Find the Best Tactile Switches for your Keyboard (Top Picks in 2024)

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  • Sep 9, 2022

Ever been bothered by incessant typing errors? The solution might be simpler than you think – a switch to the finest tactile mechanical switches for your keyboard. But with a plethora of choices out there, how do you pinpoint the best tactile switches?

To guide your journey towards impeccable typing, we've curated a list of the leading tactile switches that are turning heads this year. Dive in!

What is a tactile switch?

A key switch known as a tactile switch generates a bump or resistance whenever pressed.

Tactile switch | ali express
Tactile switch | ali express

These switches are intended to be audible, yet not so loud as to disrupt the environment around you. In fact, their sound can be very gratifying and give you a good level of pleasure.

In addition, they are generally used to enhance your typing performance and experience, which can greatly aid in encouraging accuracy when typing. For those who are new to keyboarding, getting the best tactile switches would be a fantastic choice.

If you are interested in other switches, we’ve put together everything about switch types in this Introduction to Mechanical Keyboard Switches and this type of switch comparison.

Should you use a tactile switch?

Tactile switches are ideal for beginners who are just dipping their toes into the world of mechanical keyboards. Without any clickety-clack sound like clicky switches, you will feel really nice to use the best tactile switches in workplaces.

Moreover, the tactile switches are also renowned for giving excellent feedback. The slight bump you feel on tactile switches can be an excellent way to prevent careless typing errors. Every time pressing a key, you would receive feedback; you would discover that no keypresses are missed.

As a result, the best tactile switches also help you improve your accuracy and precision during typing. It is smoother to type effectively without making misclicks because of how they feel and sound when you use them.

As a bonus, depending on the kind of switch you choose, the amount of tactile bump supplied varies, allowing you to simply decide how much tactility you actually want.

When compared to normal key switches, the tactile switches have a high level of endurance and provide you with one of the most surprising experiences ever.

Overall, for someone purchasing a mechanical keyboard for the first time, we highly recommend going with the best tactile switches.

Switches Special Features Award Price
Akko CS Lavender Purples

Akko cs lavender purples

  • Extended 18mm Spring
  • MX Structured
  • 3-Pin, Plate Mount
None $9.99 for 45 pcs
Glorious Panda

Glorious panda

  • Sweet-sounding “thock”
  •  Well factory-lubed
None $24.99 for 36 pcs
Kailh Cream Speed Pro

Kailh cream speed pro

  • Self-lubricating POM Material
  • MX style latching
  • RGB backlighting
None $20.00 for 25 pcs
Boba U4T Tactile

Boba u4t tactile

  • Non-silenced Version,
  • “Thocky” longer Stem
None $6.50 for 10pcs 
Drop Halo Clear

Drop halo clear

  • Emulate the weight of Cherry MX Clear,
  • Preloaded with SMD RGB LEDs with lenses
None $19.00 for 35pcs
Durock T1

Durock t1

  • A “stepped” Tactile Feel, 
  • Gold-plated Spring
None $9.90 for 18 pcs
Cherry MX Brown

Cherry mx brown

  • Upper Housing
  • Incredibly durable
None $16.99 for 20 pcs
Zealios V2

Zealios v2

  • Bigger Tactile Bump,
  • Less Wobble,
  • PCB mounted Mechanism
None $8.25 for 10 pcs
Cherry MX Clear

Cherry mx clear

  • Slightly Higher Actuation Force than Brown
None $15.59 for 30 pcs
Kailh Speed Copper

Kailh speed copper

  • Gold Plated Contacts, 
  • Click Bar Design, 
  • Faster Actuation, 
  • Hot-Swapple
None $2.80 for 10 pcs
Gateron Brown

Gateron brown

  • Fully Compatible with SMD LEDs,
  • Hot-swappable Mechanical 
Amazon’s Choice award for “brown switches”  $7.50 for 10 pcs
Zilent V2

Zilent v2

  • Less Wobble
  • Bigger, Smoother Bump
  • Silent and non-clicky
  • PCB mount
Deskthority Awards 2016 for “Best modern keyboard or company” $12.95 for 10 pcs
Topre Tactile

