10++ Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboards [2024 Updates]

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  • Nov 9, 2022

With tactile feedback and audible typing, Cherry MX Blue switches have been regarded as one of the best solutions for giving you access to much-improved performance for typists. Check out curated list of best Cherry MX Blue keyboards, based on their features, design, and performance. Whether you are a typist, a gamer, or a casual user, you will find a keyboard that suits your needs and preferences.

Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboards Best Feature Price
Drop CTRL Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboard overall


Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboard For Gaming $149.99
Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 Wireless Keyboard Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboard with Wireless Support $199.00
Ducky One 2 Mini Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboard with Compact Design $99.00
Durgod Taurus K320 Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboard for Typing $99.00
Varmilo VA87M

Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboard For The Office

Logitech K845ch Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard Best Budget Cherry MX Blue Keyboard


Abkoncore K595 Best Waterproof Cherry MX Blue Keyboard


iKBC CD87 Mechanical Keyboard Best Simple Cherry MX Blue Keyboard for Minimalists $76.99
Durgod Fusion Mechanical Keyboard Best Colorful Cherry MX Blue Keyboard $159.99
Durgod HK Venus Mechanical Keyboard Best 60% Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard


Note: Prices shown are current as of January 2024, but may fluctuate due to market changes, promotions, or other factors.

Drop CTRL: Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboard overall

Drop ctrl-best cherry mx blue keyboards
drop ctrl | seeknuance
Key features
  • Layout: TKL
  • Keycap material: Doubleshot PBT
  • Connectivity: USB Type-C
  • Programming: QMK firmware
  • Lighting: Per-key RGB 

  • Full-aluminum case
  • Gratifying sound
  • High-quality PBT keycaps

  • Stabilizers are a mess
  • 5-pin switches are not supported
  • It's difficult to use programming

This list is being kicked off by the Drop CTRL, a tenkeyless keyboard with genuinely unique features.

The Drop CTRL's hot-swappable feature is one of its major attractions. There are several choices for linear, tactile, and clicky switches in The Drop CTRL. But given the focus of today's discussion, we'll pay special attention to Cherry MX Blue RGB's clicky typing experience.

The Drop CTRL will emphasize any clicky sounds and feelings that you enjoy about Cherry MX Blues.

The sound of typing is clearly audible when the keycaps are not covered. This may be viewed as a drawback, but fortunately, the sounds are really gratifying, therefore we see it as a benefit of this keyboard.

The stabilized keys, however, might not be the best. The keyboard stabilizers that come with the Drop right now are rattly and loose. They rattle and are louder than the other keys, which might soon get irritating if you're used to a calmer keyboard.

We strongly recommend all users invest the time to apply some dielectric grease since these stabilizers almost demand to tinker.

A few words about the look: The Drop CTRL stands out from other keyboards when it comes to aesthetics thanks to its brilliant, space-grey aluminum plating.

Despite its higher price tag, the Drop CTRL will not disappoint you with enhanced clicky feedback of Cherry MX Blues that you love.

The following video will show you how great Drop CTRL sounds with Cherry MX Blues.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT: Best Blue Switch Keyboard for Gaming

Corsair k95 rgb platinum xt-best cherry mx blue keyboards
corsair k95 rgb platinum xt | rtings

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is among the top choices for the best Cherry MX blue keyboards that give you access to a wide variety of features.

Key features
  • Layout: Full Size
  • Keycap material: Doubleshot PBT
  • Connectivity: USB/Wired
  • Programming: Corsair iCue, Elgato Stream Deck
  • Lighting: RGB LED

  • Best for gaming
  • Durable and stable PBT keycaps
  • Ergonomical wrist rest

  • Switches are a bit scratchy
  • Pretty expensive

Let's talk more about how Cherry MX Blues delivers the most immersive gaming experience.

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT doesn't actually provide a pleasant typing experience. This keyboard can make quite a bit of noise with its rattling stabilizers. Also, the switches are sometimes prone to becoming scratchy; however, these issues may be resolved with extended usage or lubing/modding.

