushed the PC field and gaming industry to reach a new horizon.

They do not only offer phenomenal gaming devices like mice and keyboards or even make their own Razer laptop, but they also go one step farther with defining the gaming lifestyle by designing gaming chairs and related services.

Why are Razer and Logitech Often Compared?

Razer vs Logitech have different approaches to their products’ market and design. However, by having the similarity of saying no to trading off quality for a lower price and non-stop breaking the old, both Razer and Logitech have left behind enormous legacies for the computer world.

Of course, there were times that Razer and Logitech met failures. But, they do not let that hinder their innovative spirit. 

To people, they look like two colossal explorers who keep chasing “over the hill” and possess “green magic” turning stone to gold. Hence, people cannot help comparing Razer vs Logitech together.

Let’s break down the differences between the two giants in their main products.

Logitech vs Razer Keyboards: Which has the Best Mechanical Keyboards?

Pro X Logitech Keyboard
Pro X Logitech Keyboard

When you explore a proper keyboard, first you consider the keyswitch, its sensitivity, and speed.

In the beginning, Logitech vs Razer both used switches from other brands for their keyboard. Then, they each released Logitech Romer-G and Razer mechanical switches for Logitech and Razer keyboards. As big brands and leaders in the technology field, they did not follow the path of duping Cherry MX – the biggest mechanical switch brand. Instead, they tried to produce their original switches.

Romer-G and Razer switches have different typing feelings than Cherry MX switches and their dupes. In general, they are as good as Cherry, with good response and adequate sensitivity. But, they do not have many variants in the lineup so basically, there are not many choices for Razer or Logitech keyboard’s switch.

Second, we care about the stability when typing and also its durability.

It is no doubt about the quality of Logitech and Razer keyboards since a lot of their keyboards are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. You can expect the longevity of those keyboards will meet your expectation.

However, they both share a similar problem relating to key stability. Most complaints are about the hollow feeling and unsteadiness caused when pressing down the key. 

Razer Hunstman Mini Gaming Keyboard
Razer Hunstman Mini Gaming Keyboard

Third, we will take a look at the layout design.

This depends on the keyboard’s version and normally, Logitech and Razer keyboards have functional key structures. The problem is that the size of keycaps and spacing is a bit abnormal, resulting in that you cannot find the replacement easily except order special custom ones.

Last, let’s see the big differences between the two brands. Razer, despite being praised as the top-quality keyboard, may overwhelm non-gamers since the design is customed meticulously for gaming purposes. In contrast, Logitech can provide users with all-purpose, ranging from gaming keyboards to trendy-design ones.

Logitech vs Razer Mouse: Which has the best Best Gaming Mice? 

After a keyboard, you will need a mouse as they are inseparable pairs. Let’s see between Logitech vs Razer mouse, which one will suit you.

Logitech Mice

Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Mouse
Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Mouse



  • A balanced built between normal use and gaming.
  • A wide variety to choose from.
  • There are many mice at a cheap price.
  • Decent responsiveness with both proper DPI and high DPI.
  • Lack of gaming aesthetics in both design and functionality.
  • Lack of customization.

Note: DPI means dots per linear inch. A figure is used to measure the mouse’s sensitivity.

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Razer Mice

Razer Wired Mouse
Razer Wired Mouse



  • Great to customize based on your purposes and needs.
  • A wide range of options for cool and aesthetic mouse appearance.
  • Useful built-in mouse software.
  • High DPI for a very sensitive mouse.
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for those who need something simple, for example, office workers or students.

Logitech vs Razer Software

Logitech Gaming Software (Source: The Gaming Setup)
Logitech Gaming Software (Source: The Gaming Setup)

Now, it’s time to explore Logitech vs Razer software. 


In similar, Logitech or Razer software has basic features such as color scheme customization, button programming, profile management, key shortcut, and record macro. Moreover, you have anything in one set so there are no further downloading requirements as other software.

Talk about the differences. Despite what is your purpose when accessing the software, you will find being inclusive with Logitech offerings.

If you are normal users with office programs, professional designers, or programmers, you can install Logitech Options, Logitech Setpoint, or even Logitech Flows. If you are a gamer, there is G-hub for you to access to.

On the other hand, there is only one Razer’s Synapse software. The software occasionally shows issues like bugging or bloating and moreover, they can be too much to handle for non-gamers.

But, if you are 100% into games, there can be no one winning over Razer since you can create changes with different profiles and switch between them for different gaming purposes.

Interface and Storage

Given a long time on the market, both Razer and Logitech software are user-centric with refined, animated software layouts and easily-access tools, The differences are mainly based on the approaches.

