The Best Topre Keyboards: Our top picks in 2024

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  • Nov 14, 2022

Topre keyboard is not a common name in the world of keyboards. That is why, we would like to applaud you for knowing it and being curious enough to explore more, given that you visited this article.

It’s true that the number of Topre keyboards in the market is not as big as other mechanical keyboards. However, there are names that contribute to why these uncommon keyboards are praised highly, and the reasons must have lied within the outstanding quality of the Topre switches.

Here, we would like to introduce to you the list of the best Topre keyboards. We hope this list will be of help to anyone who is looking for a good Topre keyboard or who just wants to know more about them.

Enjoy reading!

A quick guide to Topre keyboards and switches

Let’s learn a little bit about Topre keyboards and switches to see why it has gradually become a hot name among keyboard lovers.

What is a Topre Keyboard?

Realforce rgb gaming topre keyboard (source: pcworld)-best topre keyboards
Realforce rgb gaming topre keyboard (source: pcworld)

Normally, to define a keyboard type, we will take a look at the switches under keycaps. Mechanical keyboards have mechanical switches. Membrane keyboards have rubber domes. Hence, Topre keyboards are the keyboards that have Topre switches.

Topre keyboards will inherit the typing feels and sounds from the characteristics of Topre switches. Then, let’s discover the Topre switches, which are behind the success of the awaiting best Topre keyboards.

What are Topre Switches?

Inside a topre switch-best topre keyboards
Inside a topre switch

Topre is a Japanese engineering corporation that is famous for electronic products. After inventing a new key switch design, the company named the innovative switch after its own name.

Being born after the membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards, Topre switches inherit some characteristics of the other seniors which makes them distinct key switches. 

The main idea of these special key switches is a system that can detect a circuit signal when a key is pressed, and then send that signal to the circuit board (or PCB in short). Thanks to that, the whole registering process requires no physical contact, making the responsiveness, durability, and weight force all reduce remarkably.

To know more about Topre switches and the technology behind them, we suggest you read this complete review on Topre switches.

A Comparison Table of Best Topre Keyboards

Here is a quick overview of the best Topre keyboards. You can find them in all keyboard sizes - full-layout, tenkeyless, or even compact. 

The thing is, Topre keyboards have crazily high prices, as most of the keyboards are above $200. Some keyboards even go beyond the number $300. Therefore, it’s best to consider everything carefully before purchasing a Topre keyboard.

Number Of Keys Price
Happy Hacking Keyboard 60 $300
Leopold FC660C 66 $239
Topre Realforce RGB 108/87 $279
Leopold FC980C 98 $309.90
Realforce R2 PFU Limited Edition 108/87 ‎$348
Topre RealForce 87UB 87 $299
Cooler Master Novatouch TKL 87 $200
Epomaker Niz Plum Atom 68 68 ‎$174 - $269

Happy Hacking Keyboard: Best Wireless Topre Keyboard

Happy hacking topre keyboard-best topre keyboards
Happy hacking topre keyboard

  • 2-angle incline feet and 2 rubber feet
  • 6 DIP switches on the back
  • Compact design

  • Wired or wireless options
  • PBT keycaps
  • Durable construction
  • Key programming

  • Take time to get used to the non-standard layout
  • No dedicated keys
  • Super expensive

The first best keyboard with Topre switches in this list is Happy Hacking keyboard. This keyboard has only 60 keys to make it super small and compact. So, to make up for the lack of keys, there are 6 DIP switches on the back and a useful, easy-to-read manual on how to use them. However, the layout is unusual so you may need some time to master it.

The Happy Hacking keyboard is very light with a full plastic body. But, don’t think it lightly just because of that, since this keyboard with Topre switches has a reliably durable build. Besides, you are allowed to program the keys.

You can learn more about the Happy Hacking Topre keyboard in the video below.


