Outemu vs Gateron Switches: Which one should you buy?

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  • Posted by: carson-rutz
  • Jul 3, 2022

Both Outemu and Gateron are famous choices for people looking for affordable mechanical switches. Keyboard lovers all agree that among the duped switches of the famous Cherry MX, Outemu and Gateron are two prospective candidates. They are both coming from Chinese companies and are aimed at a wide range of customers.

Whatever your requirements are, you are likely to find among the two brands one switch that fits your needs. However, at the same time, this can be confusing as there are so many to select from. In addition, the question also is, between Outemu and Gateron, are they on par with each other? 

Let’s learn about the pros and cons of each switch in every aspect, this can help you make a better decision for your beloved custom keyboard and also, your wallet.  The competition between Gateron Vs. Outemu begins.

Gateron switch tester
Gateron switch tester

Outemu Switches in brief

In the first stage of Outemu Vs Gateron, we will get to know each candidate. The first one on stage is ‘…. ting’ Outemu.

Outemu has a very decent quality for their range of switches, considering their prices are much lower than the Cherry MX switches. Right now, there are 12 released versions from which you can choose in terms of actuation type, produced sound, and force actuation.

Their most strong point is the tactile typing experience. That is the reason why the blue-clicky version has become the brand’s best-seller product. And of course, its name’s usually mentioned in the tech geek community.

Moreover, most of the products in their line have short travel distances, from 2 mm - 4 mm. This adds another selling point to the budget-friendly switch as it increases the sensitivity of registering.

Outemu black switches (source: drop. Com)
Outemu black switches (source: drop. Com)

On the other hand, some users point out that the switches could be quite shaky. This may be due to the reducing-cost production that makes it less precise than Cherry MX. Therefore, it gives room within the switches, making it becomes slightly quivering when typing.

Overall, like many says, Outemu is a very good product with a lovely price, but of course, this means there are some lackings that go with the amount of money you decide to save.

You can watch this video to have a visualization of the switch’s sound:

If you're interested in Outemu Switches, go dive right into this ultimate guide to learn everything you need to know.

Gateron Switches in brief

For people who feel hesitant because of Cherry MX’s prices, Gateron is definitely what they should go for. 

Our second candidate, the Gateron switches, is usually praised as the best dupe of Cherry MX and there are good reasons for this. Right now, they have released 8 versions and each has a distinct feature, providing people with various options to choose from.

People who enjoy a super-smooth typing experience would be absolutely hype about the linear actuation line. Some even say that it is smoother than Cherry MX, which makes it very desirable for writers and gamers. If you are gamers who are into combat, we highly recommend having a look at the Red, Yellow, or Black switch. These switches are frequently seen on the list of top linear switches every year.

Gateron different versions from white to blue
Gateron different versions from white to blue

Moreover, the brand provides switches with fast key execution and a durable design. Even though it can not be up to 100 million keystrokes like the Cherry MX, good customer responses are enough to believe in its long-last quality.

Regarding tactile feeling, their product line cannot be compared to Cherry MX. But, in general, it is a lower-price option and their linear line provides you with an extraordinarily smooth experience.

You could listen to how nice the sound is in this video below:

If you want to learn more about the Gateron switch variables, you can find every information in this article.

Outemu Vs Gateron Switches

Comparison Table

Outemu Switches Gateron Switches
Durability Normal Good
Longevity (manufacturer’s claim) 50 million keystrokes 50 million keystrokes
Key Activation Force 35 g - 80 g 50 g - 68 g
Key Travel Distance 2 mm - 4 mm 2.2 mm - 4 mm
Number Of Versions 12  8
Selling Point Tactile Linear
Price range 10$ - 14$ 10$ - 20$

At a quick glance, the two opponents, Gateron Vs Outemu, share some similarities.

Overall, both brands provide a long-lasting use with 50 million keystrokes, roughly estimated up to 195 years. In addition, their key travel distances are both short, resulting in very quick time response.

On the other hand, Outemu is obviously cheaper than Gateron. However, while Gateron Switches are known for their smooth experience, Outemu products are loved for their bumpy and clicky sound when typing.

Outemu blue switches
Outemu blue switches

Detailed Analysis

Let’s get into detail to explore in which aspects Outemu is outperforming Gateron and vice versa. This will be a race between Outemu and Gateron, which finally, helps you decide what to buy.