Regarding Razer, as we have mentioned, you can create various profiles and change between them. But, the problem is the whole software can take up almost 160 MB from your memory for a full installation.

As for Logitech G-hub, you can also make multiple profiles for your games and switch on the fly thanks to a very simple interface. And, they are much lighter than Razer software with around 36 MB.


Razer Gaming Software
Razer Gaming Software

To compare them in one sentence, Razer is about the complexity while Logitech is nothing but simple. You can do much more with Razer lighting customization, for example, layering effects. Therefore, if you are a true explorer, you are guaranteed more fun.

In contrast, Logitech provides us with some pre-customized options if you are not familiar with changing the RGB effects yet.


Razer and Logitech software are good-to-go options that cover all the basic necessities. Therefore, the choice is yours. 

On the one hand, we have Logitech which is simple with a Japanese minimalist attitude. On the other hand, there is Razer with an American spirit whose personal preference is central.

Logitech vs Razer Headsets

Logitech H111 Stereo Business Headset
Logitech H111 Stereo Business Headset

Between Logitech and Razer headsets, once again Logitech offers a more purposed headset besides gaming than Razer. 

Most headsets of Logitech are of a vast variety for professional users, normal office workers, or gamers. You could find different ear-shape like circles or rectangles and useful adjustable headbands. Talk about the sound. They are truly high-quality with noise isolation and expensive low bass sound.

Compared to Logitech, the Razer headset’s sound is not as high-end as it is quite heavy. Well, the price is lower so we can expect that much. But, the good thing is the sound is consistent among different devices. So, if you have a habit of changing from phone to laptop or vice versa, Razer is handy in this aspect.

Logitech vs Razer Wireless

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless V2
Razer Hammerhead True Wireless V2

The similarity is that most Razer vs Logitech keyboards, mice, and headsets have wireless options. They both provide products with 2.4 Hz Bluetooth at low latency. Furthermore, you hardly come across misconnection problems with these two giants.

When it comes to the major difference, we need to take a look at Logitech’s Unifying Reciever technology and  Logitech Flow software. They both allow you to multitask with different devices at the same time.

Logitech for Work & Gaming | Razer for Pure Gaming

For a proper office setting, you should go for Logitech. Their outside design is simple and minimalist, from the mice to the headset. The functions are basically the same, easy to use, and sufficient. Therefore, if you do not want to stand out in your office with a sleek design like Razer, think of Logitech first and foremost.

If you want to build a computer full of gaming toys from top to bottom, Razer is an excellent choice. Super fast keyboard, high-functioned mouse, and badass software. What’s more that you can ask for?

Logitech Wireless Keyboard
Logitech Wireless Keyboard

Should You Even Buy Tech From The Big Brands?

Giants like Razer and Logitech will be a safe choice for your PC and your wallet. We cannot deny the quality they offer and how functional those products are. Moreover, the wide variety of products is a big bonus if you are the type of wants everything from the get-go.

Nevertheless, Big tech brands share the same issues with other big companies. Their products are for mass customers so they are something like one-fit-all. Thus, if you try to find something more specific and more personal, you should consider small brands that target the sub-niche.

You can find keyboards from Leopold (Leopold FC750R PD) or Epomaker (Epomaker EP84). Regarding mouse, Anker is not a bad option (Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse). About headsets, there are choices such as Redragon (Redragon H510 Zeus-X RGB Wired) or HyperX (HyperX Cloud Stinger – Gaming).


Razer Zephyr Chroma RGB Mask
Razer Zephyr Chroma RGB Mask

To pick one between Razer vs Logitech, you should consider your needs and budget. If you want something that can be used for both work and games, Logitech is good to go with many products at a cheaper price. But, if you devote your PC’s gears to gaming purposes, Razer and its distinct design have a higher chance of satisfying you.

As the two colossal tech companies are famous for their high-end products, you can find good PC gear that fits your desires between Logitech and Razer.


Is Razer better than Logitech?

If you are talking about gaming purposes, then our answer is yes. They are more focusing on gamers so everything, from the keyboard to the headphone, is tailored for an optimized gaming experience. But, in general, the answer is no. Logitech has its pros such as versatility and price.

Is Logitech or Razer better?

It depends. For a wide range of customer satisfaction and cheaper price, it will be Logitech. For a specialized gaming time, Razer wins by a small margin.

Who makes a better keyboard, Razer or Logitech?

Razer has better quality in general but Logitech offers people many price ranges. 

Who makes Better Mouse, Razer, or Logitech?

Logitech mice are better in terms of core value while Razer wins regarding multitasking and customization. 

Which is better for the office, Razer or Logitech?

Logitech is undeniably a better present in the office. A lot of its products are made with office use in mind.


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