The Essential Guide To Brown Switches

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  • Jul 27, 2022

Brown switches are typically thought of as tactile switches that are excellent for everyday use.

You might be wondering, "Are Brown switches good for gaming?"

Don’t worry! We’re here to help!

We're going to discuss thoroughly Brown switches and go through some of the top brown switches and keyboards with brown switches available today. This will make it simpler for you to choose the brown switch that best matches your needs.

Let’s dive in!

What Are Brown Switches?

Brown switches, a compromise between red and blue switches, are basically tactile. They can give you a noticeable bumpy typing feedback when you hit the actuation point (often 45–50g) which can improve typing accuracy. Moreover, they also generate a moderate amount of noise, but it's nonetheless satisfying to type with.

This makes it an excellent choice if you frequently use a mechanical keyboard (whether for typing or playing video games).

Brown switches | AnandTech
Brown switches | AnandTech

Are Brown switches quiet?

YES. Brown switches are designed to be quiet. As they aren’t clicky, you won't make a lot of noise while typing or playing games. Therefore, you can be confident that you won't be annoying anyone around.

With silent sound generated, Brown switches have become a powerful helper for any late-night gaming battle. They are also far more suitable for a workplace or study setting where need an environment for high concentration.

So, if you're searching for silent switches, Brown switches will get your back. Let’s hear how quiet they are in comparison with their Red and Blue counterparts in this video:

Are Brown Switches Good For Gaming?

Brown switches have won the hearts of gamers who play in small or crowded places where silence is required.

They are said to be among the finest switches for gaming as they just need a little force to trigger. This indicates that using the brown switches to play the game needs less effort from the player in a long battle. As a result, using these switches allows players to play much faster.

The Brown switches provide accurate and pleasant tactile feedback, which makes them perfect for gaming. Although they don't click as loudly as Blue switches, you will still hear a bump with each click. However, this is only a minor downside and does not affect your gaming experience.

Besides, Brown switches also only make a moderate amount of noise. You won't make much noise during any late-night playtime.

Are Brown Switches Good For Typing?

Brow switches are good for typing | Youtube
Brow switches are good for typing | Youtube

In terms of typing experience, Brown switches really shine.

Indeed, the satisfying tactile feedback helps you acknowledge the press leading to greater precision.

Moreover, the bump also helps you avoid bottoming out occurring when you "smash" a key down on the keyboard. In fact, many newbies, when buying switches, often select a switch like the Red switches which frequently bottom out.

Therefore, using Brown switches, you will be no longer concerned about bottoming out.

Overall, these switches are ideal for typing as they offer a comfortable, gentle, fast, and smooth typing experience. The user can feel a tactile bump in the key just before it bottomed out.

Are Brown Switches Good For Programming?

Brow switches are good for programing | Slash Gear
Brow switches are good for programming | Slash Gear

Programming works really well with Brown switches, especially reducing errors when tying sensitive data that requires accuracy over speed thanks to the tactile bump. As a result, programmers can speed up data entry and efficiently boost their work.

Moreover, if you work in an office in a stressful environment that requires extremely high concentration, Brown switches are an excellent choice. They only make a modest amount of noise, so you won't be worried about disturbing your colleagues.

However, if you work in a very quiet office, your keyboard with Brown switches will be noticeable.

Best Brown Switches for Mechanical Keyboards

Before going into reviewing each best Brown switch in-depth, let’s sum up briefly the comparison between them in the following table:

Type Actuation Force Total Travel Distance Actuation Distance Noise level Price for each

Cherry MX Brown Switches

Tactile 55g 4mm 2mm Moderate $1.03

Gateron Brown Switches

Tactile 55g 4mm 2mm Moderate $0.70

Gateron Optical Brown Switches

Tactile 45g 4mm 2mm Moderate


Kailh Box Brown Switches Tactile 50g 4mm 2mm Moderate


Kailh Speed Copper Tactile 50g 3.5mm 2mm Moderate


Outemu Brown Switches Tactile 55g 4mm 2mm Moderate


Cherry MX Brown Switches

The very first Brown switch was developed by Cherry. The design of Cherry MX Brown served as the inspiration for numerous copycat and similar variants.

Cherry MX Brown is designed with exceptional build and quality. All of the parts of the Cherry MX Brown are composed of high-quality materials, including the housing and stems, which are made of solid, thick plastic. Thanks to that, these switches have a lifespan of 100 million keystrokes.

These tactile switches are most frequently seen in prebuilt keyboards at fairly high prices. Cherry MX Brown switches frequently sell for around $1 per piece. It could be hard to sell compared to the less expensive alternatives.

Cherry MX Brown Switches
Cherry MX Brown Switches

There are two Cherry MX Brown models: one has a transparent top housing and a black bottom housing and the remaining has a brown stem design with all-black housing colors.

In terms of ergonomics, Cherry MX Brown tactile switches outperform other key switches. Once users are familiar with tactile feedback, it greatly improves their typing performance.

In terms of sound, Cherry MX Brown can produce a moderate typing sound and a little bit of rough typing feel. Since they have responsiveness that is not excessively responsive, it can reduce typing errors. This means they are an ideal choice for daily usage and typing.