Leopold FC660C: Best Quiet Topre Keyboard

Leopold fc660c blue and grey topre mechanical keyboard-best topre keyboards
Leopold fc660c blue and grey topre mechanical keyboard

  • mini-USB ports
  • 4 DIP switches
  • Fingerprint-resistant plastic case

  • Dye sublimated PBT keycaps
  • Detachable cable
  • Two switch options: the Topre and the Topre Silent
  • Good keyboard build

  • Expensive
  • No programming function
  • Non-standard key size

If you have known of Topre switches, you may know that they are relatively quiet. Yet, the Leopold FC660C keyboard is even quieter than other Topre keyboards thanks to the Topre Silent switches. Combined with the awesome construction and 4 DIP switches, we believe this Topre keyboard is worth your attention.

Furthermore, it is equipped with high-quality PBT keycaps and a fingerprint-proof case, resulting in a prolonged beauty lasting. 

On the downside, the key size is quite awkward to use and there is no key programming for a compact Topre keyboard.

This video will tell you more about the Leopold FC660C so don’t forget to check it out.


Topre Realforce RGB by Seasonic: Best RGB Topre Keyboard

Topre realforce rgb keyboard (source: reddit)
Topre realforce rgb keyboard (source: reddit)

  • 4 different key weights
  • 4 DIP switches
  • Angle adjusting feet

  • Can choose between standard or TKL layout
  • PBT or ABS keycaps
  • RGB backlit and per key customization
  • Comfortable typing switches

  • Very expensive
  • Frustrating software

One of the things Topre keyboards tend to lack is the RGB backlighting. But, that won’t be an issue with the Topre Realforce RGB keyboard. As there is RGB in the name, the color effects of this best Topre keyboard are vibrant with the per-key customization.

Moreover, you are allowed to choose the keyboard sizes and keycap materials to suit your preference. As the Topre switches have a uniquely smooth feel, typing on this keyboard is very likable. 

Despite all that, the software is hard to use and the price is not affordable

If you want to see how beautiful Topre Realforce RGB is when the backlit’s on, watch this video right now.


Leopold FC980C: Best Topre Keyboard with compact layout

Leopold fc980c topre keyboard
Leopold fc980c topre keyboard

  • mini-USB cable
  • 4 DIP switches
  • 4 large rubber feet

  • PBT keycaps
  • Non-conventional layout with full functionality
  • Solid build

  • Very high price

We don’t know about you but for us, the combination of light and dark grey on Leopold FC980C has an aesthetically retro-futuristic vibe. That goes well with the non-standard 98-key layout, which is easy to master. This keyboard with Topre switches reaches the best balance between functionality and portability thanks to this well-designed, unique layout.

Furthermore, the construction is very wonderful - sturdy and stable, due to the good materials and 4 big rubber stands. And, the PBT keycaps are another big plus. 

The only thing we want to complain about is the price. It is super expensive.

Don’t you want to see more of this super expensive Topre keyboard? We have the just right video for you.


Realforce R2 PFU Limited Edition

Realforce r2 pfu limited edition topre mechanical keyboard
Realforce r2 pfu limited edition topre mechanical keyboard

  • Cable routing options
  • Extra keycaps to change

  • Highly sensitive keyboard
  • Anti-typos
  • Silent key switches
  • Comfortable typing experience

  • High price

Reaforce R2 PFU Limited Edition Topre keyboard has a standard design with a white case and white long-lasting dye keycaps. Well, it may look simple outside but all aspects are calculated meticulously to bring out the best typing experience

While Topre Silent switches provide high-response, smooth tactile feedback with no disturbing noise, the smart ergonomic design promised fewer typing mistakes. Last but not least, this Realforce R2 FPU keyboard with Topre switches is made to be highly sensitive, increasing the key activating speed to maximum.

Like other best Topre keyboards, the high price is always an issue.

If you are curious about the silent typing of Realforce R2 FPU keyboard, watch this video!


Topre Realforce 87UB: Best TKL Topre keyboard

Realforce 87ub topre mechanical keyboard
Realforce 87ub topre mechanical keyboard

  •  DIP switches on the back
  • Cable routing options

  • Rock solid build
  • PBT keycaps
  • Good typing feels
  • Low sounds

  • Black legends on black keycaps
  • Very expensive

Another best Topre keyboard from Realforce! 

