20+ Best Keycap Brands & Manufacturers That You Should Know

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  • May 31, 2024

When it comes to picking out the best keycap set for your mechanical keyboard, that's a pretty important decision. Whether you're a hardcore typist, a die-hard gamer, or just a straight-up keyboard enthusiast, finding the right keycaps can make all the difference in your typing experience.

Now, the market is absolutely flooded with many keycap brands these days - it can be a real headache trying to sort through all the options. This blog is going to break down the top keycap manufacturers out there, so you can make an informed choice and get the keys of your dreams. No more guesswork, my friends.


Gmk keycaps - one of the best keycap manufacturers
Gmk keycaps

The first keycap manufacturer among the best keycap brands is GMK - the one that everyone knows. This is a Germany-based keycap manufacturer with a stellar reputation in the keyboard community, along with Signature Plastic. Cherry MX has granted GMK official approval to make original Cherry Profile Original keycap sets and sell them.

The keycaps produced by GMK are of exceptional quality. In contrast to the majority of the manufacturers on this list, which use thick PBT plastic to create keycaps, GMK produces keycap sets using highly solid, thick ABS plastic. In terms of ABS, GMK is one of the best up there in terms of quality. Absolutely unmatched.

Besides Cherry profile keycaps, GMK also releases limited edition keycap creations every year. These keycaps are highly expected by fans of custom mechanical keyboards. GMK's keycaps have very unique and cool patterns. That's why there are several other brands now producing keycap copies of GMK products.

Without a doubt, GMK is the brand you should prioritize when buying a keycap set for your mechanical keyboard.


If you want to learn more about this well-known brand, please read this post: A Deep Look into GMK keycaps.


Drop keycaps - one of the best keycap manufacturers
Drop keycaps

Drop is a manufacturer of parts for mechanical keyboards, including keycaps. Drop uses a variety of keycap profiles in their keycap sets, including Cherry, XDA, ASA, and DSA.

The fantastic thing is that Drop consistently creates high-quality keycap sets out of ABS and PBT plastic. They also often commissions well-known designers to provide keycap goods with innovative and distinctive designs. Besides, Drop usually collaborates with GMK to offer a variety of premium keycap sets.



Enjoypbt kon momo | reddit
Enjoypbt kon momo | reddit

EnjoyPBT is a Chinese-based brand that started producing Cherry profile keycap clones a few years ago. This brand has gained a very good reputation among the top keycap brands, just after GMK.

With remarkable quality and durable products, EnjoyPBT is said to be the market leader among other Chinese keycap manufacturers. They focus on producing the Cherry profile keycap clones with thick and sturdy dye-sub PBT plastic.

Additionally, they can create multi-color sub legends in several languages and generate shine-through cuts for locking caps like caps lock.

EnjoyPBT primarily aims at producing high-quality keycap sets that are in great demand and are sought after by many keyboard players who like using custom mechanical keyboards.

Undoubtedly, EnjoyPBT can be your best choice for a high-quality Cherry profile keycap set with premium PBT plastic.

Epomaker Akko

Akko world tour tokyo - best keycap makers
Akko world tour tokyo

With Epomaker's support, the AKKO brand has been around for a while. They focus on premium keycap sets made of sturdy and thick PBT.

Additionally, Epomaker Akko makes keycaps with various keycap profiles, including ASA, Cherry, OEM, and DSA.

These days, AKKO's top focus is the launch of its own collection of boutique keyboards and keycap sets with unique designs.

As their keycap sets are of such high quality and satisfy their consumers, AKKO has gained a highly positive reputation among keycap fans.

Not to mention, they also offer high-quality keycap sets at a price that is significantly less expensive, starting from $24.99

Therefore AKKO keycaps will be your best bet if you are looking for a quality set of keycaps at an affordable price.


HK Gaming

Hk gaming keycaps | giaonhanh247
Hk gaming keycaps

Besides making mechanical keyboards, HK Gaming is a keycap manufacturer offering premium keycap sets with robust and durable PBT. Keycaps from HK Gaming are well known for being extremely durable.

Moreover, HK Gaming keycaps are also made with many sorts of profiles, including Cherry Profile, Keycaps Modifier, OEM Profile, and so on at extremely reasonable prices.

If you want a high-quality keycap set at a low cost, you can choose this brand.  Although the topic of clone keycaps can be sensitive among keyboard fans, consumers ultimately have the last say, especially those on a limited budget.

Additionally, HK Gaming's keycap set design is highly attractive and comes in a variety of styles and colorways, giving you a wide range of options when purchasing a keycap set.

BHK gaming keycaps can be the keycaps you can consider using "as your daily driver thanks to how smooth they feel when typing", according to a reviewer.