Topre tactile

  • Electrocapacitive Switches,
  • Tactile sensation similar to Rubber Dome
None $39.99 for 10 pcs
Outemu Brown

Outemu brown

  • Long-lasting performance, 
  • Minimal Wear Over Time
None $9.99 for 20 pcs

1.1. Akko CS Lavender Purples

Brand Akko
Actuation Force 50 ± 5g
Pre-travel Distance 1.9 ± 0.3mm
Total Travel Distance 4.0 ± 0.5mm
Price $0.22
Akko cs lavender purple switches 3 pin plate mounted tactile keyboard switches (source: amazon)
Akko cs lavender purple switches 3 pin plate mounted tactile keyboard switches (source: amazon)

The Akko CS Lavender Purple switches are one of the Akko Custom Series (CS) with a 3-pin plate mounted, offering an affordable choice for DIY enthusiasts, providing a cost-effective option. 

These switches deliver a satisfying tactile bump with a high bump at 0.5mm, making them ideal for typists and gamers. They operate quietly, minimize sound disruptions, and exhibit impressive durability with a lifespan of approximately 60 million keystrokes, ensuring long-lasting performance for users.

Pros Cons
  • Smooth feedback
  • High tactical bump at the middle of the keypress
  • Affordable price
  • Relatively quiet sound
  • Not included a switches opener
  • Separate lube purchase requirement
  • Lubricate for improved sound
  • Stiffness-related downside

Glorious Panda Switches

Brand Glorious PC Gaming Race
Actuation Type Tactile
Actuation Force 67g
Travel Distance 3.5mm
Price 0.69
Glorious panda switches | gba temp
Glorious panda switches | gba temp

The Glorious Panda switches are of the best tactile switches with the finest quality and offer exceptional tactility, completely living up to their reputation of being glorious. These Glorious Panda switches can be used for a variety of purposes, including typing, gaming, and just carrying out a professional job.

The switches have stems that go with bright golden and orange, making them shine out more. The switches resemble Holy Panda switches in terms of the housing and off-white color.

The Glorious Switches have succeeded in creating a tactile bump that is excellent proof of what a highly tactile switch should feel like while maintaining the switches' functionality.

In terms of sound, the tactile bump of the Glorious Panda generates a mid-pitched snapping sound, although it is not as sharp as those of other highly tactile switches that compete with it.

The sound can be noticed during both the downstroke and upstroke travel. Besides, the minor scratch noises you notice with any normal typing pace are quickly drowned out by this snapping sound.

Additionally, the tactile switches' strong actuation force should be still another compelling aspect in its favor, and typing on them does seem quite natural.

For those who prefer a really strong tactile bump that is more distinct than other switches on our list, we highly recommend Glorious Panda switches.

The switch does give you access to a high level of performance perfection at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, the feedback you get might just turn out to be the best tactile switches ever.

Pros Cons
  • Compatible with most sockets.
  • Durable materials 
  • Strong ‘bump’ at the start of the downstroke
  • Quickly snap back to their position during the upstroke
  • Not the best lubricant provided
  • RGB-light-dampening opaque cases
  • Weigh more at 67g for gaming switches
  • Insufficient pin protection packaging

1.3. Kailh Cream Speed Pro

Actuation Force 45g
Pre-travel Distance 1.6 ± 0.1mm
Total Travel Distance 4.0 ± 0.2mm
Price $0.76
Kailh cream speed pro mx smd 3-pin rgb tactile switches for backlit mechanical gaming keyboard (source: amazon)
Kailh cream speed pro mx smd 3-pin rgb tactile switches for backlit mechanical gaming keyboard (source: amazon)

Kailh Cream Speed Pro switches offer a well-rounded mechanical switch experience. They provide a smooth and quiet typing or gaming experience with a lack of tactile bump, making them suitable for both gamers and typists. With a durability rating of 50 million keystrokes, these switches are built to last, ensuring long-term reliability.

Priced at around $0.70 per switch, they have gained popularity in a relatively short time, becoming a favored choice for those seeking a high-quality and versatile switch solution.