Realforce 87UB Topre keyboard really maximizes the benefits of Topre switches to create a wonderful keyboard for typing. There are trustworthy PBT keycaps that are nice and smooth to type on. Besides, the whole keyboard is strong and durable to withstand the degradation of time.

You won’t see a Numpad on this keyboard with Topre switches as it has a tenkeyless layout. So, in order to cover the loss of keys, there are DIP switches on the back. Furthermore, it also has cable routing to direct the way the cable appears.

In contrast, this black-case-black-keycap keyboard has black legends. Black on black? No hope for the eyes when working under a weak lighting environment.

Want to see more about the Topre Realforce 87UB keyboard? Click on the below video.

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Cooler Master Novatouch TKL: Best Topre Clone Keyboard

Cooler master novatouch tkl topre keyboards (source: newegg. Com)
Cooler master novatouch tkl topre keyboards (source: newegg. Com)

  • Ergonomic design for space saving
  • O-ring dampen
  • MX-style stem

  • N-key rollover & anti-ghosting
  • Detachable cable
  • Laser-printed legends
  • Extremely good for typing

  • Stop producing
  • ABS keycaps

We won’t say Cooler Master Novatouch TKL keyboard is a budget Topre keyboard but at least, it’s one of the cheapest in the list. Being cheaper than other best keyboards with Topre switches does not make it any less in quality. This keyboard is very cool from the ergonomics to the Cherry-stem Topre switches.

The design is very considering of space-saving, so it’s a good option for a tight workplace. Moreover, the O-ring sound absorbers make this Topre keyboard wonderful for places that are against any kind of noise. There is an anti-ghosting ability that allows you to register 6 keys at once. The legends are laser-printed, meaning they won’t fade at any time.

On the other hand, the keycaps are ABS, which is not very desirable. Besides, the keyboards are not produced anymore so you need to look for them in the aftermarket.

A Cooler Master introduction video is here. Go see how cool this Topre keyboard is!


Epomaker Niz Plum Atom 68: Cheapest Topre-ish Keyboard

Epomaker niz plum atom topre keyboard (source: youtube tech tesseract)
Epomaker niz plum atom topre keyboard (source: youtube tech tesseract)

  • Two versions: non-wireless and wireless keyboards
  • USB type-C
  • Cherry MX-style stem

  • Laser-engraved PBT keycaps
  • Full key programming
  • Detachable cable
  • RGB backlighting

  • Inconvenient port position
  • Weak stabilizer

The last one of this best Topre keyboard list is a wireless Topre keyboard named Epomaker Niz Plum Atom. To be more precise, you can pick the wireless option. Apparently, the price is higher than the wired one. However, wireless Topre keyboards are very convenient for business trips or an energetic working environment. 

This keyboard with Cherry-stem Topre switches also has a key programming function. Moreover, there is backlighting and detachable cable, as well as high-end PBT keycaps.

The problem with this Topre keyboard relates to the cable port position. In some ways, it’s placed weirdly which is somewhat inconvenient to set up the keyboard. Moreover, the stabilizer is not doing the job well as expected.

Overall, Epomaker Niz Plum Atom is a very nice Topre keyboard. You should see more of it in the following video.


What makes Topre keyboards so expensive?

We suggest that the very first reason for the super high prices of Topre keyboards is only Topre making these switches. Since the patent has only expired recently, there is no competition to bring the price down. 

Moreover, the whole producing process of Topre switches has no place for cutting down on the quality. Of course, thanks to that, the quality of the best Topre keyboard is fabulous but it’s also adding an amount of money to the overall cost.

The final factor is due to the low demand for Topre keyboards. They are famous in Japan and have a name in other parts of the world. However, it’s not enough to create an urge of purchasing keyboards with Topre switches. Therefore, there is no other way apart from setting a high bar for the prices to cover the whole development costs.

Tips for choosing the Best Topre Keyboards

As Topre keyboards are over $200, it’s best to pick out the most suitable one for your needs. There are five factors you should look at carefully before deciding on the keyboard.


