Do you need a keyboard for your PC? Then, it’s time to find your winner in the battle of wireless vs wired keyboard.

At a first glance, a wireless keyboard looks nice with no string getting in your way. However, should we choose it with just that? If a wireless keyboard is that superior, not that many people say otherwise.

That’s right, wired and wireless keyboard have their pros and cons. In the end, it’s you who consider all the aspects and preferences to decide on one.

The good news is – this is not a difficult task at all. We believe that after reading this article, you will be able to choose the most suitable keyboard for yourself.

Wireless Keyboard
Wireless Keyboard

Before unfolding the good and bad of wireless and wired keyboards, there are things you need to know about the keyboard’s size and layout as it’s significant to choose what is comfortable to type on.

Wired vs wireless keyboards: What is the differences?

Wired Keyboard

Wireless Keyboard

Use a wire to connect

Use a Radio Frequency via USB receiver or use Bluetooth to connect

Only move within the wire length

Able to move within 9 meters

Takes direct power from the connected device

Need a built-in battery to function

Has a wide range of prices

Be on an expensive side

Here is a quick summary so you can grasp the main differences quickly. Of course, there is more to the reasons why you should buy a wired or wireless keyboard. We will find out right away but first, let’s get to know the wired keyboard.

What is Wired Keyboard? 

Wired Keyboard On Amazon
Wired Keyboard On Amazon

Can we guess that the first keyboard you got into contact with was a wired one? Please forgive our assumption. It’s just that wired keyboards are so common that hardly anyone does not know of them.

So, allow us to skip the long introduction like the history blah blah blah to jump right into the benefits and drawbacks of wired keyboards, which you need to form a decision.


In a nutshell, having a wired keyboard will bring you:

  • No need to think of the battery life.
  • Stable and rapid connection.
  • A smile to your wallet as it’s really affordable.


But, it cannot bring you:

  • Portable benefit due to the string.
  • Clean table and once again is the string’s fault.
  • Multiple connections with multiple devices.

Now, it’s time to explore the wireless keyboard.

What is Wireless Keyboard?

Wireless Keyboard On GVT Mobile
Wireless Keyboard On GVT Mobile

Born after the wired keyboard, it allows people to connect via radio frequency instead of a wire like the conventional keyboard. Right now, there are two types of wireless keyboard connections, radio frequency or RF and Bluetooth.

Most wireless keyboards in the market apply the RF technique. There will be a USB receiver coming together with the wireless keyboard when you buy. It works as a medium to receive the signals from your keyboard and transmit them to the computer system. All you have to do is plug the USB receiver into your computer’s USB port.

The second type is a Bluetooth signal. If you are used to Bluetooth on your phone, you can get how Bluetooth works on a wireless keyboard. Note that the Bluetooth keyboard is not as mobile as the RF keyboard, since the signal length is within 3 meters.


Reasons you should choose a wireless keyboard:

  • It can be used farther away from your computer.
  • Allow you to have a tidy workplace and no string gets in your way.
  • Bluetooth keyboard can connect to devices that don’t have a USB port.
  • Bluetooth keyboard does not take up the USB port of your computer.


Of course, keep those problems in mind for a better decision:

  • Wireless keyboards have a high price
  • You may encounter laggings or dropouts.
  • There is a potential of being hacked.

Wired vs Wireless Keyboard: Comprehensive comparison

There will be nine aspects that need to go through one by one before drawing a final conclusion from the wired vs wireless keyboard competition. Keep reading as the good part has not opened yet.

Portability and Mobility

Logitech Super Slim Wireless Keyboard
Logitech Super Slim Wireless Keyboard

Maybe the ultimate reason to buy a wireless keyboard is its mobility. With no wire getting in your way or forcing you to be near your PC, you have the freedom to be in the back of your room typing while the monitor is in the front.

Moreover, it’s easier to pack and carry the wireless keyboard when there is no need for you to be concern about the string, leading to improve portable ability. If your jobs require you to travel around a lot, you may like to have a wireless keyboard.

On the other hand, the wired keyboard does not provide that ability, so between wired vs wireless keyboard, it is the wireless keyboard’s win.

Input-lag or Latency rate 

Check Your Keyboard Latency
Check Your Keyboard Latency

Regarding wired vs wireless keyboard’s response rate, input-lag or latency both refer to the signal delay from your keyboard to your computer due to external factors. In the case of the wired keyboard, the signal transmission is direct, so it provides you with lag-free performance.

In contrast, the wireless keyboard connects to the main system through a medium. Hence, it is more likely to suffer from frequent lagging, especially the cheap ones.

Nowadays, high-end wireless keyboards try to decrease the input-lag rate to a minimal number. But, if you compete in a gaming competition, where a millisecond slower means being defeated, you should go for a wired keyboard.


Wireless De-sense Test From Allion Labs
Wireless De-sense Test From Allion Labs

The wireless keyboard uses radio frequency to transmit the data from your typing to the processor same as other wireless devices like mice or headsets. The thing is, it could be intervened by other nearby frequencies, for example, an operating microwave or radars. As a result, you may be taken aback by the slow response and wonder what is happening.

In addition, the Bluetooth keyboard also meets interference just like your phone’s Bluetooth.

To conclude, wireless vs wired keyboard, the wired keyboard is more desirable since none can interfere with its direct transmission.


Typing On Logitech Ergo Keyboard
Typing On Logitech Ergo Keyboard

Just same as the interference, the wireless keyboard’s transmission can be detected and forced to be hacked by an anonymous. This means there is a risk to security. But, it is a slight possibility that happens though since Advance Encryption of Data can help to prevent those hackers.

