Outemu Orange Switches: Are They Good?

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  • Jul 17, 2022

Outemu Orange switches have been around the switch market for a long time but there is not much discussion about them. As they have been introduced as an upgrade version of Outemu Brown switches, you may wonder how good those new Outemu Orange switches are, especially if you are fond of those famous Brown switches. 

You come into the right place for sure. This article has everything you need to know about the Outeme Orange switches. So, stay tuned.

Outemu Orange Switch Specs

Outemu Orange Switch

Switch Type


Mount Type

Plate Mount
Actuation Force

50 gf

Key Travel Distance

2 mm - 4 mm

Click life

50 million keystrokes

If you get confused with those technical terms, this brief explanation below may be helpful for you. Skip it if you are not a newbie.

  • Actuation force or actuation weight: This refers to the weight (or force) of your fingertips to fully press the keys until it signals a command.
  • Key travel distance: The distance between the point the key is unpressed and the point when it is fully activated. That means, the shorter the distance, the faster the time your computer receives the commands.
  • Click life: The number of times you can press the key before it stops working completely. 

Since the manufacturers claim that the Outemu Orange Switch is made to renovate the features of the Brown switch, the mechanical numbers are almost the same, except that the actuation force is slightly smaller

In general, the Outemu Orange switch is a light tactile mechanical keyswitch with a high response rate. According to the Outemu manufacturers, they have claimed that the Orange switch generates quicker than the Outemu Brown.

You can compare the figures between the Outemu Orange switches and other Outemu switches by clicking this  Thorough Introduction to Outemu Switches.

Outemu orange switch specification
Outemu orange switch specification from digitalalliance. Co. Id

Outemu Orange Switch overview

Switch Design

Take a look at the appearance. A combination of white and orange makes the Outemu Orange switches pretty cute and fun to look at. In addition, the Outemu switches come with SMD LED compatibility thanks to transparent housing.

Turns to the quality, well, let the numbers do the talking. But, how good are the Outemu Orange switches in real life?. You will find out soon about the smoothness, sound, and the feel of weight; and also whether they meet your requirement for a gaming keyboard, so let’s keep reading.


Outemu orange switches
Outemu orange switches

The Outemu Brown switch has been praised for its smooth performance, therefore we can expect the Outemu Orange switch to be even better. 

Those switches are smooth. However, they are scratchy like other Outemu switches. Furthermore, people review that they are inconsistent among the keypresses so the overall experience is quite disappointing, especially when you have high hope for it. 


A box of outemu orange switches
A box of outemu orange switches

Compared to its Brown senior, the Outemu Orange Switch is lighter by 5gf. This is believed to make it typed faster and more even. But, honestly, we do not think the difference of 5gf will bring much to the table. 

Besides, 50 gf in weight force makes it a light switch. Maybe it is one of the reasons why the tactile feedback is not noticeable. 


The sound released from typing is low, almost like a linear switch. We think this will be nice for people working in public places. But, for those who enjoy the ‘clicky’ or ‘thocky’ sound, they will probably get disappointed. 

If you want to know how small the sound is, watch this video for reference.

Typing Experience

You may expect clear bumpy feedback from a tactile switch when typing but this is not the case for the Outemu Orange switches. The tactile feeling is not noticeable. It’s light and forgettable. Especially, when you need a clear response from the key to avoiding making mistakes, those switches do not help at all. That makes you want to ask them ’where are the bumps?’

In conclusion, your typing experience with this switch will be light, scratchy, and not bumpy. We cannot see why this is an enhanced version of the famous Outemu Brown switch. It’s more like an uncreative copy.

Gaming experience

If the Outemu Brown switches are famous for being suitable for gaming, you may expect to play games enjoyably with the Outemu Orange switches. 

With all that said about the smoothness and tactile response, playing games on those switches is fine. It’s not the perfect switch to boost your gaming experience, but it still can accompany you well throughout the playing time.

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Overall performance

To sum up, the Outemu Orange switch is fine. It is a tactile switch with a light tactile response. The response speed is nice, as fast as we expect from the Outemu brand. It has a small actuation force, so you may like it if a light feeling is what you prefer. The smoothness is similar to or a little bit below the Outemu Brown switch.

By the way, it is clear that the inconsistency when moving your fingers around the keyboard will lead to dissatisfaction when typing or gaming.

Outemu orange switches on ebay
Outemu orange switches on ebay

Where To Buy Outemu Orange Switches?

It’s hard to find any of them on Amazon, so we include here a few places for you to look for.


Is Outemu Orange Switch good?

We would say the Outemu Orange switch is good but does not meet our expectations as an upgrades version of the Outemu Brown switch. 

Are Outemu Orange Switches good for typing?

It is nice to type on the Outemu Orange switches but you may not feel satisfied with it. It has very low sound and unclear tactile feedback for a tactile switch. Besides, it is a little bit scratchy and inconsistent. 

Are Outemu Orange Switches good for gaming?

You can play games on the Outemu Orange switches but it won’t be awesome.

What should I choose between the Outemu Brown switch and the Outemu Orange switch?

They are almost the same so you should go for what offers a lower price.

What should I choose between the Outemu Orange switch and Outemu Purple switch?

Because they are both the upgrade versions of the Outemu Brown switch, they are not much different. But, the Outemu Purple switch is more consistent when typing than the Orange ones, hence we encourage you to try the Purple version.


To conclude, we think that the Outemu Orange switches are not bad. They are like other Outemu switches with a 50-million life span and a high response rate when typing. But, since it is believed to be a better product than the Outemu Brown switch, the Orange switches somehow let us down

If you want to experience different switch options on your mechanical keyboards, go ahead because the Orange switches are worth a try. But, if you have a budget and clear goals in mind, we think the Outemu Brown switches or the Outemu Purple switches are better options than the Outemu Orange switches.


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