Outemu purple switches: Complete Review 2024

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  • Jun 27, 2022

Outemu Purple switch, marketed as the enhanced version of Outemu Brown, has been hyped by the community of keyboard lovers. 

After the success of being recognized as the best dupe of Cherry MX switch with their first release, Outemu continued to introduce their new purple version. This has become the talk of whether it meets the quality of its seniors, or whether it can be recognized as an upgrade of the famous Outemu Brown switches.

Let's find out the answer by reading till the end of this Outemu Purple Switches Guide. By capturing all features, you may decide if your keyboard will ‘love’ this Purple switch.

Outemu Purple Switches specs

Outemu Purple Specs

Actuation Type


Mount Type

Actuation Force

50 g (light)

Travel Distance

2.0mm Actuation (4.0mm Total)


Less Noisy (than most tactile switches)

A brief explanation of the switch’s technical terms so you can have a grasp of Outemu Purple switch specifications:

  • There are three different actuation types. The term depicts the feedback and the released sound when typing. Tactile actuation indicates the bumpy response which produces a click sound when you press the keys.
  • There are two mount types. Plate-mount type of Outemu switch means that the design has a metal plate between the switch and the PCB, making it stable and long last.
  • Actuation force tells us about the required amount of force or weight used to press the keys until receiving a response.
  • The travel distance is the length between the first pressing point and the bottom of the switch. Only when the travel distance is zero, which means that you fully press the key, the computer can receive the command. So, a more responsive keyboard requires a shorter travel distance of the mechanical switch.

In the next part, those specifications will be explored in detail which tells you how it works in real life. So, let's dive right into the guide.

But if you’re still not sure whether the Outemu Purple switch or the famous Red one is the right option for your custom keyboard, check out this article ‘A Thorough Introduction to Outemu Switches’ for a better decision making.

Outemu Purple Switches overview


The Outemu Brown switch was chosen to have the best smooth experience among the four original versions. That was before the Purple switch came out. Compared to the Outemu Brown switch, the trigger point is increased, making the trigger faster and therefore, a smoother experience. But, the keypresses on the off-center are slightly rough, according to users.

However, the overall smoothness is still highly praised. Some claim that it gives them a feel more like a linear actuation type. Less bumpy and more flat feedback for a tactile.

Trying outemu purple switch (source: keebworks)
Trying outemu purple switch (source: keebworks)


This switch is especially light and consistent with a 50g force. That may be why hard-core fans of tactile do not enjoy it like people who prefer light typing feeling. So, it would be one of the best options for typers whose preference is a mix-of-tactile-and-linear-actuation type, which after decoding, means half-flat-half-bumpy feedback.

Full picture of outemu purple switch
Full picture of outemu purple switch

Outemu Purple sound

Compared to its senior, brown switch, Outemu Purple sound is lower but still higher than the Outemu white switch. The noise level is around 50 dB.

 Even though it is in the less-noisy range, it still can produce a clear pronounced tactile sound when pressing, so definitely an ideal choice for people, who prefers to know that they are fully pressing the key, but not being loud.

Check out this video to listen to the Outemu Purple sound released when typing:

Typing experience

If you are someone who hates the feeling that does not know whether you have typed the key or not, or you have to type the second time because the first time does not respond, you will enjoy the purple switch as I do. The responsive sound is clear and the feeling is smooth, your typing speed and accuracy are likely to be guaranteed.

Even though the off-center key is not as smooth as the others, it is not that noticeable so in conclusion, the whole typing experience is truly effortless. 

Highly recommend it for office workers who need to type in above-average speed.

Gaming experience

The travel distance is shorter compared to other switches, with 2.0 mm actuation, resulting in a faster response. In addition, it is a light typing with a clear pressing feeling, allowing your fingers to dance on the keyboard fastly and accurately.  

Therefore, game lovers who enjoy fast-paced games may also find this switch a good-to-go choice.

Overall performance of Outemu Purple Switches

  • A tactile switch that is smoother than other switches of the same type. Nearly like the linear type.
  • Light force and low actuation point, resulting in fast response time.
  • A clear click sound, enough to signal you but at the same time, not noisy.
  • Smooth typing experience.
  • A perfect choice for budget gaming keyboards.
Outemu purple switches on amazon
Outemu purple switches on amazon

Where can you find Outemu Purple Switches?

You could buy the switches on Amazon or find them on Flashquark. Or, if you have a buying account in China or know some middle dealer to purchase from there, you can search for it on Alibaba. 

For those who are living in Asia, Shopee or Lazada e-commerce are places to provide that you want to purchase these switches.

An outemu purple switch sold on flashquask
An outemu purple switch sold on flashquask


This switch, our today's main character, is as nearly smooth as linear switches, but still provides a clear response like any other tactile switch. In addition, with a quick response time and reasonable price, the Outemu Purple switches are suitable for both gamers and normal computer users, who want to renovate their keyboards at a low cost.

On the other hand, due to the light force and small tactile bump, it may not be able to provide a fulfilling feeling like other tactile switches if you enjoy the presence of that “bump” sound.

Since the producer has mentioned that there were over 50 million tests to ensure durability, our main character is surely not lacking compared to its brothers, making the Outemu Purple Switch a very strong candidate when looking for affordable but high-quality ones.


What is Outemu Purple Switch?

Outemu Purple switch is a mechanical keyboard switch from Outemu, which is believed to be a clone of Cherry MX. The purple version is claimed, by the manufacturer, to be an upgrade version of the brown switch.

Is Outemu Purple Switch good?

It is definitely a good affordable switch. Quite durable for a tactile switch. The Outemu Purple performs smoothly, not loudly but still clearly. 

Is the Outemu Purple Switch suitable for those who enjoy tactile typing?

You should look for another switch if you like a clear bumpy feeling provided by the tactile type. The Outemu Purple switch has, despite producing a clear sound, quite flat feedback.

Where does the Outemu Purple Switch come from?

Outemu switches are the product of Dongguan Gaote Electronics Co., an electrical manufacturer in China.

Is the Outemu Purple Switch as good as Cherry MX Switch?

It does not have good sound or durability as Cherry MX. But, given the price, it’s still one of the very good options.

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