Best Rubber Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboard in 2024

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  • Nov 3, 2022

Every gamer wants to make their "battle station" top-notch and show off their tastes. Gamers can customize their "battle stations" in a variety of ways, right down to the keycaps. 

This year, rubberized keycaps have added even another level of customization that gamers have grown to love. No surprise! Most gamers are the main users of rubber keycaps since they prefer a bit more grip when fidgeting with the keys.

If you are looking for the best rubber keycaps, then just take a drink and scroll Hirosart's page!

In today's post, we've included information about the best rubber keycaps for mechanical keyboard on the market in 2022.

What are rubber keycaps?

Rubber keycaps
rubber keycaps | tai hao shop

Simply said, rubber keycaps are basically what they sound like: keycaps with rubber coating. They are often used on keyboards that are specifically designed for gaming

Rubber keycaps stand out thanks to their surface's exceptional texture, which gives your fingertips a grip when you use them for gaming. And due to the better grip, you can play games more precisely and accurately.

A picture is worth a thousand words! Let’s watch the following video to get a brief review of rubberized keycaps (We embed the video with rubber keycaps from the Tai Hao family).

Along with rubber keycaps, you should not also miss other types of keycaps like ABS and PBT keycaps. For a better understanding of them, take a look at An Inside Look At Keycaps.

Pros and Cons of Rubber keycaps

Now you know what rubber keycaps are, let’s move to their pros and cons!


Better finger grip

Especially, players who are switching to PC gaming for the first time might benefit from gaming rubber keycaps that provide an excellent finger grip.

A wide variety of choices

For players wishing to increase their battle station clout, the rubber keycaps are available in a broad range of colors.


Rubber keycaps last a long time. Rubber keycaps won't crack over time like plastic keycaps. What’s more? Cleaning them is also very simple. You can keep your keyboard free of dirt by cleaning it frequently.


Not for everyone.

With the additional texture and grip that the coating offers, it's safe to suppose that most gamers out there have found rubberized keycaps pretty easy to use.

But the truth is that not everyone will like these keycaps, though. These might appear quite worthless to someone who isn't attracted to the hype. The lack of cohesiveness on their keyboard can put off other people.

A bit high price

Compared to plastic keycaps, rubber keycaps are more expensive. In fact, rubber keycaps that are purchased on a budget could wind up having issues. After all, you get what you pay for!

10 Best Rubber Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboard

Don't let you wait any longer, here are the top 10 the best rubber keycaps for mechanical keyboard that you should consider.

HyperX FPS & MOBA Gaming Keycaps

Hyperx fps & moba gaming keycaps
hyperx fps & moba gaming keycaps | amazon

If you want to play FPS or MOBA games, the HyperX gaming keycap set will be the best rubber keycaps you should consider.

8 completed keys in this OEM-compatible set make it easier for your hand to locate the correct location on the keyboard without having to look down. The keys are available in either titanium or stunning red. Both color schemes will let you quickly identify your game controls.

Plus, the normal rubber WASD keycaps as well as the surrounding QERF keys, which are heavily used in FPS and MOBA games, should be kept in mind for this set. Given their plastic build, the keycaps can fit any normal MX-style switch.

Here’s a short review for HyperX FPS & MOBA Gaming Keycaps with the titanium option:

Meckeys rubber gaming keycap

Meckeys rubber gaming keycap
meckeys rubber gaming keycap | meckeys

One of the most hot-selling and best rubber keycaps on the market right now is Meckeys rubber gaming keycap.

This OEM Profile rubber keycap is built from sturdy high-quality ABS plastic. With the  RGB or LED backlit on your keyboard, the light can be extremely effectively reflected by each letter carved on the top of the keycaps.

When you use these keycaps to play games, the texture on the keycaps' surface will also offer a very strong grip.

Moreover, this rubber keycap is available from Meckeys for a very fair price.

YMDK Double Shot 104 Miami PBT Shine

Ymdk double shot 104 miami pbt shine
ymdk double shot 104 miami pbt shine | ubuy

Consider purchasing this 108-key YMDK PBT Miami keycap set if you want to completely upgrade the way your keys look.

This amazing shading-enabled set illuminates your workspace with the bright pinks and blues of Miami's nightlife.

Along with such a look, these keys are designed to fit most ANSI design sheets that feature MX-style switches. In full-shading keysets like this one, backdrop illumination is a feature that YMDK's Miami keycaps also offer.

Do you enjoy vibrant shiny pink and blue? Then, this set will work nicely for you. Even while these keycaps won't give you an advantage in video games, they are still the best rubber keycaps that look absolutely stunning.

HK Gaming Rubber Backlit Doubleshot Keycap Set

Hk gaming rubber backlit doubleshot keycap
hk gaming rubber backlit doubleshot keycap 

Your gaming performance will be improved by using the HK Gaming rubber keycap set thanks to using a jewel surface to increase the reach of the most basic keys.

This collection showcases 23 meticulously finished pieces. The bolt keys, WASD, and QERF, along with ZXCV, Esc key, and  the 1-6 keys should all be kept in mind when using this keycap set. Yet, the spacebar is the only conspicuously absent key.

Like the majority of the options on this list, these keys also support background lighting. As a gesture of goodwill, HK also included a tiny keycap puller in the case.

In terms of switches, these keys are designed to fit switches with stem plans similar to those of MX,  Kailh, Gateron, Outemu, and LK switches.