Notwithstanding these flaws, this keyboard still ranks well because Cherry MX Blue switch fans will find it to be an ideal buy.

Along with numerous more functions, the K95's iconic style made it seem familiar to play games, even hardcore ones. To further boost your gaming experience, this model includes separate multimedia controls, an aluminum volume slider, and a USB port that guarantees a steady connection.

In addition, the wrist rest that is attached is one of the considerate solutions and gives you a much higher level of ergonomics.

As an extra benefit, the keyboard gives you access to a 19-zone LightEdge lighting experience as well as Per-key RGB backlighting. This can be a nice complement for giving you almost infinite customizing options.

Overall, Corsair K95 is one of the best Cherry MX Blue keyboards for gaming. Look no further than this baby if you are a pro gamer.

Filco Majestouch Convertible 2: Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboard with Wireless Support

Filco majestouch convertible 2 wireless keyboard-best cherry mx blue keyboards
filco majestouch convertible 2 wireless keyboard | deskthority

You do get the pleasure to a much higher level of the best tactile experience with the Filco Majestouch Convertible 2.

The keyboard has a TenKeyless design but also has multimedia-specific keys.

Key features
  • Layout: TKL
  • Keycap material: ABS
  • Connectivity:  USB/ Bluetooth
  • Lighting: No

  • Wireless connectivity 
  • A compact and modern design

  • Expensive
  • No backlighting

For those of you seeking wireless blue switch keyboard with a sleek, simple, and modern appearance, this might be a fantastic choice.

In fact, you can choose between Cherry tactile Browns and clicky Blues. Both are enjoyable to use, particularly with the light ABS keycaps.

When Cherry MX Blue switches are located beneath the ABS keys, you will get a clicky and responsive typing experience. It might be more suitable for typists who need a keyboard bringing joy anywhere thanks to the loud clicks.

Indeed, not only thanks to the compact design, but the best part of Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 is its wireless support.

This keyboard has USB and Bluetooth wireless connectivity options, which is perfect if you want to keep your desk free of unsightly wires.

What's more? An auto-clicker download and auto-shut-off function are included with the keyboard. This helps you have access to a significant amount of battery backup that may last for several months.

One downside you should be aware of, the legends don't have a backlight which can be frustrating for some typists working in dimly lit environments.

Even so, Filco Majestouch Convertible 2 is still a very premium modern keyboard

With its excellent typing experience and interface, it is sure to appeal to any businessman. That’s what exactly the video below shows you:

Ducky One 2 Mini: Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboard with Compact design

Ducky one 2 mini-best cherry mx blue keyboards
ducky one 2 mini | az gear

We're betting that if you've used a mechanical keyboard for any time, you've at least heard about the Ducky One 2 Mini.

This keyboard is one of the 60% Cherry MX Blue keyboards that are now the best-selling on the market.

Key features
  • Layout: Compact (60%)
  • Keycap material: Doubleshot PBT
  • Connectivity: USB-C/Wired
  • Programming: On-board
  • Lighting: Full RGB

  • Customizable keycaps
  • Unique click sound

  • No software

Despite the availability of several Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh switch alternatives, if you are reading this page you are most likely interested in the Blue switches because of their bumpy feel and loud clicks.

Like most of the keyboards in this list, Ducky One 2 Mini with Blue switches brings users a unique click-clack sound and accuracy that couldn't be better at an affordable price.

Besides that, the Ducky One 2 Mini's body is built entirely of thick, solid plastic, giving it a rigid-feeling build. Despite the minor angle the keyboard currently has, there are two adjustable kickstands that let you modify the height.

Regarding keycaps, the Ducky One 2 Mini has OEM profile keycaps that are thick and sturdy PBT plastic and are a lot of fun to use when typing or playing video games.

Plus, the RGB illumination and endless effects further enhance this keyboard's customizability. One of the many reasons why people adore the Ducky One 2 Mini is that you can truly customize it on your own.

However, the detachable USB Type C cable is the only method of connecting that the Ducky One 2 Mini supports.