Despite being a cheaper dupe of Cherry MX, Gateron is not lacking in durability. Many keyboard users say that for the price, they couldn't ask for more durable switches.

On the other hand, Outemu does not receive responses as good as Gateron, making its durability far from compared to the Cherry MX. Also, a small number of users say that after a few years, the switch begins to show signs of problems.

Conclusion: Outemu Vs. Gateron -> Gateron wins.


Both manufacturers of Gateron and Outemu proclaim that the testing result is 50 million keystrokes for each version. But, according to the keyboard community, Gateron outperforms Outemu in terms of longevity. That makes it worth taking note that you should spend a little bit more to purchase Gateron if using it for a longer time is your top priority.

Conclusion: Gateron Vs Outemu -> Gateron wins.

Gateron pro yellow switches
Gateron pro yellow switches

Key Activation Force

The term ‘key activation force’ or ‘actuation force’ refers to the weight force from your fingertips that needs to fully press the keys, until the computer receives the signal. The smaller the actuation force is, the lighter the force from your fingers requires.

Outemu has a range of 50-65g of activation force while Gateron has a much wider range, such as 35, 50, 55, 60, 70, 75, and even 80. That makes Gateron has much more choices to choose from. However, this is based on personal preferences so I could not say who is the winner.

But if you prefer a super-light or super-heavy feeling, it is clear that Outemu does not have an option for you.

Conclusion: Outemu Vs. Gateron -> Gateron has a wider range.

Key Travel Distance

Mechanicalkeyboards.com defines travel distance as the thickness of the keypress's layers. As a result, the shorter the travel distance, the faster your computer receives commands from your typing.

Since Outemu and Gateron have similar distances, from around 2 mm to 4 mm, they are both good options for sensitive keyboards. That means an ideal for gamers.

Conclusion: Outemu Vs. Gateron -> Both are good.

Outemu purple switches
Outemu purple switches


Switches from both brands provide decent feedback when typing. The amount of bounce-back, the clicky sound, and the slight resistance, all’s very good. 

However, Gateron is more stable when pressing the keys, thanks to its higher-quality design. And also, it is not as scratchy as Outemu switches. That is why we decide the Gateron switches have better performance in terms of tactility.

Conclusion: Outemu Vs Gateron -> Gateron wins.

Where to buy Outemu and Gateron Switches?

For people who want to purchase the switches, it seems like there are more places to get the Gateron switches than the Outemu ones. 

They can both be bought on Amazon, eBay, or Aliexpress (only for people who have a Chinese buying account). Or, find them on flashquark.com or drop.com

Besides, you can purchase Gateron on mechanic-selling websites. Take a look at kdb fansglorious gaming, or check out Gateron's official website.

Gateron official website
Gateron official website

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace Gateron switches with Outemu?

Yes, you can as they are both clones of Cherry MX. However, you should check their specs such as mount type and the leg design to know which exact Gateron switch can replace with Outemu.

Are Outemu Brown switches better than Gateron Browns?

Outemu Brown switches are a bit cheaper than Gateron Brown ones. But, Gateron Browns is much smoother in experience so undeniably, it is better than Outemu Browns.

Between Outemu and Gateron switches, whose sound is better?

This is up to your personal tastes. As they are mounted from different materials, the sound is quite different. Some prefer Outemu while others pick Gateron. You should look for review videos to check the sounds yourself. 

Which are the most similar to Cherry MX, Outemu or Gateron switches?

Gateron is the most similar to Cherry MX in many aspects. However, considering the reasonable price it offers, Outemu is the best clone.

Which are the best Gateron and Outemu switches for gaming?

The linear black version of both brands is designed with the gaming experience in mind. The only difference is that Outemu is more suitable for heavy keystroke preference, whereas Gateron has a nice bassy sound.


Outemu vs. Gateron Switches, the winner is ‘ting, ting,...’ Gateron. Indeed, there is a reason why the best dupe of Cherry MX has shouted out Gateron’s name.

Compared to Outemu switches, it’s much more durable, long-lasting, stable, and also has a wider actuation force range. Besides, it is even smoother than the original Cherry MX, according to users’ responses. And, its tactile lines are also awesome. Furthermore, Gateron switches are slightly easier to get your hands on.

Outemu is, on the other hand, cheaper in price so it is also a good option if you’re on a tight budget. Besides, its tactile lines are truly awesome and have many good reviews.

We hope this small comparison of ‘Outemu Vs Gateron’ could help you understand the product better before choosing which to buy.