Do you want to see how stunning HK Gaming Rubber keycaps are? So, don’t miss the following video!

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Tai-Hao TPR Backlit Double Shot Rubber Keycaps Set

Tai-hao tpr backlit double shot rubber keycaps
tai-hao tpr backlit double shot rubber keycaps | bosse computer

Tai-Hao TPR Backlit Double Shot Rubber Keycaps Set can be considered one of the best keycaps for FPS.

These OEM profile rubber keycaps are reasonably priced and of excellent quality. They also  have a very nice texture on the surface and are composed of ABS and TPR plastic, which will offer you a very firm grip during gaming.

Additionally, the Tai-Hao TPR Keycaps Set offers two color options: pink and blue.

Overall, Tai-Hao TPR is one of the best rubber keycaps worth taking a look at.

Taihao Rubber Keycap Set Red 18 PCS

Taihao rubber keycap set red
taihao rubber keycap set red | mechanical keyboards

Another product from the Tai Hao brand! With a mixture of PBT, ABS, and TPR plastic, Taihao Rubber Keycap Set Red 18 PCS is one of the best rubber keycaps on this list when it comes to the whole performance.

This is one of the highest-quality rubber keycaps available right now. The keycaps' surface pattern features a firm texture that will provide you with exceptional comfort and grip while playing video games.

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Tai-Hao Blank Rubber Gaming Keycaps

Tai-hao blank rubber gaming keycaps
tai-hao blank rubber gaming keycaps | mechanical keyboards

Seems like the Tai Hao family has covered the whole market of the best rubber keycaps.

Tai-Hao Blank Rubber Gaming Keycaps might be the best rubber keycaps having a unique design. Like the two Tai Hap keycap sets above, this is an OEM profile rubber keycap created by the material combination: ABS + TPR plastic.

In addition, the surface of the keycaps also certainly has a rubberized touch and an anti-slip diamond texture, allowing users to better position their fingertips.

The only difference is that Tai-Hao Blank keycaps do not include letters on them. Therefore, think twice before purchasing this set.

To end the reviews of the best rubber keycaps from Tai Hao brands, we’ve embedded this video to help you get a more detailed review of them.

VULTURE Rubber Keycaps

Vulture rubber keycaps
Vulture rubber keycaps

Vulture rubber keycaps include 18 keys in one package which are standard gaming keys. You'll receive a pack containing all the necessary runner keycaps for gaming.

They are not only a perfect fit for Cherry MX switches but these keycaps can also easily be swapped out for them if you own keyboards with those switches.

You may wonder whether keycaps fit all switches or not or if can they totally be swapped out. So, read Are Keycaps Universal? How to find keycaps that fit your mechanical to get clear what you’re still confused about.

Last but not least, the rubber is of very high grade. Nonetheless, because these rubber keycaps are not plastic and can easily be damaged, you should use them with additional care.

Vulture rubber keycaps are said to be a good alternative for Tai Hao counterparts. So, how do they perform? The video below will give you an in-depth review:

Foamy Lizard rubber keycaps

Foamy lizard rubber keycaps
Foamy lizard rubber keycaps

These Foamy Lizard keycaps are another formidable rival among rubber keycaps, with 3 color options. They are available in two sizes, V1 and V2.

Foamy Lizard keycaps coming in a pack of 8, fit Cherry MX switches perfectly. The keycaps are ideal for gaming and support LED RGB backlighting.

Like other best rubber keycaps, these keycaps are designed with a surface texture that makes it simple to identify the key you are pressing without even touching it.

The Foamy Lizard keycaps quickly orient your hands without requiring you to take your eyes from the battle to give you the edge in any battle. Thanks to such an appealing rubber texture, it is possible to move with the ideal amount of traction and gliding.

Hey, if you play competitive video games, these rubber keycaps are the greatest for you (trust us!).

Ducky Keycaps 31 Set of Rubber

Ducky keycaps 31 set of rubber
ducky keycaps 31 set of rubber | mechanical keyboards

These last 31 fantastically crafted keys of the Ducky Keycap Set are designed to increase your gaming skills.

Although these keys are specifically made for Ducky mechanical keyboards, they are still a perfect partner for any other gaming keyboards with MX switches.

Besides, each keycap has a jewel texture to complete the look and to improve your finger grip while playing games.

After all, Ducky keycaps have closed our list of the best rubber keycaps ever. We think you will also look at other keycaps and compare them with this list of rubber keycaps.

Therefore, Hirosart also prepared this top pick in advance so you can have a better overview of the top 25 best keycaps to upgrade your keyboard

Wrapping Up

No wondering, rubber keycaps are keycaps designed specifically for anyone who seeks greater grip while playing games.

We've cherry-picked all the best rubber keycaps for mechanical keyboards on the market now. Feel free to share with Hirosart which one is your favorite.


Are rubber keycaps better?

Yes, rubber keycaps may be better than others. They give grip and a better feel to what keys you touch. However, it all comes down to your tastes.

Are rubber keycaps quieter?

Yes, they are quieter as rubber absorbs the majority of the vibrations caused by keystrokes, making them significantly quieter than keycaps made of other materials.

Should you use rubber keycaps?

It is all up to you. If you are a professional gamer, rubber keycaps might be one of the most perfect setups on your keyboard.

Are rubber keycaps good for gaming?

Yes. Rubber keycaps are excellent for PC users who spend hours on the desktop for gaming because of their excellent texture.



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