Despite the fact that the One 2 Mini may seem to be old and lacking hot-swap and Bluetooth functionality, it might be still the perfect choice for you If you are looking for a budget-friendly compact gaming keyboard with a Blue switch option.

We found an unboxing video to help you first experience the signature sound of Ducky One 2 with Cherry MX Blue switches:

Durgod Taurus K320: Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboard for Typing

Durgod taurus k320-best cherry mx blue keyboards
Durgod taurus k320
Key features
  • Layout: TKL
  • Keycap material: Doubleshot PBT
  • Connectivity: USB/Wired
  • Programming: Durgod Zeus Engine Software
  • Lighting: RGB

  • Good price for various features
  • Sturdy build

  • Limited backlight customization
  • Detachable cables lack braid

The Durgod K320 is the next keyboard that you should consider. It is one of the best Cherry MX Blue keyboards for both its appearance and typing experience.

The Durgod K320's switches are its main selling feature. It actually feels like a toss-up as to whether the stabilizers will be rattly or smooth, especially on inexpensive keyboards.

Fortunately, the stabilizers on the K320 are among the greatest we've ever felt right. The fantastic sound produced when keys are pressed is a result of the stabilizers, which makes using this keyboard a joy.

Certainly, the Durgod K320's superb stabilizers and reliable Cherry MX switches provide a very enjoyable typing experience.

Speaking of design, this keyboard features an aluminum plate, making it extremely sturdy even if the casing is plastic. The Durgod K320 looks neat and stylish since the casing isn't overly thick or cumbersome.

After all, a superb keyboard all-around, the Durgod K320 offers an almost flawless typing experience, which is rare for keyboards at this competitive price.

You really will not be disappointed with the K320 with Cherry MX Blues if you type so much for work or study.

Varmilo VA87M: Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboard For The Office

Varmilo va87m-best cherry mx blue keyboards
varmilo va87m | clife
Key features
  • Layout: TKL
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • Connectivity: USB/Wired
  • Programming: No software support
  • Lighting: White backlighting

  • Keycap customizations
  • Smoother stabilizers

  • Outdated USB mini cable

One of the best Cherry MX Blue keyboards for an office setting is the Varmilo VA87M keyboard.

The keyboard has a TKL form factor and a variety of attractive styles. That might be a great solution for your objectives and needs in terms of entertaining options for the ideal keyboard experience ever.

You should undoubtedly have access to the best typing experience ever with the Cherry MX profile.

Don't be worried to disturb your peers with Cherry Blues' loud clicks. With their smooth stabilizers, typing time may be rather calm and more comfortable.

Besides, it is a very easy move to the Varmilo VA87M. Your typing speed may even be really quick right away, with few to no errors.

The keyboard's multicolor keycaps should entice you in addition to its excellent performance. You have a choice of white, RGB, or no backlighting as far as the illumination goes.

In terms of connectivity, The mini USB connector might be troublesome, especially when paired with the USB C port found on the majority of keyboards.

But in an ideal situation, that shouldn't impact your usability and functionality. An excellent keyboard that features Cherry MX Blues for accurate typing might be the best choice for your needs.

Logitech K845ch Illuminated Keyboard: Best Budget Cherry MX Blue Keyboard

Logitech k845ch mechanical illuminated keyboard-best cherry mx blue keyboards
logitech k845ch mechanical illuminated keyboard | rtings
Key features
  • Layout: Full Size
  • Keycap material: ABS
  • Connectivity: USB/Wired
  • Programming: No
  • Lighting: White LED backlight 

  • Simple professional appearance
  • Affordable
  • Great typing experience

  • Lacks software support

You should be mindful while purchasing Logitech keyboards if you want a keyboard with authentic Cherry MX switches.

Over the last several years, many of their keyboards have utilized exclusive Romer-G clone switches; however, in 2020 they introduced a new range of Cherry MX keyboards in response to customer demand. The Logitech K845ch was among them.

The Cherry MX Blue switches are used on the high-quality, full-size Logitech K845CH keyboard, which also boasts an excellently durable build.