However, if you prioritize safety when choosing a wireless or wired keyboard, go with the wired keyboard as it can bring you maximum security with its “impregnable” wire.

Power usage

Keyboard battery
Keyboard battery

You do not need to think of battery usage with your wired keyboard for sure. It takes the power directly from your computer to operate so fewer worries for you.

On the other hand, the wireless keyboard has its own power supply, from a non-rechargeable battery or a rechargeable battery. Therefore, you need to have your eyes on the power level if you do not want your work to be interrupted.

Moreover, there are clearly more things to do, such as preparing your spare battery with you or charging them.

That is why, in this matter between wireless vs wired keyboard, the wired keyboard has an upper hand.

If you want to know more about the longevity of a wireless keyboard and its mouse, this article is for you.

Price tag

Buying A keyboard On Amazon
Buying A keyboard On Amazon

Devices that came out later and were rather new tend to have higher prices than the ones being around for decades. That is the same case for wired vs wireless keyboards.

With the same functions and abilities, you usually have to pay more for a wireless keyboard. That is not mentioned the money spent on repurchasing batteries.

The good thing is that the price gap is being reduced due to technology companies’ attempts. So, we can expect a good but cheap wireless keyboard in the near future.

However, right now, the wired keyboard is still more affordable, resulting in another win for this friend with a wire.


Wired vs Wireless Keyboard: Aesthetic
Tidy Table With A Logitech Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

Undeniably, a working place with a wireless keyboard or wireless devices is more like candy to people’s eyes. Things look much neater when there is no wire hanging around on the table.

Of course, there is a little holder that is used to fix the wire in one place for a neat appearance. But, to compare the aesthetic of wired vs wireless keyboard, a clean freak may prefer the wireless keyboard with a minimal object.

Moving Parts 

Messy Desk With Wired Devices
Messy Desk With Wired Devices

Apparently, your mouse and you will move more freely as there is no need to avoid the wire. Also, you can prevent some unwanted accidents. For instance, your coffee cup gets knocked over when you try to pull the wire. Or, wires from different devices move around and get tangled with each other.

Thus, it is not hard to think that is the wireless’s win when we compare wired vs wireless keyboards.

Time to Setup

Okinuma Wired Keyboard And Mouse Setup
Okinuma Wired Keyboard And Mouse Setup

With a wired keyboard, all you need to do is to plug into the USB port and things are ready for you.

Unlike that, you need to set things up when using a wireless keyboard. For example, installing the right hardware and opening the setting menu to check the connection. Once your keyboard runs out of power, you have to go change the battery to continue using it.

No need to think hard at all, wired vs wireless keyboard, wired keyboard wins with its convenient setup.

Wireless vs Wired keyboards: Which is better for gaming?

Playing Games With Wired Keyboard
Playing Games With Wired Keyboard

No lagging and no interference. It is no doubt that the wired keyboard is more suitable for gamers, especially those who are professional players or game competitors.

Yet, there are awesome wireless keyboards in the market that are made for gaming purposes with a very low latency rate. However, if you are on a tight budget, between wireless and wired keyboards, go for the wired keyboard.

Wired vs wireless keyboards: Which should you use for Non-Competitive Games

Wireless Gaming Keyboard
Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Wire or wireless keyboards are both great choices for people who are not serious gaming competitors. That is why if you prefer the aesthetic and mobility that are brought by the wireless keyboard, don’t hesitate to pick up the wireless one.

We have mentioned the lagging trouble is improved and also is the security, therefore, some laid back with a wireless keyboard is not bad at all. 

Ways to Improve Gaming Reaction Time of Wireless Keyboards

Bluetooth Keyboard
Bluetooth Keyboard

If the biggest issue of the wireless keyboard in gaming is the response speed, there are some methods to accelerate it.

The first one is making sure no interfered objects like a microwave or a Bluetooth speaker near you and your keyboard.

Second, you should choose a wireless keyboard with rapid switches. Some crazily-fast switch brands we can recommend to you are Cherry MX Silver, Kailh BOX Speed, and Apex SteelSeries Pro. If you want to know more about how to recognize a fast switch, visit our article here.

The last method is to use a cable extender. This small device can help speed things up a little bit and it’s also easy to purchase in an electronic store.


The battle of wired vs wireless keyboard has to end here. Our conclusion is to pick up a wired keyboard for competitive gaming or a friendly budget. And, if you are in need of mobile advantages or an orderly desk, a wireless keyboard can be your best friend. 

Of course, ‘with a wire’ or ‘without a wire’ has its own pros and cons, so the best method to choose between a wireless vs wired keyboard is considering your preference.

We hope you are able to pick one now.


Are wired keyboards better than wireless?

Yes, they are if you talk about the fast response with no delay and prices. However, they are not as portable and neat as their wireless counterparts.

Is a wireless keyboard worth it?

Based on what you need so the answer will be. In general, a good wireless keyboard is worth your money as the issues of lagging and hacking are improving day by day.

What is the difference between wireless and wired keyboards?

The main difference is wireless keyboards use radio frequency to send signals to your computer while wired keyboards transmit directly by their wire.

Which are better for gaming – wired or wireless keyboards?

The vital factor to decide on a good keyboard for gaming is whether the reaction time is fast or not. Wired keyboards show a way better performance referred to that since there is no latency or interfered issue like wireless keyboards.

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