The Beginner's Guide to Outemu Black Switches

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  • Posted by: carson-rutz
  • Jul 1, 2022

On the mechanical keyboard forums, Outemu Black switches are frequently mentioned whenever someone asks for a suitable switch to play games. As a dupe of Cherry MX Black, the Outemu Black remains most features of the Black line, but of course, at a much lower price. This makes it become a popular option for gamers who are on a tight budget without trading much of the quality.

Then, what makes this switch a good option for playing games? And, does it suit me if I am not a gamer? All the answers are inside this ultimate guide, and you could also find reliable places to buy after making the purchase decision.

Outemu Black Switches specs

Outemu Black Specifications

Switch Type


Mount Type

Plate Mount

Travel Distance

2.5mm - 4mm 
Actuation Force


Operating  Force

80 ± 10g


Lower than the Blue switch


50 million cycles

As these are the technical terms, consider below our attempt at ‘decoding’ those so you can follow the article much easier:

  • Three main types of switch that relates to the keypress feedback and sound are clicky, tactile, and linear. The linear type refers to the smooth and consistent feeling with low sound when typing.
  • A plate-mount switch means that there is a metal plate between the switch and the PCB. This design makes it more stable and durable after countless keystrokes.
  • The travel distance tells us the distance from when the key does not press to when it is fully pressed. Therefore, the smaller the number is, the faster the computer receives commands from our typing. Actuation force and operating force both tell us how much the force from our fingertip strength needs to fully press the key until it registers.

Well, that’s much we need to know about the mechanical aspects of the switch. In the next part, we will learn in detail how those features contribute to your user experience. But, if you also want to know more about the Outemu switches in general so you can have more options, feel free to read this article for a full understanding.

Outemu Black Switch overview

Typing outemu black switches
Typing outemu black switches


As the Outemu Black switch belongs to the linear type, the smoothness is far better than the other switches of the brand. It is remarkably consistent and does not wobble. That results in a very awesome typing experience for users. It is something like ‘feeling your fingers dance on the keys.’

However, like any other product of Outemu, the Black switch has some scratches between the keystrokes. This could be a minus point for people who are looking for an ultimate smooth experience.


The actuation force of this switch is on the heavy side. Compared to Cherry MX Black, it is a little bit heavier. As the Black version targets people who prefer heavy typing or have big hands, the design requires about 65g for actuating at 2.5 mm.

Talking about the merit, heavy typing increases the accuracy level. The disadvantage is for those who are not familiar with heavy typing or are quite weak in their finger strength, they can easily feel tired after typing for so long.

Outemu black switches (source: drop. Com)
Outemu black switches (source: drop. Com)

Outemu Black sound

The switches are marketed as low noise for people who dislike the noise from a mechanical keyboard.  It releases a metal, low, and deep sound. Some agree that its sound is quite similar to the Outemu Red switch and much lower than the Outemu Blue ones. The low sound when typing definitely makes the Outemu Black switch enjoyable for office workers, and those whose houses do not soundproof nicely.  

A tip for keyboard enthusiasts who want to make it as quiet as possible or virtually silent is that you could use the lube to fix the switches. This also allows you to type faster, more smoothly than usual. Worth trying!

Wanna check out the sound of the Outemu Black switches? Watch this video for a sound test.

And this is a video of someone who lubed the switches.

Typing experience

Users feedback that the feeling is somewhat similar to the Outemu Brown switch, but of course, there is none of the tactile response. Even though there is still some scratchiness when bouncing back, the overall feeling is smooth enough. 

Since the Outemu Black switch is heavy actuation, there would be fewer typing errors. That makes it perfect for desk job workers who have to type in a mountain of data every day or send numerous emails. That is, of course, when they are used to heavy typing.

Gaming experience

Now is the time to answer why the Outemu Black is perfect for gamers. Its linear design is nice and smooth, check. Its sound is not loud and noisy, check. It has a high response rate, also check.

Above on, it is because the switch has a precise heavy actuation force and wobble reduction. Therefore, the experience of moving your fingers around the keyboard is enhanced to be accurate and trouble-free. Thanks to that, you could immerse yourself in your gaming time without being annoyed by technical issues.

Overall performance of Outemu Black Switches

Four sides of outemu black switches
Four sides of outemu black switches

In general, The Black switches are a heavy-force linear type with a quick response time and low sound. It performs consistently even with some minor scratches. You can reduce the noise and gritty feeling by lubing it. For both typing experience and gaming experience, this Outemu receives quite positive feedback. And its main selling point in the market, a heavy linear switch, could be pros and cons based on people’s preferences.

Where to buy Outemu Black switches?

To save your searching time, we would suggest some websites where you can buy the Outemu Black switches.

You can find it on Amazon and eBay (for people living in the UK only). Or, you can visit mechanical and keyboards, or If you are living in China, it will be easy to purchase on Alibaba. For people who are from Southeast Asia, you can shop them on e-commerce such as Lazada or Shopee.

The design of outemu black switches from gaote inc.
The design of outemu black switches from gaote inc.

Besides that, your local mechanical stores are likely to have the Black switches in their storage so don’t forget to check them out, in case waiting for shipping is not your cup of tea.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, Outemu Black switches are suitable for people looking for a heavy-weight feeling combined with linear smooth typing. Although they are more scratchy and less durable than the original Cherry MX dupe, given the decent price it offers, and the hard-to-deny accuracy and comfort while playing games, they are still worth a go.


Should you buy Outemu Black Switches typing?

Yes, you should. It performs smoothly and is soundless. Moreover, the short travel distance helps reduce registering response time. And, there is also feedback that its weight force increases the accuracy when typing, however, due to that, it is not recommended for first users or who do not enjoy feeling heavy.

Should you buy Outemu Black Switches for gaming?

Definitely! The Outemu Black switch is frequently recommended by gamers in the forums. The overall performance is smooth, a little bit scratchy but hard to notice, and accurate. On top of that, the weight force is perfect for moving your fingers around without being disturbed so the gaming experience is enjoyable.

Is Outemu Black Switch tactile or linear? 

This is a heavy, linear switch, with no tactile feedback.

What should I choose between Outemu Brown and Black switches?

This should be based on your preference. The Outemu Brown is tactile and normal-to-light actuation force, while the Outemu Black is a linear and heavy-press type. If you like heavy feeling and gaming most of the time, you should consider the Black switch. If you are a fast-pressing typer, you may enjoy the Brown ones.

How durable are Outemu Black Switches?

The manufacturer claimed that it could be up to 50 million clicks but some users responded that there are some signs of problems after a few years. Considering it is a heavy switch, which means requiring more force to press, and its low price, this is acceptable.

Where do the Outemu switches come from?

Outemu switches are products of Dongguan Gaote Electronics company, whose root is in China. You can visit their website for more information about the company.