The K845ch is a premium full-size keyboard that puts performance first and appearances second, in contrast to their Logitech G series of gaming accessories.

The typing is excellent. The Cherry MX Blue switches provide pleasant, snappy feedback, and typing on them doesn't seem exhausting. The normal spacing of the keys and the rough feel of the ABS keycaps may make them simpler to get used to.

In an office situation, the noisy Cherry MX Blue switches of the Logitech K845 could disturb others around you. Therefore, it is also offered in other switch types that could be quieter to type on.

About the design, the K845ch features a 104-key layout, with multimedia shortcuts connected to the function row. Along with that, I t also includes a white LED backlight to illuminate its legends. If you want to add a little laid-back gaming flair, you can even cycle between a few pre-coded light effects.

All in all, the Logitech K845CH is one of the best Cherry MX Blue keyboards that has a simple design, basic features, a low price, and outstanding durability.

Abkoncore K595: Best Waterproof Cherry MX Blue Keyboard

Abkoncore k595-best cherry mx blue keyboards
Abkoncore k595
Key features
  • Layout: Full size
  • Keycap material: ABS
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Programming:
  • Lighting: Rainbow LEDs

  • Water-resistant and dust-proof

  • No RGB

Try out the Abkoncore K595 with N-Key Rollover if you want to type swiftly with no ghosting effects.

It can send data to your PC at a very rapid polling rate of 1,000Hz, which might be a big benefit if you play action-packed games that need quick reactions.

Furthermore, the double-shot injection keycap switches have a 50 million keystroke promise. This top Cherry MX Blue keyboard has self-repairing GTMX switches, which perform similarly to Cherry switches in terms of functionality. You can easily swap them out if you encounter a problem.

You will value the K595's ability to generate personalized backlight settings if you enjoy intricate lighting effects. With the use of certain keys, you can quickly change light, speed, as well as direction.

Plus, the keycaps are ergonomically designed. You can text faster without worrying about errors because of the difference in their height.

Ultimately, it's the ideal choice for prolonged gaming and typing sessions. The item has a height-adjustable anti-slip pad.

The keyboard contains a gold-plated USB cord with a unique noise filter for improved communication. Dedicated keys and practical shortcuts help you adjust multimedia settings more efficiently.

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iKBC CD87: Best Simple Cherry MX Blue Keyboard for Minimalists

Ikbc cd87 mechanical keyboard-best cherry mx blue keyboards
ikbc cd87 mechanical keyboard | shopee
Key features
  • Layout: TLK
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • Connectivity: Wired/ Wireless
  • Lighting: No

  • Minimalistic design
  • Excellent typing experience

  • Non-detachable power cable
  • No lighting

Next is the iKBC CD87, a fifth tenkeyless keyboard that might be your perfect Cherry MX Blue switch buddy.

The typing on this keyboard is comfortable and fun with Cherry MX Blues. There is no rattling or shaking when typing thanks to the excellent stabilizers. If you prefer listening to the clicks of typing, the sounds are clear and just what you need.

According to many reviewers, they are excellent switches that feel comfortable and peaceful; however, they are a little bouncy. The springs can be heard somewhat when typing with them, but generally, a fine keyboard. Modifying the keyboard with some lubrication or foam will help reduce the noise of the springs.

When it comes to design, the casing is highly sleek and simple, and it comes in just one all-black hue. The ergonomic broad PBT keycap designs are intended to make typing pleasant even during extended gaming sessions.

However, this keyboard's absence of a detachable cable is somehow disappointing, but it may be not really important. Even better use is possible if you choose a Bluetooth keyboard, although that would be more expensive.

Moreover, the legends are in a decent white font to contrast with the black keycaps, even though there is no illumination.

Either way, the basic functions of this keyboard are performed well. If you're seeking a keyboard that won't cause you any hassles when typing, the iKBC CD87 could be one of the best Cherry MX Blue keyboards for you.

