What are XDA profile keycaps? A Comprehensive Guide

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  • Jul 29, 2023

What are XDA profile keycaps? If you are an enthusiastic typist and looking to improve your typing experience, you cannot miss XDA profile keycaps for their smooth typing and attractive appearance. With our guide below, you will better understand them and make the best choice for your needs.

What are XDA profile keycaps?

What are xda profile keycaps?
what are xda profile keycaps?

XDA keycaps are a type of low keycap profile used in mechanical keyboards. They features a flat, uniform height with cylindrical shape and consistent contour

A Chinese producer created the keycap profile known as XDA keycaps. In 2014, they first became well-liked among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

Since its launch, numerous factories and manufacturers throughout the world have been producing XDA keycaps. Several renowned manufacturers, such as Signature Plastics in the US and EnjoyPBT in China, have created XDA keycaps.

The consistent XDA profile height makes switching between keys easier and promotes more efficient and fluid typing. Additionally, the proper keycap height produces a streamlined appearance and promotes an uncluttered modern aesthetic.

In comparison to other well-liked profiles like Cherry or OEM, the XDA profile keycaps feature a relatively low profile. During prolonged typing times, this flat contour may help speed up typing and ease wrist strain.

XDA keycaps often feature a more soothing and quieter typing sound due to their consistent cylindrical shape and flat surface. 

Xda and other profile keycaps
xda and other profile keycaps


Low profile, uniform height


Cylindrical or cylindrical-conical shape


Superior materials like ABS or PBT plastic

Top Surface

Flat exterior

Side Shape 

Slight curvature on the sides


Compatible with Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, or similar switches

Typing Sound

Quieter and softer typing sounds

If you want to see the whole process of unboxing an XDA profile keycap and its review, please click on this video right away.

If you are interested in other profile keycaps besides XDA, you can check out our overview of profile keycaps.

Pros and cons of XDA profile keycaps

Are you wondering if the low-profile XDA keycaps are right for your work and needs? Let's take a look at their advantages and disadvantages to make the right choice.

What are the pros and cons of xda profile keycaps?
what are the pros and cons of xda profile keycaps?



  • Extremely compatible with many keyboard configurations and switches
  • Comfortable and fluent typing
  • Superior durability and resistance to corrosion
  • Relatively low-pitched typing sound
  • High durability and resistance to wear
  • Prices range from around $30 to $100 or more.
  • It is difficult to locate certain colors, patterns, or compatibility alternatives
  • Less common than other profiles like OEM or Cherry
  • Not suitable for keyboards with non-standard layouts like ErgoDox, Kinesis Advantage, Planck, or Preonic.

Are XDA keycaps good for gaming?

XDA profile keycaps can be a great choice for gamers, as they provide a consistent feel across all the keys, which can be beneficial for gaming as it allows for smooth and consistent finger movements.

The flat and wide surface area of XDA keycaps ensures an accurate and stable gaming experience by reducing the likelihood of accidentally pressing neighboring keys. 

However, it's worth noting that gaming preferences vary among individuals. Some gamers may prefer a more sculpted keycap profile that offers more pronounced tactile feedback, such as the popular Cherry MX or OEM profiles.

Xda profile keycaps for gaming
xda profile keycaps for gaming

Are XDA profile keycaps good for typing?

The flat, wide surface area of XDA keycaps allows for smooth and consistent finger movement across the keyboard, reducing strain on your wrists and fingers.

Each keycap has the same level of accessibility and promotes a balanced typing experience to help improve typing speed and accuracy as your fingers naturally navigate across the keyboard.

Additionally, XDA keycaps often have a smooth texture and a slightly concave shape, offering pleasant tactile feedback when typing. This can enhance the overall typing experience and make it more enjoyable.

However, it's important to note that the preference for keycap profiles is subjective, and what works well for one person may not be the same for another. It's recommended to try out different profiles, including XDA, and determine which one feels the most comfortable and enhances your gaming and typing experience.

Xda profile keycaps for typing
xda profile keycaps for typing

XDA vs SA Profile keycaps

Popular keycap profiles XDA and SA have noticeable variances. Let's find out about the differences between each of their characteristics.

Differences between xda and sa keycaps
differences between xda and sa keycaps

Keycap Profile




XDA keycaps have a uniform cylindrical shape with a flat top, a comfortable typing experience, and a lower-pitched and muffled typing sound. They have a relatively standard profile and a smooth and consistent feel. 



SA keycaps have a high-profile sculpted shape, a satisfying feel, and a higher-pitched and crisper typing sound. SA keycaps have a higher profile. 



The top surface of XDA keycaps is slightly cylindrical. They are relatively low-profile and offer a flat typing surface. The SA keycaps have a carved shape with a different profile for each row. They are taller and more spherical.


The XDA profile height is generally constant across all rows and has a low profile of 9.1mm. SA keycaps feature a high profile of about 16.5mm, with the height of each row progressively rising, giving the keycap height and spherical form greater prominence.


If you want to get a real feel for the sound of XDA and SA profile keycaps, watch this video immediately to experience their amazing percussion sound.

Due to their low-profile design, XDA keycaps tend to generate a somewhat deeper sound, which can lead to a softer and quieter typing sound. SA keycaps emit a higher-pitched sound, which results in a clearer and clicker typing sound due to their larger profile.