Pros Cons
  • Smooth and buttery feel
  • Very fast actuation and travel distance
  • Quiet sound profile
  • Slightly more expensive
  • Durability concerns 

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Boba U4T Tactile Switches

Actuation Type Tactile
Actuation Force 62g
Travel Distance 4mm
Price $0.65
Gazzew boba u4t | nextrift
Gazzew boba u4t | nextrift

One of the major players in the mechanical keyboard industry, Outemu, produces the Boba U4T switches designed by Gazzew. The best tactile switches from Outemu are currently all the rage, which makes them fairly elusive online.

Boba U4T comes with both clear and opaque (RGB) housings.

From the overall look, the switches would be one of the best options for a workplace thanks to their quiet bump.

However, the outcome will astound you if you add a film and lubrication to Gazzew Boba U4T switches. The switches' sound profile deepened significantly further. Indeed, lubricating them will take care of any high-pitched issues that may arise.

What is this brand's plus side? The lengthy stem that serves as the Boba U4bottom-out T's point is one of its distinguishing features. This results in a bottom that is broader, considerably more fulfilling, and thocky.

Additionally, due to the larger stem, the tactile bump is draggier and seems to last throughout the whole downstroke. The switch's entire build is excellent, with nearly no rattle and excellent stem tolerances.

The Gazzew Boba U4T keyboard switch will be the best tactile switch for you if you enjoy a long, well-rounded tactile bump. Or else, a switch with a smaller bump will serve you better.

Pros Cons
  • Silent tactile feedback
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Light lube on the spring base and leaf
  • Produces a nice bumping sound
  • On-center keypresses are extremely smooth
  • Lubrication not included
  • Challenge on unlocking switch housing
  • Feels somewhat scratchy and mushy

Drop Halo Clear Switches

Brand Kaihua
Actuation Type Tactile
Actuation Force 45g
Travel Distance 4mm
Price $0.41
Drop halo clear switches
Drop halo clear switches

Kaihua's Drop Halo Clear switches, resembling Cherry MX Clears in actuation force and spring weight, feature a clear housing for enhanced RGB illumination. Unique to these switches is the "pre-loaded" spring, positioning the tactile bump at the keystroke's onset. With a heavier 78g bottom-out force and 65g tactile force, it differs from standard tactile switches in providing a more substantial feel.

As the keystroke progresses, the resistance initially drops after the bump but increases towards the end. These durable switches promise longevity with a lifespan of 80 million keystrokes and robust construction. Priced around $0.6 per switch, cost-effective choice for those seeking quality tactile switches with RGB compatibility.

Besides Halo Clear, Halo True is also a high-quality tactile switch manufactured by KaiHua, so which one is better for you? Read this article to find out the answer.

Pros Cons
  • Smoothly weighted and precise typing experience
  • Combines finest qualities of Topre 55g & Cherry MX Clear switches
  • Enhances the RGB lighting effect 
  • Affordable price
  • Adjustments and fine-tuning after setup and installation
  • Spring ping production may be distracting

Durock T1 Switches

Brand JWK
Actuation Type Tactile
Actuation Force 67g
Travel Distance 4mm
Price $1.29
Durock t1 switches
Durock t1 switches

For those seeking top-notch tactile switches with a substantial bump, the Durock T1 is the ideal choice. These JWK switches offer excellent tactile feedback and a smooth, early bump akin to Gateron Ink switches, renowned for their smoothness.

While they lack in sound quality and have somewhat fragile housings, they can be improved with a film. Durock T1 switches come pre-lubricated, making them a great option for those on a medium budget looking for a crisp yet not overly forceful tactile experience.

Pros Cons
  • Sound clean and crisp
  • Smooth and no scratchiness
  • Superior stability and response time
  • Robust tactile feedback at the top of the keypress
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Not include opener in package
  • May not top-tier auditory experience
  • Quite flimsy housings
  • May stick when pressed off center
  • Inconsistency when pressed slowly

Cherry MX Brown Switch

Brand Cherry MX
Actuation Type Tactile
Actuation Force 55g
Travel Distance 2mm
Price $0.96
Cherry mx brown | ali express
Cherry mx brown | ali express

The Cherry MX Brown is the most common tactile switch available and is regarded as one of the best tactile switches with multiple purposes on the market today. With brown stems, steel springs, and a nylon casing, it offers a tactile bump, moderate actuation force, and noiseless operation

The switches are comfortable for typing, providing a slight noticeable bump for a light and snappy experience. Their black casing ensures quiet and firm keystrokes and is known for their robustness and dependability. Undergoing rigorous quality testing and rated for over 100 million keystrokes.