Durgod Fusion: Best Colorful Cherry MX Blue Keyboard

Durgod fusion-best cherry mx blue keyboards
durgod fusion | ali express
Key features
  • Layout: 65%
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Programming: No

  • Smooth stabilizers
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Colorful PBT keycaps

  • Lack of software support

Thanks to Nintendo-inspired aesthetic, the Durgod Fusion's design should be what sets it apart from the crowd.

You can choose from 3 color schemes using the keyboard: Navigator (blue, white, and yellow), Original (orange, white, and grey), and Steam (black, red, and grey). You do have access to a stylish color scheme and look with the keycap design.

The Durgod Fusion keyboard is more pricey, but its exceptional quality and construction make up for it.

We're also pleased to say that typing is a wonderful experience here. The mechanical keyboard community holds Durgod in high regard for the quality of its products, and it bears fruit.

The Durgod Fusion has keycaps that are in the OEM profile, which we believe to be the most comfortable for typing. The typing experience is completely free of any distracting shaking, noises, or rattling. The stabilizer is also quite fine and won't need to be lubed or modified.

For connectivity, the Durgod Fusion's Bluetooth capabilities, which let you use it without a cord, are another much-desired feature. It's beneficial that they provide a Mac-compatible cable among the USB-C to USB-A and USB-C to USB-C cables provided for charging and connected use.

The Durgod Fusion should be high on your list of options if you're searching for a portable, useful keyboard with Cherry MX Blues.

Before putting your wallet out, don't forget to watch the video review below. It will compare how typing experience of Durgod Fusion differs when going with Cherry MX Blues and Browns:

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Durgod HK Venus - Best 60% Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard

Durgod hk-best cherry mx blue keyboards
Durgod hk
Key features
  • Layout: 60% 
  • Keycap material: PBT
  • Connectivity: USB/Wired
  • Programming: Durgod Hera Compiler Software
  • Lighting: RGB

  • Super smooth stabilizers
  • Sturdy build

  • Smaller footprint

To end our list of the best Cherry MX Blue keyboards, let’s move to another baby from Durgod brand.

The Durgod HK Venus is a premium keyboard with a 60% aluminum casing and Cherry MX Blue switches. This keyboard is one of the 60% that are now in high demand on the market now.

The best part of this keyboard to appreciate is the very smooth stabilizers; typing on the Durgod HK Venus could be never better. You will enjoy the clear clicky feel you want with Cherry MX Blue switches.

Except for the little bump, you feel while crossing the click bar, they are actually rather smooth and not at all loud or scratchy.

In addition, the keyboard give an integrated metal plate and housing. Its increased compatibility with Mac via USB-C to USB-C connection and the regular USB-C to USB-A cable is yet another benefit that makes it a safe option.

If you don't mind spending a little bit of extra money, the Durgod Hk Venus is one of the greatest portable keyboards available. The Durgod HK Venus has RGB, smooth stabilizers, and a very strong build.

Should you choose Cherry MX Blue Switches?

For a productive typing and gaming experience, Cherry MX Blue keyboards have been considered one of the best solutions. Without having the finest Cherry MX Blue experience ever, you won't be able to absorb it.

To help you get a better understanding of why choose Cherry MX Blue keyboards, here is a summary of some benefits you can expect from using them.

Should you choose cherry mx blue switches? -best cherry mx blue keyboards
Should you choose cherry mx blue switches?

Audible Feedback

The very first benefit to mention is the loud audible feedback of Cherry MX Switches

For the most enjoyable gaming and typing experiences, Cherry MX Switches are a well-known choice.

Using a keyboard with Cherry MX Blue, you can feel the clicky, loud bumpy feedback while you are typing. As a result, it generates a signature loud typing sound.

Maybe it should be the right move ever with the unique clicks these keys and key switches produce. You would even find the experience to be much more compelling if you enjoy hearing audible feedback during typing.

Let the following video please your ears with the sound of Cherry MX Blue switches for 1 hour!

If you want to consider other switches from Cherry family, this complete color review of Cherry MX Switches might be right for you.

Typing experience

One might wonder why Cherry MX Blues is such a pleasure to type on.