Mistel keycaps | ubuy
Mistel keycaps | ubuy

Mistel is known for PBT double-shot keycaps which are double-injected molded for enhanced durability. As a result, they ensure more stability, richer feelings, and legends that won't vanish.

Each Mistel keycap is made using its unique two-shot molding method, which results in keycaps that are highly resistant to friction, temperature, and solvents. The premium, thick PBT double-shot keycaps have a beautiful, subtle typeface.

Overall, Mistel is a brand that offers some of the greatest keycap lines and the best price among keyboard hobbyists.



Gliging keycaps
Gliging keycaps

Gliging is also another top keycap manufacturer that produces "copycat" for Cherry profile keycaps. In terms of design, keycaps from Gliging are pretty identical to the original GMK keycaps. One different point is that they are made of thick, sturdy PBT plastic.

In addition, Gliging focuses on developing several lines of keycaps that combine various Japanese styles on each keyboard. Since it has extremely excellent quality and a neat and stylish design, the quality of the cloned keycap created by Gliging is very feasible. Overall, if you want amazing keycaps with cool Japanese designs, Gliging is the way to go.

Recommendation: Gliging Navy Dye-Sub Japanese


Sumgsn keycaps
Sumgsn keycaps

Perhaps GMK is seen as the foundation for different brands. Yet, here is a rare GMK keycap clone manufactured by Sumgsn.

A Cherry profile keycap set was created by Sumgsn utilizing thick PBT plastic. These PBT materials are dye sublimated for increased durability without splashing any extra cost.

In addition, this can be a less expensive alternative to the pricey GMK keycap set for Cherry profile keycap sets.

If you're looking for an economical Cherry profile keycap, this is one brand to take into account.

Recommendations: Sumgsn 8008


Shenpo dyesub 6002 keycaps. Source: reddit
Shenpo dyesub 6002 keycaps. Source: reddit

Known for their v2 Xiami molds and decent dyesub, Shenpo keycaps are considered to be a great value option, priced between $25-40. They don’t really operate their own store, so that’s probably one of the reasons why it is cheap - they have no overhead. For $40 you get a full keyboard set with split spacebar - seems like a great deal. Plus, the shipping is quick since they operate in China - we ordered from Taobao and it was in the mailbox within 2 weeks.

However, you only get what you pay for. The quality is average, and it feels cheap. But Shenpo will make a great set for anyone who is looking for a temp or something nice that won’t nuke their bank account.



Crp tulip keycaps. Source: reddit
Crp tulip keycaps. Source: reddit

One of the best Cherry PBT keycap manufacturers out there. I know, you may think they’re overhyped - but there’s a reason for it. CRP keycaps are praised for their modern Cherry profile PBT keycaps, with crisp dyesub, reasonable delivery times, and fair pricing - about $120 for a full set.

And if you’re a beige person, CRP keycaps would be a great choice - they look pretty expensive. The texture is smooth and feels good to the fingertip. The sound they make is clean and the spacebar is flat, overall just gives you a premium feel to your keyboard. 

Recommendation: Hammerworks CRP R5


Xiami hangul classic keycaps
Xiami hangul classic keycaps

Putting Xiami in a manufacturer list seems a bit out of place to be honest - that’s the guy who makes the keycaps on 21kb.com out of his basement. Xiami is a fairly new manufacturer in the field, yet he’s gaining a lot of traction. Xiami is also known to produce molds for other manufacturers like Shenpo.

Xiami’s quality is one of the best too. Sharp look, exceptional texture and thick sound - feels premium for the price. It’s even comparable to CRP keysets, at a lower price too. A full set will cost you around $65 plus shipping on 21kb, and $40 if you can manage to find him on Taobao, which is hard since his stall would get closed down occasionally and everything’s in Chinese Mandarin.

Here is a real-life sound test of Xiami vs CRP and GMK:



Tkc scientific candybar keyset. Source: thekeycompany
Tkc scientific candybar keyset. Source: thekeycompany

Easily the cheapest keycaps you could find on the market with a variety of options. They also sell dirt-cheap keyboards and desk mats too. They import a lot of stuff from other manufacturers as well, so if you’re looking for a place to get everything at once, go to TheKey.Company.

TheKey.Company offers recurring group buys of keysets from various brands, including JTK and Infinikey, and frequently stocks keysets from other brands like EnjoyPBT. However, the quality is inconsistent and the customer service is bad - that’s one thing to be mindful of.



Xvx low-profile. Source: reddit
Xvx low-profile. Source: reddit

To sum up XVX in a sentence, it would be “XDA and Cherry’s kid”. The XVX profile has Cherry’s ergonomic design and XDA’s height, kinda like an MDA profile, which makes it so fun to type on. It is sculpted with a smooth transition and a cylindrical surface, such a pleasant to even look at. 