Pros Cons
  • Versatile for various uses
  • Bumpy and noiseless
  • Undergo rigorous quality testing
  • Highly comfortable typing
  • Not finger-breaking
  • Very durable
  • May scratchiness 
  • Too light to type on
  • Not good for a long time typing
  • Bad stabilizers may rattle
  • Need pre-lubed

Zealios V2

Brand ZealPC
Actuation Force 62g, 65g, 67g, and 78g
Pre-travel Distance No
Total Travel Distance None
Price $1.1

Gateron Zealio V2 tactile switches bottom out force with 5pin RGB for mechanical keyboard (Source: Zealpc)

Zealios V2 switches, born from a ZealPC and Gateron collaboration, stand out in the tactile switch market. Available in 62g, 65g, 67g, and 78g variants, they offer a distinct, yet not too loud tactile bump. This feedback, while clear, results in a somewhat mediocre sound due to the abrupt tactile event and leaf reverb. Designed with a seamless feel, these switches provide ideal feedback for continuous typing.

Similar yet superior to Holy Pandas, Zealios V2 switches boast a sharp tactile response and a smooth P-Bump with no pre-travel. With about 3 millimeters of post-travel, they epitomize high-quality design and functionality. Additionally, at $1.1 per switch, not an affordable option for budget-conscious builds without compromising on performance.

Pros Cons
  • Durability and reliability significantly with a 5-pin design 
  • Bigger and smoother tactile bump
  • Reduced wobble enhances the typing experience
  • Sharp tactile feedback
  • Quite expensive
  • May be over-sensitive and unintended key presses

Cherry MX Clear Switch

Brand Cherry MX
Actuation Type Tactile
Actuation Force 65g
Travel Distance 4mm
Price $0.45
Cherry mx clear switch | reddit
Cherry mx clear switch | reddit

The Cherry MX Clear is the Cherry MX Brown's younger sister; however, the Clear weighs a lot more and has a bigger bump. The tactility is fairly round and not too sharp.

The Cherry MX Clear can be a wonderful choice for you if you like to type a lot. Additionally, you may be sure of its great longevity because the Cherry MX brand stands behind it.

Since they are less popular than Cherry Brown switches, you will typically need to purchase the switch separately and put it into a keyboard by yourself.

There are still many more interesting things about the best tactile switches from Cherry brand, don't miss out on this post: Cherry MX Switches: A Complete Color Review.

Pros Cons
  • Heavier resistance and bumpy feel
  • Not tiring when typing without bottoming out
  • Quite smooth and lacks a sharp
  • Good gaming performance
  • Decent sound profile
  • Buy separately and self install 
  • Spring’s stiffness might be too much
  • Some scratchiness in off-center keypresses
  • Tactility might not be sufficient

Kailh Speed Copper Switch

Brand Kailh
Actuation Type Tactile
Actuation Force 60g
Travel Distance 4mm
Price $0.28
Kailh speed copper switch | scaff
Kailh speed copper switch | scaff

Another very reliable option for gaming in this list is Kailh Speed Copper. This switch has a milky white switch housing, a translucent color on the top housing, and a brown stem design.

Although the tactile bump is not as strong, it still provides excellent tactile feedback. Thanks to that, a very enjoyable gaming experience are provided by the quick and bumpy typing feedback together with the resulting thocky sound.

These switches would be a fantastic choice for someone who plays video games frequently because the Speed Copper switch has a little shorter travel distance, which can help you save time in games that need a split-second reaction time.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best tactile mechanical switches for increasing your effectiveness with a lifespan of 70 million key presses.