After all, if you want super-durable switches and are willing to pay any price, Cherry MX Browns are a great choice.

When buying switches from the Cherry brand, you may be confused between Red switches (a common choice) with Brown ones (special use). Please read Cherry MX Red Vs Brown: What’s actually the difference to distinguish these two switch types.

Gateron Brown Switches

Gateron Brown switch is a tactile switch type that is frequently found in prebuilt keyboards such as Keychron keyboards with quite affordable price tags.

Although they are clone switches, Gateron switches are rated as mid-tier. While not the cheapest, they are still much less expensive than Cherry MX.

Gateron Browns, like other brown switches, are quieter than blue clicky switches and louder than silent red linear switches. About its shape, the Gateron Brown switch features a brown stem shape with a clear top housing and a bottom housing that is colored either black or cream.

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Gateron Brown Switches
Gateron Brown Switches

Additionally, these switches feel quite smooth and are light enough to use. Typing feedback generated is exceptionally smooth but somewhat bumpy, which makes typing sound fairly loud.

For gaming, the Gateron Brown is efficient and helpful since it provides responsive clicks. 

For typing, the Gateron Browns have excellent tactile feedback and are noise-free, which is suitable for office spaces.

With a 60 million keystroke lifespan for each switch, Gateron Browns are not as durable as Cherry MX Browns. However, you can use these switches for a long time before they begin to wear out.

Ultimately, the Gateron Browns offer a wonderful experience while using longer stretches and seem readily clickable, comfortable, have a lot of tactile input, and are not very loud.

Therefore, Gateron Browns are probably an affordable option while yet having a high-quality switch.

If you are interested in this brand, check out this post: Master Guide to Gateron Switches.

Gateron Optical Brown Switches

Another great tactile-made switch from Gateron is Gateron Optical Brown switches which operate using both mechanical motion and light. This makes these switches pretty interesting.

Instead of the traditional mechanical switch, which is activated when the electrical plates meet, this switch is activated when the stem passes a certain position.

Gateron Optical Brown Switches
Gateron Optical Brown Switches

Besides, thanks to the quicker actuation, Gateron Optical Brown are an excellent "partner" for games to raise your competitiveness in every gaming session. Indeed, you need to have a lightning-fast reaction time and those additional milliseconds might be crucial.

Compared to mechanical switches, optical switches feel different, which makes them feel weird to operate. They frequently have a hollow, fake feeling.

On the other side, because there are fewer parts in contact with one another, they are sturdy and long-lasting and can withstand 100 million keystrokes.

There may be some wondering about the difference between optical and mechanical switches. If it is the case, check out this article: Optical vs Mechanical Switches – which is better? .

Kailh Box Brown Switches

Kailh BOX Brown Switch is the best option for custom keyboard fans in this list.

With the unique shape of the stem, Kailh Box Brown switches can be a stylish option for anyone who likes cool things. These tactile Brown switches are extremely dust-safe because the stem is built like a box with no spaces for the dust to get into.

Additionally, this "box" makes the keyboard more solid and less wobbly when typing. The typing feedback offered by Kailh BOX Brown Switches is quite light, smooth, and bump-free, and it generates a pretty prominent typing sound.

Kailh Box Brown Switches | Shopee
Kailh Box Brown Switches | Shopee

Digging into smoothness, when keys are gently pushed, only a few switches show small amounts of scratchiness, which is typical for on-center keypresses.  Whereas, off-center keypresses produce noticeably scratchier keystrokes, with the majority of switches showing uniform amounts of scratchiness, especially typing at typical speeds.

About the look, besides a brown box-shaped stem, these switches also have a cream-colored bottom housing and clear top housing.

However, these switches are barely tactile, it has a very thin tactile feel and feels like a light linear switch. In spite of that, this boosts gaming performance as they are consistent and fast, which provides for a decent gaming experience.

After all, Kailh BOX Brown Switches are the switches you should take into consideration if you want a brown switch that is very dust-safe and robust.

You may find both Kailh Brown andGateron Brown switches great for your keyboard. So how to choose from them? This post: Kailh Brown vs Gateron Brown – how different are they? Will help you.

Kailh Speed Copper

Kailh Speed Copper
Kailh Speed Copper

This option will give you the fastest experience. The fastest and most responsive brown switch on the market right now is Speed Copper. For anyone who desires a very trustworthy switch for gaming, Kailh Speed Copper is here to help.

In terms of appearance, Kailh Speed Copper has a brown stem design with black bottom housing and clear top housing.

As mentioned, this switch is actuated extremely quickly with a short actuation distance.

The tactile typing experience offered by Kailh Speed Copper can be quite responsive and enjoyable for both gamers and typists. Even though the ensuing typing noise is quite loud, it doesn't bother you or people nearby.

Kailh Speed Copper is the ideal option for you if you're looking for the best brown switch for gaming.

Outemu Brown Switches

The last option in this list of the best Brown switches will be one of the cheapest Brown switches, the Outemu Browns.

It is formed like a box with spaces on both sides and includes a brown stem. Additionally, it features a cream-colored bottom housing and a translucent top housing style.