Apart from that, XVX also has double-shot and dyesub options which are affordable - you can find them on Aliexpress for as cheap as $20. Between TheKeyCompany and XVX, I would go with XVX. The only downside is that XVX doesn’t have a lot of color options.



Osume lilac dreams. Source: reddit
Osume lilac dreams. Source: reddit

Good choice for those who prefer a simplistic keyboard. Osume keycaps are known for their clean, soft and minimalistic aesthetic. They all come in Cherry profile and are made with thick PBT plastic. 

In terms of quality, Osume gives you what you pay for. Nice, smooth texture, soft to the touch and somewhat thocky sound. A full set would cost you $85 plus shipping, so Osume is definitely not on the budget keycap list. However, if you’re looking for a set that is usable and looks like those aesthetic working spaces on Instagram, Osume is a solid choice.



Terukir keycaps | amazon
Terukir keycaps | amazon

Like the majority of the brands on our list, Terukir is also a maker of quality keycap sets using premium PBT. Moreover, it adds an anti-grease coating, which significantly increases the keycap's durability and effectiveness.

With cutting-edge dye-sublimation technology, Terukir helps prevent the pattern from degrading over time.

Terukir has a long history in the keycap industry and offers good keycap sets at extremely competitive pricing. They create a wide range of high-quality keycap sets with really trendy and unique designs.

As one of the top producers of PBT keycaps, Terukir has gained more popularity among keycaps enthusiasts.



Ymdk keycaps | reddit
Ymdk keycaps | reddit

A keycap maker renowned for products from high-quality PBT plastic is YMDK.

Keycap sets with a variety of different keycap profiles are produced by YMDK with a high level of reliability and reasonable prices.

What's more? YMDK creates keycap sets with trendy vintage patterns and a variety of original motifs. For example, the YMDK Carbon Miami keycap set is one of their most well-known keycap sets and is likely one of their best-selling products.



Sdyz keycaps
Sdyz keycaps

This brand only makes a small number of keycap sets and offers them for incredibly low costs.

On the other hand, each keycap set that SDYZ sells features a unique appearance with a variety of animated, adorable Japanese characters. Moreover, SDYZ keycaps are made of high-quality PBT plastic material.

After all, what better way to enjoy an adorable keycap set? The SDYZ brand can be your top choice when buying keycap sets.

Recommendations: SDYZ + XVX Low-profile


Geeksocial keycaps
Geeksocial keycaps

An option for those who enjoy cuteness is Geeksocial. This company is renowned for its creative and adorable keycap set designs, which feature a variety of animated graphics on the outside of the keycap sets.

Additionally, this brand manufactures premium keycap sets from solid, thick PBT plastic. Their keycap set's product quality is really excellent and reliable.

Despite the excellent quality, their manufacturing keycap sets are offered at a very low cost.



Pbtfans carpenter. Source: kbdfans
Pbtfans carpenter. Source: kbdfans

As the name suggests, PBTfans sells PBT keycaps. Most importantly, they sell GMK clones, and even rival GMK at it. I had the PBT Spark and absolutely loved it. Crisp look, no warpings, thick keys, smooth texture and pleasant to the eye. Solid choice over ePBT. 

In terms of pricing, PBTfans stands in the mid-range area, with their base kit costing $75 plus shipping. However, the value you’re getting is much more than that. 



Tokey keycaps
Tokey keycaps

Let's move to another brand that brings you a cute vibe - Tokey.

Tokey is well known for creating inexpensive keycap sets of excellent quality. Their creation of keycap sets is fantastic and features a quirky, adorable look.

In addition, this keycap maker produces a variety of keycap types with various keycap profiles, including Cherry, OEM, and XDA. However, Tokey is renowned for producing high-quality XDA keycap sets.

Recommendation: Tokey Shiba

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Hyekit keycaps | ubuy
Hyekit keycaps | ubuy

My first love when I started getting into keyboard customisation. Hyekit produces excellent keycaps and sells them at a very reasonable price - I paid $40 for my first Hyekit 129-key set in 2021. Additionally, Hyekit keycaps offer exceptional durability and a pleasant typing experience. They are also less likely to build up dirt.

In addition to GMK keycap clones, they produce handmade keycaps of extremely high quality. The designs Hyekit brings are also diverse from simple to adorable or modern. If you’re a coquette or bimbocore type of person, Hyekit’s definitely up there.

With very reliable sturdiness, Hyekit makes its keycap sets utilizing thick, solid PBT plastic. They definitely make a great affordable version of GMK. Without a doubt, this brand will be a decent option with PBT keycap sets featuring simple patterns that do not disappoint you.