Pros Cons
  • Faster Actuation and Shorter Travel Distance
  • Kailh's design improves the click sound, more satisfying
  • Click bar design, produces a small click sound in both directions
  • Kailh switches are generally known to be scratchy
  • Not strong tactile bump

Gateron Brown

Brand Gateron 
Actuation Type Tactile
Actuation Force 55g
Travel Distance 4mm
Price $0.70
Gateron brown | punk ston
Gateron brown | punk ston

How can we ignore the Gateron family of switches while talking about affordable, high-quality tactile switches? The best tactile switches coming from the company Gateron were debuted with the Gateron Brown switches.

The switches are simple to use, lower in weight and offer a very good tactile bump. Another important element that you should discover to be really interesting and amazing is the low actuation point.

Moreover, The Gateron Brown switches are available quite affordably on Amazon. Yet, there are certain disadvantages to the lower prices.

One of them is that the switches might not provide you with the same stability as other tactile switches available. The switches' lower actuation should further make them a popular choice for simple actuation.

Pros Cons
  • Smooth feel and quiet
  • Simple to use, lower in weight
  • Offers a very good tactile bump
  • Affordable
  • Minimize spring ping noise
  • Can be prone to chatter
  • May feel flat and uninspiring
  • Not Ideal for gaming
  • May be lighter lack of a prominent tactile bump
  • Overall tactility quite low

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Zilent V2

Brand ZealPC
Actuation Type Tactile
Actuation Force 62g, 65g, 67g, and 78g
Price $1.3
Zilent v2
Zilent v2

The widely used Zealios V2 now has a silent variant - the Zilents V2. This is a really fantastic tactile switch, much like its brother.

There are many features that the Zealios and Zilents V2 have in common; however, you'll notice that the Zilents have a little less tactility. This can be attributed to the lower travel distance.

Furthermore, the Zilents' sound dampeners perform a great job of eliminating any audible noises that might have been caused by the tactile bump without generating any mush.

Yet, like Zealios, the Zilents are also so expensive that you should expect to pay about $1.3 per switch.

Pros Cons
  • Strong tactile feedback
  • Smooth bump at the top of the keypress
  • Silent tactile switches
  • Lower travel distance
  • Quite expensive
  • Requires Lubrication

Topre Tactile Switch

Brand Topre
Actuation Force 30g, 35g, 45g, and 55g
Pre-travel Distance 2.0mm
Total Travel Distance 4.0mm
Price $3.90
Topre tactile switch
Topre tactile switch

Topre Tactile switches stand out for their supreme tactile bump, distinct from typical tactile switches due to their unique rubber dome design. This design not only mimics mechanical switch characteristics but also enhances them with a louder "thonk", crisper tactile feedback, better tactility, reduced noise and non-mushy bottom-out.

The switches are innovative in their approach, offering a fresh typing experience, especially on select keyboards like the Happy Hacking Keyboard. Understanding what a tactile keyboard is becomes essential before choosing a Topre switch, as it significantly differs from conventional options.

Pros Cons
  • Smooth tactile bump
  • Fast with Low and pleasant noises
  • Anti-ghosting capabilities
  • Minimal bump noise and excellent tactility
  • Non-mushy bottom-out
  • Only accessible on a few keyboards
  • Quite expensive
  • Very little or no tactile feedback

Outemu Brown Switches

Brand Outemu
Actuation Type Tactile
Actuation Force 45g
Travel Distance 4mm
Price $0.55
Outemu brown switches
Outemu brown switches

Outemu, though not a leading tactile switch brand, strives to compete as the mechanical switch market expands. Their Outemu Brown, a Cherry MX Brown clone like Gateron Brown, offers a cost-effective alternative but guarantee high-quality efficiency with slightly choppy feedback and sounds more like a "tick" than a "thock”.

The lifespan might not get you very far, and the switches should feel different from switch to switch. Build quality may occasionally vary, but it's a budget-friendly option worth considering among major brands like Cherry, Gateron, and Kailh when choosing tactile switches.

Pros Cons
  • Relatively Affordable
  • Variety with many different colors
  • Fast response time and tactile feedback
  • High-quality efficiency
  • Feel somewhat rattly and shaky
  • Lack of durability

Tactile Switches Buyer’s Guide

The choice of switches is crucial in defining your typing experience. We will provide a brief comparison of 3 popular switch types, helping you easily decide on your keyboard.