One thing about Topre switches is they are outstandingly long-lasting. So, make sure to choose a keyboard with durable keycaps to match the lifespan of the key switches. 

Right now, there are ABS and PBT keycaps. They are both plastic materials but PBT is more durable and nicer than ABS. For more details, we recommend you check out this article here.

Asides from the keycaps that go with the keyboard, you can change into other keycaps for a more personal touch. For example, aesthetic blank keycaps or artisan resin keycaps.

Artisan resin keycap (source: hirosart)
Artisan resin keycap (source: hirosart)


A normal keyboard layout has 104 keys. Less than that is the tenkeyless keyboard with 87 keys and the compact keyboards with 66 or 60 keys. As tenkeyless and compact keyboards lack keys such as the fn rows or the Numpad, the sizes are much smaller. 

To choose which keyboard size is for you, we think you should consider your needs. Do you need to use Fn keys a lot? Do you have to carry your keyboard all the time? Is your working desk too small to set up a big-sized keyboard? 

By thinking thoroughly about what you truly need, you will be able to choose the right keyboard size.


You may know or may not know that a keyboard can cause pain to your hands. If the ergonomics are not well-calculated, typing on that keyboard for a long time can lead to hand fatigue or even worse, a wrist injury. Maybe gamers or heavy typists can understand this type of injury the best.

The important thing has to be said twice. Please pay attention to the ergonomics as a Topre keyboard should serve you well, not the otherwise.


There are two things you need to decide on about the connectivity.

Firstly, do you need a wireless Topre keyboard? Without cable, you can bring the keyboard around comfortably. Moreover, you can connect to other devices that do not have a USB port. But, despite being pretty portable, the longevity of wireless keyboards is slightly shorter than wired keyboards. So, don’t forget to consider that.

Secondly, you should check out the responsiveness of the Topre keyboard. Normally, Topre switches are super fast and responsive, and so are the best Topre keyboards. Pay attention to the travel distance of the key switches as it talks about how fast the key will register.


Most of the best Topre keyboards do not come with RGB backlighting. There are only a few names that have this function. If you are into the vivid lighting colors that come from under the keycaps, you should check to see whether the Topre keyboard you like offer the RGB effects.

Best place to buy Topre keyboards

A topre keyboard on amazon
A topre keyboard on amazon

If you want to purchase one of the best Topre keyboards above, we recommend you find them on Amazon. Some of the keyboards there are hard to find, and the last place you can find them is this e-commercial site.

Aside from Amazon, you can also check out or keyboard vendors such as or

Even though Topre keyboards are not as common as other keyboard types, you can still find them in your local computer shops. The last option is ordering from Japan as this is the birth country of the Topre keyboards. Nonetheless, you may need to modify the keyboard from Japanese characters to an alphabetical layout.

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Bottom line

Topre keyboard is like a rare gem in the keyboard world. Not everyone knows about them but keyboard enthusiasts still seek the best Topre keyboards. Of course, there is a reason why despite being pricey, Topre keyboards are enjoyed by a lot of people. And, that is nothing besides the top quality of Topre switches.

Apart from these 8 best keyboards with Topre switches, we believe there is some marvelous Topre keyboard out there waiting to be found. Hence, we love to learn more about Topre keyboards from you. Care to share with us?


Where are the best places to buy a Topre keyboard?

Amazon has many of the best Topre keyboard options so it’s a good place to check out. Besides, we think you should also take a look at your local mechanic stores. They might surprise you.

What is the best Topre keyboard for typing?

The best Topre keyboard for typing is the Realforce R2 PFU Limited Edition keyboard. Typing on it is super smooth and comfortable. Furthermore, it has an anti-typo design.

What is the best Topre keyboard for gaming?

We think Epomaker Niz Plum Atom 68 keyboard is the best Topre keyboard for gaming. The typing feel, speed, and functions are very suitable for competing in games

What is the best full-sized Topre keyboard?

The best full-sized Topre keyboard is the Topre Realforce RGB keyboard. The 108-key layout is arranged smartly for comfortable typing, moreover, there is also RGB backlit.



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