That is, the Cherry MX Blue switches should be one of the top choices for enjoyable typing since they deliver a nice tactile bump.

Simply put, the tactile bump shows that more power is needed during the initial push before the operational force reduces. For operation, Cherry MX Blue feels light and extremely responsive since it only needs 50 grams of actuation force to move 4mm.

When you touch a key, you feel a strong tactile bump that gives the impression that you are pushing a button.

Typists often enjoy the snappy feel of Cherry MX Blues as it can improve accuracy; therefore, you will make fewer typos when typing when there is this pleasant bump.

Long Lifespan

The Cherry MX switches are among the most durable switches available. Their lifespan can be up to 100 million keystrokes, and with usage, you could realize that they can get even better.

 Of course, if you have never used a keyboard with this form of tactile feedback, it could take some time to get used to the bump feeling.

Sometimes, switches may feel initially scratchy, but after time, this scratchiness will disappear and the actuation will be smooth.

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How to Choose the Best Blue Switches Keyboard?

Most best Cherry MX Blue keyboards are more durable and provide excellent tactile and aural feedback.

Here, we'll talk about the factors to take into account while choosing the finest mechanical keyboard for your needs and tastes.

Cherry mx blue keyboard-best cherry mx blue keyboards
cherry mx blue keyboard | steel series

Keyboard Layout

Current keyboards with Blue switches feature uniform key layouts. Among them are the following:

  • Character keys, used to enter letters, numbers, and punctuation.
  • Modifier keys, including Shift, Alt, and Fn.
  • System command keys, including ESC and Prnt Scrn
  • Editing keys, enabling you to remove data and confirm operations (Enter).
  • The arrow keys, PgUp, PgDn, and other navigational keys.
  • Function keys, providing you access to various controls so you can change settings.

Generally, there are various sets of essential keys. All conventional keyboards featured 104 keys until recently. These days, some models include additional keys that let you operate your system and change settings.

There are variations with extra keys, while the majority of MX Cherry Blue keyboards have regular layouts. To change the volume or the playback of a video, for example, utilize multimedia controls. Moreover, there are additional keys for turning on sleep mode and shutting down your computer.

There are still many things related to keyboard layout that you must consider before finding the best MX Cherry Blue keyboards, read this post before making a decision.

Keyboard connectivity

The majority of manufacturers produce peripherals with excellent computer connectivity.

Both wireless and wired keyboards are available. While wired keyboards are connected to your computer through a connection, wireless keyboards operate on radio frequencies like Bluetooth.

Although a wireless keyboard offers you freedom of movement, batteries need to be recharged. A wireless keyboard may experience slight input lag, but a conventional keyboard does not experience this issue. A wired keyboard just requires a little cord management. Both wired and wireless mice work in the same way.

If you decide that these choices are right for you, invest in a version with computer connectivity to save dollars on the next keyboard buy.

Keyboard design

Consider the keyboard's design before deciding on your pick. Standard, gaming, or ergonomic keyboards are all readily available.

Most keyboards follow a standard design. They include 104 keys in addition to functional multimedia controls. Also, gaming models include additional keys for shortcuts.

With the user's comfort in mind, ergonomic keyboards are created. You can maintain a calm hand position thanks to their form. Wrist support that helps to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome is frequently included with them.

Having a backlit keyboard will be helpful if you like to play video games in dark environments. Foldable keyboards are only one example of the many portable choices that are available. Consider waterproof and splashproof keyboards if you want a more durable type.


So, the above are our top picks for the best Cherry MX Blue keyboards. Yet, this list is by no means complete, of course. View the greatest available solutions for the best typing and gaming experiences ever.

Keep in mind, too, that while a keyboard with Cherry MX switches is a fantastic option for satisfying typing, it is not appropriate for an office or a library.

Hopefully, this list helps you find out the best Cherry MX Blue keyboards suitable for your tastes and purpose.


I work as a freelance blogger in Seattle, Washington. I've been freelancing full-time for 5 years. I'm interested in anime, resin art, and mechanical keyboards.