Tactile vs Clicky Switches

Customize the feel of the switches in your mechanical keyboard (source: keyboards expert)
Customize the feel of the switches in your mechanical keyboard (source: keyboards expert)

The choice between Tactile and Clicky switches depends on your personal preference and the environment in which you'll use your keyboard. Tactile switches offer a subtle tactile bump at the actuation point, enhancing typing accuracy, and are favored for quieter settings like offices.

In contrast, Clicky switches produce an audible "click" sound along with tactile feedback, which can be satisfying for some users but distracting in shared spaces. Your selection should align with your typing style and where you plan to use your keyboard.

Tactile vs Linear Switches

A mechanical keyboard custom with many different types of switches (source: switch & click)
A mechanical keyboard custom with many different types of switches (source: switch & click)

Tactile switches offer tactile feedback with a distinct bump during keypress, making them favored by meticulous typists who appreciate the feedback. Meanwhile, Linear switches provide a smooth and uninterrupted keypress, ideal for gamers and those who desire a quieter typing experience.

The key differences lie in sound, typing experience, actuation force, and feedback. To make the right choice, consider your typing style, environment, and hand fatigue, as these factors will help you determine whether Tactile or Linear switches are the perfect fit for your mechanical keyboard.

We've outlined the key characteristics of three common types of keyboard switches: Tactile, Clicky, and Linear. Provides valuable insights into the feedback them offer, helping you make an informed decision when selecting the right keyboard switch for your needs.

Feature Tactile Clicky Linear
Feedback Tactile bumpy feedback Robust tactile feedback Smooth typing, no bumpy feedback
Noise Clear tactile sound, low-to-loud sound Clear ‘clicky’ sound,

normal-to-loud sound

No ‘clicky’ sound, quiet-to-low sound
Uses For typists and gamers For writers and gamers For office workers and library users
Environment Diverse environment Noise-tolerant environments Quite office environments

Shared spaces

You can read more about this topic in our article Linear vs Tactile vs Clicky Switches: An In-Depth Comparison


The tactile switches are really unique and amazing in their own way, don't you think?

Each of the best tactile mechanical switches listed above provides a wonderful tactile experience with a pleasing bump without being overly loud or rattling when the key is pressed. Along with that, many other benefits will truly help you boost your typing and gaming experience.

Be sure to read our post before making the purchase if you're set on buying a set of the best tactile switches for your new mechanical keyboard.


What is the best tactile switch?

Tactile Switches are small switches that are perceptible to a user’s touch. The key aim of tactile switches is to create a tactile bump and an audible click sound that is fairly quiet with each key press.

What is the Best Tactile Switch for Gaming?

Some popular choices include Glorious Panda, Cherry MX Brown, Gateron Brown, Outemu Brown, Kailh Cream Speed Pro, and Durock T1. Factors like less actuation force and shorter travel distance are important, the ideal switch depends on your gaming style and typing comfort, so try them out to find your favorite.

What is the Best Tactile Switch for Typing?

Notable options include Cherry MX Brown for light actuation and subtlety, Zealios V2 for a pronounced tactile bump, Kailh Cream Speed or Copper switches for durability, Topre switches for a unique soft feel, and Akko CS Lavender Purples for the best budget.

What is the Best Thocky Tactile Switch?

A "thocky switch" is a term used to describe switches that produce a highly satisfying typing sound. Among the top tactile switches renowned for their enjoyable thocky sound is the Gazzew Boba U4t Thocky - often considered the Thocciest.

What is the Smoothest Tactile Switch?

If you're seeking the smoothest tactile switches for a seamless typing experience, consider the following options: Gateron Brown, Cherry MX Brown, Kailh Speed Copper, Cherry MX Clear. These switches are known for their smooth keypresses and satisfying tactile feedback, making them excellent choices for typists who prioritize typing comfort.

What is the Best Budget Tactile Switch? 

The Akko CS Lavender Purple is a newer budget tactile switch that has quickly become a popular option. It offers a slightly lighter tactile bump than the Gateron Brown, but it is still very tactile. It is also known for its smooth operation and affordable price.