The OUTEMU Brown Switch requires an actuation force of 59 and a travel distance of 4mm to function. Since it is light enough to use, this tactile switch standard works well for the majority of users.

Outemu Brown Switches
Outemu Brown Switches

When typing, OUTEMU Brown Switch's typing feedback has a slightly bumpy feel but is still pretty smooth. The following typing sound is not too loud and satisfying.

A small downside is that Outemu switches just have a little rattling sound when typing. But you can't moan too much about this if you're aiming for cheap brown switches price.

Outemu may be less desirable than the other choices on the list, but you pay for what you get. These switches have a 50 million keystroke lifespan, much like Gateron switches.

Overall, the Outemu Brown Switch is one of the affordable brown switch choices that you should take into consideration.

Best 5 Keyboards With Brown Switches

Logitech G513

Logitech G513 | Rtings
Logitech G513 | Rtings

One of the greatest full-size keyboards for gamers with a brown switch is the Logitech G513 Carbon LIGHTSYNC.

The GX brown switch, one of the tactile switches renowned for its dependable quality and reliability, is used in the Logitech G513.

Thus, you will experience responsive and bumpy typing. GX brown switch also makes a thocky sound and is not very loud.

Moreover, the OEM profile keycaps on the Logitech G513 are equipped. They are made of solid and premium ABS plastic to provide your fingers with a reasonable amount of grip.

The Logitech G513 also comes with features like a comfortable and sturdy wrist rest, a stylish RGB backlight with different motions, and superb build quality.

With all top-notch features, Logitech G513 is undoubtedly one of the best keyboards with brown tactile switches available now.

Durgod Taurus K320

Durgod Taurus K320 Keyboard
Durgod Taurus K320 Keyboard

Another pick for the greatest keyboard with brown switches available now is the Durgod Taurus K320 TKL. When you purchase this keyboard, the Durgod Taurus K320 TKL offers the Cherry MX Brown option.

You can enjoy the smooth, responsive, and a little bumpy feel when using this keyboard. In addition, it also doesn't generate a pretty quiet sound.

Not to mention, this keyboard boasts a superb case design, incredibly smooth stabilizers, and PBT keycaps that provide an outstanding typing experience. So, the Durgod Taurus K320 is a no-brainer.

Keychron K6

Keychron K6
Keychron K6

Let's move to a feature-rich option, Keychron K6!

This keyboard is extremely feature-rich and has a wide range of applications. The keyboard features choices for an aluminum case, wireless and wired connectivity, and compatibility with Mac and Windows.

Furthermore, Keychron K6 is installed with Gateron Brown switches and allows for hot-swapping. Therefore, you can begin with Gateron Brown switches and swap to another switch type if you really do not like them.

Not to mention, Keychron K6 is incredibly fun to use, and the RGB lighting stands out. However, this keyboard is just for people who want a 65% compact layout. If not, we don't suggest using this keyboard.

Ducky One 2 Mini

Ducky One 2 Mini | Reddit
Ducky One 2 Mini | Reddit

Another option for a 60% compact keyboard layout is Ducky One 2 Mini. When you purchase this keyboard, the Ducky One 2 Mini offers the Cherry MX Brown switch choice.

Ducky One 2 Mini has already revolutionized the gaming keyboard industry when it was first introduced several years ago.

With Cherry MX switches, interchangeable PBT keycaps, and a firmware that is jam-packed, the keyboard established the standard. As a result, it provides a responsive typing experience, a slightly bumpy feel, and a mild thocky sound.

Besides, the Ducky One 2 Mini also has some exciting features, such as a cool RGB backlighting and a hot-swappable PCB that makes it simple to swap out the switch without soldering it to the PCB.

Mistel X-VIII

Mistel X-VIII
Mistel X-VIII

The last keyboard we want to recommend to you is Mistel X-VIII, a high-end option with custom keycaps.

Gloaming, or the colors of the sky at sunset or twilight, is a motif that is brought to the board using a variety of accessories (with blacks, whites, oranges, and olive green).

The keyboard can be compatible with different Cherry MX switches, such as Cherry MX Browns and Blues.

In addition, there is absolutely no flex in the keyboard, which is especially strong. If you choose, you may adjust the board's tilt to a higher angle using the two kick-up feet on the rear of the board.

This board has stabilizers that are pre-lubed and buttery smooth. No key rattles and they do make gratifying sounds when you type.


Unquestionably, Brown switches are very flexible that adapts to any environment whether it is in a gaming session or office.

Thanks to their moderate sound, they are perfect for working without disturbing other people, or even if you play games all night lòn, your family won't be waked up.

After all, no matter which brands or keyboards Brown switches are attached to, they always perform greatly. The choice ultimately depends on you!


How loud are brown switches?

Brown switches generate a moderate noise when typing.

What do brown switches sound like?

The brow switches are not too loud and have a moderate sound.

Are brown switches quiet?

Yes. Brown switches are quiet during typing.

What is the best keyboard with brown switches?

The best keyboard with brown switches are:

  • Ducky One 2 Mini
  • Durgod Venus
  • Mistel X-VIII
  • Logitech G513
  • Keychron K6