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  • Nov 23, 2021

Finally, you can now have custom 1.25u keycaps that are affordable, unique, and maintenance-free at hand! 

  Why get our artisan keycaps?

We have been designing keyboards from the ground up to last a lifetime with mechanical keys that are tested for durability. We also have a patent-pending design for a backlit keyboard where you can see what you type in any light!

Black and red koi keycap
Black and red koi keycap

▪ One-of-a-kind artisan keycaps for your mechanical keyboard.

▪ This 1.25 keycap is perfect for any custom keyboard. Unlike most other handmade keycaps that are fragile and expensive, our affordable spacebar is handmade of rugged, durable material. It has a protective coating to prevent wear and tear. 


▪ These 1.25 u keycap are handmade in Vietnam by skilled craftsmen, so each is different

▪ Keeps your keyboard safe from overheating

▪ Use a soft toothbrush or a cotton swab to clean the keycap without worrying about discoloring the buttons' characters

▪ These keycaps come in a variety of colors and styles, and we can make them in any style you want. 

▪ Please note, keycaps only, no keyboard included

     Install custom 1.25 u keycap today

Green and purple koi keycap
Custom artisan keycap

Custom 1.25 u keycaps are a great way to customize your keyboard’s aesthetics and make your typing or gaming experience more comfortable and efficient. You deserve a great keyboard that is designed for resilience and built to last. See what we have to offer and invest in your future today so you can type confidently knowing that your keyboard has got your back!

Hirosart is a family-owned artisan shop that sells the world's best custom keycaps. Visit our site to explore a wide range of 1.25u artisan keycap at https://hirosarts.com/

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