Signature Plastics

Signature plastics keycaps | flickr
Signature plastics keycaps | flickr

I think it is safe to say Signature Plastics can just release anything and the people would eat it up. Soft and pleasant on the finger, clean sound, great durability - they definitely set the industry standards with GMK. However, a set of SP keycaps would run you from $250 to $400, pretty expensive for most people.

Signature Plastics started out as a producer of two-shot molded plastic parts in 1973. The business ultimately expanded to become the leading independent keycap supplier to the computer industry in the world. 

Signature Plastics produces unique custom keycaps with durable graphics that have been pad-printed. Additionally, Signature Plastics' custom keycaps are available in a wide range of colors and two different types of materials: ABS and PBT. 

Signature Plastics with more than 40 years of experience in producing custom keycaps will not make you disappointed.



Tai-hao keycaps | reddit
Tai-hao keycaps | reddit

Tai-Hao is a keycap maker that is renowned for its high-quality, unique, attractive, and sparkling color keycaps.

The two Chinese characters Tai and Hao, which signify excellence and absolute, respectively, are the source of the name for these keycaps. These two terms are combined to form "absolute excellency."

The legends on Tai Hao keycaps are often printed using the double-shot process, which gives the keycaps remarkable durability and ensures that the letter prints remain visible even after a long time of use.

Moreover, Tai Hao ABS and PBT keycaps are both top-notch in bringing users an excellent typing performance.

After all, Tai-Hao keycaps are among the greatest keycap sets on the market, offering amazing color schemes, particularly double-shot illuminated keycaps, which are rarely found in other brands.



Unicomp model m keycaps | reddit
Unicomp model m keycaps | reddit

Unicomp is a manufacturer of keyboards with the look and feel of the storied IBM Model M.

The majority of Unicomp's keyboard lineup consists of updates and a more contemporary take on the vintage IBM Model M keyboard.

As a result, they combine more recent advances with keycap designs that are influenced by vintage styles featured on the original Model M keyboards.

PBT polymer is used to create the two-tone white and grey buckling spring keys. The dye-sublimated legends enhance the traditional style and genuine feel. The keys can also be customized in all-white or all-gray variations.

What is more to be expected from such a retro keycap set? Unicomp is a brand that will give you a retro vibe for your work corner.

Recommendations: Apple Color Set

Happy Balls

Happy balls keycaps
Happy balls keycaps

This seems to be the most interesting option in this list, keycaps with no legends. Happy Balls is incredibly well-known for its blank keycap sets.

For fans of keycaps, this isn't too bizarre. Many enthusiasts love these blank keycaps and actively seek them out. Happy Balls is also also a sought-after brand.

Their keycap sets are built from sturdy, thick PBT plastic that has a great reputation for reliability and durability.

Even though Happy Balls makes such high-quality products, they offer keycap set items at incredibly low costs. Therefore, this brand has gained many positive feedbacks from customers.

Recommendations: All White


Momoka keycaps | reddit
Momoka keycaps | reddit

We arrive at the final option with a brand-new feeling.

Momoka is a brand-new manufacturer that specializes in OEM profile PBT keycaps with all-sided full-color dye-subbing and reverses dye-subbing. It was founded in 2020.

Despite being a new player in the keycaps industry, they currently have a quick turnaround. They are receiving more favors thanks to their keycaps' fantastic and unique color scheme.

Furthermore, these keycaps offer exceptional durability and a wonderful typing experience with premium PBT keycaps, dye-sublimated legends, and an anti-grease coating.

If you are willing to pay for your fresh experience with a new brand, Momoka is the way to go.


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The simplest way to improve the look of your mechanical keyboard is to get a new set of keycaps. And the first thing to do is pick a reliable brand.

Have you found the best keycap manufacturers from our 15 recommendations above?

Although GMK keycaps are perhaps the most alluring, you should also take into account lists like Drop, EnjoyPBT, or the YMDK keycaps set. These three suppliers frequently offer high-quality keycap sets with stylish and unique designs.

However, a number of more brands are also available as reasonably priced alternatives, including Akko, HK Gaming, Gliging, Sumgsn, and Hyekit.

At the end of the day, it’s all up to your taste and preference!

Make a smart purchase!


What companies produce keycaps?

There are thousands of companies that manufacture keycaps. Here’re some top picks of the best keycaps brands:

  • GMK
  • Drop
  • EnjoyPBT
  • AKKO
  • YMDK
  • HK Gaming

What makes the best keycaps?

There are several factors that help make the best keycaps. But the keycap material is the most important.

Which PBT keycaps are the best?

A cherry profile keycap set made of thick, solid PBT plastic is produced by EnjoyPBT, the top PBT keycap set maker at the moment.

What type of keycaps is most popular?

The keycap made by GMK is now the most popular now. Cherry profile keycap sets are officially produced by GMK, whose keycap sets are always expected and sought for.