XDA keycaps provide a smooth and comfortable typing experience, ensuring consistency with every keystroke. In contrast, SA keycaps offer a more perceptible and efficient typing experience due to their varying heights between each row, allowing for better finger placement and improved typing efficiency.


While XDA keycaps provide good value for the price, SA keycaps are considered a premium option that comes with a higher price tag. The price difference between the two profiles can vary depending on the specific set and manufacturer.

Ultimately, the choice between XDA and SA keycaps in terms of price will depend on your budget and how much you are willing to invest in your keycap customization.

Above are comparisons between XDA and SA profile keycaps. If you are interested in SA profile keycaps, read a more detailed guide about them here.

XDA vs DSA Profile keycaps

Have you ever wondered how XDA and SA Profile keycaps differ? So scroll down and read more about the difference between them.

Differences between xda and dsa keycaps
Differences between xda and dsa keycaps

Keycap Profile




XDA keycaps have a uniform cylindrical shape with a flat top, a comfortable typing experience, and a lower-pitched and muffled typing sound. They have a relatively standard profile and a smooth and consistent feel. 



DSA keycaps feature a uniform cylindrical shape and a sleek and minimalistic aesthetic. They have a consistent feel and produce a moderate typing sound. DSA keycaps are generally lower-profile than XDA keycaps. 



The top surface of XDA profile keycaps is slightly cylindrical and has a flat and consistent shape. DSA profile keycaps have a flat and uniform shape, with a flat top surface and straight vertical sides.


The XDA profile height is generally constant across all rows and has a low profile of 9.1mm. DSA keycaps are low-profile at 7.6mm, flat, and have the same keycap height on every key, similar to XDA.


How about XDA and DSA profile keycaps sound? Check out this video right away to hear amazing sounds.

With a low-profile design, XDA keycaps produce a deeper and softer sound, offering a quiet typing experience. On the other hand, DSA keycaps can make a somewhat higher-pitched sound compared to XDA keycaps. This gives typing a sharper and more noticeable sound.


XDA keycaps offer a smooth and comfortable typing experience. A flat, uniform profile and constant feel of DSA keycaps provide a consistent typing experience across all keys.


In general, XDA keycaps are less expensive than certain other keycap profiles. DSA keycaps are about the same price as XDA keycaps.

Although the DSA and XDA profile keycaps are relatively similar in configuration, you should still try both configurations to choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you are wondering which keycap configuration is best for you, you can refer to DSA keycaps to get the best overview of these two keycap configurations.

XDA Profile Keycaps

SA profile keycaps

DSA profile keycaps


Low-profile, flat surface High-profile, sculpted surface Low-profile, uniform shape


Uniform, and level surface Curved and contoured for fingers Flat top surface and straight vertical sides


Deep sound High-pitched sound

High-pitched sound

Typing Experience Smooth and comfortable  Perceptible and efficient 

Comfortable and consistent

Keycap Compatibility Limited variety of color and design options Wide range of color and design options

Wide range of color and design options

Where to buy XDA profile keycaps?

Where to buy xda profile keycaps?
where to buy xda profile keycaps?

You can buy XDA profile keycaps from a variety of online merchants and specialty keyboard enthusiast shops. XDA keycap sets are often available in the following places:

  • Amazon: A variety of keycaps for XDA profiles are available on Amazon from different suppliers. You may perform a search for XDA keycaps to view the various alternatives on Amazon’s website.
  • Drop.com: Drop provides a large variety of keyboard-related products, including XDA keycap sets. They regularly work with manufacturers to create one-of-a-kind, specially designed keycap sets for the XDA profile.
  • KBDfans: KBDfans is a popular web merchant that specializes in mechanical keyboards and keycap sets. They provide a variety of XDA profile keycaps in various patterns and hues.

Before making an order, it is advised to examine the availability, cost, and user feedback on these sites. Besides, make sure that the keycap set is compatible with the switch type and layout of your particular keyboard.

Final Thoughts

In short, have you gotten a better understanding of "What are XDA profile keycaps?". Depending on your intended use and passion, profile keycaps will bring different benefits. Therefore, you should experiment with different configurations to make the best choice for yourself.


Are XDA keycaps good?

Yes. Many keyboard aficionados believe that keycaps with the XDA profile are generally of high quality. They provide versatility, customization possibilities, an attractive appearance, and a soothing and comfortable typing experience.

Is XDA better than Cherry Profile?

No. In mechanical keyboards, Cherry Profile Keycaps are the most prevalent and are regarded as having the most standard layout. It's one of the greatest setups for typing and gaming.

Are XDA keycaps thocky?

Yes. If XDA keycaps are made from thick PBT material and combined with switches that deliver a bass sound, some users might detect a thocky sound from specific XDA keycap sets.

Who makes XDA profile keycaps?

Manufacturers like EnjoyPBT and Signature Plastics are among the major producers of XDA keycap sets. They are popular manufacturers in the mechanical keyboard manufacturing industry.

How tall is XDA keycap profile?

XDA keycaps have a comparatively low profile. In contrast to profiles like SA or Cherry, they frequently have identical heights across all rows, resulting in a smaller total keycap height.


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