Bluesky Koi keycap

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Bluesky Koi Keycap – A vivid portrait of the Fiercely loving and loyal fish

There are so many colorways we offer when it comes to these Bluesky Koi keycaps, however, the sky blue edition is still our proudest simple-yet-elegant adaptation.

Bluesky Koi Keycap - light blue keycap
Bluesky Koi Keycap

With only 3 colors incorporated with these artisan resin keycaps, we must rely on the extreme expertise of our artists to give them caps the depths and dimensions to pop. It’s a tested journey to find the right color placement that keeps the fish and its habitat alive.

First and foremost, the fishes spinning inside the white and blue keycap are the most important. Our artisans must take great care when drawing each pattern because they include so many little details, mainly carved scales and tails. Color will be retained in the scales and details, making it more difficult to repair if smearing occurs. Painting each paint layer of each fish should take about 5-7 minutes.

Bluesky Koi artisan keycap - custom backlit keycap
Bluesky Koi Keycap

The blue artisan keycap then will have a vibrant pond for the fish to swim around. Layer upon layer of clear and sky blue colored resin is poured and cast to give you a full look at this little aquarium.

Please keep in mind that even though we offer the whole koi fish keycap set, each one will have a unique shade. This generates a one-of-a-kind Bluesky Koi Keycap for its only owner, as no other person owns the same item.

Tech Specs:

  • Material: Resin
  • Profile: SA (16mm), OEM: (12mm)
  • 1u (ESC)
  • 1.25u (Alt/Ctrl)
  • 1.5u (Tab)
  • 1.75u (Capslock)
  • 2u (Backspace)
  • 2.25u (Enter/Left Shift)
  • 2.75u (Right Shift)
  • 6.25u (Spacebar)
  • Colors: blue and white keycap/white and blue keycap
  • Designed and hand-painted by Hirosart 

Inside the package:

  • 1 keycap by Hirosart
  • 1 card
  • 2 rubber finger gloves


  • Every product was 100% handmade. 
  • The final product may vary slightly from the original photos. We would love to ask you to tolerate any reasonable differences.
  • For a long time use, please keep this product away from heat and water. Simply use a damped tissue to clean the surface.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

OEM profile, SA profile


1.25u (Ctrl/Alt), 1.5u (Tab), 1.75u (Capslock), 1u (ESC), 2.25u (Enter/Shift), 2.75u (Right Shift), 2u (Backspace), 6.25u (Spacebar)

1 review for Bluesky Koi keycap

  1. Elena

    I bought a 1.75u. It looks amazing and fits my keyboard perfectly. I absolutely love my keycap. It did take a while to get to me but I’m very happy with the product.

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